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  • What your doctor won't tell you about folic acid. A must-read for all #pregnant and #TTC mamas.

    Folic Acid in Pregnancy: Is it Safe or Harmful?

    Every mom-to-be knows how important prenatal vitamins are to your baby’s health. But could your prenatal vitamins contain a potentially harmful ingredient? Sometime before I got pregnant with my third baby, I came across some startling information on prenatal vitamins (and multivitamins in general). I have always heard about how important folic acid is during […]

  • A mental health counselor shares 5 techniques to stop racing thoughts and rapid thinking.

    Mind Racing? 5 Fool-Proof Tips to Turn it Off

    Rapid Thoughts and Mind Racing I am a counselor who works the night shift at a mental health hotline. Late at night, I get lots of calls from people who have difficulty falling asleep. The reason? Their minds are running a million miles a minute. They can’t seem to turn off their thoughts and stop […]

  • Baby Dove is in the midst of a PR nightmare because of breastfeeding discrimination. But here's the real reason parents should be outraged.

    The Internet is Angry with Baby Dove for the Wrong Reason

    This post contains affiliate links. Please see our full disclosure for more info. Dove (Unilever brand) makes tons of skincare products for men and women. Recently, they launched a “Baby Dove” line designed for little ones. To market their product, they’ve come out with a #realmoms campaign. It seems that Dove is aiming to celebrate […]

  • Is your baby shampoo dangerous? Find out if your baby soap is safe (and other options for non-toxic soap).

    Is Your Baby Shampoo Dangerous?

    This post contains affiliate links. Please see our full disclosure for more information.   One of the best things about having a baby is that new baby smell. Sniffing their little head is intoxicating. (What is it about that, anyway? I can’t get enough!) When my first baby was born, I loved bathing her in […]

  • She cured her child's ear infection in 24 hours without antibiotics! Natural ear infection remedy that really works.

    Ear Infection Natural Remedy (That Really Works!)

    My son hardly ever gets sick, but last fall he came down with a terrible cold. When your kiddo isn’t feeling well, it’s one of the most helpless feelings. As a mama, you just want to take the pain away and do anything in your power to help them feel better.   When he took […]