Ear Infection Natural Remedy (That Really Works!)

She cured her child's ear infection in 24 hours without antibiotics! Natural ear infection remedy that really works.

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My son hardly ever gets sick, but last fall he came down with a terrible cold. When your kiddo isn’t feeling well, it’s one of the most helpless feelings. As a mama, you just want to take the pain away and do anything in your power to help them feel better.
When he took a turn for the worse, I took him to urgent care.
The verdict? A nasty double ear infection.

Antibiotics and Ear Infections

Of course I was devastated to hear this. We had worked so hard on his gut microbiome and I knew antibiotics would be detrimental to all that work. Gut health is essential to brain health and overall immune function, so I did NOT want him to take antibiotics. (Click here to read more about the antibiotics and the gut.)
I recently found out that the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement several years ago recommending that doctors take a “wait and see” approach with ear infections.
They are recommending antibiotics are not prescribed right away, but rather give it a few days to see if the infection will get better on its own.
The reason for this is that with antibiotics being given so often, a child may build up a resistance to antibiotics causing them to not work if they are truly needed. Antibiotics also tend to have negative side-effects, such as stomach upset or rash/allergic reaction. Click here to read more about the AAP’s recommendation.

Natural Remedy for Ear Infections

Anyway, I asked my group of crunchy mom friends if they knew of any natural remedies for ear infection. We filled the antibiotic prescription, but I decided I wanted to try something natural first.

One of my friends recommended something called “Wally’s Ear Oil.” I figured it was worth a shot, so I got some.

I put three drops in both ears and put a cotton ball gently inside. He laid in bed and took a nap.
I repeated the process again before bed.
The next morning when he woke up, I couldn’t believe it. His fever was gone. He was energetic again. My little boy was back to his old self!  A checkup later proved what I already knew. That “nasty” double ear infection?  Completely gone.
I’m a believer in this stuff and I tell everyone I know.  I keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet to have on hand if someone complains with an ear ache.
Someone asked me if my kids minded getting the drops. No way. I expected my son to protest, because he doesn’t like anything medical-related (like his mama, ha!). But he didn’t mind these drops at all.
I used them on my daughter’s ear ache recently and she tells me they are very soothing. They also have a very pleasant scent that promotes relaxation.
I cured my child's ear infection in less than 24 hours (without antibiotics!) Natural ear infection remedy that really works.
Have you ever tried Wally’s Ear Oil? What was your experience like?
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