20 Moms Spill Their Most Embarrassing Mom Moments

funny embarrassing mom moments

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Do you ever lay awake at night thinking about every embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in your life? I do.

I mean, some of the things I’ve done are so humiliating that they’re actually really funny.

Recently, I was talking with a friend about the good ‘ole days when we were teenagers reading YM magazine and they used to have the “Say anything” column.

For all of you young mamas out there, the “say anything” column was where teenagers wrote in and spilled their most embarrassing moment. (It usually involved their crush or some period problem, ha!)

My friends and I would read these stories to each other while gabbing on the phone and laughing hysterically.

Anyway, this got me thinking…why is there not something like this for moms?! Since becoming a mom, I’ve had just as many humiliating moments as when I was a teenager…if not more!

So, I asked my readers and mom blogger friends to spill their embarrassing mom moments so we can have a good laugh…and remember that we’re not alone.

20 Moms Spill Their Most Embarrassing Mom Moments

20 Moms Spill Their Most Embarrassing Mom Moments

“Worlds most embarrassing bathroom with a little story- At Barnes and Noble-
My son reallllly had to go. We are walking in and the stalls are full, the last one is empty. There’s a lady at the sink and tells me how cute he is. I reply with, ‘Aw, thank you.’

We go in the stall, I pulled his pants down and he started to go… under the stall next to us, on a pair of feet. 😳😳😳🙈🙈🙈 OMG. So.. I say, ‘David, wait!’

She said, ‘Someone just squirted me!’

I apologize profusely and say that was my son. Needless to say, we stayed in the stall until they left. And waited a little while longer after that. We got out of the bathroom and made a straight shot for the trains, as I searched for the sandals that got peed on on our way over. Thankfully no run in.. SO EMBARRASSING 🙊 💦

At least now it’s a little funny!!” – JB

“We were on our way to my in-laws and I had to pee really bad. I was also getting sick. When we finally arrived I started speed walking down the driveway to get to the bathroom. A sudden sneeze came upon me — and I peed a little. Without thinking I cried out, ‘Oh crap! I just peed myself!’ My oldest (5) thought it was hilarious and it was the first thing he announced to everyone inside. He’s never let me forget it since.” – Emma at Https://muddybootsanddiamonds.com

“I walked around a store hollering for my child (I didn’t see her – she tends to wander – she is 2) Starting to panic, I kept hollering for her. Then I realized she was on the shelf under the cart.” -H.H.

“We once lived in a condo, and the residences would walk from their units to the pool. One day, a man was walking barefoot on the sidewalk and we were returning to our unit. My 3 (at the time) year old daughter screams at him and says, ‘Put your shoes on now. There are diseases outside!'”

Candy M., http://FullestMom.com

“I straight up walked out of Target with $200 worth of merchandise because I was trying to manage a 15-month-old. I’m not sure how the alarm didn’t go off but I was so embarrassed that I had to go back to the store to pay.” – C.G.

My water broke in the middle of the grocery store. I yelled my husband’s name (because I panicked, first-time mom lol) and a small child nearby yelled, ‘Mama that lady peed her pants!’
Everyone stared. It was a scene.” – Kayla at www.kaylahaas.com

I was out to breakfast w my guy friend and my 3-year-old daughter was in my purse (I wasn’t really paying attention because we were talking)… She holds up pads and tampons (freaking both!!) and shouts, ‘Mommy what’s these?!’ Aaaaand I was like, ‘Check please!’ – K.A.

So this one time my husband’s aunt came over to our place for dinner. She was sitting with my in-laws and I just walked in after finishing some chores. My 5 yr old daughter exclaimed, ‘She is here!’ Just to play to her excitement I asked loudly in the most animated tone, ‘Who’?

Think that got my little daughter excited to make her reveal awesome. So she declares on the top of her voice ‘The aunty who keeps coming every day! She is going to eat OUR dinner again today!’

The precise moment when I faced the woman in question face-to-face. Both of us totally embarrassed to be there. ”

– Charu at www.ketchupmoms.com

“My 5.5-year-old boy needed to use the bathroom. I am 24 weeks pregnant so the brain is fried… I looked at him and thought, yep, he is a boy, looked at the signs on the toilet doors, opened up the men’s, let him in, bowled in after him (as I usually do) only to see a man standing at the urinal.

Thinking to myself, ‘This ain’t right???’ I whispered to my son, ‘Come on, wrong toilets.’ He just stared at me like I was an alien. I said, ‘Let’s go… Out. Now.’ Thankfully the man did not turn around to see my bright red face!” – A.N.

“My son is 21 months and we’ve been talking about potty training lately. I always tell him, ‘If you poop in the potty you a get sticker!’ Well, I was at the store with him last week, and I had to go to the bathroom, so I bring him in and he keeps saying VERY LOUDLY, ‘Mommy, you pooped in potty, you get a sticker, MOMMY YOU POOPED IN POTTY YOU GET STICKER!’.

Thankfully there were pretty much only moms in there who heard, and we had a laugh about it while we were washing hands, but then of course…what did he say to the (male) cashier as I was checking out? ‘Mommy pooped in potty get sticker!’” – Liesel at www.laborteen.com

We adopted my daughter from China at 18 months and so I tried to quickly get her into speech, OT, etc. to get her what she needed. This meant I had to take her to a government office for an evaluation for early intervention services.

People were so nice and have given us a variety of diapers so I grabbed one of those before we left. Mid-appointment (that was already everything you would expect of a toddler who didn’t speak English with people poking and prodding at her), she peed through the non-absorbent diaper all over my lap. I didn’t want to do the appointment again, so I just pretended nothing happened.

Then I got to stand up and walk through the building with a giant wet spot at the top of my legs. After all, a mom change of clothes doesn’t fit in those diaper bags!

– Jessica at Www.Jessicagoodpaster.Com

“My 2.5-year-old darted in front of a row of swings at the park and I reached out to grab him and ended up tackling him face down in the mulch in front of a mommy group. They all shook their heads lol.” – M.C.

“Public bathroom with multiple stalls…’Are you pooping mom? Mom it’s stinky are you pooping? Mom I heard it drop good job mom good job’ while clapping and cheering. Walked out of the stall and my son turns to another lady and tells her how proud he was that I pooped. Me: “Oh God can I die now?!” – K.R.

“We were in the grocery shop with my 3-year-old girl, we got in one aisle with pads and tampoons and she held a pack of pads to me, and said, ‘Mum I think you need your diapers.’ i told her to put them back and she went even louder😅… i just wanted the earth to open up.. everybody in the aisle had their eyes on me and laughing their lungs out.” – T.D.

I taught my two-year-old the proper name for her body parts. We were in Walmart one day and I was buying wipes. I get to the wipes and she yells out. “Mommy are you buying wipes for my Vagina?!” What could I say but yes baby. I made no eye contact and quickly left the baby section of the store.” – Keina at Raisingourfaith.com

“Several years ago, my daughter and I were at the Halloween store. I was wearing comfortable sweats that day. When I was paying for her costume at the register, she was tugging on my clothes and accidentally pulled my sweats down! I quickly pulled my pants back up but it was too late. The store clerk, who was a teenage boy, gave me an awkward smile.”  – Joyce at  https://celebratemomsforever.com

“I’m 7.5 months pregnant and I have an upper respiratory infection. My cough sounds like I have the plague. It’s the end of December and my sweet husband decides he wants to buy me a new car before the end of the year.

So off we go to the dealership where we spend 7 (yes, 7) hours looking over cars and talking numbers. We finally purchase the car and head home around 8:00 pm. I’m starving, sick and tired. So we stop at Steak-n-Shake for dinner.

Now the part I should also mention is that our best friend had come with us because he’s a huge car guy and knows all about them. As we get seated for dinner I excuse myself to the restroom. While standing in the stall of the bathroom…I sneeze.

And my very full, very squished bladder just can hold all that pee and I pee myself. Now I’m not talking f full bladder but noticeable. I call my mom crying from the bathroom and devise a plan to do my best to hide my wet pants (thank god I had a jacket and I tied it around my waste).

After dinner as we are leaving to go home, I refuse to untie my jacket to wear it even those it’s literally below freezing outside. When we finally get home I confess, through tears, to my husband what happened. He felt so bad, so he said, though his fit of laughter.” –  Katie at

“I was at the Good Will once with my daughter a few years ago and, while I was waiting in line, my daughter knocked over a full-sized mannequin. The head popped off of the mannequin and went FLYING across the store. Everyone was cracking up. Heads were rolling… literally. Naturally, I was mortified.”- Katie at www.theflowerdonkeydiaries.com

“My then 3-year-old was grocery shopping with us. In the middle of the lunch meat section, with plenty of people around, he whips up his shirt and screams, ‘Belly Bongos!’ He then proceeds to play a belly bongo solo while my husband and I just stare with open mouths because what in the world was happening? We laugh about it now, but it was kind of a shock at the time!” – Kim at Team-Cartwright.com

And now, for my embarrassing mom moment. I’ve had many, but the most humiliating one went like this.

Imagine this. I’m 9 months pregnant, swollen, and basically the size of an orca. It’s my brother-in-law’s wedding day. My oldest daughter is the flower girl, so right before the ceremony, I took her to the bathroom. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I went too.

As we left the bathroom, we walked down a long hallway that was lined with people. I smiled and nodded at the wedding guests as I waddled by. Upon entering the sanctuary of the church, a woman ran up behind me and whispered in my ear, “Ma’am, the back of your dress is caught in your underwear!”

I had literally just paraded my fat pregnant-booty-grannie-panties in front of a very large crowd. Ahh!!!

Which embarrassing mom moment was your favorite? Do you have any embarrassing mom

moments to share? Leave me a comment! (And don’t forget to share this post!)

embarrassing mom moments
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