What’s the best Pinterest image size to use in 2018?

If you google this answer, you’ll get a million different answers. Some people recommend using super-long “giraffe” pins, others recommend square pins…so what’s the deal with Pinterest image sizes?
To find one answer, let’s go straight to the source.
In a recent interview with Buffer, Pinterest said that they prioritize distribution to images that are 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels high.
Priority distribution is exactly what bloggers want.
We want our pins to be shown to more people. Ultimately, that’s one of the major influences on getting traffic to our sites.
On Pinterest’s business blog, they say the same thing:
“Pins are organized into columns, so vertical Pins take up more space and tend to stand out more on our platform. The ideal aspect ratio for a vertical Pin is 2:3 — 600px wide x 900 px high.”

Okay, but do 600×900 images really perform the best?

I decided to split test it.
On one of my blog posts, I created two images. One that was 600×900 pixels, and the other that was much longer.
Here’s what happened.
ideal Pinterest image size
Pinterest DID show my “ideal” image size of 600×900 to more people, BUT my longer pin got WAY more click-throughs and saves.
(In this particular incident, my “longer” pin was 800 x 1600 pixels.)

My theory on Pinterest image size

I believe that over time Pinterest is going to phase out the super-long pins and only show square of 600×900 size images.
However, the long images perform really well for me right now.
So I am advising all of my blogging friends and clients to create two images. One image that is 600 x 900 pixels, and the other that is longer. (Either 735 x 1102 or 735 x 1260, 600 x 1260 or somewhere in between.)
If you create these two image sizes for each blog post, this will help you:
A) Split test to see which images perform best for you
B) If Pinterest does phase out longer pins, you won’t be scrambling to create new images for all your old blog posts. It will be smooth sailing for you!

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