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Pumping Mom Academy

If you’re a mom-to-be, chances are you may be planning to breastfeed. You know breast milk is incredibly beneficial and you may have read breastfeeding books or taken classes.

But what do most breastfeeding classes skim over? Pumping! 

The Infant Feeding Practices Survey showed that 85% of moms have used a breast pump at some point. So why is there such a gap in support for pumping moms?

As a first-time mom, I never expected to pump. In fact, when I brought my daughter home from the hospital, we didn’t even have a single bottle in the house!

After latching difficulties and a complicated recovery, all my plans for nursing went out the window.

Since I couldn’t nurse, I turned to pumping. I knew how beneficial breast milk was, so if I couldn’t nurse, at least she could still get the benefits of my breast milk.

The problem? I was exhausted and I knew next to NOTHING about pumping, storing, and feeding pumped milk. I scoured the web, but all that info left my head spinning.

Don’t let this happen to you!

There are so many reasons moms choose to pump:

  • Baby is sick and can’t nurse
  • Nursing is painful due to latch issues or tongue tie
  • Mom works outside the home and needs to pump while away from baby
  • Mom chooses to pump for her own personal reasons

More Milk Less Stress Pumping Mom Academy

I’m passionate about helping moms meet their breastfeeding and pumping goals. That’s why I created Pumping Mom Academy, an online e-course designed to teach everything I’ve learned about pumping.

Across the span of three kids and nine years, I’ve pumped about 43 months – that’s an estimated 40,000 ounces! Not only that, but I also battled and overcame just about every complication a breastfeeding mom can encounter.

I know what works!

And I want to guide you through your journey, cheering you on and teaching you all the little-known tricks and tips for making pumping life easier…so you can focus on what matters most — loving on that sweet new bundle of joy!

What’s inside the course?

  •  7 Video Lessons + Bonuses
  • A comprehensive action plan to help you achieve your breastfeeding/pumping goals
  • Tools to change your thinking so you can learn to love the pump (or at least not hate it!)
  • Proven strategies that work for exclusively pumping moms or part-time pumping moms
  • Free printable bonus gifts
Pumping Mom Academy Lesson 1

Lesson 1: The Pump Is Not the Enemy: Getting to know (and love!) your Pump

→ How to set up your pump (the right way!) and learn about its features

→ Troubleshooting tips for when something’s not working right with the pump

→ How to set up a pumping station at home for faster, more efficient pumping (and less stress!)

→ How to shift your mindset about pumping and learn to not dread pumping sessions

Pumping Mom Academy Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Creating a Pumping Schedule that Works for YOU!

→ Identifying your breastfeeding/pumping goals

→ Sample pumping schedules for the first year of baby’s life

→ Sample pumping schedules for part-time pumpers

→ How to build a freezer stash for emergencies or for returning to work

→ Tips and tricks for keeping baby occupied while you pump

Pumping Mom Academy Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Increasing low supply

→ How to know if you truly have low supply

→ How to power pump to boost your milk supply

→ Practical things you can do to increase your milk supply

Lesson 4: Efficiently pumping as much milk as possible

Pumping Mom Academy Lesson 4

→ 10 Strategies for maximizing your output

→ How to know when to change pump parts

→ How often and how long should I pump?

→ Is it time for a new pump?

→ How to massage your breasts before (and during pumping) for maximum output

Lesson 5: Pumping at work, on vacation, or out and about

Pumping Mom Academy Lesson 5

→ How to stay organized while pumping outside the home

→ Working with your employer for pumping at work

→ Little-known trick to warm breast milk on the go

→ Tips for pumping in the car

Lesson 6: Breast milk storage and handling

Pumping Mom Academy Lesson 6

→ How to safely store your milk

→ Pumping products I use and love

→ How to bottlefeed a breastfed baby

→ Tips for freezing, thawing and using frozen milk

→ Can you re-use a bottle that baby didn’t finish?

Lesson 7: The ONE thing you should do before you freeze another ounce of breast milk

Pumping Mom Academy Lesson 7

→ Excess lipase overview

→ How to test for excess lipase in milk

→ How to treat milk for excess lipase

Pumping Mom Academy free bonus Lesson

BONUS LESSON: What to do when you feel like throwing in the towel

→ Encouragement + 7 practical tips to help you push through

Pumping Mom Academy free bonus Lesson

BONUS LESSON: Mind-blowing facts about breast milk

→ What leading medical organizations recommend about breastfeeding

→ How breast milk differs from formula

→ How breastfeeding benefits mom

→ Benefits of breast milk for baby

Pumping Mom Academy Enroll

When you sign up for Pumping Mom Academy, here’s what you’ll get:

The Full Pumping Mom Academy Course

Pumping Mom Academy: More Milk, Less Stress - an online course to guide you through the pumping process

You’ll get unlimited access to all of the training videos, plus free printable lesson summaries and worksheets.

Plus lifetime access to all course updates. With Pumping Mom Academy, you can learn at your own pace and refer back to the materials again and again.

Free Printable Bonus Gifts

free printable gifts

→ Customizable pumping schedule with output tracking

→ Packing your pump bag for work checklist

→ Travel checklist: everything you need to pack for pumping

→ Breast milk storage guidelines card – perfect for your fridge or pump bag

→ Breast milk storage safety tips card

→ Pumping affirmations: 8 beautiful cards to remind you that you’re doing a great job!


When you enroll in Pumping Mom Academy, you’re backed by my 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you don’t love this course and it hasn’t helped you, then I don’t deserve to have your money. Simply email me: findyourmomtribe (at) and I’ll happily issue you a full refund.

Pumping is breastfeeding

One of the #1 reasons moms don’t reach their breastfeeding goals is due to lack of support. Friend, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can meet your goals and inside Pumping Mom Academy, you’ll have tons of support, tools, and knowledge.

About the Instructor

Pumping is breastfeeding

Marianna Chambers is a mental health counselor, a breastfeeding guru, a blogger, and an author. She’s passionate about helping moms reach their breastfeeding goals and overcome any challenges that may come their way.

She has a Master of Social work degree from the University of North Carolina and is a licensed clinical social worker. She’s not a doctor or a breastfeeding professional, but she’s a wealth of breastfeeding knowledge and experience. She’s a real mom who’s been there, researched that, and overcame countless breastfeeding struggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this course for me?

A: This course is designed for moms expecting moms who plan to breastfeed. A recent survey has shown that 85% of moms who breastfeed have also pumped. Learning all you can ahead of time will leave you feeling confident and prepared for when baby arrives. This course is also great for new moms who exclusively pump or who pump at least 1-2 times per day.

Q:  How are course materials delivered?

A: This course is hosted on Teachable, a super easy-to-navigate learning platform.  As soon as you purchase, all your bonus printable gifts plus an invitation to join our private Facebook group, just for Pumping Mom Academy students will be waiting for you inside the course.

Q: Do I have to complete all the lessons in a certain order?

A: Nope! Feel free to skip around and watch the lessons in any order you wish.

Q: What breastfeeding training do you have?

A: While I’m not an IBCLC or a doctor, I am a mom who has been through it all. I’ve spent countless hours researching and reading and have been the go-to person in my friend-group when someone has a nursing problem. I’ve had friends refer their friends to me for advice. Not only that, but I’ve also had hours of formal training, as I have previously volunteered at a well-known breastfeeding hotline, talking with moms over the phone and answering their breastfeeding questions. I’ve also faced nearly every breastfeeding challenge you can imagine. I’ve exclusively pumped, pumped part-time, pumped occasionally, and nursed full-time. (In fact, my 21-month-old is still nursing!) After spending more than 3,000 hours attached to a pump, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way! 😉

Q: Okay, so you’re telling me this class is valuable but it’s SO affordable…are you sure it’s not just fluff?

A: No fluff here! I know how busy you are, so I’ve worked really hard to make sure this course is jam-packed with information, tips and tricks, and NO FLUFF or sales pitches. I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

If the class doesn’t live up to your expectations, just email me within 30 days at findyourmomtribe (at) and I’ll gladly issue you a full refund.

Q: I can’t stand boring lectures. Why would I want to pay for a class?

A: This class is different than anything you’ve attended in school. I seek to be compassionate, energetic, and make learning fun. Don’t have time to watch the videos? That’s okay! Each lesson has a printable summary so you can read through all the information at your leisure.

Q: Is this course available outside the US?

A: This course is geared towards moms in the US.

Enroll in Pumping Mom Academy today!

Pumping Mom Academy is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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