She is the main protagonist of The Sleeping Beauty.  As far as the name goes, Aurora might be a bit odd of a name, but it’s still rather one of the prettiest and kind of unique princess Disney names.


The main protagonist from Beauty and the Beast, Belle, is a Disney character who is depicted as one of the earlier symbols of healthy feminism and female empowerment. The name means “Beautiful” in French.


The main protagonist of the wonderful Disney film Princess and the Frog. The name translates to “Princess” in Greek, and it’s quite catchy.


Princess Jasmine is from Disney's Aladdin. Her name comes from a flower and is quite common. Some say that this certain name is the most beautiful of all Disney princess names. 


Merida is a princess from the joint Disney/Pixar movie Brave. The name translates into “Pearl” in the Celtic language, though the name again might not be common unless you’re Irish.


Moana is the star of Disney movie of the same name. She's a modern princess who shows initiative and depicts a new culture to younger audiences, Moana is sure to be a role model for many young girls.