While moms are there  to provide more of an  emotional support, a father’s responsibility is to not only be a good father and a husband, but to be a disciplinarian – a somewhat stern hand that helps teach children about responsibility and discerning right from wrong, as well as helping build important aspects of your child’s character.

You need to realize that your kids aren’t robots and they won’t respond well to constantly being told that what they’re doing is wrong or bad. You have to know when to let up and relax a bit. Nothing good ever came from being a full on authoritarian parent. Being stern, but fair is the right way to go about it since it’s up to you to help build your child’s character up.

1. Balancing discipline and fun

What you do in your everyday life and interactions with them is a very important facet of your child’s growth that you have to take good care of. Your responsibility as a father is to show them to have a cool head in stressful situations, how to stand up for themselves, and how to treat others with respect, among other things. It will have a positive impact on your kids and be crucial in directing their further growth.

2. Being a good role mode

While we’re well past traditional gender roles, and households are becoming a lot more varied with the role of the provider sometimes going to the mother, or even both parents because the economy isn’t really forgiving, the fact remains that you should still contribute. A financially responsible father is a good father, because raising children is not exactly cheap.

3. Providing for the family

Maintaining healthy relationships is the foundation of a good life overall, not just in happy families.  The relationship you keep with every other member of your household is crucial and equally as important. Arguably, the most relevant is the relationship with your partner and making sure to always find common ground, especially during any potential arguments. It will reflect greatly on your kids.

4. Maintaining a healthy marriage (and other family bonds)

Even though your free time is short as is, make an effort to organize yourself so you can be around your kids. Include them in any chores that you might have, like painting a fence, cleaning the garage up,  and similar. Start early, even even three and four-year-olds can do simple chores. Heck, even a trip to the grocery store counts.

5. Be an involved father, be there for your kids

By this I don’t mean for you to have an affair or something, God no. What I mean is that you should maintain separate relationships with your kids and your partner, so if you ever end up in an argument with your significant other, the kids wouldn’t have to suffer. They are what’s important, after all. This especially goes for the case of a divorce.

6. Keep your relationships separate

In the end, it’s all about you accepting the role that you are given.  You should accept that you might make mistakes from time to time, but that’s only human. There is no such thing as a perfect anything – a perfect father is no exception but it is a father’s role to be the best dad that he can possibly be.

7. Accepting the responsibilities of a father

One thing that I keep saying is that your own life can be your greatest teacher. And the same goes for future dads as well as moms. Look back at how your father treated you and learn from it. Find out what was good and what was bad, so that you can weed out what you don’t want your own child to experience and what you consider a good guideline in raising them.

8. Reflect on your own childhood

It's important for kids to at least hear you, if nothing more than via a phone call – letting them know that sometimes you just aren’t able to do something. It’s much better for them to know there is a reason behind some of your decisions rather than you just saying it because ”You’re right” and you’re an adult. It’ll make them feel better about themselves and let them know that you respect them enough to explain things to them.

9. Communicate with your kids

Always remember that the responsibilities  of a father carry great importance in your child's life.