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Dr Brown Vs Avent Bottles – Which Brand Is Better?

Dr Brown Vs Avent Bottles – Which Brand Is Better?

When you’re shopping for important baby products like bottles, you’re bound to come across two of the most popular brands – Dr Brown and Avent!

But how will you know which brand is better for you?

To compare Dr Brown vs Avent, I’m going to take into consideration their bottles, sterilizers, and warmers so you can get the complete picture.

Both brands are very close in terms of functionality and quality. Dr Brown’s bottles have a special venting system to prevent your baby from ingesting too much air while feeding, while Avent has a wide design that’s easier to clean and grip.

When it comes to their sterilizing devices, both promise to get rid of bacteria as quickly as possible, leaving you with squeaky clean bottles and baby accessories.

Their bottle warmers will save you time when warming up your baby’s milk or food, evenly distributing the heat and preventing any hot spots.

So, read on to get all the details on their products and find out who comes out on top!

Dr Brown Vs Avent Bottles

When it comes to baby bottles, both brands are a popular choice with parents all over the world. Their high-quality design makes bottle-feeding a breeze and you can rest assured they’re both reputable brands that only use the safest materials.

Here are the key features, pros and cons of Dr Brown vs Avent baby bottles!

Dr Brown’s Original Bottle (8 Ounce, 4-Pack)


Here’s a quick overview of the pros:

• Internal vent system that prevents colic and reflux.

• Slow-flow silicone nipple.

• Prevents nutrient loss.

• Compatible with most breast pumps.

• Dishwasher-safe.

• BPA-free.

• Phthalates-free.

One of the key features of Dr Brown’s bottles is the internal vent system, which prevents your little one from ingesting too much air during a feed.

When air enters the bottle, the vent system pushes it to the bottom so that your baby can continue to feed as comfortably as possible without ingesting air bubbles.

Not only does this system prevent vacuum pressure from forming inside the bottle, but it’s also anti-colic. If your baby is often gassy and experiences frequent burping and spit-up (also known as acid reflux), you’ll find this bottle to be an excellent choice.

The venting system mimics the breastfeeding experience, making this a great bottle for breastfed babies. These bottles also come with a slow-flow nipple that is suitable for babies who are just being introduced to a bottle. As your baby grows you can replace it with faster flowing nipples.

This bottle also prevents the loss of important nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C, so if you’re a pumping mom you don’t need to worry about your baby getting less nutrient-rich breast milk.

You’ll also love how this bottle is compatible with the majority of breast pumps. In addition, the company has its own line of electric and manual breast pumps that you might be interested in.

This anti-colic bottle is BPA-free and phthalates-free, so your baby won’t be coming into contact with any harmful chemicals during a feed.
Last, but not least, this bottle is dishwasher-safe.


Here’s a brief overview of the cons:

• Difficult to clean.

• Requires a special bottle brush.

• Sometimes the bottles leak.

Although these are some of the best baby bottles available, Dr Brown’s bottles are difficult to clean. As they consist of numerous smaller parts, you’ll need to properly wash and sanitize each piece while also making sure not to lose them.

The narrow design requires a special bottle brush to reach all the nooks and crannies.

Some parents have found that the bottles leak, but others haven’t reported this issue, so I recommend making sure that each piece is in its proper place before your baby drinks his milk.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle (9 ounces, 4 pack)


Here’s a brief overview of the pros of the Philips Avent bottles:

• Airflex valve to reduce the intake of air during feeding.

• Wide neck design makes cleaning easy.

• Fewer parts to keep track of.

• Wide nipples that are great for breastfed babies.

• Slow flow nipple.

• Ergonomic design.

• BPA-free.

• Compatible with the Philips Avent breast pump.

Philips Avent bottles come with a special airflex valve, which minimizes air intake during feedings and prevents the gas build-up that can lead to all sorts of stomach problems.

The wide neck design makes it easy for you to clean them by hand, but you can also put them on the top rack of your dishwasher. What’s more, they don’t have many parts to keep track of so they are less hassle to use and clean.

The Philips Avent Natural bottles contain wide nipples that allow your baby to latch in a way that mimics breastfeeding, so you don’t have to think about fixing nipple confusion. The soft silicone nipples also make for more comfortable feeding.

In this pack you get a slow flow nipple that’s great for babies who are used to nursing, and there are several Philips Avent nipple sizes for you to choose from depending on what your baby likes.

The ergonomic design allows for easier grip – when your baby gets bigger he’ll love holding the bottle on his own!

As for the safety of the material, it’s BPA-free. These bottles are compatible with the Philips Avent breast pump, but you’ll need to check directly with their customer service to see if they’ll work with other pumps.


Although Philips Avent bottles have an airflex valve to reduce the intake of air, they are not as good as Dr Brown when it comes to this. So if your baby is suffering from colic, spit-up, or gassiness, I would recommend trying the latter first.

In addition, Philips Avent doesn’t mention having a feature that prevents nutrient loss.

The verdict

When it comes to Dr Brown vs Avent bottles, both brands are close in terms of functionality and quality. However, if you have a colicky or gassy baby it’s best to go with Dr Brown, as its venting system is very effective at reducing the amount of air your baby ingests during a feed.

Most parents go through several brands before finding the best bottle for their little one, so feel free to give both a try.

Dr Brown Vs Avent Bottle Sterilizers

Bottle sterilizers are a neat baby product that can make your life much easier! Although you can always sterilize silicone nipples and pacifiers in a pot of boiling water, sterilizers make this process much quicker and safer.

Both companies produce their own models, so let’s see how they compare.

Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer


Here is a brief overview of the pros:

• Sterilizes up to 6 bottles at once.

• Accessory tray allows sterilization of smaller items.

• Includes tongs for the safe removal of items.

• Includes a measuring cup.

• Automatic shut-off feature.

With the Deluxe bottle sterilizer you can sterilize up to six of their baby bottles at once, but this model can fit different bottles by other brands as well. What’s more, the accessory tray allows you to clean other items such as pacifiers, silicone toys, and bottle nipples.

The tongs allow you to safely remove all items after sterilizing without burning your fingers. There’s a measuring cup included as well, so you’ll never accidentally add too much or too little water.

When the sterilization process is complete the device will automatically shut off, which is a fantastic safety feature.


Here’s a brief overview of the cons:

• Takes up a lot of space.

• No drying feature.

Whenever you’re dealing with sterilization devices, one of the biggest concerns is the size. This model takes up quite a bit of counter space, so make sure to check the dimensions and see if you’ll have enough room for it in your kitchen before purchasing.

Sadly, it doesn’t come with a drying feature – you’ll need to remove all the items and place them on a drying rack. For some parents this might be a deal-breaker depending on how often they plan on sterilizing their bottles.

Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer


Here’s a quick overview of the pros:

• Fits six bottles at once.

• Adjustable size.

• Compact.

• Light.

• Quick sterilization process.

• Automatic shut-off.

Like the model above, Philips Avent can also sterilize as many as six bottles at once. In addition, you can adjust its size depending on whether you’re sterilizing bottles or just smaller items like pacifiers.

Granted, this does not change the amount of space it takes up on your counter but it’s still a useful feature.

As for the size, you’ll like how compact it is! It’s also lighter than the model above.

The entire sterilization process only takes six minutes, after which the device will automatically shut-off. In case you forget to take out your items right away, it will keep everything sterilized for up to 24 hours.


Here’s a quick overview of the cons:

• Expensive.

• No drying feature.

• No extra accessories like a measuring cup or tongs.

One of the biggest cons with this model is the price – it’s significantly higher than the sterilizer above but doesn’t have a drying feature, so you’ll need to take your bottles out to dry.

It doesn’t come with tongs or a measuring cup either, which are neat accessories that make using the device easier.

The verdict

You can’t go too far wrong with either of these sterilizers, but if your baby is partial to Dr Brown’s bottles then I recommend using the company’s sterilizer as well.

The same goes for Philips Avent – this way, you don’t have to worry about whether the sterilizer will be a good fit for your bottles.

Neither model has a big advantage over the other, especially as they don’t come with a drying feature, so it’s down to your personal preferences.

However, it’s important to take counter space into account. A more compact model will be better suited to smaller kitchens, regardless of which bottles you’re using.

Dr Brown Vs Avent Bottle Warmers

Trying to warm a bottle can be a real hassle if you don’t have a bottle warmer.

These helpful devices will have your baby’s milk ready in a flash!

Here is how bottle warmers by both companies compare.

Dr Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

The Deluxe bottle warmer is compact and easy to use! As well as bottles, you can also use it to warm up baby food.

Obviously it’s tailor-made for Dr Brown’s bottles, but it can fit many other models as well. To use it, simply fill up the small water reservoir located on the side of the warmer, place the bottle inside the warmer, and set the timer.

Although you can only warm one bottle at a time, the water reservoir can last for several warming cycles. The automatic shutdown feature powers off the device so there’s no need to worry about whether you’ve turned it off or not!

There is a small insert that allows you to adjust the height of the basket where you place the bottle or the jar of food.

Whether you’re warming up breast milk, baby formula, or food, you’ll love this warmer. The only downside is that it might take some time to figure out how much time it takes to perfectly warm the milk without overheating it.

Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

The Philips Avent warmer is very simple to use, you just set the dial according to the volume of milk and let it work its magic.

The bottle material can also play a role in the warming process, so if you’re using a silicone bottle you should wait for an extra 4 minutes after the indicator light turns on.

As well as the warming feature, there’s also a defrost mode that you can use for frozen baby food or breast milk.

The best part is that the warmer keeps the milk warm for an hour! After the hour is up, the device will automatically power down.

Another bonus is that the warmer is compatible with most bottles, even wider ones. As for the size, it’s quite compact and lightweight, making it a great compact bottle warmer.

The verdict

In this category both brands are quite evenly matched. But when you factor in the price, Dr Brown’s warmer comes out on top simply because it’s more affordable.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra, then you’ll be sure to like the Avent one too, especially because it has a defrosting option and can keep a bottle warm for an hour – a great feature for forgetful parents!

All in all, warmers for bottles are by no means a necessity, but can be very useful when you’re juggling multiple tasks with a hungry baby! As they can warm up both food jars and bottles, they’re a gadget you’ll use for more than just a few months.

The Winner Of Dr Brown Vs Philips Avent

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles on display at a local department store

In terms of bottles, Dr Brown has a considerable advantage due to its special venting system that keeps your baby from ingesting air bubbles.

Furthermore, their bottles prevent the loss of essential nutrients and vitamins.

You’ll find many parents who swear by them, and although they might be a hassle to clean, they do wonders for fussy babies, so in this case they win!

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t bother with other bottles – your baby might prefer a different brand altogether, but I definitely recommend it as one of the first bottles to start with.

As for sterilizers and warmers, they are quite close in terms of functionality. Price-wise, however, Dr Brown is more affordable and perfect if you’re currently on a budget.

If you’re still undecided about which bottle brand to pick, take a look at my recommendations below.

Other Baby Bottles To Consider

Although the bottles by these two brands are of great quality, finding the perfect bottle for your little one is often a trial and error process – what works for one child might not work for another.

Here is a selection of some of the best-reviewed bottles for your baby!

Comotomo Natural Feel

Comotomo bottles are an excellent option to consider, especially when your baby refuses the bottle after a period of exclusive breastfeeding. They are specially designed to resemble nursing, with a wide nipple base and silicone that is soft and easy to clean.

Because of the wider design, you won’t need any special gadgets to clean the bottle and there are no small parts to keep track of.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 3-in-1 Convertible Glass Bottles

Eco-conscious parents, who like to avoid plastic, are increasingly opting for glass bottles. Tommee Tippee is a trusted brand that offers glass bottles that feature an anti-colic nipple and are perfect for babies that are transitioning from the breast to the bottle!

These bottles are versatile as well, and can be used as a jar for baby food or as an open cup for drinking like a big kid!

With plastic bottles, a lot of parents worry about chemicals getting into the baby’s milk, but this glass bottle is perfectly safe – not only is it BPA-free, it’s also phthalate-free and BPS-free. Plus, glass is a naturally durable material that won’t show signs of wear and tear after just a few months.

If you’re worried about accidentally dropping a bottle and having it break into a thousand pieces, you’ll be happy to know that these bottles are made from borosilicate glass, which is more durable and won’t shatter as easily as a regular glass cup.

NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle

A bottle that can tell you when the milk is too hot to drink? Yes, they have them! The Nuk Smooth Flow bottle comes with a helpful temperature indicator that will fade away if the temperature of the milk or formula is too high to drink.

In addition, the wide design is not a hassle to clean. I also love how these bottles come with an adorable animal design, as most of the bottles I’ve mentioned so far are quite plain.

This bottle is a fantastic choice for babies who suffer from colic or gas, as the natural flow nipple allows your little one to be in charge of how quickly the milk flows.

Parents have also found that exclusively breastfed babies really like these bottles, so if you’ve been struggling with other brands, give Nuk a try!

Munchkin Latch

Munchkin Latch is another bottle that promises relief from colic symptoms for sleep-deprived parents! The anti-colic valve located at the bottom of the bottle keeps air bubbles from finding their way into your baby’s milk.

The nipple is specially designed to imitate the nursing experience, allowing your baby to adjust to the bottle in a flash! You also don’t have to be concerned about nipple confusion. Plus, the slow flow of the nipple ensures your baby won’t develop a preference for a faster flow of milk.

If you’re pumping, you can purchase an additional adapter for your pump.

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles For Baby

Lansinoh is well known for their breastfeeding and pumping gear, so if you like the company’s products you can buy their bottles too.

The bottle’s nipple is designed with nursing babies in mind, and it should prevent your baby from developing a preference for the bottle, so you can continue nursing. It’s soft and flexible as well.

For the prevention of discomfort and fussiness that results from air ingestion, Lansinoh has added a special air venting system.

You can clean the bottle in the dishwasher and it’s easy to take apart and put back together, as it doesn’t consist of many small parts.

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles

These bottles by Medela double as storage containers for your breast milk, and they’re a great choice especially if you already have a Medela pump. You can pump your milk directly into the container and replace the cap with a nipple to feed your baby.

Medela bottles and containers will hold up well in the freezer too, so you can use them to store your milk for longer periods of time. Don’t forget to label them with the date before putting them in the freezer!

Although they’re not the fanciest bottles, the fact that they can be used as a milk storage container makes them an excellent investment.

Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle

While Medela bottles are simple in design, Playtex bottles feature a special curved shape that sets them apart from the competition.

The angled shape makes it easier for you to feed your baby in a position that minimizes the chances of ear infections, but this is also a great bottle for babies who suffer from gas, reflux, or colic.

There’s a vent at the bottom which keeps air away from your baby’s milk, and a lot of parents have found that Playtex truly works when it comes to reducing all those troublesome symptoms!

In this set you’ll get 3 bottles.

As for the nipple, Playtex has ensured that it has a natural feel and shape, allowing you to combine nursing and bottle-feeding without worrying about nipple confusion.

Finally, if you’re thinking that a bottle like this has a million tiny pieces to put together, I have great news for you – it’s not that difficult to clean!

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle

Last, but not least, are the MAM bottles, which come with adorable animal prints and a nipple that resembles the ’real deal’ so breastfed babies will quickly accept it.

Parents concerned about potentially toxic chemicals in plastic bottles can have peace of mind with MAM, as their bottles are not only free from BPA, but BPS as well.

The bottom of the bottle is vented to prevent your baby from ingesting air bubbles and getting gassy afterward, and this also helps with symptoms of reflux and colic.

What I love about this bottle is that it doesn’t require a special sterilizing device, as you can sterilize it in the microwave by following a few easy instructions – just be careful when removing it from the microwave.

As well as infant bottles, MAM makes adorable sippy cups as well, so this is a brand you can rely on for several years.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best bottle for your baby is hard! There are so many brands and so many things to think of before buying!

When it comes to Dr Brown vs Avent, it’s best to start with Dr Brown’s bottles, which are carefully designed to prevent symptoms of colic, gas, and reflux.

Although they are sometimes difficult to clean, it’s worth it if they keep your baby from crying for hours on end! In case these bottles don’t work, feel free to purchase Avent or any one of the other well-reviewed bottles I mentioned above.

If you decide to get a bottle sterilizing or warming device, both companies offer products that do a great job at an affordable price.

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