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  • beautiful pregnant woman worried for baby in distress

    Signs, Causes And Treatment Of A Baby In Distress

    During your pregnancy, you may have noticed that your baby is being unusually quiet and calm. While normally this would be a good sign, when the baby is still in the womb, it’s more likely that you have a baby in distress. A baby in distress, more commonly known as fetal distress, is a term […]

  • pregnant woman in pain holding hand on head and keeping eyes closed while sitting on a couch

    Symptoms, Causes And Tips To Deal With Prodromal Labor

    Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience but I think we can all agree that it also has some not so wonderful moments, right? Low blood pressure, crazy mood swings caused by increased hormones, swollen feet…and to top it all of you can have false contractions, also known as prodromal labor, that make you feel like […]

  • close-up of the belly and legs of a pregnant stylish girl in a pink skirt and mint shirt that goes against a blue wall background

    8 Of The Best Shoes For Pregnancy In 2020

    During their pregnancy, women generally start planning for the obvious things: new clothes to accommodate their growing belly, the growing discomforts of morning sickness, changes to their daily schedules etc. The one thing many women tend to forget about is the swollen feet that come with the territory too, although they learn about this pretty […]

  • Beautiful pregnant woman with baby shower gifts near pink wall

    12 Best Gender Reveal Gifts For Babies And New Parents In 2020

    We’re all too familiar with the exciting notion of revealing a baby’s gender – it’s become quite the rage with modern moms and dads. That said, what many of these parents don’t think of when planning their gender reveal party is that they’re leaving the party guests with quite the task to find appropriate gender […]

  • Woman holding ultrasound photo ramzy theory gender prediction

    The Ramzi Theory: Does It Work For Early Fetal Gender Detection?

    Finding out your baby’s gender is such an exciting pregnancy milestone! However, most moms wait until they’re 20 weeks along to find out. This is why the Ramzi theory, a new gender detection method, has been making waves among expectant parents. The Ramzi theory claims it can help you determine the gender of your baby as […]

  • happy pregnant woman in white sitting on her bed with croissant buns at home

    When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start And 8 Steps To Deal With Them

    During your pregnancy, you may have found yourself craving some odd food combinations that weren’t of interest to you before. These are the so-called food cravings that happen during pregnancy and that 50%-90% of all pregnant women experience. But when do pregnancy cravings start? Well, the most common period is somewhere in the first trimester […]

  • Young pregnant woman suffering from morning sickness while sitting on her bed in a room

    Pregnancy Nausea Explained: When Does Morning Sickness Go Away?

    If you’re in your first trimester and have been hugging your toilet bowl quite frequently, and even the sight of some food can send you running for the bathroom, you’re probably wondering when your morning sickness will go away. Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, with most medical professionals agreeing […]

  • woman surprised happy with pregnancy test positive

    22 Unexpected & Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms: A Checklist

    Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms: A Checklist Many pregnant women claim to have known they were with child way before a pregnancy test confirmed it. On the other hand, there are those who completely missed the early signs of pregnancy. The fact of the matter is, the first signs of pregnancy aren’t as obvious as most […]

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