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  • strong woman with baby in hands

    101 Best Strong Mom Quotes – Because Moms Are The Real Heroes!

    Welcome, mom. You deserve a break today, so here’s a list of inspiring strong mom quotes in celebration of motherhood! Being a mom is one of the noblest and toughest jobs in the world that requires unconditional love, devotion, and, above all, strength.  Jumping every time the baby cries (especially in the middle of the […]

  • Rainbow Baby Quotes: 23 Ways To Express Newfound Hope

    Rainbow Baby Quotes: 23 Ways To Express Newfound Hope

    Losing a child before they are even born is a harrowing experience for a mother. A neonatal death tends to crush a mama’s heart and spirals her into a depression along with a slough of other mental problems, ones that are very hard to tunnel out of. But when she becomes pregnant again after a […]

  • mother holding newborn baby feet

    134 New Baby Quotes: Magical Quotes For Your Newborn Baby

    There’s no bigger blessing than knowing that you’re having a new baby in the family. Whether you’re becoming a parent or a loved one is, preparing for the birth of a child is a magical and blissful experience that brings joy, love, and gratitude. And new baby quotes remind you that no matter how overwhelming […]

  • Girl Princess with pink background

    90+ Little Girl Quotes To Show Off Your Little Princess

    You’ve landed here because you’re in search of little girl quotes that best describe your delightful teeny princess. You know she’s just too precious and cute for words, and now you want the whole world to know it too!   Good thing this article is bursting at the seams with whimsical quotes, inspirational quotes, father-daughter […]

  • 154 Father And Daughter Quotes Showcasing The Unique Bond

    154 Father And Daughter Quotes Showcasing The Unique Bond

    A father-daughter relationship isn’t something to scoff at. While most people relate daughters to their mothers, it’s actually her father that a little girl looks up to the most. In our household, my husband is the favorite – not just for our daughter, but for our son too. He’s the one who takes our son […]

  • Cute little boy wearing a bow tie and smiling

    80+ Little Boy Quotes About Your Handsome Little Man

    Okay, so there are plenty of sweet and inspirational quotes out there praising little girls. But what about little boy quotes? Good thing you’re here, then, because I’ve lined up the cutest boy quotes – the perfect ways to shine the spotlight on your handsome little fella!  So how about we forget about social distancing […]

  • african american father dad and his son

    115 Father And Son Quotes That Represent A Special Bond

    There is a tradition between men with a familial bond, a tradition of passing the torch on as the so called head of the family. This is more symbolic than literal in these modern times, but it still holds a great deal of meaning. It’s a sort of trust between men that goes from grandfather […]

  • Cute baby smiling

    120+ Sweetest Baby Smile Quotes To Melt Your Heart

    That heart-melting smile of your little one – there’s simply nothing in the whole world like it! If you’re struggling to find the right words for the sublime feeling you get every time you see your baby boy or girl smile (especially that first one, right!) then have I got a collection of endearing baby […]

  • 100 Disney Quotes About Love, Friendship And Laughter

    100 Disney Quotes About Love, Friendship And Laughter

    It’s almost unreal to think that The Walt Disney Company is almost 100 years old! With over 400 animated and family films produced under its banner, there’s a multitude of Disney quotes that can apply to just about any aspect of our lives – and they relate to both kids and grown ups!  You don’t […]

  • Pregnant woman holding cards for baby shower party

    35 Quirky Gender Reveal Quotes For Your New Family Member

    Picture this: you are well into your pregnancy and you’ve just received the results of the ultrasound. You now know whether your baby is a boy or a girl, but what’s the best way to break the news to the rest of your loved ones? Why, a gender reveal party of course (I know, the […]

  • parents holds young kid's hands supporting red heart

    80 Parents Quotes To Celebrate Moms And Dads

    We as parents often underestimate our importance. By raising our young children, we’re effectively raising and educating the next generation, and therefore the future history of the world! It’s a momentous undertaking, if you think about it! You’ve probably all heard a couple of motivational, sweet, or witty parents quotes along the way – ones […]