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About Us

Have you ever wished for another mom to come alongside you and walk you through this mom life?

Do you ever feel like you’re in the deep end of the pool, struggling to stay afloat in a sea of dishes, laundry, and dirty diapers?

Have you ever wished that another mom would be transparent with you so that you could learn from their mistakes?

Do you ever struggle with worry, fear, or anxiety? Afraid you’re messing up this whole parenting thing?

Let’s face it. Being a mom isn’t easy. In fact, it can sometimes be pretty isolating.

They say that, in parenting, it takes a village. But who says your “village” can’t be virtual?

Find Your Mom Tribe is one such village – a place where you can connect with other moms, as well as find and share mom hacks, info, and tools among one another to help us all on this blissful and sometimes bumpy journey of parenting.

Hundreds of moms we’ve talked to over the last few years feel utterly alone. When asked about their support system, they said they had very little support to begin with.

This is something we want to put a stop to. Because mamas, you’re not alone!

Let’s come together to support and encourage one another, and build a community that we can be proud of.

A village, a tribe, a mom tribe! One where all moms are equal and support one another, emotionally and otherwise.

We’re not saying we know it all. Ha! Definitely not.

We had just as much trouble when we first started out. We’re not saying we have it all together either, but we’re learning daily, and want to share that knowledge and experience with you so that you can have an easier time by learning from our past mistakes.

Welcome to this little village! We’d love to have you as a part of our mom tribe!

Meet the Tribe!

Ivana Davies

Ivana is an educator turned stay-at-home mom. A proud mom of a beautiful 7-year-old girl and a fun-loving 5-year-old boy.

Someone who, much like most new moms, initially didn’t have a clue about raising kids. She had to learn it all the hard way.

From her very first C-section surgery with her daughter and dealing with postpartum depression, through navigating the ins and outs of handling a child while trying to maintain a healthy physical and mental state, to learning about having to make certain sacrifices when becoming a parent.

But through the help of more experienced moms and diligent online exploration, she managed to slowly piece it all together.

She’s managed to get her life back on track while retaining and recovering what made Ivana… well, Ivana.

She’s still an eco-conscious millennial mom who tries her best to always find the most eco-friendly product that doesn’t skimp on quality and comfort so her kids are still happy.

She still manages to find the time to feed her geekier side with her great love for fantasy books and tabletop games. She even managed to get her whole family into it.

A genuine supermom.

This tumultuous experience inspired her to start this very blog so she could help other mammas have an easier time with motherhood and deal with the struggles that come along with it, as well as learn to notice and appreciate its charms.

For any questions and inquiries, feel free to contact Ivana at

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Emma Martinez

A midwife with more than 5 years of practice who helps women before, during, and after pregnancy and provides them with all of the information, comfort, and peace of mind they so desperately need during this stressful time.

A natural caregiver who gives her best to make new moms and their babies feel safe so they can enjoy the best time of their lives!

Her vast and ever-growing experience, not just as a midwife, but also as an advisor to the moms she meets every day in her hospital, leads to many of them remaining friends with her even after the whole process is over.

Usually, she takes on the role of therapist for these new mammas and helps them by providing them with an educated woman’s opinion.

She’s a woman who has seen many challenging moments in her career. A woman with nerves of steel who serves as an anchor and shoulder to cry on for moms when they need it the most, all while radiating a calming presence with her warm smile.

And this isn’t something that just comes from textbooks and guides – Emma’s a mom herself too, so she can relate to the trials and tribulations of motherhood and can provide insights in how to make the period easier to power through.

She has learned from experience and understands that it’s much easier to overcome the initial struggle with a friend – something she always strives to be with the moms under her wing.

This is, in great part, the reason why she decided to join the tribe as a blogger, so she could expand her influence and avenue of assistance in order to help more than just the moms who pass through the hospital.

Emma believes that every mom deserves a friend, and she is here to provide that feeling to you.

You can contact Emma at

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Christine Carter

Christine knows a thing or two about living on a budget as a stay-at-home mom!

An analytical mind with meticulous attention to even the smallest details (a skillset that has aided her during the time she worked for two large financial firms), now she uses her knowledge to optimize the other aspects of her life.

She knows that life with kids adds strain to your monetary budget as well as your spare time. She knows how to organize a mom-friendly schedule that can fit (almost) everything you’ve been doing before, along with the added responsibilities, without ever having you feel overwhelmed at any point.

Christine is someone who can make the best out of a situation, no matter how big of a mess it seems at first glance.

And she is someone who can make even the tightest of budgets flex out a bit to make room for savings, as she gets that all families need that vacation from time to time to unwind, and room to upgrade and grow their lifestyle and family bond.

Now, Christine’s life doesn’t just revolve around numbers.

On top of being an expert in finances, she still makes the time to be a loving mom who enjoys exploring her love of the culinary arts.

Initially, she decided to put a hold on her blooming career to devote herself to her kids and family life fully until she learned to find a balance between the two.

She still plans to resume walking in her prior financial footsteps and tread new ground, so if you’re looking to do the same, she’s the one to ask.

Her very reason for joining the tribe was to help other moms achieve the same goal of having a loving family and a successful career without having to lose their nerves on stabilizing their household’s finances.

So if you have any questions about saving money or finding hidden pockets of income under a tsunami of numbers, email Christine anytime at

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Aida Rivera

A stay-at-home mom with a degree in creative writing and our very own astrology buff, Aida is someone who has been starstruck for most of her life, and we don’t mean the celebrity kind.

She’s someone who’s always been fascinated with the world beyond our own, with the final frontier and the effects the celestial bodies have on our lives as a whole, and is here to relay her knowledge to all the mamas of the tribe.
Knowledge that you can expect to be supported with facts and shown the effects of in your personal life, especially that of your kids.

Aida will explain why things are happening the way they are and why your kids behave the way they do on a more cosmic level, and help you interpret all of the signs pointing toward it.

And she’s not just spouting nonsense; she uses her experience in divination to great effect in her own mothering duties, raising two beautiful twins who are ironically Geminis in the zodiac.

Two 7-year-old girls who she’s been raising to great success and are performing wonderfully at elementary school. Two beautiful little angels.

The reason she joined our ever-growing mom tribe was she felt that all moms would benefit from being given a different view on motherhood, one shown from a more spiritual perspective.

So if you’re ever wondering if your Mercury is in retrograde or feeling awful because the celestial bodies have misaligned, feel free to leave Aida a message anytime at

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So what do you say? Will you join our growing tribe?

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