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  • woman surprised happy with pregnancy test positive

    22 Unexpected & Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms: A Checklist

    Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms: A Checklist Many pregnant women claim to have known they were with child way before a pregnancy test confirmed it. On the other hand, there are those who completely missed the early signs of pregnancy. The fact of the matter is, the first signs of pregnancy aren’t as obvious as most […]

  • A father with his toddler daughter in a baby carrier outside on a spring walk

    7 Best Baby Carriers For Dad To Wow You In 2020

    Babywearing is most commonly attributed to mothers only, but why should dads not be able to get in on the fun too? Some of the best baby carriers are those designed specially with dads in mind. They range from the regular carrier designs strapped around one’s chest to some outlandish yet uniquely interesting ones, like […]

  • strong woman with baby in hands

    101 Best Strong Mom Quotes – Because Moms Are The Real Heroes!

    Welcome, mom. You deserve a break today, so here’s a list of inspiring strong mom quotes in celebration of motherhood! Being a mom is one of the noblest and toughest jobs in the world that requires unconditional love, devotion, and, above all, strength.  Jumping every time the baby cries (especially in the middle of the […]

  • Close-up of pregnant woman's belly in bathroom while she is looking at the mirror and holding her shirt

    Frequent Bowel Movements During Pregnancy: Third Trimester Trouble

    When we talk about tummy trouble during pregnancy most of us think about morning sickness, as it’s one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. But frequent bowel movements during pregnancy – third trimester in particular – are common, too. There are many reasons why you might be experiencing diarrhea or more frequent trips to […]

  • Expecting mother sitting with her daughter who touches her belly on floor at home, having fun and feeling baby pushes

    Should I Have Another Baby? Things To Consider

    So you’ve finally managed to settle into a rhythm with your first child and maybe even gotten around to introducing a second baby into your family. Now that things are a bit easier and you’re on that parental high where things are a lot calmer you start asking yourself, “Should I have another baby?” The […]

  • Postpartum Diet Plan Yellow background fork

    Best Postpartum Diet Plan And Exercise: What To Expect?

    If you’re a new mom who’s struggling with weight loss and slowly getting tired of people asking about your due date when you’ve already given birth, it’s time for a new, healthy postpartum diet. Don’t be discouraged by the pregnancy weight that still hasn’t dissolved. All new mothers struggle with their post-pregnancy bodies! But with […]

  • Mother holding her baby and remembering She forgot something at home

    Mommy Brain Unraveled: How Long It Lasts And How To Combat It

    During and after pregnancy, women go through numerous changes, sometimes too many to count! But while most of the focus is placed on the physical changes that occur, there are many psychological as well. This is where mommy brain comes in. If you’re feeling hazy, forgetful, or simply not like your usual self, you might […]

  • Rainbow Baby Quotes: 23 Ways To Express Newfound Hope

    Rainbow Baby Quotes: 23 Ways To Express Newfound Hope

    Losing a child before they are even born is a harrowing experience for a mother. A neonatal death tends to crush a mama’s heart and spirals her into a depression along with a slough of other mental problems, ones that are very hard to tunnel out of. But when she becomes pregnant again after a […]

  • mother holding newborn baby feet

    134 New Baby Quotes: Magical Quotes For Your Newborn Baby

    There’s no bigger blessing than knowing that you’re having a new baby in the family. Whether you’re becoming a parent or a loved one is, preparing for the birth of a child is a magical and blissful experience that brings joy, love, and gratitude. And new baby quotes remind you that no matter how overwhelming […]

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