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  • Smiling happy teenage girl sitting in front of her parents

    Raising Teenagers: Important Things To Remember

    The period of teenhood is a shaky time for parents and their teens alike, but raising teenagers is not all that bad. My kids are yet to reach their teenage years, but I wanted to be extra prepared for what others claimed was the worst period of parenthood – though the more I look into […]

  • How Much Does A Newborn Eat

    How Much Does A Newborn Eat? Feeding FAQs Answered

    No matter how prepared you are for having a baby, there are invariably so many questions that will arise as soon as your newborn enters this world, most of which revolve around whether your little one is healthy and developing properly. You’d think that nursing is such a natural process that it shouldn’t cause difficulties, […]

  • Pregnancy announcement concept

    30 Simple Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Are Easy To Pull Off

    When it comes to pregnancy announcements, everybody wants to do something fun and cute that’s never been done before. That immediately yields tons of pressure for all expectant moms out there. From the moment you take that pregnancy test and see the positive result, all you want to do is shout it from the rooftops, […]

  • How to pump more breast milk, ways to get more milk when pumping

    10 Little-Known Tricks to Pump More Breast Milk

    Is there anything more frustrating than being stuck to a breast pump but hardly anything comes out? I’ve been there, mama! In fact, I’ve pumped for all three of my kids which adds up to be about 3,000 hours! Needless to say, I’ve learned a thing or two about pumping breast milk. If you’re reading […]

  • newborn baby drinking formula from a bottle

    Pace Feeding: What It Is And How To Master It

    Motherhood is a demanding job. For first-time mothers, taking care of a new baby can be challenging. Plus, new moms have to learn a whole new vocabulary, like breastfeeding, feeding methods, pace feeding, bottle feeding, feeding technique, diapering, overfeeding, colic, etc. You are unlikely to find anyone familiar with these terms before they become a […]

  • Bowls with vegetable and fruit puree

    Baby Food Recipes: Yummy And Easy Homemade Baby Food

    Being a first time mother isn’t an easy job. In fact, it’s challenging, but every time you look at your little angel, you know it’s worth it. You’ve done your research on everything from breast milk and baby food recipes, to potty training and discipline, and you think you are ready to deal with all […]

  • Mother nursing baby

    Cluster Feeding: What It Is And How To Cope With It?

    One of the challenges that come with nursing your little one is cluster feeding. Just like it sounds, the term is used in describing nursing sessions when your baby wants to be fed more frequently than usual. It occurs in the first few weeks or months after your newborn’s arrival. This is a normal infant […]

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