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22 Best Flower Painting Ideas For Kids To Try In 2022

22 Best Flower Painting Ideas For Kids To Try In 2022

These flower painting ideas are a great way to spend quality time with your children.

What’s better than embarking on a little crafty adventure and letting your child express themselves freely? Encouraging kids to paint, do crafts, and build has many benefits.

For example, for younger kids and toddlers it’s a great way to learn colors, color mixing, how to use different materials, etc. Painting flowers is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do this.

Learn about some of the best creative ideas to paint flowers with your kids:

1. Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers

This simple design looks stunning and makes great room decor. All you need is four white paper plates, scissors, liquid watercolors, and a stapler.

The first step is to cut out four different sized flowers, from the smallest inner flower to the biggest outer flower. Curl the edges (petals) of the paper flowers and staple the flowers together.

Now that your paper flower is finished, you need to color it. It’s best to use a protective sheet, such as an old tablecloth that you don’t mind ruining, and put it under your project.

When that’s done, take your color of choice and start dripping and splashing colors. This part is the best! Let your child enjoy this process and choose their own colors and technique.

You’ll end up with beautiful paper flowers that look like a 3D watercolor painting.

2. Garden Flowers Printing Art

Now, here’s something interesting: Painting flowers with flowers.

This flower painting requires you to take a walk in nature and gather flowers and leaves of different sizes and shapes.

After you have picked the flowers and plants you want, it’s time for you and your kids to start an art project.

Pour different colors of paint into a dish and then use it to dip the flowers to create flower-shaped patterns.

Play around with different colors and create wonderful color blends and gradients. It’s very easy and the results are stunning.

You can use this method to paint and create unique fabric patterns.

flower painting ideas

3. Stunning Hyacinth Flower Craft 

Another great and easy project that requires the following: light blue and green cardstock paper, purple paint, a water bottle, paper plates, scissors, and glue.

The first thing you need to do is take your green cardstock paper, cut out the stems and leaves, and then glue it onto the light blue paper.

The next step is to take purple paint and pour it onto a plate.

Finally, you need to take the lid of your empty bottle and dip it in the color and then press it onto the paper.

Make a design around the already glued stems until you get the image of hyacinth flowers.

4. Paper Plate Flower Art 

These cute painted, paper flowers are one of the easiest flower painting ideas.

Things you’ll need are: dessert size paper plates, paints, craft sticks, scissors, and glue.

The first step is to cut small slits around the plate to make the flower petals. After that, paint craft sticks green and leave them to dry fully.

Using your colors of choice, paint the paper plate you have already cut and let it dry. When everything is dry, take a painted craft stick and glue it to the back of the painted paper flower.

Cut out leaves from the green paper and glue them onto the stick. Voila! There’s your beautiful flower!

5. Egg Carton Flowers

For this unique idea, you’re going to need acrylic paint or nontoxic paint for toddlers, an egg carton, paintbrush, paper straw, pom-poms, scissors, and glue.

Step one is to cut the egg carton so you’re left with four containers that make petals. Trim their edges and paint the flowers.

Use any color your kid likes but make sure there are several of them.

Once everything dries, glue the paper straw behind the painted egg container and add pom-poms in the middle.

6. Fork Painted Flowers 

This very creative idea is wonderful to try with children because it’s so hard to mess up!

What you need is: acrylic paint, light blue and green cardstock paper, a fork, scissors, and glue.

Start by cutting out the stem and leaves from the green cardstock. After you’re happy with the shape, glue them onto the light blue paper.

Now we get to the fun part! Pour acrylic paint into paper plates and dip the fork into your color of choice. Press against the paper or canvas to make a canvas print. Repeat this step to create a circle.

Repeat the method for grass using only green, making a horizontal line at the bottom of the page.

After the flower has dried, use yellow to paint the inside of the flower.

That’s it! You have a wonderful and interesting flower in minutes

7. Flower Pom-pom Painting

Pom-pom flowers are a very fun project your kid is going to love and a great canvas painting idea.

What you’re going to need is: clothespins, pom-poms (one small and one medium), paint, and paper.

Grab the pom-poms with clothespins and then dip them in some paint.

Use the smaller pom-pom to create the inner part of the flower by stamping it on the paper and the bigger one to stamp the petals. There you have it, pom-pom flowers!

Have fun!

8. Tulip Fork Flowers

Is there anything prettier than a tulip? Well, these fork tulips are an effortless and cute rendition that you can recreate with your kids and you don’t even need an acrylic painting tutorial or a painting class for it!

This is one of the simplest flower painting ideas so all you’ll need is a three-pronged fork, paints, and paper.

Dip the fork into the paint and then firmly press it onto your paper.

Make sure that you stamp the whole fork so it resembles the shape of a tulip. Place the tulip prints all over the paper and then let them dry. There’s a chance that the paint will be thick in some places like it would be if it was painted with a palette knife, so keep in mind that it should dry fully.

After they’ve dried, paint the stems with a brush and enjoy your little piece of art.

9. Fingerprint Bluebonnets

These gorgeous fingerprint bluebonnets look like DIY minimalist home decor. Here’s what you need to do.

Use a green sharpie and a ruler to draw stems vertically parallel.

After that, dip your finger into the watercolor paint and randomly press your fingertips onto the paper.

Use both your and your kid’s fingertips to add different sizes and use different shades of color to make the image more interesting.

In the end, you’ll get a stunning easy watercolor flower painting with gorgeous texture and shading.

This technique isn’t just for kids but can be used for real canvas art to make awesome high-quality floral designs.

10. Bubble Paint Flower 

Do you love hydrangeas? Me too! I’m super excited to share this very fun and easy way to recreate the look of hydrangea flowers and I bet your kids are going to love it.

What you need: watercolor paper, paint, dish soap, glycerin, water, a straw, a low dish, green paper, scissors, and glue.

It sounds like a lot, but the process is very simple.

You need to mix an equal amount of paint, dish soap, and glycerin and fill the low dish with the mixture.

Now for the fun part – let your kid blow the bubbles with a straw. The more bubbles the better!

Carefully press the watercolour paper over the bubbles and make sure the paper doesn’t touch the liquid inside the dish.

After the hydrangea print (that looks like watercolor art) is created, you can add leaves and do whatever you like! This project makes stunning wall art.

11. Rainbow Flowers Using A Spin Art Technique

Rainbow flowers are a great spring project to do with your kids especially if you want to keep them entertained and busy.

For this project, you’ll need a little more than paints and paper, but it’s worth it.

Here are step by step instructions on what to do.

Firstly, get everything you need: a salad spinner, paint, and circular pieces of cardboard that fit into the bottom of the spinner.

Secondly, let your children decide which colors they want to use.

Step three is when the magic starts to happen. Put the circle card at the bottom of the spinner and then pour a few drops of different colored paint over it.

Step four: Now spin and splatter (but only after securing the lid of course!)

Step five: Take off the lid and admire your work of art.

Finally, after your art is fully dried, cut it into flower shapes and decorate them. Add pom-poms or other elements to make them more interesting.

Your little abstract art project is done! Who would’ve guessed your kid would get you into abstract painting?

12. Paper Roll Flower Art

There are so many great paper roll crafts and this is one of the easiest!

All you need is a paper roll, scissors, paper, and paint.

Use the scissors to cut slits at the top of the paper roll, to create petals. After that, paint every petal a different color and then stamp it onto the white paper.

After your petal prints are dry, add more details and draw stems, leaves, and grass. There you have it, beautiful and simple colorful flowers.

13. Cotton Swab Painting

If you have never tried cotton swab painting, you’re in for a surprise! These simple little things can so effortlessly create a beautiful floral painting.

Try painting lilac flowers first because they are a very easy acrylic painting to do and stunning to look at.

What you need: paper, acrylic paints, a paintbrush, and cotton swabs.

Here are the steps for this flower painting tutorial:

Step 1: Paint stems and leaves.

Step 2: Dip the cotton swab into the paint and start dotting the color on the paper. To achieve a better result start dotting with the darkest shade and then use lighter and lighter shades as you go.

Step 3: Leave to dry and there you have it – new wall decor for your living room.

This technique is also great for painting wildflowers.

14. Flower Painted Rocks

Flower painted rocks make gorgeous garden decor. They are easy and simple to make and can even be useful. You can look up painted rock art ideas on Pinterest or Etsy to get inspired.

Before getting started, wash your rocks and let them dry fully. Then paint them any way you and your child choose. Sometimes painting on rocks is even better than a canvas painting.

15. Potato Stamped Flowers

Who said potatoes are only for making fries? How about using potatoes for painting flowers?

This project belongs to the category of potentially messy yet very enjoyable flower painting ideas.

What do you need? Potato, paints, craft paper, scissors, and a knife to cut the potato. (Obviously, the potato needs to be cut by an adult.)

How do you do it? Well, let your kid cut out stems and leaves and glue it onto craft paper.

Cut the potato in half, dip it in the paint and use it as a stamp. Voila!

16. Cactus Hand Art

Cactus hand art is a very sweet and easy craft project. Simply dip your child’s hand into green paint and make a print on white paper. Add the little cactus flowers on top of each finger and then finish everything by adding a cardboard pot.

17. Mother’s Day Flower Pot

Paper isn’t the only thing you can paint. Ever tried to paint flowers on mason jars or pots? Well, now’s the time.

Here’s a painting flower pots idea for you to try.

Prepare flower pots, paintbrushes, glue, and buttons.

Let your kid paint the whole pot in a color of their choice and then add flower-shaped fingerprints with buttons glued in the middle. If you don’t like this idea, there are many step by step tutorials across the web to get you inspired.

This is a wonderful gift idea for Mother’s Day or grandma’s birthday.

18. Swirly Flowers 

These simple, swirly flowers are so easy to paint while also making very pretty decor. Forget the brush strokes and use your fingers to create a beautiful texture.

All you have to do is dip your fingers in paint, swirl them in a spiral shape and add leaves. There it is, an easy flower painting that can effortlessly look like a simplified peony.

19. Mother Nature’s Paint Brushes

This DIY project will hold your kid’s attention because it’s a whole process and it involves building paint brushes from things found in nature.

You will need to find twigs, flowers, and leaves, and get some elastic bands.

Take your plant of choice and wrap it around the twig. Secure it with an elastic band to create this natural brush.

Use brushes to create nature-inspired paintings on canvases or paper.

20. Puffy Paint Flowers Window Clings

Now, this is a beautiful way to make decor for your children’s windows. Not only does it look great but they will be able to see what they created every day and feel good about it.

What you need are puffy paints, a Ziploc storage bag, and white paper.

Here’s a quick step by step painting tutorial:

Firstly, help your little one draw shapes of their future window clings on the white paper. After the designs are done, put your paper inside the Ziploc bag that you have already cut open on the top so the paper can fit inside.

Make sure to secure the paper in the Ziploc bag with tape. Now, add puffy paint inside the designed shapes. After you’re done painting, leave the paint to dry for 24 hours.

Once it’s dry, cut the Ziploc bag around each design so it’s safer and easier to peel it off. Transfer the pieces onto the window!

21. Painted Handprint

This very simple and effective handprint flower is suitable for kids of all ages. All you have to do is dip your hand into the paint, press it onto the paper, and then add a stem and leaves along with any other types of decor of your choice. In the same way, you can make a tree painting and landscape painting; just use your imagination and creativity.

22. Water Bottle Flowers

Another simple painting technique that uses the bottom of a bottle as a stamp for petals. Stamp the flowers and then add the rest!


Sometimes the most creative ideas come from the simplest methods and most basic objects, and they are just one Google search away.

Using everyday objects to make something creative is how we teach children to think creatively and beyond what’s obvious.

Parent-child art projects are such a good way to spend your time and bond with your child, as well as learn new things about them and vice versa.

Hope you enjoyed these flower painting ideas and found something you want to do with your little one!

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22 Best Flower Painting Ideas For Kids To Try

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