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8 Best Knee Pads For Babies In 2022 To Make Crawling Fun

8 Best Knee Pads For Babies In 2022 To Make Crawling Fun

Crawling babies get to have a lot of fun exploring the world by themselves for the first time, but unfortunately, their knees can take a beating in the process.

This is where knee pads for babies come in!

Knee pads for babies are a tiny piece of baby gear that can make crawling a lot more fun by protecting the sensitive skin on your baby’s knees and preventing it from becoming calloused.

Regardless of whether you have carpets or hardwood floors in your home, knee pads will allow your little one to crawl every which way without getting scratches or rug burns on their knees.

When it comes to the best baby knee pads for little crawlers, there are simple models made from fabric only and there are also models that resemble the kind of knee protectors you would wear when rollerblading, for example.

Some of the best knee pads for crawling babies are even made to be worn outside, as well as indoors, and they can even be used for several years, protecting your tot from falls when they play outside.

No matter which option you go with, I’m sure that your baby will love the additional layer of knee protection!

1. Baby Crawling Knee Pads

Buying stuff in bulk is one of my special talents, and these knee pads for babies are a favorite of mine because you get 8 pairs at a pretty affordable price!

So, really, there’s no reason not to have these somewhere in a drawer just in case.

In a pack, you’ll get 2 pairs in dark grey, 2 in baby pink, 2 in baby blue, 1 in light grey, and 1 in black.

So there are some unisex options as well, in addition to traditional boy and girl colors.

These will fit babies from 6 months to 2 years, and you can put them in both the washing machine and the dryer.

They’re really comfy to wear and since they’re made out of fabric only, you can be sure they won’t irritate your baby’s knees.

Plus, the material is really breathable, too!

There are also small silicone dots in the center of the knee pad, which ensure that your baby won’t slip while crawling on tile flooring.

2. Geyoga Anti-Slip Knee Pads And Socks

This set comes with super comfy knee pads for your baby AND socks, so it’s a great bundle deal! This set features neutral colors but you can also get it in really bright and warm colors as well.

They’re made from cotton, allowing the skin to breathe.

3. KneeBees Double Layered Cotton Knee Pads For Kids

Remember those leg warmers that were all the rage in the 80s? Well, these baby knee pads are giving me major throwback vibes.

They are machine washable because they’re made mostly out of cotton (the rest is latex and spandex).

Keep in mind, though, that these don’t have any type of non-slip silicone to keep the baby’s legs in place while she’s crawling.

This might not be a problem if you have carpets in your home, but hardwood floors might require some type of prevention against slipping.

On the plus side, these will fit babies from 6 months up to the age of 5, and can even double as elbow pads!

This is thanks to their stretchiness, which allows them to stay in place regardless of how big the baby or toddler is.

After you wash them, they go back to their previous size which is really useful because it prevents them from getting too stretched out and not being able to fit anymore.

I know some moms use them for their tots to protect their knees from getting hurt when they play, especially outside, so they can be worn for several years as your little baby grows into a toddler.

Unfortunately, the color range is quite small and you can only choose from hot pink and blue.

To be fair, though, all you really need knee pads to do is keep your kids’ knees scrape-free during their crawling stage or toddler years, so whether there are multi-color options or not is really not a big deal breaker for me.

4. Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

These baby knee pads by Simply Kids look a lot more “heavy-duty” than the simple fabric ones and remind me a little bit of the knee pads that professional wrestlers use.

In any case, these knee pads are just perfect for playing outside, especially during warmer months when they can’t wear leggings made out of thicker fabric that would usually take care of protecting their knees.

With these pads, the baby can enjoy crawling outside in light clothing while their knees stay protected from getting scratched on the ground or pavement.

What makes these baby knee pads a favorite of so many moms (including me), is all the different colors and designs they come in!

You have 5 options to choose from — there is a baby blue design with adorable little sharks, another has baby motifs such as little yellow rubber ducks, a third comes in pink and white colors, and there is also a plain black option.

My favorite, though, is the pink one with cute illustrations of cupcakes, birds, and little unicorns. Inside the pack, you will also get a few fun stickers you can put on the knee pads or anywhere else you’d like.

What’s more, you will get two pairs in one pack, so one pair can stay in your car or diaper bag for outdoor trips and the other can stay at home for indoor use.

Plus, these pads are machine washable so no matter how dirty they get, you can always wash them with the rest of your laundry.

When it comes to sizes, these baby knee pads will fit babies from 6 months to 2 years of age.

As opposed to other models, though, these knee pads don’t stretch but instead they adapt to the growth of your little one with velcro straps.

These straps allow you to modify how tight the knee pads need to be.

Plus, they keep the knee pads in place and prevent them from riding up or sliding down the baby’s leg.

Overall, I think these knee pads are a really high-quality and durable option for baby girls and boys, and they’re some of the best baby knee pads around!

5. Mud Pie Baby Knee Pads

Let’s go back to cotton knee pads for a moment, shall we?

These knee pads come with an adorable monkey design that provides an additional layer of protection for the baby’s knees.

Plus, I find that the color scheme really makes for a beautiful baby product.

Apart from the monkey design, there is also a lion one available.

Both of these could be considered more baby boy-friendly, rather than baby girl-friendly, but I think they can pass as unisex, too!

The sizing is slightly smaller than some of the other models, though, because they will only fit babies from birth until they turn 1 year old.

And while these pads are a great choice if you want to protect your baby’s knees from carpets or the floor, I don’t think they would be of much use to you outside.

6. Baby Crawling Pants

Apart from knee pads, there are also leggings or pants for babies that come with additional knee padding that supports little crawlers.

But these crawling pants are a little different because they come with padding that supports the baby’s butt, too!

Sure, it might look silly at first glance but it comes in handy as babies transition from crawling to walking.

Because babies tend to fall straight on their butts when they learn how to walk, it’s helpful if there’s some type of padding to soften the fall.

The knee pads, on the other hand, provide really great protection and come with little paw designs that actually prevent the baby from slipping when they are crawling on the floor.

You can also choose from three colors — grey, blue, and pink.

The main downside when it comes to these crawling pants is their size.

They only come in one size, which will fit babies from 19 to 33 pounds, so once your baby gets too big you won’t be able to get another, bigger pair.

That being said, there’s an elastic band around the waist that really makes the pants comfortable to wear even as your baby grows.

When it comes to the material, I really like that the pants are made mostly from cotton (the rest is lycra) which means that you can wash them in the washing machine and be sure that they won’t shrink.

They’re not very thick either, so your baby won’t get too warm when wearing them indoors. This also makes them a good option during warmer months, too.

7. Anti-Slip Baby Crawling Pants Harem Style

Harem pants are just so comfortable even for adults, so getting a similar pair for your little one really is a no brainer!

And if the pants come with added baby knee protectors, then that’s even better.

Plus, harem pants come with plenty of room to fit a diaper, which is another reason why they’re great for babies.

These crawling pants by Go Little One Go combine these two things in one affordable clothing item.

Like the model above, these harem pants only come in one size that will usually fit babies from 6 months to a little over 1 year of age.

The knee area is covered with little stars that are made from silicone and keep the baby’s knees nice and padded while they crawl.

In addition, they keep the baby from slipping while moving around.

Unfortunately, when it comes to colors, there’s not a lot of choice. You can order the pants either in black, dark grey, or light grey.

But the good news is that they can be cleaned in the washing machine!

8. Bosoner Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee Pads

It feels appropriate to wrap up my recommendations with a model that’s similar to the first knee pads I mentioned on my list — another pair of pads that look like tiny socks!

In one pack, you will get 5 pairs with different colors, such as baby blue, grey, and baby pink.

The center of the pad contains dots made from a material that prevents slipping, which is great as the rest of the knee pad is made from fabric only.

When it comes to the age range, these baby knee pads will be great for little ones between 6 months and 2 years of age.

This is because the fabric is quite stretchy so it will be able to grow with your baby.

The Bosoner knee pads are also okay to wash in the washing machine — just make sure not to lose them since they’re tiny!

Things To Keep In Mind

If your little girl or boy isn’t crawling yet and you’re eager to know when babies start to crawl I’ve got you covered!

Usually, this happens between 6 and 10 months of age, which is why the majority of knee pads for babies are suitable for kids that are at least 6 months old.

Now, knee pads for babies are something of a contentious topic.

Some parents find them really useful, while others find them to be just a waste of money and would rather, if the baby really needs them, make knee pads out of old socks.

If you’re up for a little do-it-yourself project, you can certainly try making your own, but in my experience, it was just more trouble than it’s worth.

Specially designed knee pads for babies usually have elastic that keeps them in place on the baby’s knee, whereas regular socks have elastic on just one end which prevents them from sliding off.

Baby Knee Safety pads on light surface

As a result, these DIY pads don’t do that good a job of staying on the knee.

Besides, most baby knee pads are very affordable so it’s not like you will be wasting loads of money!

And they can really be helpful, especially when the sensitive skin on your baby’s knees gets very red and sore.

The type of floor you have in your home also plays a role in how bad the calluses on your baby’s knees will get.

Hardwood floors can be a little rougher on the baby’s skin but rug burns can appear if your little one is crawling on a carpet.

If your baby does get a rug burn on their knees, a little bit of warm water will help soothe the skin.

Also, I should mention that babies who are born with a particular condition, such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, need to protect their knees and really do benefit from knee protectors or knee pads.

What’s more, when babies play outside, knee pads offer them protection from getting hurt on the pavement, for example.

Orange knee pads for babies on light surface

This can be useful, especially if they’re in that phase when they’re trying to stand up and tend to fall over on their knees.

But if you are planning on your little one using knee pads outside, it’s better to purchase a sturdier model that can handle the wear and tear that comes with playing outdoors.

This is why many of the knee pads I’ve talked about in this post can be used even when the baby enters their toddler years and begins running and playing outside in earnest.

I also find knee pads to be really useful if someone else is going to be watching your kids, whether it be a babysitter or a member of the family.

If one of my kids falls and needs a bandage, for example, I don’t want to worry about whether the babysitter or my cousin will be able to do it properly, especially with how upset little ones can get.

So, a knee pad for babies can be a great tool to prevent injuries in your absence!

All In All

Whenever knee pads for babies are brought up, parents appear to be really divided as to whether babies actually need them the way they need diapers, for example.

And the truth is, they usually don’t.

But there are also many other baby products that aren’t necessary for babies and we still use them, because they help us with one important thing — they make life easier!

This will also really depend on your parenting style and what you’re comfortable with.

As moms, we’re all different and consider different things to be necessary for the happiness of our kids!

This is perfectly normal, too.

I hope you were able to learn a few new things about knee pads for babies — I’m sure your baby will have lots of fun crawling around!

**But don’t forget about safety! You might want to install retractable safety gates to prevent little crawlers from accessing potentially unsafe areas of your home.

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