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Best Postpartum Diet Plan And Exercise: What To Expect?

Best Postpartum Diet Plan And Exercise: What To Expect?

If you’re a new mom who’s struggling with weight loss and slowly getting tired of people asking about your due date when you’ve already given birth, it’s time for a new, healthy postpartum diet.

Don’t be discouraged by the pregnancy weight that still hasn’t dissolved. All new mothers struggle with their post-pregnancy bodies! But with a healthy diet and exercise regime, you’ll get your energy levels up and lose that baby weight!

Word to the wise though. Your breast milk could get negatively affected if you go about this the wrong way. There is no quick fix here. Sticking to a healthy diet plan and being a responsible breastfeeding mom is your best bet.

Your body is still recovering from your birth (especially if you had a C-section). Take it easy on yourself as you go on this weight loss diet.

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You want to gradually shed the pounds with a balanced diet full of rich foods, fatty acids, dairy products, whole grains, and leafy greens!

I’ve been through this twice, and I assure you that with some patience, dedication, and a lot of willpower, you can tackle this in a way that’ll be beneficial to both you and your baby.

Read more to find out everything about healthy eating post-baby and the best diet tips for all breastfeeding mothers out there!

What To Expect On Your Postpartum Weightloss Journey?

Postpartum diet trick #1: Steer clear of crash diets

Steer clear of crash dietsWhy? The name tells you everything you need to know. Sure, the results will be fantastic and quick, but they will also be extremely difficult to sustain. Take the slow route – trust me.

Not only does a fast diet affect your milk supply, it always leaves you feeling even worse once all the baby weight comes back faster than it disappeared.

You want to avoid dedicating your time to any diet plan that doesn’t support healthy foods containing carbs or focuses on one particular brand of food.

You need diversity in your diet. Your body craves lots of vitamin C, vitamin D, veggies, and protein foods for a balanced diet.

Therefore, your goal is to start implementing a healthy combination of necessary nutrients that will benefit your body.

It’s recommended to eat lots of avocado, apples, oranges, apples, but also branch out to different healthy food types for most effective results that will stick around.

Postpartum diet trick #2: Low-calorie intake and get your proteins on

Steer clear of crash diets high protein low carbsCheese,  greek yogurt, cereals, black beans, fish, raw veggies, peanut butter, and red meat. These are some of your preferences your post-pregnancy body will be thankful for.

A lot of pregnant women think it’s okay to have cheat days, but if they knew how simple it was to shed weight without extreme diets, they wouldn’t think of it.

This is your ticket to a healthy body, that will not only go back to its old glory but also be completely sustainable because you got it the right way.

Fat loss is a journey that takes time. For long-lasting results, it’s necessary to get your protein fix and stick to a healthy, nutritional meal plan that will work in your favor.

Recent research also shows that high calcium intake is linked to a more sustainable weight loss journey (consider a yummy smoothie and pick fat-free dairy products for best results).

Postpartum diet trick #3: Breastfeeding helps shed post-baby weight

Newborn baby being breastfed by mother in a roomGetting into a demanding diet right after having your baby is not a recommended move. It’s all about being smart and picky about what you eat and ensuring that it doesn’t affect your milk production.

Did you know that breastfeeding can actually help you burn more calories than opting out of it ever would?

Yeah! Breastfeeding mothers are known to burn circa 500 calories each day more than moms who aren’t nursing. See how easy it can be?

But be careful. Breastfeeding can entice your appetite and make you cheat on your healthy meal plan by giving in to your sweet tooth!

So be cautious to only consume whole foods such as fruit, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and have some lean beef if you can as it’s full of vitamin B-12.

If you don’t pay attention to this, you’ll be finding yourself gaining weight yet again. Drink lots of water, as well as healthy portions of milk and fruit juice, and stay away from foods containing processed sugar as they will spike your blood sugar levels.

Postpartum diet trick #4: Turn to exercise!

Young woman doing exercise indoors at home

Exercise is one of the best ways to help you shed those pesky pounds, get your energy levels up, and make you feel all-around amazing!

Here are some of the many pros of getting physical:

• It’s the most effective and sustainable way to get rid of the baby weight and keep it at bay.

• It helps you get into a much better sleep cycle (and we know how precious sleep is with a newborn!)

• It boosts your morale, improves your posture significantly, and makes you feel much more energized.

• You can say goodbye to backaches, awkward bloating, and constipation.

• It improves your muscle tone and strengthens your entire core!

First, you need to get an all-clear from your doctor, and then, the sky is your limit! There are some great ways to stay physical after giving birth, and here are my top suggestions:


Happy mothers walking together with kids in strollesWalking is an excellent physical activity for new moms because it isn’t overly strenuous on your body. Plus, walking with your bundle of joy is a nice bonding activity that helps both you and your baby.

Try to create a routine that will consist of 20-30 minute walks (with your baby) a day, at least 3-4 days a week. To encourage yourself, make it a group thing, and invite a friend along!

Getting out of the house and reconnecting with your mom friends will work wonders for your general well-being as well! Why? Because it’s a great opportunity to have adult conversations and remind you of who you are.

Mom & baby yoga classes

Mom & baby yoga classes

These are not only great for your body and mind but also another excellent opportunity to turn exercise into a bonding activity with your baby.

Ask around if there are any mommy & me yoga classes where you live or another similar type of exercise. It will help shape your body, and if it includes your baby, all the better!

Some classes are known to offer childcare if you want to proceed by yourself. So you get to pick the best route for yourself, all the while knowing your baby is in safe hands as you’re getting your exercise on.

Diaphragmatic deep breathing

stress relief breathing techniqueThis exercise is really good for new moms, and you can safely turn to it not long after having given birth. You may wonder why this is so good for you?

Firstly, it’s extremely beneficial to your muscles, as it relaxes and soothes them. Secondly, if you do it right, it’ll be a great start to toning and shaping your abs.

So how do you do it? Simple. Sit upright, and take a deep breath straight from your diaphragm. Keep your abs contracted as you’re inhaling, and relax them as you’re exhaling. Repeat and slowly increase inhaling time.

Pelvic tilt

Postpartum Diet Plan pelvic tiltDid you know that your abdominal muscles can stretch up to 50 times more than the normal amount while you’re expecting? In order to tighten them up again, consider this simple, yet effective exercise.

Simply get on your back and keep your knees crunched. Use your nose when inhaling and keep your stomach relaxed. Exhale through the mouth while gently moving your pelvis and you should start feeling your lower abs coming into action.

Inhale again, and repeat the process a few times.

Pro tip: Less is more. Engage in small pelvic tilts, not to overburden your spine in the process.

Postpartum diet trick #5: Practice patience

woman holding a baby in a carrier

As I’ve already mentioned, shedding the post-baby weight is a slow and steady process that requires lots of patience and perseverance.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t see quick results. Remind yourself that this isn’t a race, it’s a journey! This is about learning how to consume healthy foods and stick to your meal plan.

It’s about turning this into a lifestyle, as opposed to a quick solution. If your approach is wrong, the whole diet is pointless.

BUT, if you eat healthily, turn to exercise (pick from my top choices above), and don’t cheat, you are certain to get back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Seeing as how you’re a new mommy, patience is something you’re going to have to learn anyway. So this is beneficial in more ways than one.

It took you nine months to carry your baby and bring it into the world. So don’t rush the weight loss process. For some moms, it takes a few months, but in some cases, it may take substantially longer.

Be kind to yourself and don’t overburden your body. Your favorite slim jeans are patiently waiting for you. If it takes a bit longer to get back into them, you’ll only appreciate them more!

In Summary

Finding the most effective postpartum diet is not only about shedding the unwanted baby weight. It’s about learning how to go back to healthy eating so that both you and your baby can benefit from it.

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, it’s really important to incorporate healthy foods into your diet. Your body is in need of nutrients that won’t affect the breast milk and will help you toward your goals.

Stick to these really simple diet tips and stay on course no matter the temptation. Always think long-term. Do you want quick results that will dissolve even faster or a long-lasting solution?

I think I know the answer. You know what they say: All good things are worth the wait!

A mix of nutritional foods combined with regular exercise (some of which you can do with your baby) will help shed the weight, boost your energy levels, and get you back to your old self.

But take it easy. You just brought a human being into this world, you deserve a break! When the time is right, slowly start getting your groove back. But not a minute sooner.

Good luck!

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Best Postpartum Diet Plan And Exercise: What To Expect?

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