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The 12 Best Shoes For Babies With Fat Feet In 2022

The 12 Best Shoes For Babies With Fat Feet In 2022

When going shopping for something to put on our little ones’ feet, we often expect to be met with universal choices that cover every child, but sometimes it’s a real struggle to find shoes for babies with fat feet.

You might need to look for shoes for babies with fat feet because not all little feet are the same.

They could be the same lengthwise, but sometimes you end up having to deal with fat and extra wide ones.

Now, before you go into a panic, you have to realize that this is completely normal.

Babies are naturally chubby and some of that baby fat sometimes ends up going into their tiny little feet meaning they’ll need to get some extra special baby shoes.

The problem is often that the pair of shoes you’d typically find in the shops doesn’t always fit quite right.

They’re likely to be too narrow and won’t properly fit your child’s feet without feeling super uncomfortable and leading to a really fussy baby.

If you don’t want your child to have to go barefoot or in socks only, then you’ll want to find some wide shoes that fit a few other criteria too such as being made out of a breathable material because fat feet usually sweat more often.

You’ll also want to look for rubber soles rather than hard ones to allow room for the toes to stretch and make a little bit of extra space by adjusting to the shape of the foot itself.

High-quality materials are a must because you don’t want the toddler shoes breaking away at the seams at the first signs of pressure.

Durability is key after all.

Don’t ever go for laces either, ideally stick to slip ons as they’re perfect for babies’ feet regardless of shape or width.

Alternatively, you might want to look into velcro straps so you can adjust the tightness of your kid’s booties on the go.

Having properly fitted kids’ shoes is crucial for proper foot development because you don’t want to leave their little feet cramped or else you risk potential problems with your kids’ feet in the future.

So then, what are the best baby shoes for babies with fat feet?

Well, I’ve gone through the trouble of finding an assortment of good ones for you as well as gathering the pros and cons of each pair of shoes.

Being a mom is challenging as is, you don’t need any extra work on your plate.

That being said, I’ll let you be the judge of which ones will fit your kids’ feet as mamma always knows best!

12 Best Shoes For Babies With Fat Feet

1. See Kai Run, Boy’s Russell Casual Sneaker for Toddlers and Kids

These sneakers are great if you’re looking for something that’s US-made to support the local economy.

They can be imported as well, so do be careful to check which box you’re ticking.

The sneakers are mostly made out of a mix of breathable denim and canvas upper with a neat little leather tidbit on the side for decor.

It’s easy to slip on and off and features two velcro straps for added flexibility and comfort adjustment.

The padding around the collar and the tongue help prevent chafing and friction lines around the ankle and the upper part of the foot allows your little one to run and jump around all he wants with minimal discomfort.

The same can be said for the wide toe box in the front that provides more room for him to wiggle his toes without them feeling pressed in like fish in a sardine can.

The synthetic insole is removable in case it doesn’t agree with your little one’s feet, allowing you to put any custom made orthotics into the shoe if he’s suffering from any other problems.

For more details on that, you should see your child’s pediatrician.

The outsole is made from rubber, as is the standard for good baby shoes, featuring a herringbone pattern that maximizes traction while minimizing wear on the sole.

This is further enforced by the reinforced toe cap which also provides extra protection for the front of the foot in case your little runner manages to accidentally knock it on a step or something.

While not the most intricate, the designs offered are ideal for many clothing combinations that boys might find themselves in and there’s still a healthy bit of variety between them.

To top it all off, the See Kai Runs have been awarded by the American Pediatric Medical Association (APMA) for their comfortable design that maximizes foot flexibility and comfort as well as allowing the addition of custom orthotics.


• Removable insole

• APMA-recognized

• US-made

• Two velcro straps on top

• Padded tongue and collar to reduce friction injuries

• Denim and canvas upper

• Flexible rubber outsole

2. Merrell Boys’ Bare Steps Boot Chukka

This shoe offers a variety of textile options and shows a lot of promise not only with its features but its design as well.

The upper sports a thick velcro strap to make it easier to adjust the tightness and pull off without having to fiddle with laces.

The tongue also stretches out to make it easier to slip the footwear on.

The rounded edges and extra wide toe box allow for a lot of room for your little one to stretch his toes and for his foot to grow during those baby developmental milestones.

The outsole is synthetic and grooved, allowing for better traction on slippery surfaces, although this option is not as good as a rubber sole.

The heel of the sole is grooved in such a way that it allows the child to feel like he’s wearing nothing at all without compromising the heel’s impact protection.

One final positive thing to mention about this one is that it’s made entirely out of recycled materials meaning that if you support Merrel Boys, you’re supporting the betterment of the environment as well!


• Environmentally friendly

• Textile upper

• Velcro strap for alternative closure

• Flex groove heel for a barefoot feeling without skimping on impact protection


• Recycled synthetic provides less friction over vulcanized rubber

• Somewhat pricey

3. Robeez Soft Sole Baby Shoes for Boys

Made mostly for running on dry surfaces and indoors, these soft sole alternatives are the best as far as putting them on and taking them off is concerned.

The sole is made from suede and the upper from a light and breathable material that allows the baby’s feet to move around comfortably without getting too sweaty or too tight inside the footwear.

While the model does specify it’s for boys, you can just find the appropriate girl size from their list as well or look up the girl’s alternative.

The reason these shoes are so ideal isn’t just due to the comfort of wearing them or their slipper-esque design, but rather the ease of slipping them on and off.

This is all thanks to the elasticized ankle and sides which remove the need for a strap and automatically adjust to the little one’s foot shape and size making these excellent shoes for babies with fat feet.

However, while these shoes do have many upsides, they do come with a con or two as well.

The first one that you might notice is that the suede material on the sole lacks any water resistance, meaning that if your child steps into something wet, the shoes will be out of commission until washed and dried.

The second con is more subjective, depending on what you’re looking for in a shoe.

It has no rubbery sole to shield the baby’s feet from the hard surface below.

While this does allow extra room for growth and uses the foot’s own grip as traction, it’s more susceptible to wear and tear, leading to a higher likelihood of blisters appearing or child crankiness from tired feet.

Outside of that, they’re pretty affordable as far as shoes go and ideal if used within their intended environments.

Plus, the manufacturers have come up with so many brilliant and colorful designs that every style and personality is sure to be covered!.


• Great for indoor use

• Made from breathable material

• Elasticized ankle and sides make it easier to slip on and off as well as adjust


• A nightmare if it comes into contact with a wet surface

• Lack of thick sole increases likelihood of blisters on foot due to constant friction

4. Saucony Kids’ Baby Liteform Sneaker

A comfy pair of sneakers with a lot of vibrant color options to please the eye of any child.

The upper is made mostly out of a synthetic fabric called flexfilm with an added rubberized coating on the areas known to get the most wear.

It features a padded collar and tongue to help soften the effects of friction on the foot and add extra comfort for the child.

The fit is adjustable thanks to the velcro strap at the top and the front is quite roomy thanks to the extra wide toe box.

The insole is made of memory foam to help the shoe better adjust to your child’s feet and allow for more freedom of movement.

The outsole is made out of a nice, flexible rubber in the middle with reinforced rubber bits on both the heel and toe to add a bit more impact protection.


• Part flexfilm, part rubber

• Velcro strap

• Padded tongue and collar

• Memory foam insole and rubber outsole

• Affordable

5. Crocs Kids’ Crocband II Sandal

Not all shoes for babies with fat feet have to have a fully closed design.

You can grab some open-toe sandals as well, especially for the warmer Summer months.

Crocs excel in this category with their affordable, albeit synthetic footwear.

However, because of its open design, the fact that it’s made out of synthetic material isn’t a deal-breaker as it’s already roomy.

If anything, it helps enhance the durability of the sandal and makes it much easier to clean.

The addition of a velcro strap on top also helps alleviate any other problems that fully synthetic materials would present by letting you adjust the entry point of the foot.

It also allows you to strap it in afterward to make sure it’s secure even if it’s a size too large.

You don’t have to wait for them to dry off for your child to put them on as all they need is a good scrub with a bit of soapy water and they’ll be perfectly ready to don without that uncomfortably soggy feeling.

The insole is lined with bumps so your child’s foot will stay ever-so-slightly elevated, providing optimal air circulation leaving the foot aerated at all times.

The midsole is a platform that’s just short of an inch thick, separating the ground from the foot for added comfort.

Meanwhile, the outsole helps provide proper traction to the shoes so your child doesn’t end up slipping due to the synthetic material.

Do be careful around pools or any wet, tiled surfaces though.

The tip of the sandal protrudes a bit further than that of a regular shoe so your little one’s toes aren’t the first things hitting a hard surface when they have an accident, therefore keeping them from injuring themselves.

These sandals come in all sorts of different colors so you don’t have to worry about limitations in that regard.

They’re intended for both girls and boys, adapting to any foot shape regardless of length or width.


• Open-toe sandal design for more room

• Synthetic material allows for easier cleaning

• Velcro strap

• Good traction of the outsole

• Front protrudes forward to protect exposed toes

• Designs for both girls and boys

6. Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

Speaking of colored options, here’s a sneaker variant that features nearly three dozen different color variations and designs for the ultimate outfit personalization experience.

The sneaker itself is made from a mix of suede and nylon, with the former covering the most common impact areas as well as the strap to maximize durability while the breathable nylon covers the rest for added flexibility.

The midsole is made out of nice and cushy EVA foam, providing extra support for the foot alongside the extra wide toe box in the front.

Meanwhile, the rubber outsole lining helps provide extra traction and mobility to the foot, especially with the unique ‘triangular lung’ groove.

It features a velcro strap on top as an alternative on and off measure if the slip on fails, allowing for added adjustment should it be necessary for a kid with wider feet.

They’re ideal purchases if your child tends to run around a lot, especially on the pavement as they won’t feel the least bit tight regardless of foot size. Plus, some of the models on sale carry some of the most affordable prices on this list.


• Vast amount of style options

• Suede and nylon parts for the upper

• EVA foam midsole

• Extra wide toe box

• Rubber outsole for better flexibility

• On the more affordable side

7. Livie & Luca Pio Pio Mary Jane

A leather alternative with a bit more style, this shoe is intended for girls more so than boys, but who’s judging?

The Mary Janes, despite being covered at the front and back, feature an open upper area, allowing for more air circulation for the baby’s feet, letting it stay dry for longer periods of time.

The shoe features an extra wide toe box as well to allow for some added room for the toes without compromising on comfort and making the shoes feel like they’re a size too big to wear.

The leather upper and insole allow for that perfect natural comfort instead of an artificial one.

It also has anti-microbial properties.

Meanwhile, the cushioned rubber outsole with a somewhat rugged texture allows for added traction on even the slipperiest of surfaces.

They’re made to be extremely lightweight and easy to slip on and off thanks to a proper distribution of material as well as the velcro strip on the top that hides under the pretend button closure.

The Mary Janes come in a number of brightly colored designs alongside a very adorable bird pattern on the front that’s sure to excite every little girl that gets a pair of these.

The only downside that I can see with these ones is that they’re a bit pricier than the competition, but they appear to be well worth the price considering the quality.


• Partially open leather upper for breathability

• Wide space for toes

• Leather insole for natural comfort

• Cushioned rubber outsole

• Velcro strip

• Comes in adorable colors


• Relatively pricey

8. Stride Rite Soft Motion Baby and Toddler Boys Cameron Casual Sneaker

Stride Rite is an iconic toddler shoe brand.

They’ve been around since the 1920s and have just over a century of experience in what’s deemed as comfortable for child footwear.

While they do offer regular shoe sizes, what will be of interest to you are their wide and extra wide options.

These variants offer the necessary comfort our chubby-footed little tikes desperately need that other shoes simply can’t provide them with.

It all starts with the leather construction which provides elasticity to the shoe so the fit doesn’t feel as snug and so it can hold together through the child’s growth spurts without feeling too tight.

The same applies to the rubber sole that allows for flexibility without losing out on sturdiness where it counts, providing a buffer between your little one’s foot and the potentially rough surfaces he’ll be walking on.

It features the patented deep flex grooves that allow the shoe to bend in natural ways, helping your child maintain a steady pace without discomfort.

The memory foam insole helps add some extra comfort, adapting to any foot shape whether curved or flat, therefore lessening the impact of the child’s foot against the surface he’s currently walking on so his feet don’t get sore too quickly.

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Stride Rite baby shoes for babies with fat feet also feature rounded edges.

These help minimize the chances of the foot getting snagged on an uneven surface or a stray bump so neither you nor your child has to deal with him accidentally losing his balance and falling face-first on the floor.

While the shoe itself is loosened up through the use of velcro, it’s flexible enough to almost be considered a slip-on.

All you’ll need to do is manually adjust the tightness of the velcro band now and then to adapt the shoe to the child’s growth.

Flexibility and comfort aside, we also have the matter of odor.

All feet are bound to get stinky walking around all the time, especially with how energetic toddlers can be, but thanks to the antimicrobial lining in the Stride Rites, the smell won’t get too bad.

Finally, the shoes are offered in a handful of different colors, allowing you a bit more flexibility in choosing ones that best fit your child’s tastes.

The best part is that they’re readily available through Amazon so you don’t have to force your child to walk around stores all day.

Instead, you can just take his foot measurements, pick your color, and add to cart.


• Grooved rubber soles for better traction

• Memory foam insole

• Leather upper

• Velcro closure

• Antimicrobial lining

• Wide toe box

9. Tsukihoshi Kaz Sneaker

Made out of polyurethane for its upper, this sneaker can be counted among one of the models that allows for the most breathability between the foot and its surroundings.

Not to mention that the added flexibility allows for a wide toe box that provides room for the toes to spread around, even when walking, without feeling uncomfortable at all.

The velcro strap on the top allows you to adjust the tightness of the fit to suit your child’s needs.

The comfort also comes from the padded tongue and ankle lining, but those come as a standard with all good sneakers.

What sets these apart from the rest is the addition of a heel stabilizer on the back which helps shield against over-pronation of the heel, keeping the foot in line with the rest of the leg and preventing potential problems in the future.

There’s a bit of uniqueness to the antimicrobial insole as it has a little bit of natural green tea extract blended into it for added freshness.

And, much like the See Kai Runs, the insole is removable in case you need to replace it with some custom-made orthotics.

The rubber sole is grooved with a jigsaw-puzzle like pattern which, although unusual and rather decorative in nature, still allows for added traction to help combat slippery surfaces.

The whole sneaker is very lightweight, it’ll feel almost as if your child is walking on thin air.

It’s completely machine washable too, making it less of a chore to maintain than some other shoes that are a bit more delicate.

The available color patterns come in a wide variety for both girls and boys so you can choose the one that suits your little explorer perfectly.


• Lightweight

• Machine-washable

• Good selection for boys and girls

• Natural tea extract infused into the antimicrobial insole

• Polyurethane and textile blend upper

• Rubber outsole

• Padded collar and tongue


• Grooves on bottom aren’t as effective for traction as they are in other options

10. Keds Girl’s Daphne

Another good contender for the title of best shoes for babies with fat feet is the Daphne Mary Janes.

It’s not just the wide assortment of unique and colorful designs that makes these ideal for girls but also the shape and added comfort.

Depending on the style that you choose, the upper will be made from either a synthetic leather or a breathable textile, both equally suitable in flexibility and durability.

The insole is made out of memory foam which always guarantees the peak of comfort for even the most sensitive of baby feet while the outsole is grooved and vulcanized rubber for added traction on smooth and slippery surfaces.

While they’re flexible enough to be slipped on and off, there’s an added t-strap on the side held together by velcro that helps adjust the shoe size as your child’s foot grows allowing you to stave off having to buy new ones for a good while.


• Astonishing amount of variation in designs

• Upper is either synthetic leather or textile

• Memory foam insole

• Vulcanized rubber outsole

• Velcro T-strap to help adjust shoe fit

11. Ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers

If you’re looking to add a bit more color to your child’s life with a cute little gimmick, then these shoes are ideal!.

Ikiki’s squeakers are a perfect blend of child foot comfort and fun design featuring colorful animal themes.

The material is a fine, breathable, but most importantly, flexible mesh that adapts to the child’s foot and almost any movement.

The shoe opens up nice and wide thanks to the velcro strap on the front, allowing you to easily slip your child’s feet in before strapping them to fit comfortably without looking like clown shoes.

The edges have been rounded off to minimize the chances of the baby shoe getting caught on a corner or something similar.

The toe box is wide enough to allow freedom of movement for the toes without feeling too big.

The squeaking gimmick is to help motivate kids to walk the right way, from heel to toe, and it only activates when that process is followed.

However, should the sound ever get too annoying, you can always turn it on and off by using the iSqueak app.

The memory foam insole allows for extra comfort without the risk of damage to the foot, minimizing the chances of any calluses or similar issues appearing.

Meanwhile, the outsole’s groove patterns are made to provide the maximum traction and prevent the child from slipping and falling – nobody likes dealing with needless and preventable injuries.

It’s one of the cheaper options on the market, but that doesn’t mean that they’re low quality by any means.

If anything, they offer what’s arguably the best bang for your buck so if you’re concerned about your budget, I wholeheartedly recommend these.

And, as a cherry on top, the shoes come in an array of cute and unique designs whose bright color patterns will make it easy for you to pick out your child (or at least his shoes) in a crowd of kids.


• Colorful animal designs

• Breathable mesh upper

• Hook and loop strap

• Memory foam insole

• Ample toe room

• Squeaky gimmick motivates kids to walk properly

• Budget-friendly


• The squeaker is likely to get annoying fast (but can be turned on and off)

12. pediped Baby Girl’s Gehrig Grip ‘n’ Go

And finally, we have the pedipeds for girl early walkers.

Made of a breathable synthetic fabric, this shoe includes a sueded reinforcement on areas most prone to wear and tear.

This combination provides for the most flexible, modern design.

It’s a shame that they don’t offer any color variations, but the relatively affordable price and the comfort options for babies with wider feet totally makes up for that!

One of these comfort options is the insole that, while made from rubber, helps provide an anti-microbial layer, keeping your little one’s feet from getting too smelly too quickly.

The outsole is made of rubber too, as is the standard.

It’s properly grooved out and outfitted with the pediped-patented Grip’n’Go technology to help maximize traction while retaining full flexibility throughout the entire sole.

There’s also an added heel cushion to prevent the foot from suffering any strong impacts from jumps or similar.


• Part synthetic fabric with sueded reinforcement

• Antimicrobial rubber insole

• Grooved, rubber outsole for added foot grip with patented Grip’n’Go technology

• Heel cushion in the back to soften impacts

• Lightweight


• Only one color option

What To Look For When Buying Walking Shoes For Kids With Fat Feet?

mother holding baby in the store while salesman trying to put shoe on baby leg

Chubby feet in kids is actually pretty common which makes it surprising that so many retailers don’t really cater to them directly.

You’ll rarely find brands that actually specifically craft great shoes for that very purpose.

That’s because the common shoe sizes for children’s shoes have specific measurements and any deviation from that usually isn’t considered so first walkers tend to suffer because of it.

However, there are some brands who do make sure that even babies with fat feet have some options when looking at obtaining some comfy footwear.

Though, not all options might be ideal for your little one either.

That’s why it’s important to know exactly what to look for when browsing for shoes for babies with fat feet.

As I mentioned at the start, a few things need to be looked at if you’re to properly accommodate your child’s feet and these are:

1. The shape of the shoe

The shape of the shoe is one of the key aspects when searching for proper footwear for your baby girl or baby boy.

A regular shoe shape usually won’t work for babies with chubby feet, or rather the one that’s fully closed, especially if the material it’s made out of isn’t flexible.

It’s very rare that you’re going to find a perfect fit for your child in this case, which is why many parents opt for either sandals, crocs, or some variation of shoe with a very elastic construction that’ll accommodate almost any foot shape.

2. The material

Another key component when trying to find the perfect shoes for fat feet babies.

These shoes usually end up being made out of some sort of rubber, breathable mesh, or similarly flexible material.

That’s because the key is to always make the inside of the shoe roomy enough for the foot to remain comfortable even when stepping on firm ground in case of first walkers.

You might also encounter some shoes made out of genuine leather.

Those ones sacrifice the flexibility of the top cover by adding flexibility on the bottom with the outsole being made out of rubber to provide a barrier of sorts between the ground and the foot to retain comfort while providing flexibility.

And there’s also the matter of the insole itself, also known as the footbed which is most commonly made out of memory foam to adjust with any foot shape while providing a comfortable buffer between the outsole and the foot itself.

The other alternative is suede shoes which tend to be really comfortable on the top while also being really comfortable on the bottom if they feature rubber outsoles.

3. The flexibility

This is a key trait for any piece of footwear, but doubly so for any shoes for toddlers with fat feet because they need the extra room and adaptability to compensate for the space needed.

If every part of the shoe isn’t flexible enough, your child will be more prone to blisters or getting tired feet and will find the shoes too tight for his liking.

The material plays a big part in this and the most flexible ones tend to be some form of synthetic leather for the upper, while grooved and vulcanized rubber works best for the sole.

4. A wide toe box

The toe box is the part of the shoe that’s usually walled off by rubber in regular sneakers and padded to keep the toes safe.

For toddlers with chubbier feet, this area needs to be extra wide to allow them to properly splay their foot and get it flat so that they get a good feel for walking.

If you ignore this aspect, your little one is going to struggle with the front of their foot being bunched up and squeezing into itself which is likely to lead to later problems.

A wide toe box is a key sign that a shoe is compatible with kids that have chubbier feet and you should take any shoes that don’t list this feature off your list.

5. Easy to slip on and off

A good way to determine whether or not a shoe is too tight is by judging how easily the shoe is put on and taken off.

The best ones for your intended purpose are ones with an adjustable velcro strap or ones with stretchy ankles and sides.

6. Durability

Another matter that’s important to consider is the overall durability of the shoe.

This is why you should never go for any second-hand products, especially when looking for shoes that fit kids with wide feet.

This isn’t only a concern for the comfort of your child but for your wallet in general.

Used shoes are likely to be on the brink of falling apart when they’re passed down as they’re usually stretched out from being worn.

Always buy new ones if you can since they’ll last longer.

If you keep extra good care of them, you might be able to pass them down to your younger child, but even then they’re not likely to last very long without showing tears or similar problems.

7. The price

No matter what product it comes down to, the matter of price will always be important.

As much as I want to tell you to buy the most expensive stuff as it’s usually guaranteed to be high-quality, we don’t all have the financial capabilities to do that.

Instead, I’d recommend buying the best in your actual budget range.

As important as your child’s comfort is, I’m sure that there’s always a budget option out there that’s just as comfortable as some of the newest and shiniest shoe models on the block (minus a few of the fancy new features, of course).

All a child will really care about is if it’s roomy enough.

Remember, if you’re strapped for cash don’t make the mistake of buying used shoes.

There are plenty of budget shoe options available for your kid that’ll last you longer and make you feel better about your purchase, ultimately saving you more than a second-hand pair would have.

little baby walking in blue shoes on wooden floor

In Conclusion

When it comes to the matter of shoes for babies with fat feet, the most important aspects are always going to be the ones relating to the overall comfort of your little athlete, the shoes durability, and the overall cost.

The ideal shoe is one that’s made out of leather or any other breathable material as far as the upper is concerned with a padded ankle lining and tongue to cushion the areas most prone to friction from movement.

The upper should also have flexible sides or a velcro strap at the very least to help with getting the perfect fit.

You also want an insole made from either leather or memory foam for good contact padding with the midsole ideally being cushioned as well with something like EVA foam or the like.

You don’t want it too thick though as you want the foot to be close enough to the ground that movement can still be felt through the sole.

Finally, the outsole should be made out of vulcanized rubber with grooves that help increase its traction to any surface.

Ideally, the brim of the outsole should also be widened and extended to the toe cap if there is one to shield the foot from impact.

As much as I’d like to personally recommend one specific pair of shoes, I don’t know your child’s preferences or proportions, so I’m afraid you’re on your own for the final decision, mamma.

That said, I’m certain that you’ll make the right choice for your child. You know him best after all.

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