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The Thing That Hangs Over Baby Cribs – Mystery Finally Solved

The Thing That Hangs Over Baby Cribs – Mystery Finally Solved

Have you ever wondered what that thing that hangs over baby cribs is called? I used it for my kids’ cribs and I’ve bought it as gifts for baby showers several times, but I never knew the name.

Well, the biggest mystery of baby equipment is finally solved!

The thing that hangs over baby cribs is actually a baby crib mobile or cot mobile. This toy encourages fine motor skills development as well as visual perception in infants.

When it’s not there, everyone notices that something is missing from the baby’s nursery, but people usually have no clue what it’s called.

Some parents think that the cot mobile isn’t a baby essential until their baby grabs their faces a couple of times and leaves a few scratches there.

To avoid such situations, I decided to investigate this thing that hangs over a baby’s crib and share my knowledge with you.

I also made a list of the current best baby crib mobiles so you can finish furnishing your baby’s nursery in no time!

The Thing That Hangs Over Baby Cribs AKA A Mobile

Now that you finally know what this piece of baby gear is called, take a look at some of my favorite mobiles for babies.

1. ​The Peanutshell Pink Floral Mobile for Baby Girls

Baby crib mobiles are so cute these days that I sometimes seriously consider buying one for my bed, but my husband strongly disapproves of that idea!

This cot mobile is specifically designed for little princesses, as it’s made from colorful roses. What I like about it is that the colors are not too bright, so your baby girl can easily fall asleep as it spins.

This model is digital and comes with a music box that plays sections of twelve beautiful lullabies that will make your little one fall asleep immediately.

It has lovely details that are embellished and embroidered with tiny decorations that can’t harm your baby.

Each flower is made from soft felt for the baby’s safety in case she wants to play with it but be careful to not let your newborn or small baby play with it unattended as it could be a choking hazard.

Keep in mind this crib mobile is designed for standard crib rails, but the hook on the crib mobile arm can adjust up to two inches to fit most cribs on the market.

This model will go perfectly with floral interior and furniture – think wall paint, changing tables, etc. so your baby girl can feel like a princess. Just make sure you use safe and non-toxic paints for her room.

2. ​Oberlux Baby Crib Mobile

There’s nothing I like to see more than certificates for high-quality materials and production. Today, when it’s so easy to learn about non-toxic baby gear, there’s no excuse for not buying safe and more natural products.

It can be overwhelming to check if every single baby product is made to match quality standards, including the use of non-toxic chemicals in the making of the product.

That’s why you have people like me who do the investigation for you and provide lists of safe products for your baby.

This crib mobile from Oberlux is exactly what I’m talking about. Even though I love flowers, I have to admit this mobile is more practical than the one above as it’s more of a unisex baby mobile.

It has cute little stuffed animals, including a hippo, elephant, birdhouse, and giraffe. The only thing I would add is a bird, just because that birdhouse feels a little out of place.

This model is colorful and contains a variety of shapes and animals, so you can use it for your baby even when she’s older to teach her about different kinds of animals.

Oberlux’s model also has a music box with twelve lullabies and the music plays instantly when you turn on the crib mobile.

You can adjust the volume on this model, so when you want your baby to sleep, just lower the volume and she’ll fall asleep in a minute.

3. Lambs & Ivy Baby Crib Mobile

Baby Dino is the perfect gift for your baby or someone you care about deeply.

Parents usually invest in mobiles to provide fun for children, and as such, mobiles tend to be underestimated for the role they can play in skills development, especially when it comes to auditory and visual stimulations.

The Lambs & Ivy cot mobile is here to entertain and soothe your baby with lullabies and toy friends, but it also stimulates the baby’s brain with different colors and various shapes.

This model plays music for a certain time only, unlike other models which usually play music until you turn them off, so you can put your baby to sleep and not worry about switching it off.

The animals rotate while your baby listens to beautiful lullabies, such as the beloved Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and many more.

The material is gentle to the touch, but I do find the colors a bit too serious. I would prefer a lighter blue, as it is for babies.

4. ​VTech Soothing Ocean Slumber Mobile

Can you believe there are more than 40 songs in this model? I had no idea there were so many lullabies and nursery rhymes!

The Soothing Ocean crib mobile can be transformed into a crib toy, as well, so even when your little one grows up, she can still play with it.

This set features ocean animals that are painted in bright colors, so even your newborn will take note of them.

Lights and music are some of the best ways of soothing your baby, especially if your baby refuses a pacifier.

This model from VTech projects beautiful images of stars and the moon which can be used as an infant night light.

All these features are really great, but the one that truly knocked me off my feet is the sensor that responds to a crying baby. Every time your newborn cries, the sensor picks it up and the music starts playing again.

Be careful though, it might turn on if your baby makes some noise while sleeping and it could wake her up. To prevent that, just press the “turn off” button.

5. ​Mud Pie Bunny Mobile

This beautiful mobile by Mud Pie sets itself apart by its high quality, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart and injuring your baby.

It’s available in four adorable designs. I’m quite partial to the bunny one but you can also get it with colorful farm animals (a great gender-neutral choice) or unicorns.

When it comes to the price, it’s not the most affordable mobile but let’s be real – you don’t want something super cheap to be hanging over your baby’s head every night.

This mobile will also make for a beautiful baby shower present so be sure to bookmark it if you have any friends who are expecting a baby.

6. ​Sorrel + Fern Crib Mobile

This model is so adorable that I wish I had discovered it back when my kids were babies.

By using these types of cot mobiles, we connect our babies with nature from day one. On the other hand, I’m not really sure how much newborns actually appreciate it.

I bought this as a baby shower gift, and it’s really beautiful, but usually, mommies enjoy these models more than the babies, who end up playing with their regular toys.

I still think this deserves to be on the list of the best baby crib mobiles as it’s beautiful, and it’s also made from high-quality fabrics that are completely safe for your baby.

7. ​Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile

Let’s groove together with our babies! I love the name of this model – it makes me happy and groovy.

You can choose songs and melodies, from naptime nurseries to energetic music intended for play and gross motor development. This means you can dance around the nursery and have even more fun!

I’m crazy about crib toys that are reusable. All you need to do is to take off or add some parts and you get a different toy.
The Tiny Love model can be transformed into a music box once your kiddo gets older.

It also features a night light and I love that this one has a more subtle light show. The volume for music is adjustable, so if you want it to be louder or quieter, just press the button.

The angle of the cot mobile is quite interesting but I don’t see this as an issue, it just makes it stand out from the rest.

8. C&K Works Baby Crib Mobile

This model has a lot going on – it’s colorful and bright.

There are a lot of stuffed animals hanging from the crib mobile arm and it looks like a real zoo, a feature your baby will definitely enjoy.

This handmade model is portable with a free carrying pouch included in the price so you can take it with you everywhere.

I deeply appreciate everything handmade, especially when it comes from parents who know what your newborn needs.

Are Cot Mobiles Dangerous?

Although mobiles are one of the key things parents buy before the baby is born, many still wonder if they’re dangerous.

Honestly, it depends on how you install and use them.

Every piece of baby gear has the potential to be dangerous for your child if used improperly.

However, crib toys are more dangerous than baby mobiles as all toys on a crib mobile are out of reach, which is not the case with toys in the crib.

Therefore, crib toys easily get into babies’ mouths or could cause strangulation. You need to take note of a few things before you assemble the crib mobile, which includes height, safety, and time for removal.

Mobiles have more benefits than risks, so it essentially all depends on you and how you feel about using this equipment.


naked child playing on baby crib mobile

You have to take into consideration that newborns have poor eyesight, therefore you’ll have to put the cot mobile close enough for them to see something is happening, but far enough away that they can’t pull it once they start moving.

I’d say the perfect height would be somewhere around 12 – 14 inches from the crib mattress as your baby will be able to see it, but won’t be able to pull any toy or the whole thing down.

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Adorable baby boy lying in his crib playing with mobile

There’s only one word that can help you with this issue: instructions. It may seem easy to assemble or your logic tells you what goes where, but it’s better not to risk any injuries or worse.

Make sure to do everything as the manufacturer recommends and try it out before you put your baby inside the crib. Crib mobiles are as safe as any other baby equipment.

Of course, it all has its risks but that doesn’t mean you have to panic or imagine worst-case scenarios even before using a mobile.

Just keep calm, take care of your baby as normal and make sure playtime is supervised.

Age limit

sweet child crawling and playing with toys

Last, but not least is knowing when it’s time for you and your baby to say goodbye to the crib mobile. Yes, it’s fun for babies to watch colorful toys move around to the rhythm of nursery songs, but everything comes to an end.

If you notice that your baby doesn’t show interest in these things or that she can stand up alone in the crib, you have to move the mobile as soon as possible.

If she stands up, she will see this as an opportunity to grab these floaty things above her head and she might put them in her mouth which could cause serious problems.

The right time to remove the crib mobile is when your baby is four or five months old. You can use it a little bit longer, but you have to be there all the time.

Luckily, many of these worst-case scenarios can be prevented if you monitor your child and most of us do, so you don’t have to worry so much about the safety of the mobile.

I mean, even that toy your baby likes to play with in the car seat can be a potential source of harm if you really think about it. Just relax and play with your baby, that is the best protection you can give her.

Mobiles as pacifier alternatives

charming blue-eyed baby 7 month old lies in bed

Yes, crib mobiles can be used as a pacifier alternative, as well. Most of them come with a music box that plays lullabies and nursery rhymes which have a soothing effect.

Music is your best friend for soothing your little one, therefore every time she cries and you know she’s not hungry or wet, just play her nursery rhymes from the cot mobile.

The slow-spinning movement of toys will also calm her down, as it affects the baby’s brain and puts her to sleep.

If you don’t want your baby to get used to a pacifier during nap time or nighttime, you can try to calm her down with the cot mobile.


Congrats – you finally know the name of the thing that hangs over baby cribs!

There are different types of crib mobiles, some can be attached to infant bassinets and strollers, and some might be wall-mounted, which is safe but might not be so practical.

The crib mobile represents more than just a toy – it improves the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as your baby tries to grab parts of the mobile.

It’s also used as auditory and visual stimulation because of its bright colors and movements. Most of these mobiles come with music boxes that are great for soothing as well.

A crib mobile is perfectly safe for your baby’s nursery and sleeping area if you install it properly by using the manual from the manufacturer, so there’s no need to worry about safety!

I hope you find the perfect mobile for your baba, mammas!

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