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12 Best Kids and Toddler Skateboards Ranked in 2022

12 Best Kids and Toddler Skateboards Ranked in 2022

Bikes, scooters, and rollerblades are all an essential part of childhood – but what about a toddler skateboard?

There is no need to worry. Your munchkin will be safe and sound as these models are specifically designed with younger riders in mind, yet they don’t skimp out on quality when compared to standard-size models.

Besides, skateboarding is an awesome activity (especially during long summer days) and is a great way to develop motor skills, too.

And toddler skateboards allow the youngest members of your family to join in on the fun with a fun-sized board!

Some of them even come with extra handles, so you can convert them to a scooter for the youngest riders as they work on their motor skills and prepare to balance on a board for the very first time!

From 17-inch to 27.5-inch models, we will cover only the best boards you can buy – so read on to get all the deets!

1. Skitch Complete Skateboard Gift Set For All Ages With 22-Inch Mini Cruiser Board

As one of the best-reviewed models available on Amazon, the Skitch set contains everything your little skateboarder needs!

Along with a 22-inch cruiser, the package includes a skate tool for maintaining the board, a tote, and a backpack for your kid to take his cruiser anywhere he’d like.

What makes this a really great toddler skateboard is that you can adjust the speed to one that suits your tot to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt.

But make no mistake – even adults can use it comfortably.

The bearings have an ABEC 9 rating, so a smooth ride is pretty much guaranteed with the Skitch cruiser.

But unless you’re a skateboarding aficionado, you probably have no clue what this means (and I wouldn’t blame you!) so let me give you a quick breakdown.

Bearings are round pieces of metal that you can see in the center of the wheels and are labeled with an ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineers’ Committee) rating that lets you know their level of performance.

The higher the rating, the better quality your board is, so this is something you should definitely pay attention to when shopping for a toddler skateboard.

The average model usually has an ABEC 5 rating, so anything higher than that means that you’ll be getting a model with really great performance.

But the best part about this model is that it can grow with your kids and most importantly, their skills!

2. FlyBee Boards 27-Inch Cruiser

At 27 inches, this FlyBee board is larger than Skitch’s Mini Cruiser above.

As such, it’s more suitable for older kids who perhaps wouldn’t have as much fun with a smaller board.

It also resembles a pro board since it’s made from maple wood and has grip tape that makes sure your kid’s feet stay firmly planted on the surface of the deck.

As a material, maple wood is very sturdy and can take years of wear and tear, which is why it’s very commonly used with many different board models.

In addition, it’s bendy enough to do all sorts of tricks!

The wheels are made from polyurethane, giving extra balance and stability during the ride.

It’s a little more expensive than the plastic cruisers but it’s definitely worth it as it’s made from high-quality materials.

Plus, I think this is a great option once your kids graduate from using 22-inch plastic boards and want a model that will continue to improve their mad skills!

3. Beleev Skateboard Complete Mini Cruiser

If you decide to go with the Beleev model, you will also receive a T-tool with your order that you can use to maintain the cruiser and keep it in shape.

Although the deck is plastic, it’s designed to prevent slipping, which is another bonus point!

There is even a kicktail for your kids to perform all sorts of fun tricks when they’re old enough.

You can get the Beleev skateboard in all sorts of colors, including this lovely pastel pink.

4. Magneto Mini Cruiser

Made from Canadian maple wood, this model by Magneto is a perfect choice for kids who are really passionate about their skateboarding skills and want to continue working on them.

As it’s 27.5 inches long and 7.5 inches wide, this is a slightly longer model but is nevertheless great for both older kids and newbies to the sport.

The surface of the boards is covered with a texture similar to sandpaper so that the feet stay in place while riding.

This model is more expensive than some of its plastic counterparts, but you do have to keep in mind that it’s made from wood and is very durable as such.

5. Merkapa 22-Inch Complete Skateboard With Colorful LED Light Up Wheels

A 22-inch toddler skateboard is simply perfect for older tots between the ages of four and five who have good balance and coordination skills!

And this Merkapa model is definitely going to get their interest from day one.

Remember – age guidelines are only tentative and since some kids grow faster than others, it’s up to you to gauge whether your toddler is ready for his very own board or not.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of Merkapa’s pros!

First off, it has LED lights, making riding around on this thing super fun! You won’t need any batteries for the lights, either, so that’s always a plus.

The soft wheels are really big, making it really safe to use even for complete beginners.

The size of the wheels allows them to absorb shock really well and creates a smooth ride over uneven pavement, too.

Appearance-wise, it’s quite similar to the Skatro Mini Cruiser, although it comes at a slightly lower price.

The board has a weight limit of 180 pounds, so you can get one for yourself and one for your tot and be the coolest skateboarding duo in your neighborhood!

6. Meketec 22-Inch Mini Cruiser

With more than a dozen designs available, I guarantee that you will be able to find the perfect toddler skateboard in the Meketec model, no matter how picky your child is!

One of the biggest pros of this model is how sturdy it is, so you can rest assured that it will take years of wear and tear and still come out pretty much unscathed.

When it comes to design, it’s quite similar to the very popular Rimable Complete 22-inch board.

The board weighs a little under 4 pounds and as it’s really lightweight. Your munchkin can take it anywhere he’d like – outside to play with the neighborhood kids, to the park, or even on longer trips.

Even though it’s far from being a pro skateboard (and let’s be real, your 4-year-old probably doesn’t need one), it comes with PU wheels that glide well across different surfaces and the casters make sure the cruiser stays stable.

The plastic deck is designed with grooves so that it prevents slipping regardless of the kind of shoes your kids wear, which automatically means less falling!

With a weight limit of 200 pounds, even grown-ups who would like to try their hand at becoming skateboarders can give it a try.

Overall, this is one of the best skateboards for kids around and comes at a very affordable price, especially when you factor in its high-quality design.

7. Playshion Complete 22-Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Playshion makes these really cute mini cruisers that are perfect for kids and grown-ups who are just dipping their toes into skateboarding.

With a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds, you can even get one for yourself if you’d like!

The board comes with urethane wheels and high-quality bearings that make it great to ride over different terrains (even bumpy ones).

Although the plastic decks don’t include grip tape, the surface is engraved with a pattern that makes slipping much harder.

In addition, the cruiser is designed in a way that prevents what’s known as “wheel bite” – when the wheels rub against the deck of the board and stop you while you’re riding.

Finally, you can pick between half a dozen shades – including a galaxy purple and this pale yellow that I really love!

8. High Bounce Complete 22-Inch Skateboard

The High Bounce cruiser board is another perfect starter board for little kids and toddlers!

Design-wise, it’s very kid-friendly and comes in two shades – orange with green wheels and dark blue.

While the skateboard deck doesn’t look as sturdy as the models above, it can withstand weight up to almost 190 pounds, so even grown-ups can use it to cruise around.

The wheels are also made from urethane, which makes riding smooth and easy.

As any parent will tell you, there’s nothing worse than ordering a brand new toy for your kids only for it to arrive and require assembly!

Thankfully, High Bounce made sure you won’t need to reach for your toolkit as the cruiser arrives completely assembled.

What’s more, the cruiser has ABEC 7 bearings.

Other than that, you’ll be excited to know that this model also includes a neat little travel bag to take with you on vacation or longer trips.

All in all, this is a great toddler skateboard that comes at a very budget-friendly price, too.

9. SK8MEMO 17×5-Inch Mini Skateboard

At first glance, you might ask yourself, “Okay, what’s so different about this cruiser?” since it looks very similar to many other plastic cruisers.

If you take a look at the dimensions, you will see that this mini cruiser stands at only 17 inches, making it much smaller than even the 22-inch models above.

As such, it’s a perfect choice for a younger toddler (around the age of 3) who is just starting out with skateboarding.

Plus, the price is very affordable so you won’t have to break the bank on something that you’re not sure your kids will like or use on a regular basis.

When it comes to color, you can pick between pink, blue, and black.

My one con is the plastic-y look of the cruiser, but I don’t see that as a dealbreaker considering that it’s made from good quality materials.

For example, the deck is made from a tough, polypropylene material with grooves to prevent slipping, and the wheels are made from polyurethane for a smooth ride.

So, you can see that even though this is a tiny cruiser, it still offers a performance of similar quality when compared to bigger models!

10. Cyboard 17×5-Inch Mini Skateboard

To give you more options to consider, here is another really well-reviewed 17-inch cruiser.

With ABEC 7 bearings, your tot will love riding it around and how smoothly it rolls over the pavement.

As it’s really small, you can easily pack it with you wherever you’re going, without sacrificing on room.

The bushings (the parts that allow you to turn the board in a particular direction when riding) are made from polyurethane, as are the wheels.

In addition, this cruiser gets another bonus point for being really budget-friendly!

11. PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 21-Inch Wood Cruiser

Does anything say toddler skateboard more than a cruiser with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles design on the back and front of the deck? Probably not!

If you’re the mom of a toddler who’s absolutely obsessed with these anthropomorphic turtles, you will do no wrong in getting him this wooden PlayWheels cruiser.

One of its biggest pros is the price – it’s super affordable and it would even make for a really fun birthday gift for a boy or girl.

But don’t worry, it’s not cheaply made and won’t break after a few uses, since it’s made from maple wood. The surface of the deck is also covered with grip tape to prevent slipping.

Unfortunately, the cruiser has a much lower weight limit (only 100 pounds) when compared to the models above, so keep that in mind if you’re shopping for a board for an older child.

12. Chillafish Skatieskootie 4.0

For younger toddlers who would like to try out skateboarding but aren’t too good at balancing yet, the Chillafish Skatieskootie is a great way to dip their toes without risking any major injuries.

The biggest difference between this model and the others is its handle. It can be removed as needed and when it’s attached, the board doubles as a scooter.

In addition, you can adjust the height of the handle to your tot as he grows.

The tail of the board includes an angled footrest that makes for easier cruising, and you’ll get three footrests with different angles to adjust to your kid’s preferences.

Once he’s ready to move past the scooter stage and onto skateboarding, simply remove the handle and you’re good to go!

Despite the fact that this model doesn’t look like a professional board, you shouldn’t be fooled by its appearance, as it includes high-quality ABEC 7 bearings.

They’re responsible for giving your kids a smooth ride over different surfaces, minimizing the impact of bumps or rocks.

Along with the Skatieskootie, you will get three decks in different colors to change up the look as you wish.

Price-wise, it’s a little more expensive than the plastic cruisers, but you get plenty of bang for your buck, so I think it’s a great investment!

Skateboarding For Kids 101

Toddler learning to ride a skateboardSkateboarding is one of the most fun activities to do in the summer for a kid! It’s exciting, makes him feel like a little daredevil, and helps burn off energy like nobody’s business.

Apart from scooters, we have a couple of skateboards in our garage that our kids love and play with as soon as the weather gets warm, and I hope they become part of your family fun, too!

There are a couple of things useful to know regarding skateboarding for kids, so let’s tackle them now, shall we?

Do my kids need protective gear?

girl riding a skateboard with safety

Protective gear, like knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads, or even a helmet, is really useful when we talk about toddlers, who aren’t as apt at keeping their balance and are most definitely going to fall over at least once.

So, to protect against boo-boos, feel free to strap them into as many pieces of protective gear as you would like.

In my case, I only ever gave my kids helmets to wear since I think getting scraped knees or elbows once in a while isn’t so bad. It was an integral part of my childhood, after all!

There are also special skater shoes that are created to make skating easier and keep the feet connected to the board.

If your tot develops a strong love for skateboarding and progresses to skate parks when he’s older, then I would definitely get him a pair! (Plus, it adds to an adorable skater look for your kid.)

But if your tot is only using his board to skate around the neighborhood, then he’ll be fine with his regular shoes.

How do I pick the right size?

three kids on a skateboard

When shopping for a skateboard for your toddler, you will notice that all brands mention the exact height and width of the model – this piece of info is most important when deciding on the right size!

Obviously, standard-sized skateboards and longboards are out of the window – unless your kids are just planning on sitting on them and rolling down a hill.

A standard length, for example, is between 28 and 32 inches.

Kids around the age of four or five (depending on how tall they are and their motor skills) will do well with a deck that is a maximum of 6.75 inches in width.

Older kids can go with a deck that’s 7 inches or wider, depending on their skills, of course.

To wrap up

Getting a toddler skateboard is the best way to add excitement to your summer activities with your kids!

Sure, there might be a few boo-boos and bruises here and there, but that’s all a part of life, right?

Besides, there’s nothing more precious than seeing that look of wonder on your child’s face when he realizes he’s just learned something new, especially when it’s something as fun as skateboarding!

​I’ve got my fingers crossed that your kids grow to love it as much as mine do – you might even discover that you have a little Tony Hawk in the making…

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