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27 Best Baby’s First Christmas Gifts Ideas

27 Best Baby’s First Christmas Gifts Ideas

You already got the best Christmas present this year, your precious little angel, and I bet it’s the most special gift ever! Now, you probably only need some inspiration for your baby’s first Christmas gifts to continue enjoying these beautiful times.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you buy your baby the best Christmas present ever. You just need to check out our collection of baby’s first Christmas present ideas and find one that you like.

Baby’s 1st Christmas is very special, both for parents and their newborn babies, that’s why you should choose a gift carefully for them, something that will always remind you of these blessed days.

Now, you may think that it’s impossible to find a perfect gift for those tiny creatures who aren’t able to speak yet and say what they want for Christmas, but the fact is that there is a perfect gift for everyone, even for little babies.

Christmas toys and presents are probably the best part of Christmas morning for each child, and even though your baby is still so small, with these best baby’s first Christmas gifts ideas, you can still buy your little angel a great gift (some of these gifts may actually serve you as well).

Baby’s first Christmas present ideas

Baby's first Christmas present ideas

Choosing a present for someone is a difficult task and we probably all get nervous and worry about whether that person will like it or not.

Well, with your newborn babies, that won’t be such a difficult job because they’ll like whatever you buy them. Even so, you should put some thought into choosing a holiday gift for them because after all, it’s the first gift in their Christmas stocking.

In this baby’s first Christmas gift guide, you’ll find the best gift ideas and baby toys for your little one and, of course, you can order them all via Amazon at affordable prices.

1. Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Ornament And Frame

This is definitely one of the sweetest personalized gifts for your baby. You can use it as a keepsake ornament or you can put it up as a decoration in any room of your house.

This beautiful keepsake is a must-have because even when your baby grows up, you’ll always have this beautiful memory to remind you of those days when they were little babies.

2. Baby Santa Costume

This is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. These Santa costumes are absolutely fun and intriguing Christmas gift ideas for your precious little one.

It’s a great gift, especially if you’re planning a Christmas photoshoot of your little baby. Your little Santa baby will, without a doubt, look adorable in this holiday edition.

3. Baby’s First Holiday Bib Set

This is a great gift for all new moms out there too because no matter how many bibs they have bought for their baby, a few more bibs will definitely come in handy. So, why not buy this for your little angel?

In this set there are 12 different holiday patterns; Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s.

It’s made of quality soft cotton polyester, so you know it’s safe for your baby’s delicate skin. They’re easy to wash and dry, which makes them a perfect gift for both you and your baby.

4. Baby Care Play Mat 

This premium quality play mat is one of the most useful and best baby’s first Christmas gifts. It’s reversible, so your baby can learn with it or you can use it as interior decor.

It’s waterproof and very easy to clean – you can clean it with your baby’s wipes. It’ll certainly be one of the best purchases you make for your baby’s room.

5. Christmas Stuffed Plush Teddy Bear 

This plush teddy bear is definitely a great idea for your special baby’s first Christmas gift. This teddy bear comes with a red hat and gloves and it’s absolutely adorable.

It’s safe to use for all ages. Still, be careful to not leave it in your baby’s crib throughout the night, as with all other toys.

6. Dream Embroidery Security Blanket Set

This sweet plush toy with a security blanket is another great idea for a newborn baby Christmas gift. It comes with one soft blanket and the little elephant toy looks so cute!

It’s not just another toy for your baby, it’s also useful because most babies find it comforting and it helps them fall asleep. So, this gift will be helpful for parents, too.

7. Santa’s Workshop Plush Playset

Bring the North Pole and Santa’s workshop to your baby with this cute playset. It includes five plush pieces: Snowman, Elf, Santa, Reindeer, and of course, the workshop house. Besides that, the product also includes crinkle, jingle, rattle, and squeak sounds.

Even though it’s safe for all ages, the manufacturer suggests that it’s best to use it with babies older than 6 months.

8. Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ornament

This Christmas tree keepsake ornament is one of the best baby’s first Christmas gifts ideas for your precious baby.

The design is simply adorable. It features a little baby with a Santa hat. It’ll probably be your baby’s first Christmas ornament and that’ll make it even more special.

You can also keep it as a simple photo frame even after Christmas and it’ll be a great decoration for your baby’s room.

9. Elf Plush Set

Besides being a gift for your baby, these can also serve as decorations for your home on Christmas Eve. You can put them in a tree or by the fireplace. Wherever you decide to put them, it’ll look absolutely adorable.

The set includes two elves and they are super soft and cuddly. The design is also very colorful and your baby will enjoy playing with them.

10. Baby’s First Christmas Rattle Ornament

If you want to buy your baby a toy for their Christmas present that’ll help them with their cognitive development, then this rattle is a perfect gift idea for you.

It comes with a gold cord if you want to hang it over their crib but you can also let them grab it with their tiny hands to play with. The design is super cute with ‘My first Christmas 2020’ engraved in the middle of the rattle.

11. ToddleBee Baby Photo Album

You know how all babies like to look at photos and colorful pictures? Well, now you can give your baby their very first photo album with their own photos inside.

The animal theme of the album will keep your baby occupied during appointments or car rides.

The best thing about this album is that it’s made of soft fabric, so your baby won’t be able to tear it and it’s safe to use.

12. Christmas Flap Book with Sounds

This is a very unique gift for your little munchkin. There are all kinds of flaps that will open on each page.

There is a little yellow duck hidden behind each of those flaps and you’ll enjoy playing with your kid to find it. There are also different sounds on the cassette that your baby will enjoy listening to while you’re going through the book.

13. The Peanutshell Wearable Blanket Sleep Sack

This is a very simple gift, but at the same time, it’s warm and cozy. We like to be sure that our baby is warm enough and with these sleeping bags, they’ll definitely be.

The prints are super cute with Christmas motifs such as the adorable moose and buffalo plaid in black and red color. The material is lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable (I know, all moms out there just love this part).

14. Red Santa Clause Baby Bodysuit

Ooh, this little Santa bodysuit is so adorable! Your baby can wear it on Christmas Eve and you’ll get the best family photo this Christmas with your little one.

15. Cuddle Barn – Storytime Teddie

This isn’t just another ordinary stuffed teddy bear. This one is special because it has an adorable red coat and a little book with “Twas The Night Before Christmas” written on it.

It’s an animated plush that has many fun holiday stories. Three “AA” batteries are included, so you’ll only need to push the button and the teddy bear will start “reading” stories to your munchkin.

It’s made of great material, so it’s super soft and huggable.

16. Baby jumper

This is a gift that all babies will just love. It’s colorful, has different sounds, and many different activities for your toddler to discover.

Of course, this will come in handy to moms, too. This interesting baby jumper will keep your baby entertained for a while if you urgently need to do something. You can easily adjust it to three different sizes, so as your baby grows, the jumper will too.

17. DIY Felt Christmas Tree With Ornaments

If you’re one of those mothers who likes DIY projects or wants to add your personal touch to gifts, then this is a perfect gift for your little kiddo.

The set includes one cone felt tree with 19 pieces of ornaments. How you decorate your Christmas tree is completely up to you, but it’s your baby’s first tree, so do your best to make it the best tree ever!

It can also be a fun game for your baby and you. You can write your baby name on an ornament and let them put it on the tree, with your help, of course.

18. Sophie The Giraffe

Sophie The Giraffe is the most favorite teether of many, many babies, and now, you can buy it in this adorable gift set with a Christmas festive hat and little baby slippers.

The material is super safe, it’s made of 100% natural Hevea tree rubber and it’s BPA-free. Both the hat and shoes are machine-washable, but the temperature should be 30 degrees Celsius or less.

19. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

All babies should have their very own Rudolph. This one even has ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ written on it!

20. Pillow Pets Disney Frozen II Olaf Snowman

The beloved Olaf snowman is a great present for your little one’s first Christmas. Since this is a Pillow Pet, it’ll grow with your kiddo and be a toy he’ll enjoy for a long time.

Baby girl first Christmas gifts


Baby girl first Christmas gifts

1. Baby girl First Christmas Tutu Dress Outfit Set

This outfit set is one of the best baby’s first Christmas gifts ideas for your little girl. The set includes four pieces: a red headband, romper tutu dress with “My 1st Christmas” print, cute little Christmas shoes, and a leg warmer with polka dot print.

The cotton material is so soft and breathable that your baby girl will be warm and comfy wearing this absolutely adorable dress. Your Christmas family photo this year will be the sweetest ever with your little munchkin wearing this tutu dress.

2. Baby Headband and Socks Gift Set

This gift set for baby girls includes three headbands and three pairs of socks. Each piece is made of soft cotton and spandex material, so it’ll be comfortable for your little girl to wear.

Each design is very cute and unique and this gift is perfect for special occasions such as Christmas. It’ll make your little princess look even more adorable in her first Christmas photos.

3. My First Purse

The best thing about this toy is that it’s plush, so it’s safe for all ages. Buy your little girl her first pink purse and enjoy watching her playing with it.

And that’s not all! You won’t just be buying your little girl a mini purse because this is a playset and it comes with four cute activity toys: a mirror, credit card, keys, and cell phone toy that starts ringing when you press it in the middle. You have to admit that this is a perfect Christmas present for your newborn girl.

4. SplashEZ MoldFree Bath Toys for Babies

Make your baby’s bath time more enjoyable with this little bath toy playset. It includes 5 animals and is designed without holes, so you don’t have to worry about mold.

Baby boy first Christmas gifts 

Baby boy first Christmas gifts 

1. Santa’s Little Helper

This two-piece Christmas pajamas set makes a great present for your little baby boy. The material is 100% cotton, so you can be sure that your boy will be comfortable wearing it.

It’ll definitely be your favorite Christmas outfit that you’ve ever bought. Your precious little boy will be a real Christmas cutie in this adorable pajama set.

2. My First Tool Set Plush

This is a present that your little boy will rejoice in for sure. These cuddly toys are made from durable and hypoallergenic fabric, so it’s safe for your little one’s sensitive skin.

The set includes four talking plush toys. When you press the button, it tells you the name of the tool and makes the sound that the real tool makes. This playset will definitely be your little builder’s favorite toy.

3. Car Toy Set With A Play Mat

This plush playset is a perfect present for your baby boy’s first Christmas. It’s suitable for all ages and it requires no batteries. The set includes a play mat and four different toy cars.

The play mat is made of soft and breathable fabrics and it doesn’t have any small toys, so it’s completely safe for your little baby.

The design of the set is beautiful and very colorful, so it can also improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination.

To wrap up

This will be the best Christmas of your life, for sure, because you’re spending it with your precious little angel and they’re your best gift ever. You won’t get a better gift this Christmas.

I hope this Christmas gifts guide for a baby’s first Christmas helped you to find the perfect new baby gift.

If you need a present for a baby shower or your baby’s first birthday, you can also use some of these baby’s first Christmas gifts ideas. They’ll be a great gift for those occasions, too.

One more piece of advice, whichever stocking stuffer you decide to buy your newborn baby, try adding something to personalize it. There are many unique and special DIY gift ideas that you can always add to your baby’s Christmas stocking.

Always remember that the best gift you can give to your baby is your unconditional love. It’s the holiday season my dear people. These days, don’t forget to share love and peace wherever you go.


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27 Best Baby's First Christmas Gifts Ideas

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