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9 Best Beach Strollers For Summertime Fun In 2022

9 Best Beach Strollers For Summertime Fun In 2022

We all crave some fun in the sun, our little ones more than anyone!

But the sandy beaches can be a real pain unless you’ve found yourself a really nice beach stroller to help avoid the difficult terrain.

The best beach strollers are all-terrain monsters with large wheels filled with air (rather than being constructed from polyurethane and similar materials) while still retaining the element of safety that moms look for in a stroller.

There are other factors to consider too like just how much storage space the stroller has, how affordable the stroller is and if there are any extra features included with the model like cup holders or similar doodads.

There’s a lot more to discuss regarding what to look for in a beach-ready stroller when you’re buying one, but more on that later.

Just know that they’re meant to be more like little tanks than the slim versions you’re so used to using on the pavement.

The main reason is that regular wheels only interact with the sand on a small surface area and sand isn’t exactly the most stable ground.

So, when a wheel sinks, your baby’s safety could be potentially compromised if you were pushing hard enough.

That, and getting stuck often is just annoying.

A more rigid structure and big wheels help beach and all-terrain strollers cross beaches with minimal effort and make it a lot easier for you than sticking with a regular baby stroller would.

Sure, they might be less maneuverable than your average stroller, but they’ll at least function on more than just the pavement.

Should you choose to get a stroller for the beach, I’ve come to help you out by creating this list of some of the best ones that you can currently get on Amazon!

I’ve provided some of their pros and cons as well as a rundown of the things you should be on the lookout for when buying one.

9 Best Summer Beach Strollers

For all of you busy moms, here’s a quick list of our top picks!

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1. Graco FitFold Jogging Stroller

Starting off with the first stroller on my little list, we have the Graco FitFold 3-in-1 infant stroller, a fine representative of strollers for joggers and a candidate for one of the best strollers for the beach currently on the market.

​First and foremost you have the 5 point harness which ensures proper child safety as well as neck and head support for infants and younger children.

It’s also padded alongside the seat to allow for a more comfortable ride overall.

Next, you have the classic, 3-tire wheel design that provides stability, as well as maneuverability, and the rubber tires helped traverse pavement and any ‘off-road’ endeavors.

Finally, you have the canopy that helps protect your child from direct sunlight, keeping him safe, snug, and aerated in his ‘royal seat’.

These are all standard when it comes to jogging strollers, however, Graco also has features that enhance its design and value.

For instance, the foldability of their stroller is superior to any others on the market, conserving up to 70% of the space that the unfolded form occupies.

It’s also extremely easy to assemble/disassemble thanks to the FastAction one-hand fold system.

Finally, since this is a travel system, it includes a car seat adapter.

This allows you to remove the original seat and replace it with an infant car seat, making it even easier to install without having to waste time pulling all the gear out of the trunk.

The stroller can only handle up to 35 lbs of weight when using the car seat.

However, the stroller itself can go all the way up to the 50 lbs standard.

2. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

Next up on the list is the BOB stroller, another fine contender for the title of best beach stroller.

This sweet ride is constructed out of an aluminum frame and high-quality breathable material to allow for airflow on the inside to keep your baby cool during the hot summer months while also having high durability.

The addition of a canopy also helps reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s UV radiation.

It’s also equipped with 3 large rubber tires to make movement over difficult terrain a lot easier and more comfortable for both mom and baby. The stroller also dismantles quite easily for better portability and to conserve storage space.

Speaking of extra space, the BOB stroller comes with a large storage basket underneath to keep all of your baby gear and children’s toys with him at all times without having to go back and forth between the car or hauling all of it in a backpack or tote.

The stroller also has adjustable height settings so that it can grow alongside your precious child, making it usable for a longer period of time.

This is only further reinforced with their amazing 75 lbs max weight limit which is one of the highest ones on the market.

As far as the child’s comfort is concerned, the BOB Revolution Flex has a nicely padded seat that reclines should there be a need for it, a feature especially useful for newborn babies who need the added neck and head support.

You’ll also find the addition of the 5-point harness to be exceptionally helpful when it comes to keeping your child both safe and comfortable.

The harness itself is padded on the most frequent contact spots between the harness and body to prevent friction burns.

The stroller is also compatible with most infant car seats out on the market. All you’ll need is to include the car seat adapter that comes with the purchase.

Overall an excellent 3 wheel stroller for all sorts of terrain; the only downside to this otherwise amazing product is that all of the added padding slightly reduces the airflow in the stroller.

3. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

If you have twins or two kids that are close in age, you might want to consider doubling up as Baby Trend offers a beach-ready stroller option for twins with their very own double stroller.

Each side can support up to 50 lbs of weight and each seat features a multi-position recline to help adjust the stroller to your growing child’s needs.

Not to mention the 5-point harness included in both of them which has become the standard of good strollers due to the added head and neck support.

It’s a jogging stroller, meaning that it only has three wheels, but it doesn’t lose out on any stability.

In fact, thanks to the rubber bike tires, this double stroller handles just as well on pavement as it does on any other sort of terrain, harsh or otherwise.

The swiveling front wheel is lockable to better maintain peak handling.

The stroller also comes with rear-activated brakes so you can stop the stroller in seconds in case of any potential accidents.

As far as the parent’s comfort is concerned, this stroller has a parent tray that houses cup holders and a covered storage area for all the stuff you want to have on hand.

The handlebar has a grooved rubber cover to help provide better grip and to keep your hands cool in case the stroller is out in the sun for too long.

The stroller itself, despite its size, folds rather easily into a compact shape.

The wheels themselves are easily removable too, thanks to the quick-release system.

The Baby Trend double stroller is arguably one of the best, if not the best one of its kind on the market currently.

Plus, it’s a rather lightweight twin stroller, making it easier to push all day long.

4. JOOVY Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Coming back to single strollers, we have the JOOVY Zoom 360.

This amazing contraption is constructed with a fully aluminum frame.

It’s made up of high-quality breathable material making it extremely lightweight without having to compromise on durability.

It folds in and out with relative ease and all of its wheels are attached to a quick-release system making unpacking and packing up a breeze.

The front wheel is lockable too so you can change from swivel to locked when you cross over from pavement to sand or when you want to keep the stroller going steadily in one direction.

The stroller has a large canopy to help shield your child from UV radiation while he sits in his extra-wide seat with multi-position reclining options.

As for the extra features that the JOOVY stroller offers, you have a rather sizable storage basket underneath to house all of your child’s toys and relevant baby gear.

And, there’s an organizer and a safety leash so that the stroller doesn’t slip out of your hand.

You’ll also get a tire pump included in the purchase, saving you a little bit of money on the necessary accessories.

Finally, I’d like to mention the stroller’s built-in suspension that makes the ride as smooth as possible for your child regardless of the kind of terrain you’re driving on.

5. BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller

This is one of BOB’s older models of jogger strollers, but it’s still a force to be reckoned with.

It boasts a lightweight aluminum construction with a cover made from breathable material to keep the heat away from your child’s seat.

The wheels themselves are made from rubber, reminiscent of regular bike tires with treads that cross different kinds of terrain with relative ease, be it sand, mud, or pavement.

Unlike standard strollers, this one only has three wheels, but it’s still as stable.

The front wheel is lockable for when you enter more difficult terrain, otherwise, it swivels for easier handling on smoother surfaces.

There are foot-activated brakes in the back as well so you can easily bring the stroller to a stop in case of emergency.

The top features a small canopy that helps keep the child safe from the negative effects of UV radiation.

On the bottom end, there’s a nice storage area to keep all of your child’s toys and other necessary items so everything is easily reachable whenever you need it.

The stroller itself can hold babies up to 75 lbs in weight which is on the higher end as far as carrying capacity goes.

6. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

The single version of the previously mentioned double stroller, the Baby Trend has all the same great features in a smaller package.

The 5-point harness helps support your child’s head and neck properly while he’s a baby until he manages to develop those muscles himself.

The seat with the multi-position recline is there too so it can grow together with your child and maintain the same comfort level throughout the entire usage period. It’s also padded to maximize the child’s overall comfort.

The stroller features a large canopy for added sun protection so you don’t have to worry about that.

There’s a child tray as well as a parent tray with cup holders and a small compartment to keep your phone or other small items.

The weight limit on the stroller goes up to 50 lbs and exceeding it isn’t recommended.

7. Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

Next up we have a unique take on traveling across the sandy beach shores and that’s through the use of a wagon.

Wagons are a bit more stable than your average beach stroller and are essentially a mini rickshaw for your darling child that you get to run around, providing more safety than an actual stroller.

This particular one from Evenflo is designed to house two little tykes on their journey with all of the commodities available to both seats with a 3 point harness on each side instead of a 5 point one.

It’s a bit heavier than your regular stroller, built out of a sturdy metal frame, and placed on four rubber wheels that make moving across difficult terrains super easy!

The design also allows you to choose whether you want to push or pull the wagon.

Each side is equipped with a nice foldable canopy with UPF 50+ for strong protection against harmful UV radiation, perfect for beachside strolls.

The wagon also features a storage basket on one of the sides with a decent quantity of space.

It rotates back into one side of the wagon so you can just use that as your new storage space if you’re only hauling one child along with you.

The wagon also features a child tray on each side to make feedings a lot easier and to make it possible to leave your kiddos in the wagon, concentrating any mess in one spot.

The wagon can fit two kids of up to 55 lbs on each side which is a bit more than the average 50 lbs that most other strollers limit themselves to.

Despite its larger design, the wagon is fully foldable and will fit into the trunk just like any other stroller would, albeit with a slight, but negligent size difference.

The only real downsides are the lack of a 5 point harness and any adequate neck or head support meaning that it’s not really intended for newborns but rather for slightly older kids who have those muscles developed and can properly sit upright without any problems.

The other downside is the metal frame itself which adds a lot of extra weight to the wagon and isn’t great in extreme heat as the frame heats up rather quickly.

8. Hauck ECO Wagon

Next up we have one more wagon variant, the Hauck ECO wagon.

It’s a model that kind of resembles a car which might make it extra fun for the kids.

It features a steel construction with added hand-washable covers and seat padding to make riding in one a more enjoyable experience.

You’ll also find 4 rubber tires supporting the chassis, distributing weight evenly, and allowing the wagon to move on pavement, sand, and any other form of terrain that dares cross your child’s path.

The entire frame is fully foldable so it can actually fit in your trunk without taking up too much space.

Its weight limit is 110 lbs or 55 lbs per child so do make sure to keep that in mind when preparing for a beach trip.

There’s a nice canopy that mimics the roof of a car and provides a bit of protection from the sun – not as much as the canopies on a standard beach stroller, but at least it helps.

The one downside is that of every wagon which is the lack of support for the head and neck, meaning that you shouldn’t be looking to buy this product if you want something that can safely and comfortably transport an infant.

9. Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger

Capping things off with a standard stroller, we have one made by Jeep and it’s really something special.

It’s made to handle kids under 3 years of age with a multitude of wonderful features to accommodate for their safety and overall comfort.

The main feature is the 5-point harness that helps keep your child secure in his seat while also providing adequate head and neck support in case you manage to hit some nasty bumps along the way.

It also comes padded around the shoulders to help reduce the chances of potential friction burns.

The stroller also features a large overhead canopy with added sun visor to protect your precious little angel from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

The wheels themselves are made entirely from rubber and the front wheel swivels but are also lockable to ensure better handling when you want to swap to sandy terrain.

It compacts rather easily when not in use and takes up minimal space, but it’s also very easy to put back together when you need to take it out again.

This foldability is what allowed the addition of a reclining feature, letting you adjust the position of the cushioned seat for your child whenever you want.

The Jeep stroller also features some quality of life options like a child tray to help feed your kid straight from the stroller with minimal fuss.

There’s a parent tray with a cup holder and transparent case to put your phone in so everything is on hand.

The handlebar is covered in foam and is ergonomic to minimize parental strain after those long walks with your child.

You’ll also get a safety tether with your purchase so your stroller doesn’t get away from you, no matter what.

It’s quite a sturdy stroller for the beach that can withstand 50 lbs of weight.

Finally, the product is fully certified by the JPMA and has met or exceeded CPSC and ASTM standards.

What To Look For In A Beach-Ready Stroller

cute little girl playing in a stroller on the beach

Now, while all these options are well and good, you might find that none of them strike your fancy.

However, if you have no point of reference for what can be considered to be a good stroller and which ones are best to be skipped over because of some glaring flaws, it can be hard to make a choice.

Here are some important things to look out for:

1. Safety

baby strollers on the beach in a sunny day

The first thing that comes to mind is the safety of your child. If a stroller is deemed to be unsafe, then there’s no more need to mull it over, it shouldn’t be an option.

Checking the safety of a stroller is usually related to the intended age of kids that the stroller is meant to be used by, the harness that keeps your child from getting flung out of his little nest, and the types of brakes installed on the stroller.

The best beach strollers tend to have a five-point harness to keep them secure and in place no matter what bumps in the road you encounter.

A three-point safety harness isn’t too bad either but is much less secure than the former and it doesn’t support your child’s neck and head.

That said, it’s still better than having none which is an absolute red flag for any stroller, regardless of the terrain.

The age range revolves around the added features you’d want for newborn babies and toddlers which is infant car seat compatibility.

This way, you don’t have to spend tons of extra time assembling a stroller or pulling it out of your trunk – instead, you can just attach the car seat to it.

If you have a newborn, you’d also probably fare better if you just looked out for a stroller with a flat recline option so that you can pull the reclining seat up when your child grows old enough to sit upright with little to no issue.

The brakes are also a very important part of child stroller safety and a standard hand brake won’t perform as well as a one-touch wheel lock system would.

The latter is preferred on the more difficult types of terrain as they allow you to control the speed and maneuverability of the stroller far better on such rough terrain than a hand brake would ever be able to.

Another point of order for safety is the actual material of the frame.

For sandy beaches that get especially hot in the summertime, you’ll want to avoid metal frames, especially ones that aren’t covered by some sort of thermal insulation fabric or other material.

This is because metal tends to heat up rather quickly and, as such, can lead to burns and all sorts of nasty injuries for your little bundle of joy who just wanted to see the ocean and have some fun in the sun.

In this case, it’s better to look for an aluminum frame because it’s lighter than the metal ones and doesn’t heat up as quickly so your little one isn’t in danger of sustaining any injuries.

Finally, there’s an optional feature, which is definitely mandatory in this case, to keep in mind for both beach and regular strollers when it comes to the hot summer months.

Obviously, I’m talking about the canopy.

Canopies are going to help keep the sun from radiating its dangerous UV rays directly at your child, protecting him from any of the hazards that come along with it.

Do try looking for one that has a high SPF rating for maximum UV protection.

An alternative to these can be some sort of umbrella stroller, but these tend to not cover as much and usually aren’t suited for the beach.

2. The overall comfort

cute baby boy sitting in a stroller on the beach

While safety is always a primary concern, if it impacts your child’s comfort, there’ll be nothing that’ll make him get into that seat without acting cranky all the time.

Comfort is important so you can walk on the beach in peace, but not so much so that it compromises his overall safety.

The canopy I mentioned earlier is an exception in this case as it works for both and doesn’t interact with your child’s body in any direct way.

One of the things that you should consider is the fabric that the stroller is made out of.

You’ll want something breathable so that the air can flow through unobstructed and keep your child cool in his little nest.

You’ll want as little padding as possible so as to not block off airflow, but the stroller will still need some so your kiddo doesn’t find it uncomfortable to sit.

The best areas for padding are on the harness as well as the shoulder straps to help minimize friction so that the belts from the harness don’t dig into the child’s skin and irritate it.

But, it’s not just your little angel’s comfort that’s essential, it’s your own too. Using a stroller that’s rough on your hands or tough to move around can be a real pain.

Not to mention if the stroller is so small that you have to bend uncomfortably to move it, it’s also not worth it.

This is where some of the optional features like adjustable height options, a suspension system, easily accessible brakes, and padded stroller handles can really help bring about a hassle-free, smooth ride for both you and the baby.

3. Storage

young mother walking with her baby in a stroller by the sea

Another feature to consider for every beach-ready stroller is the amount of storage space they have.

After all, spending all day at the beach requires a lot of stuff to be packed and ready for use, especially if there’s no convenience store nearby.

You’ll need access to diapers, baby wipes, and all the other essentials for your child.

There are also all the other items that you need to pack like toys, baby food, and food in general for yourself and the rest of the family.

While these won’t necessarily all go in the stroller’s storage space, the more you can fit in the stroller the less you have to carry!

That said, this problem can be easily solved by getting a large enough travel backpack or a large mom beach bag.

Moms of twins or multiple kids can also invest in a spacious diaper bag that’s much bigger than a standard one for just one baby.

4. The handling

woman sitting on the beach with baby in a stroller

Speaking of maneuverability, handling plays a key role in choosing the right stroller for the beach, otherwise, you may as well have gone with a regular one.

Most standard strollers have thin wheels made from some sort of plastic polymer which is great for hard and smooth surfaces like brickwork or pavement.

But, they’re not exactly the most stellar option for a comfortable ride through sand and similar surfaces.

That’s because one of the wheels is likely to get stuck and sink due to all the weight being on a small contact surface area, making it an absolute nightmare to pilot on any sort of beach.

Not to mention just how uncomfortable it’ll be for your child with all of the sudden stops and the jostling, let alone the inability to turn.

The latter also comes from the fact that the front wheels on most standard strollers swivel, which helps a lot for handling normally but not against more difficult types of terrain.

The thing that beach strollers have over regular ones is that they have a completely different wheel design.

Whether it’s the structure of the wheel itself which is a lot wider to distribute weight evenly and prevent sinking or that the front wheels are lockable allowing you to adjust whether or not you want them to swivel based on the surface you’re on.

Some might say that this means that you practically can’t turn a stroller with locked front wheels, but you absolutely can.

It might be a bit more difficult for four-wheel strollers, but that’s where the alternative option comes in with three-wheel strollers originally designed for jogging.

These jogging strollers make turning easier by relying on one front wheel alone and placing it in the middle, meaning you only have to use half your strength to turn while still retaining the comfort of being able to take your child out on almost any type of terrain.

5. The extras

young mother walking with kids on the beach

Finally, we come to some of the extra features that are completely optional but might make stroller use more convenient.

One I’d consider mandatory would be whether or not the stroller is foldable because space is always a concern when traveling somewhere, especially to the beach.

The less space it takes up, the more likely I am to pick the stroller up.

Other features include cup holders so you can keep your coffee around while keeping both hands on the ‘wheel’.

Some models include a big parent tray with room for a phone and other accessories.

Another thing that can be of convenience is a child tray so your kiddo can eat from the comfort of his stroller without getting it all messy.

And finally, you can also have a peek-a-boo window to help reassure your child that you’re still there and keep him calm.

What makes an ideal stroller?

happy mother with baby in a stroller in the park

An ideal stroller would be one that’s constructed with an aluminum frame for better durability and high-quality breathable material to keep your child cool in the hot summer sun at the beach.

It would feature a 5-point harness and shoulder straps, both padded, for child safety and comfort as well as a large canopy with a value of at least UPF 50.

It would have an adjustable handlebar and multi-position stroller height for your own personal comfort so you don’t have to be hunched while pushing the stroller around.

The back wheels would be wider and filled with air to provide for more contact surface area on the sand to prevent sinking while only having one lockable front wheel for easier turning and adapting to surfaces on the go.

The brake system would be one-touch allowing for quick reactions and finer speed control and, in the case of a newborn child, would feature a car seat adapter to save on space.

The stroller would need to have a large storage basket to help keep a good portion of the required baby gear.

Can I just use my regular stroller when going to the beach?

woman pushing baby in a stroller by the sea

You most certainly can, but it’ll be a lot more trouble than it’s worth due to the lack of rubber tires and all-terrain wheels which will make it an absolute pain to move on the sand.

It won’t be impossible, it’ll just be a whole lot more effort than is really necessary.

When is it safe to take my child to the beach?

cute baby with hat playing in the sand on the beach

In theory, you can take your child to the beach after just a few months, but it’s recommended to wait at least anywhere between half a year to a year before even considering it.

This is due to the high heat exposure in such an environment among other safety risks.

Before deciding anything on your own, I’d suggest talking to your child’s pediatrician regarding the matter to see whether or not it’s safe for your kiddo to enjoy some fun in the sun and maybe even go for a little swim.

Ask your pediatrician for advice on everything that you’d need to take along and all the safety measures that you would need to implement to keep your baby safe at the beach.

The Bottom Line

Getting a beach stroller is a must if you have frequent outings to the sandy ocean shores and want your child to experience the wonders of the open water early.

While it might not be as practical as a regular one, it can still go on both pavement and sand, though your options might be slightly limited in that regard.

That said, these are still very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, both for you to roll around and for your child to ride around in.

If you’re looking for a compromise so you can have a similar level of handling, look for ones labeled ‘jogging strollers’ as they’re all-around the best for any sort of terrain, be it natural or man-made.

Just keep what I told you in mind and you’ll find one that fits your requirements in no time. Until next time, mammas.

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