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13 Best Baby Activity Tables Of 2022

13 Best Baby Activity Tables Of 2022

When it comes to baby toys, every parent knows that they will end up in every corner of your house – no matter how hard you try to contain them to just your baby’s bedroom. But a baby activity table can be a perfect solution to this problem!

A baby activity table is an all-in-one entertainer for your little one to play with, explore, enjoy lights and music, and develop his gross and fine motor skills at the same time!

The best part about it is the fact that it can provide your kids with hours of fun while keeping the toys in one place, and making sure that nothing gets lost.

But as tends to be the case with most other baby products, there are many different brands and options to choose from.

For example, some activity tables are made from wood while others include fun lights and music.

To help you decide, I’ve carefully inspected each option available to bring you only the best baby activity tables for your little one to enjoy!

1. Fisher-Price Musical Activity Table

Parents all over are familiar with that terrible feeling of getting a brand new toy for your little one, only to realize that it produces the most annoying music ever known to man!

And it just so happens that the baby loves it, so there’s no other option but to endure it for the time being.

Luckily, this baby activity table by Fisher-Price comes with music that is pretty good and definitely won’t test your tolerance, no matter how much your baby plays with it – and he will love it, I can guarantee you that!

As one of the best baby activity tables, this play table can be modified according to the baby’s age.

So, if your little one is still not standing or walking, you can remove the legs and let your baby use it while sitting down.

This also comes in really handy when you need to pack or store the table as it becomes much more compact.

Apart from music and fun piano keys, there are many different activities to help your little one develop his fine motor skills.

For example, he will be able to flip through a book and use his hands to peg various toys and blocks into the table, which is great for developing hand-eye coordination.

Once the baby starts standing up and walking, he will love moving from one part of the table to the other, helping him develop his balance skills!

For this table, you will need 3 AA batteries for the musical features, but the batteries are already included with the baby activity table.

And even though the table comes in bright colors, I don’t find them to be too “loud,” so it’s going to be a lovely addition to your nursery!

2. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Water Table

This model by Little Tikes blends the fun of an activity table with the excitement of playing in water, making it a wonderful summer toy for outdoor activities!

And if you’re brave enough, you can even set it up indoors if you’re short on backyard space.

But unlike the musical activity table above, this is an activity table that’s only appropriate for kids that are able to stand up and balance on their own two feet, and it’s not made for floor play.

Simply pour the water into the activity table, hand out a few cups, and let the kids explore their imagination!

The table is big enough for sharing, too.

I love the little Ferris wheel that scoops balls but the little spiral is going to be lots of fun for kids, as well.

My only complaint regarding this activity table would be the colors – they are not too exciting in my opinion – but considering how much fun your little one can have with the table, looks are not that big of an issue.

3. VTech Magic Star Learning Table

The VTech activity table is not only super fun but it’s educational, too!

First off, VTech Magic Star Learning Table is a perfect choice if you’d like to introduce your little one to a foreign language at a young age, as it plays sounds in both Spanish and English.

Considering that there are more than 400 million people in the world who speak Spanish as their first language, there’s no reason not to incorporate this language into your baby’s playtime.

There’s also a really fun steering wheel that moves the pink bear in the center of the table and I’m pretty sure this is going to be your little one’s favorite feature in the entire activity table.

Kids just love steering wheels!

Your baby will also enjoy its nursery rhymes and other fun sounds and melodies.

A toy phone is included with this activity table that’s great for pretend play and gives you an opportunity to teach your toddler about numbers (that’s why this table is fantastic even for 3-year-olds).

The Magic Star Learning Table comes with detachable legs, of course, so it will be able to grow with your little one.

Overall, I think the activities are super fun and there’s something new to discover at different stages of development, meaning that your baby will love playing with it for a very long time!

4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around The Town Learning Table

If the quality of learning activities is a priority for you when picking an activity table for baby, then this Fisher-Price activity table will be right up your alley!

This model is actually divided into different learning stages based on your baby’s age, so every new step brings new activities and ways of playing.

The three stages are Explore (from 6 months to 1 year), Encourage (from 1 year to 18 months), and Pretend (from 18 months onwards).

The first stage includes toys for the development of fine motor skills – toys that can be pushed, opened and closed, and spun – and language, by incorporating words such as “bananas.”

The second stage begins introducing words in both Spanish and English – yay for bilingualism! – as well as numbers and different objects.

The final stage is perfect for pretend play with fun characters such as “Puppy” and “Sis,” complete with a toy phone that introduces numbers to your little one.

There is even a zoo with animal friends that play all sorts of songs and sounds, and an alphabet to teach the baby his ABCs!

All in all, this is one of my favorite baby activity centers because it’s so versatile and comes with many fun games that guarantee your kids will never get bored!

5. Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Walk Around Discovery Activity Center Table

Considering that babies lean heavily on an activity table when they first start standing up, sturdiness is a very important factor!

If an activity table is too light, your baby could topple it over and get hurt, which is obviously something we want to avoid.

Luckily, this Baby Einstein activity center is really sturdy and it comes with a seat if your little one still isn’t too stable on his two feet, so chances of boo-boos are minimal.

Still, as babies are masters of using toys in unexpected ways, always keep an eye on your little one when he’s playing with his activity table.

My favorite part about this activity table is all the different ways of using it – it will grow with your baby and adapt to his different developmental stages.

There is a toy piano for your baby to get musical using different-colored keys (they’re marked with different shapes, too).

I also love the little animals, such as the snail.

If you’re wondering whether this toy is bilingual, I have excellent news for you – it’s multilingual!

Apart from English and Spanish, the Baby Einstein activity table also plays words in French, which is a giant plus in my book.

I also appreciate that you can remove the seat pad and wash it whenever you need to.

To wrap up, I find this to be one of the best activity tables as there are plenty of features and activities for your little one to play with for hours on end, so it’s great value for money!

6. Baby Einstein Curiosity Table

Baby Einstein, the brand behind the really popular baby jumpers, also makes another one of my favorite activity tables!


What makes this one so special for me is that it can be used by more than one kid at a time – as a mom of two, any toy that can be shared is worth considering!

Even if your baby doesn’t have siblings, this curiosity table will be great for playdates and learning how to share and play with others.

Keep in mind that this model is made for kids that are at least 1 year old, unlike most other activity tables that are usually suitable from 6 months of age.

My favorite feature of this curiosity table is the dry erase board your kids can draw on – this is something that your kids will love playing with for years, making this model perfect if you’re on the lookout for a table with bigger longevity.

Of course, it includes toys kids will love, such as gears that spin and a book to flip through. There are music and sounds, too, and the good news is that you can adjust the volume.

While the sounds don’t come in 4 different languages, Baby Einstein Curiosity Table offers 3 (English, French, and Spanish), which is still pretty neat!

This is a very versatile table as well, as you can remove the legs and the board. In addition, the board can be attached to the side of the table.

The one downside is that the table is quite light (weighs only 5 pounds) so your little one might be able to move it around when you’re not using it for floor play.

7. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

To keep it 100 percent honest, I must admit that I prefer wooden baby toys over plastic ones for a variety of reasons.

First off, they’re better for the environment because wood is biodegradable and these kinds of toys can be recycled, too.

What’s more, a wooden toy can last for generations and withstands all sorts of play, while plastic ones are much more sensitive and break much more quickly.

Also, when you get a wooden toy, you can rest assured that it hasn’t been treated with any of the chemicals usually found in plastics, so if the toy makes its way to your kid’s mouth (which it probably will), there’s nothing to panic about!

This wooden activity center by Manhattan Toy is a great environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic activity center but it’s no less exciting and fun to play with!

Just take one look at all those bead runs, animal-illustrated gliders, and colorful spinners, and you will be entirely sure that your kids will love it!

As there are multiple sides to the tree, your little one can play with his sibling or friend and explore the toy together.

This activity center is perfect for the development of fine motor skills as little hands must work hard to play with each part of the tree.

But like the Baby Einstein model above, this activity table slash tree is suitable for kids that are at least 1 year old because it might not handle a baby leaning heavily against it.

Other than that, your tot will have lots of fun while finding new ways of playing with this activity center – and it will look beautiful in his room as well!

8. Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table

You might be interested in an activity table for your little one, but if you don’t like any of the models above, you’re definitely going to want to check out this Bright Starts and activity table.

The age range is 6 months to 3 years, making this a fantastic toy for kids who are turning one. There are so many fun activities your baby will enjoy, including 4 different languages which is an amazing educational component.

There’s also a piano for your tiny musician.

Parents love how this table can grow with their kids and the budget-friendly price.

9. EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

An activity cube is a fun alternative to the activity table that’s worth exploring, especially as it offers fun toys on the different sides of the cube.

But first off, I would like to mention that the wood this cube is made from isn’t toxic, so there’s no need to worry about any harmful chemicals getting in contact with your baby.

The top of the cube includes a colorful maze with beads that kids love playing with and will help with the development of their fine motor skills.

The sides of the cube are also equipped with fun features, such as a shape sorter and a tree with gliding numbers to teach your tot his very first math skills!

Kids can play with it while sitting down or standing up, and there is hardly any risk of tipping it over as it’s wide enough to stay stable in one place.

And while it doesn’t have features that include flashing lights or music, the cube will still be lots of fun, and I know many parents that aren’t big fans of electronic features in their kids’ toys in the first place.

Plus, I’m pretty sure that it will outlast any other plastic toy in your baby’s nursery.

The one downside that could be a dealbreaker for many parents is the price – it’s significantly higher than most of the other models.

Still, if you’d like a durable toy that will stand the test of time, then the EverEarth activity cube is the choice for you!

10. Janod Baby Forest Wooden Activity Table

The Janod activity table is another lovely wooden option for parents looking to avoid plastic toys in their baby’s nursery.

While it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles, especially when compared to the EverEarth activity cube, it’s still going to be really entertaining for your little one.

For example, your tot can play with the shape sorter and once he’s done, you can teach him to put away the shapes in the small red bag that’s attached to the table.

He will also have lots of fun with stacking different animals and playing with the maze, which helps develop little hands and hand-eye coordination.

Like the model above, this wooden activity table comes at a price that’s higher than usual, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly.

11. Melissa & Doug Jungle Wooden Activity Table

My second Melissa & Doug recommendation is a lovely little table that’s perfect for kids over the age of 1!

Since it’s made from wood, there are no fancy lights or sounds, but I’m sure your kids will love it just the same.

In addition, it’s a very affordable wooden activity table and falls within the general price range of its plastic counterparts, so it’s a great choice if you are working with a tighter budget and prefer wood.

There are as many as 8 activities for your kids to play with and that will develop their motor skills – I particularly like the purple butterfly – but there is really no limit to exploring this fun activity table.

Your little one can engage in play either while sitting up or standing down, but because the table only weighs 6 pounds, you might want to keep an eye out, especially if your baby is new to walking and still has trouble with balance.

If you’re worried about your baby tipping over the table, you can always move it so that one side is against the wall, which will provide just enough support.

12. Oribel PortaPlay 4-in-1 Foldable Travel Activity Center

The Oribel PortaPlay model is very similar to the Infantino activity center in the sense that your baby can sit and play at the same time, but it gives you the opportunity to convert it into an activity table.

It folds very easily, making this a perfect activity table when you’re traveling for extended periods of time with your family.

As an activity table, however, it’s just a simple table – there are no toys attached, or lights and sounds.

Still, it works as a surface for your kids to play on, use as a drawing table, or even as a small dining table (chairs can be purchased separately).

When used with the seat, your baby will be able to rotate in any direction and play with many fun toys, such as a friendly-looking owl.

The height of the table can also be adjusted as you’d like.

The baby can also bounce up and down but as this is not a baby jumper, there is not that much bounce in the activity center.

All in all, this table will be really useful for your tot in the years to come as it’s very versatile and can be used for many different activities!

13. Alex Discover Sound and Play Busy Table Kids Art and Craft Activity

For parents who would still like to introduce their baby to all the joys of music yet want to avoid battery-operated plastics, the Sound and Play Busy Table by Alex Toys is a perfect blend of both worlds!

There’s a drum and a xylophone (the wooden stick for playing is included) for your baby to explore different sounds, and younger babies will also enjoy the bead maze, doors that go “peek-a-boo,” and gears that can spin.

The edge of the table is decorated with the alphabet and drawings of different objects and characters (such as an umbrella, pumpkin, and mouse) so you can even incorporate a little bit of learning into your baby’s playtime.

I also love that this activity table is big enough to share; it’s perfect if you have more than one kid or even twins!

Because the legs of the table are very low to the ground, the risk of it tipping over is minimal! Plus, the table itself weighs almost 9 pounds, so it’s very sturdy.

Parents also love that it can stand hours of heavy-handed play without showing any damage, which is pretty impressive for any baby toy!

Sadly, the legs aren’t easily removable and you will need to unscrew them if you would like to use it for floor play only.

When it comes to the price, it’s a little on the higher end of the spectrum.

However, if you take into account all of its features and the fact that multiple kids can play with it at the same time, I think you will find it’s great value for money!

How to choose a baby activity table

cute asian baby standing by activity table on wheels​I’m not going to lie – I love activity tables!

They are fun, compact, hard to lose, and can keep even the most distracted baby occupied for a long time.

I also appreciate that most of them have different activities to offer at different development stages, so your little one will be rediscovering his activity table as time goes on and won’t get bored of it as quickly.

Still, before you decide on the best activity table for you, there are a few things to consider.

1. Plastic vs. wood

Plastic vs. woodYou’ve probably noticed by now that there are two kinds of materials an activity table for babies is usually made from – wood and plastic.

Plastic models are usually cheaper and come with many different battery-powered activities that wooden models don’t offer.

On the other hand, because plastics can sometimes be toxic, it’s important to check whether the toy is BPA and phthalate-free.

Remember, your little one will not only touch but will very likely put some of the toys in his mouth, so getting informed on the steps the manufacturer took to make sure the toy is non-toxic is key.

Wooden activity tables are preferred by many parents because most brands make it very clear that the wood is not toxic.

Unfortunately, though, they often come at a much higher price, so this can be a problem if you’re running on a tighter budget.

In addition, you won’t find any bilingual sound effects on a wooden activity table.

On the plus side, these models are extremely durable and can last for years – sometimes even generations, so don’t be surprised if your grandkids end up playing with the same table!

2. Age of your baby

Sister with baby brother on bedThere’s nothing worse than spending big bucks on a baby toy only to have your child outgrow it within a matter of weeks!

That’s why most activity tables for babies give age guidelines that you should follow.

Some models come with activities that are interesting to babies of different ages, so they can enjoy them for years, and not just a couple of months!

Convertibility is an important feature here as well.

If your little one still isn’t walking or standing up, you’re definitely going to need an activity table with detachable legs to make playtime safer.

3. Noise level

dad and baby playing musicLet’s say you managed to find the perfect activity table for baby, complete with all the bells and whistles such as bilingual sound effects, only to realize that the noise level of the table is testing the very limits of your patience.

No matter how much your baby enjoys his toys, sometimes the last thing you need at the end of a long day is a noisy toy that will give you a headache.

Of course, you don’t need to forgo music in your kid’s toys, but simply having a volume control feature can do wonders!

Also, some activity tables are made with music and sounds that are not too irritating, so it’s worth considering them.

4. Sturdiness

How long should a baby use a jumper?If you get an activity table for your baby, chances are he will use it to lean on (or even climb on) as he learns how to keep his balance and walk properly.

This is why it’s really important for a table to have a solid and sturdy base that will keep the entire thing in place, even when your little one tries to tip it over.

Look for heavier models that will be harder for a baby to move and if you are still worried about accidents, have the baby play with his activity table on a carpet only, which will keep the table in place and prevent it from sliding around.

To wrap up

There’s nothing sweeter than hearing your precious child’s laughter as he explores his baby activity table and seeing how much he enjoys it!

Whether he’s playing alone, or with a sibling or a buddy, you can rest assured that he will always find new ways of playing with his activity table.

He’s a kid, after all, so his imagination is endless!

Not to mention that he will learn and develop his important motor skills along the way, so playtime will be educational, too.

Maybe he will even learn a few words in Spanish or French!

You might have opted for a simple wooden model or maybe even a multilingual battery-powered one – but regardless of your choice, I just know that your little one will simply love it!

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