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C-section Recovery Belt: The 7 Best Choices For Postpartum Recovery

C-section Recovery Belt: The 7 Best Choices For Postpartum Recovery

Many new moms have to face the fact that a vaginal delivery simply won’t be possible when they give birth. Instead, their doctors suggest a cesarean delivery as the safer way of preserving both the mother and the baby’s life.

Now, this is most certainly not a comfortable process and is, in fact, quite a serious surgical procedure, one that is not to be taken lightly as it can be rather dangerous for the mother and the child.

But, sometimes abdominal surgery is necessary, such as in cases of prolonged labor or velamentous insertion of the umbilical cord. Unfortunately, there are certain complications that arise from this.

These include the large scar that lingers for quite some time if not dealt with properly, diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles), and tummy and lower back pain.

To combat these problems, doctors suggest using a c-section recovery belt – a great tool that helps in resolving these post c-section problems.

Now, I’ve had hands-on experience with cesarean deliveries, standing by with mothers in labor who weren’t able to deliver their babies through the natural birth process.

Normally, you’ll get put under an anesthesia, but it’s always nice to have someone nearby to help you remember that you aren’t alone in this.

While the very prospect of a c-section might be terrifying, it’s still better than not having an alternative and risking major complications.

That said, one woman’s opinion isn’t enough, but I do know plenty of other moms who have utilized them and they have told me their experiences of using these postpartum belts.

Think of them as neck braces, but for your abdominal area. Corsets that help keep said area in place after you’ve given birth.

They’re also believed to accelerate the recovery process from diastasis recti, letting your core muscles fall back into shape properly after becoming separated during delivery.

Another great use is providing back support from any problems that may have arisen during pregnancy, preventing any potentially worse issues down the line.

A few of the moms also said that they aid in shrinking the uterus back to its original, pre-pregnancy size, helping to alleviate any pain that may occur from any of your insides shifting.

That said there is one thing that they will NOT do, and that’s help you in slimming your waistline.

Despite what some infomercial folks might say, postpartum waist belts aren’t magical weight loss machines, nor will they ever be.

They are merely support belts that provide extra support in your post-pregnancy healing process and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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With all of that said, you still need to know which ones are right for you in case you need one, whether you’re a new mom and it’s your first time or even if you’re experienced.

I’m certain you’ll find something to catch your attention.

Before we dive into it, here’s a quick list of our top picks for moms in a hurry:

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Top 6 postpartum girdles

1. Belly Bandit – Original Postpartum Belly Wrap

A new take on a basic design, the Belly Bandit provides comfort without any extra flair.

However, while it may look plain, it still serves its purpose in providing postpartum support by alleviating back pain and supporting your entire abdominal area.

This means you’ll have an easier time performing your daily routine or nursing your little one.

These waist wraps are built with the Belly Bandit Power Compress Core, which helps keep your waist and abdomen tucked in to help you look as slim as you did before your pregnancy.

It also has the added option of 9 adjustable inches of belt size around your waistline.

They’re a rather high quality yet budget go-to for effective c-section recovery belts that provide the necessary results.

2. Bellefit Corset Medical-Grade Adjustable Postpartum Girdle

Now, here’s a rather nifty support belt that is both comfortable and practical.

What’s more, it comes recommended by doctors worldwide thanks to its great ergonomic design.

It has triple-layered front and back support, meaning it does a fantastic job in suppressing and dealing with the pain of your uterus returning to its normal size, along with any potential back or scar pains that may arise.

This is all due to its inside comfort paired with the outside protection that it provides.

Not only that, but thanks to the hypoallergenic, breathable, stretchy, and adjustable material that it’s made out of, it helps keep the girdle sitting in a proper position while ensuring that sweat neither accumulates nor causes any rashes from appearing.

While a bit on the pricier side, several moms I know have used Bellefit and they say that it’s well worth every single dollar they paid for it.

Indeed, they all said it was as if they were wearing nothing as they did not feel any discomfort during use.

3. Moolida’s Postpartum Belly Wrap C Section Recovery Belt

While it may look simple, Moolida’s C-section recovery belt is a blessing in disguise.

Compact and slim, it leaves a smooth line under your clothes so nobody can even tell that you’re wearing one.

Not only that, but it’s made of medical-grade lightweight cotton that doesn’t irritate the skin or wrinkle under your clothing.

It accelerates C-section recovery and helps you get back to your old pre-pregnancy shape.

It lets you retain that radiant and youthful look while still holding on to the experience of becoming a stronger and more confident woman after giving birth to your child.

It does this by helping keep your organs from sagging to the side and being out of place, making sure your abdominal muscles aren’t out of whack.

Plus, it also reduces the intensity of those nasty stretch marks that are so hard to get rid of.

It comes in three different colors too if you want to up your fashion game. And, you can use it after you have managed your postnatal recovery for general fitness.

The wonderful thing about this recovery belt is that it’s designed with two extra soft ribs that help keep your abdomen steady and support your back.

This lets you retain a proper posture so you don’t have to suffer from any physical problems down the line.

One thing to note though is that they don’t come in standard american sizes, so you’ll have to do a bit of conversion and potentially size up, although the belt is also adjustable if you don’t get the perfect fit.

4. UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Postpartum Belly Band and Waist Trainer for Postpartum Support

It may be a long name for a recovery belt – indeed you might get quite dizzy if you try reading it all at once – but UpSpring belts are no joke.

They are one of the better c-section belt shapewear products out there due to the unique design that uses bamboo charcoal fibers to keep the belly band from squeezing too tightly around your waist and cutting your circulation off.

The belt is also moisture wicking, for added comfort. This prevents any awkward wet spots from pooling up underneath and helps stop infections and rashes from occurring.

As with other belts, it is adjustable and can barely be seen when under clothing.

This recovery belt assists in keeping your posture straight, reduces bloating of the abdomen and swelling of the uterus, and acts as a shield for your c section scar tissue.

It also helps keep your skin and body nicely tucked in.

Plus it aids in the healing process of diastasis recti, helping you adjust your insides and your muscles to where they need to be (or at least accelerate the process).

5. TiRain 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

Another great value option for all of you conservative moms out there.

The TiRain 3 in 1 comprises a belly belt, a waist belt, and a pelvis belt, providing support for all three sections of your abdomen.

It’s quite slim too and is nearly unnoticeable underneath the clothing, perfect for any potential outings.

It functions much like the others do, by reducing any bloating and swelling caused by your uterus normalizing in size, helping keep your back straight, helping put your muscles move back where they belong, and helping you keep your overall abdominal health in check.

And, as with any respectable c-section recovery belt, it is made out of lightweight, stretchable, and breathable material that doesn’t leave sweat stains underneath, reducing the chances of any potential infections by aerating the area underneath it.

Plus, you can properly readjust it without taking it off thanks to the 3 separate belts that I mentioned earlier, each allowing for separate adjustments to control the way you want your girdle to work around your body.

6. Leonisa C-Section Postpartum Girdle High Waist Panty

Now here is a rather unique design: a c-section girdle that doubles as a pair of panties!

Leonisa has made sure moms don’t have to deal with any sizable girdles or any extra clothing prep by fusing a girdle with underwear.

Don’t worry though, the belt retains the function of a regular girdle as it still helps reduce postnatal swelling and protects your C section incisions from any unwanted impacts.

This c-section panty is easy to put on and remove as well thanks to a velcro seal on the side, allowing for quick adjustments when necessary without having to deal with too many extra belts.

That said, the materials can sometimes get a bit itchy if you have sensitive skin, but it hasn’t been too much of a problem for the moms that I’ve spoken to.

Take that information as you will.

7. Gepoetry’s Postpartum Support – Recovery Belly Wrap

Another great option when choosing a C-section recovery belt to suit your needs is the Gepoetry wrap.

A 3-in-1 belly, waist, and pelvis belt, Gepoetry’s wrap helps you get back into “fighting shape” quickly, helping in the reduction of the uterus and your waistline as a whole.

It helps in alleviating any discomfort and pain while helping you retain your confidence.

It doesn’t let you get a bad back either as, like many of the others on this list, it helps provide back support and aids in maintaining proper posture.

The triple belt design gives you the versatility to adjust it to your body shape and to your specific needs.

A wonderful option for all moms everywhere, that’s for sure.

Other names for the c-section recovery belt

other names for the c section recovery beltWhen searching online for one of these, you might not get many results if you just search using the term “recovery belt” (despite them being listed here).

That’s because there are many different synonyms that these useful tools go under.

A few of the most common are: postpartum belly wraps, postpartum belly bands, postpartum belly belts, abdominal binders, pelvis belts, and belly binders.

Is getting a c-section recovery belt worth it?

model with c section recovery belt

Short answer, yes. Long answer, yes, but is it necessary?


While getting a recovery belly wrap will help alleviate post-pregnancy pain, and help you move around a lot better with a reduced risk of re-opening your scar, it is something you can live without if you don’t have the funds for one.

That said, I still whole-heartedly recommend you get one because it will make your life so much easier, especially considering you don’t exactly get a break from being a mom.

You’ll be on your feet a lot.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, then just look at your social media feeds or any profiles of celebrity moms and you’ll see that postpartum girdles are a very trendy thing that help keep these celebrity mamas functioning during their hectic schedules.

Something you most certainly can relate to, I’m sure.

Not to mention that girdles have a surprisingly rich history, from the Malaysian Bengkung and the Latin American Faja, to the Japanese sarashi, postpartum belly wraps have long been a common thing in protecting the mothers during their most vulnerable of times.

It allowed them to remain as functioning members of society without the need to just lie around the house all day and not be able to assist with the baby.


c section recovery beltA c-section recovery belt is a stunningly simple tool that has an array of benefits, from alleviating pain to preventing any future health issues caused by a cesarean delivery.

It’s something one can use even after all of the underlying issues have been fixed.

It’s a great assistant during the initial months of motherhood and will help you deal with all of the added responsibility of becoming a mother by allowing your body to be more active during the recovery process.

Even if you have no intention of wearing one, they can make great gifts for any soon-to-be mothers that you may know.

They’ll be delighted by your thoughtfulness and will be forever grateful that you helped make their life easier.

That’s it from me for now.

Stay strong mamas.

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