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Crib Sheets: 5 Best Choices For Safe And Sound Sleep In 2022

Crib Sheets: 5 Best Choices For Safe And Sound Sleep In 2022

Crib sheets aren’t normally something you have to worry about too much when looking at what best suits your baby’s needs, though, if you can, you should still pay some attention to what you’re buying.

You’d usually want a well-fitted crib sheet to the crib mattress that you’re using or considering buying for your little one to prevent any potential slip-offs, which could create a dangerous choking hazard.

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That, and it’s also smart to look at the material that the fitted sheet itself is made out of.

You wouldn’t want your new arrival getting some nasty allergic reaction or similar from a synthetic material or something else that might not sit well with them.

Look for something like organic cotton muslin as that usually proves to be the best and most hypoallergenic solution.

As an added note, you want a sheet that’s easily washable in case of any potential spills or accidents that might occur.

With all that said, which one to buy though? There are arguably dozens of different sheets out there that fit the criteria.

Well, the easiest way to determine what type of baby bedding you want to choose is by finding a design that you think fits your baby the best and one that you won’t mind looking at for a year or so.

Here are some of my personal picks after doing a bit of sheet-hunting online.

5 Best Crib Sheets

1. Burt’s Bees Baby – Fitted Crib Sheet

To start us off, it’s Burt’s Bees Baby with their massive collection of patterns for their organic cotton crib sheets.

They just so happen to be one of the best sellers on the market when it comes to crib sheets.

The only piece of non-organic material is the elastic found on the edges that helps keep the crib sheet snug and tight around the mattress to prevent slip-offs (as mentioned earlier) or any creases from forming.

The jersey-knit organic cotton they use is quite soft and less prone to irritating your baby’s gentle and sensitive skin. And this isn’t some marketing trick – they actually have a legit GOTS certificate backing them up.

And lastly, the patterns are utterly divine! Of all the cute little designs that are hand-painted, I especially like the pink floral crib sheet design, but the bees, butterflies, and moon look positively fantastic as well.

With all that variety, it doesn’t matter if you have a baby boy or baby girl, as you have plenty to choose from for either gender, and even some unisex patterns if you’re worried about it too much.

That said, you should still look at the dimensions that they offer before buying. It might seem an ideal sheet set to you, but it may be too big or too small for your mattress, depending on its size.

2. Bebe au Lait Classic Muslin Crib Sheet

Bebe Au Lait is a globally recognizable brand, and for good reason: Their crib sheet quality is top-notch as it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to softness, comfort, and quality of production.

Made from organic cotton muslin and woven with an open weave technique, the breathable sheet is an essential part of your baby gear to keep them nice and comfortable year-round, regardless of temperature.

They’re also machine-washable to help conserve on your water and electric bills, so you don’t have to schedule separate washes just for them alone.

Their sizes also fit a standard crib, which is perfect as long as you don’t have some custom-made one (in which case you might be out of luck here).

Though, of course, many crib sheets satisfy these categories, the one thing that does set them apart are their unique designs that depict nature and life in a rather artistic and beautiful way, allowing you to choose from a variety that best fits your baby’s room.

3. Pickle & Pumpkin Fitted Crib Sheets

Pickle & Pumpkin’s double-pack crib sheets are another great option to consider.

They claim to be one of the best in the business and, with all of the merits their crib sheets hold, I wouldn’t hold it against them.

They’re made out of 100% organic, jersey knit, GOTS certified cotton, plus they don’t have that nasty chemical smell some sheets tend to have.

And, unlike many old crib sheets of the past, these aren’t treated by bleach or any other harmful chemical whatsoever, leaving your little one safe to lie on this soft bedding.

Plus, as mentioned earlier, they sport these lovely wintery and “forest-ey” designs that look so simplistic, yet so cute and adorable that everyone will like.

If that, however, isn’t your or your baby’s style, you can opt for a more pink floral design akin to the Japanese cherry blossom trees if you’re opting for a more oriental or peaceful baby room.

And if you’re not a fan of all these prints, you can go for their simple chevron pattern if you’re pre-buying, to get rid of all the fuss.

And, if you’re not satisfied with the product, they offer you a 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee, which is always a wonderful thing to see in this day and age of potentially false advertising.

4. Disney Winnie The Pooh Classic Pooh 100% Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet

If you’re looking to find some more relatable or recognizable characters for your little one, then why not just go shopping straight from Disney themselves?

From Simba, Winnie The Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, and Dumbo to The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Minnie Mouse, their sheets come in the most exquisite of illustrations to keep your child entertained and in bed without going off and crying (hopefully).

Designs aside, the sheets will all fit a standard-sized as well as convertible crib, and are made out of quality organic cotton to ensure your baby’s safety.

If your munchkin is a big fan of Disney, this product is arguably a must-buy for their baby rooms.

5. Pobi Baby – Premium Fitted Crib Sheets

And last on my list, but definitely not least given the quality, are the Pobi Baby fitted crib sheets.

​As with all other sheets, they are held by an elastic ring on their ends, which allows for a secure fitting around the mattress. The sheets themselves fit all standard-sized mattresses.

Thanks to the mix of spandex in the usual organic cotton blend, the Pobi Baby crib sheets are quite durable and will retain their original shape for months of washes on end.

Not only that, but they include two extra ones in the package. This way you’re never scrambling for another one or having to buy multiple products at any given time.

And something that is always a sign of quality in a brand is knowing that these sheets are designed by moms.

This means that you can be assured they’ve taken care to make them the best of the best to provide the ultimate in safety and comfort for all our little ones.

That, and their designs are to die for, depicting wildlife in those dense evergreen woods with pleasant, earthy colors for all your nature-themed toddler rooms everywhere.

Something To Keep In Mind

crib sheets isolated stacked

During your baby’s time of infancy, it’s of paramount importance that you don’t put any extra bits in their crib apart from a sturdy mattress and a properly fitted crib sheet.

This means no baby blankets, no comforters, no ultra fluffy pillows, no nothing. All of these might contribute to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and you’d rather not risk your baby’s safety, I’m sure.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is plenty of crib bedding to choose from – even more than I had listed, as most others are just repeats of the same but with a different pattern imprinted onto them.

Who knows, maybe your baby girl isn’t interested in unicorns and mermaids but would rather prefer something simple like a plaid or a polka dot pattern along their sheets, rather than these complex designs.

If you’re worried about your budget and need to cut some corners, there are cheaper sheet options like aden + anais and Trend Lab, which also come with matching swaddles, burp cloths, changing pad covers, and baby blankets.

On the other hand, if you’re a mom who owns a smaller crib, you might want to look at TILLYOU’s mini crib sheets.

They provide the same comfort as the ones mentioned above, but are much better suited for the smaller mattress.

I dare say that I know a few moms who went along with getting a crib skirt atop a pink crib sheet to add to the “girl factor” of the room, but that’s just personal preference and I believe it’s unsafe for an infant… Maybe in their later years.

That might even end up saving you a few bucks down the line and keep you from credit card splurges on something this simple.

Both of my munchkins certainly were picky and I had to spring for some Cinderella for the daughter and a rocketship pattern for my son.

It’s up to you to choose which ones you think your baby boy or baby girl would like most. After all, mamma knows best!

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