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Best Gifts For Siblings Day: 10 Creative Ways To Show Them You Care

Best Gifts For Siblings Day: 10 Creative Ways To Show Them You Care

You’ve all heard of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the like, but did you know there’s also a holiday called Sibling Day?

That’s right.

One of the lesser known national days, but equally as important as it celebrates that special bond between brothers and sisters alike.

What is Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day is a holiday made by New Yorker Claudia Evart in 1995, a woman who realized the importance of siblings once she had lost her own at an early age – events that left her with a deep emotional scar – and she vowed to spread awareness of the importance of one’s brothers and sisters.

She set up the Siblings Day Foundation, a non-profit organization in order to establish said holiday, which she did, choosing April 10th as the date in honor of the birthday of her late sister, Lisette Evart.

While not yet a global holiday, the foundation is trying to make International Siblings Day a thing.

How to celebrate Siblings Day?

Well, it’s nothing too complicated really.

Take your brother/s and/or sister/s out somewhere nice, treat them to a gift, and give them the attention and recognition that they deserve.

They should do the same as well though – you are a sibling too, after all.

You can even do something simple like going through old photos, reminiscing about yesteryear, and sharing your good times on social media to promote the holiday, showing everyone how cool and tight of a family unit you lot were and still are.

The question then arises: What is the right gift to give to your brother or sister?

Well, don’t fret as I am here once again to help you out on that end.

I’ve made a small catalogue of items that have worked for me in the past and some that I intend to gift to my siblings in the future.

10 Great Siblings Day Gifts

1. EFYTAL Sterling Silver Cute I Love You Compass Heart Jewelry

A nice and symbolic way of showing how much your sibling has helped guide you in your life and keep you headed in the right direction.

The necklace itself is pure silver, hypoallergenic, and is rather compact, so it won’t look too gaudy on anyone.

Something they can wear with pride without the worry that they’ll look ridiculous or cheap.

A non-sibling benefit is the fact that the chain itself has a 5 year guarantee on it in case it breaks, which, for a necklace is quite nice.

This was one of the first gifts that I had given my sister after I found out about Siblings Day.

Despite her being a pain in my neck for most of my childhood (as most siblings tend to be) especially with her penchant for prank presents, she was always there by my side when it really mattered and has helped me out through some tough times.

I really could not thank her enough for that, but this gift seemed to have been a step in the right direction.

2. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, Macro and Wide Angle

If your sibling is one who adores being in front of a camera, thinks himself a professional photographer or is one, then this is an ideal gift for them.

Easy to use and compact enough, it’s more or less just a clamp-and-go process to get images of a much greater quality than normal.

It comes with two different lenses, an LED light, a charger for said light, and a travel case to keep it safe and protected from any potential damage.

My younger sister is a social media fanatic and posts new photos every single day, so I bought her one of these.

Needless to say that she was elated to receive it and has been using it ever since.

3. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

You know how you always say siblings are a pain in the neck?

Well, then this might be the perfect gift for one of them to get from you or to give to you!

The combination of the rotating massage balls and the heat coming off of them make for an ideal relaxation method after a hard day of work or just when you want to laze about.

The manufacturers even offer a 90-day return period for whatever reason, including paying for the return shipping, while a different, 1-year period stands in case your device breaks down so they can give you a fully tested and functioning replacement.

While not something I have gifted to my siblings, it was gifted to my dad from his older sister initially for a gag, but he ended up using it (I may have snuck in a few uses of it myself when I visited them!) and it is well worth the price and effort.

4. Roger Enterprises Authentic Hand Crafted Peace Pipe

What better way to bury the hatchet of past sibling rivalries between your brothers and sisters than by getting them an authentic-looking Native American peace pipe.

It actually is made by a Native American and consists of seed beads, eagle feathers, bones, and bone pipes, and it’s covered in leather.

Do note that if your sibling is allergic to eagle feathers for any odd reason that you should probably look for a different gift.

This is on my “to get” list for my brother this year because I know he appreciates the more creative and “out there” presents for him to display in his home, and I believe this one will hit a home run.

5. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa

If you want your siblings to remember their snarky, know-it-all sister, then an Amazon Alexa might be just the gift that you need.

It’s a guaranteed mainstay in the house as the device comes with a wide array of uses, be they practical, entertaining, or downright silly.

From playing music and swapping between tracks with just the use of your voice, to finding out answers to questions that fall to your mind at random times – even those hilarious moments when you ask Alexa to tell you a joke or when a request of yours is misheard and she does something completely random.

I know my brother enjoys his because he gets to put even less effort into menial tasks than he used to.

We have a few in our household simply because the Echo makes things so much easier and makes you feel futuristic.

6. Ticket to Ride – Europe

What better way to reminisce with your siblings than through a board game?

Remembering those early years when you were at your grandma’s together on a rainy day, playing something simple like Monopoly, Risk, Battleship, and the like.

Fond memories many of us share with our siblings, I’m sure.

So getting them something that’s more up to speed with the times and your ages now, that’s still easy to pick up but fun to play is certain to go well with them.

Plus, it gives you a reason to visit them when you have that gaming itch that you really need to scratch.

7. Mens Worlds Okayest Brother Shirt Funny T-Shirts

If you’re looking for something simpler but still rather personal, then why not just go for a custom made shirt?

Printing out a cheesy saying, inside joke, or some phrase or moment that you and your siblings hold dear to your heart.

Then you can wear it to family gatherings together to have a laugh and reinforce that strong sibling bond that has held on for so long.

8. U7 BFF Necklace for 2/3/4/5/6

Now this, while a cheesy gift for some, is one of the best ways you can represent the bond that you share with your brothers and sisters (as long as there aren’t more than six of you, haha!)

This stainless steel set of necklaces comes in three different colors, base stainless, black or gold and the chain always shares the color of the pendant.

The great thing about it is that you can customize your order for this pendant to be broken off into 2-6 pieces each with personalized names so that when you all come together you can form a heart that represents the love you share with one another.

While my brother groaned at the very idea of it when I bought it for the three of us, he still keeps it to this day and wears it when he comes to us over the holidays.

9. The Wine Bottle Glass

Not every gift has to be meaningful and heartfelt.

You can always turn to a gag gift or two.

If you know that your siblings are wine connoisseurs, then giving them this wine bottle glass that can hold an entire bottle of wine in it can evoke a few bouts of laughter at the dinner table gift exchange.

Plus, they get an excuse to tell their doctor that they’ve only had one glass of wine and show them the proof!

10. Customized Personalized Wood Watches for Men

And last on the list is something that’s equal parts practical and sentimental – a delightful wood frame watch with a personalized message on the back of the face that can be as long as you want it, as well as decorated beautifully.

The design is made out of natural wood and carries a sleek form that fits with nearly any clothing combination, so you won’t have to worry about it being tacky.

While intended for men initially, nothing stops you for dedicating this to a sister.

In fact, I got it for my younger sister since she is generally a fan of the stereotypical and slightly hipster lumberjack dress of plaid shirts, jeans, and beanies, so a wooden watch complemented her perfectly.

Famous Siblings In The Media And Throughout History

Luke and Leia

One of the most famous sibling duos of the 20th century, especially in science fiction, Luke and Leia are a sibling pair to be reckoned with.

How many brothers and sisters can say they helped take down a tyrannical empire?

Star Wars logo - Luke and Leia

Not that many, I believe.

From saving each other in many perilous situations, growing as people together, aiding others, and showing goodness across the galaxy, to growing into the faces of the resistance and powerful people – not just in the Star Wars franchise, but the United States and the world in its entirety.

The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the most recognizable twins in the entertainment industry, have stuck together through thick and thin.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen siblings

Starting off as child actors from their debuts in Full House all the way up to the early 21st century where they shifted career paths to fashion design, their bond is strong as ever and the two of them remain the shining examples of sibling success.

Who knows, maybe you and your siblings can make it bigger and better than they did.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Prince William siblings

While not the only ones, they’re certainly one of the most recognizable royal family siblings of current times.

They have been rather influential in current global events and will no doubt continue to do so during their lifetime.

Various US presidents

Even our countries’ leaders aren’t exempt from having brothers and sisters; everyone experienced sibling life despite their positions.

Bill Clinton had three while George W. Bush has as many as five siblings.

Crazy, right? I thought I’d lose my mind with the one I had, let alone five.

Respect your siblings

While this applies to everyone in your family, not just your brothers and sisters, understand that your siblings are nothing less than your best friends and they’ll always be there for you whenever you need them.

So make sure you at least keep that sibling relationship healthy and not rotten, and doubly so if you’re the older sibling in the group – you’re the one who needs to keep the order and prevent any chaotic situations from arising.

sisters hugging each other in the street

Do make sure to not do anything too bad, keep it all in good fun, and have patience – siblings can be a handful and you are no exception.

Love each other and respect one another.

My sister and I were inseparable in this regard though we tended to be little troublemakers from time to time, that said, we bailed each other out and we were and still are always there for each other.

Even at my current age, she even helped me organize this blog initially and was there to assist me in both of my pregnancies – always on call.


Siblings should treat each other with respect and love every day of the year (holiday or not), but do use this specific one to organize something special – to show them that you care and to lift their spirits.

A gift is an ideal way to bolster your sentiment, but make sure it’s something they’ll appreciate (after all, you know them best).

Your siblings are more than likely to like them as long as they come with a lot of meaning behind it, so don’t worry if you get lost in purchase options.

Though, do keep in mind that siblings are some of the most important people in your world if you have them, so remember the date of April 10th and start preparing!

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