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Prank Gifts: 13 Sensational Items For April Fool’s Day

Prank Gifts: 13 Sensational Items For April Fool’s Day

They say laughter is the best medicine and more often than not, that’s the absolute truth. What better way to achieve it than through a handful of prank gifts.

We’ve all had times when we were down and the world seemed against us, and a good-spirited gag from our best friend or a family member got our own spirits right back up there.

Namely, the titular date of April 1st, most known for the abundance of practical jokes that go on during the time.

Or the timely tradition of the White Elephant gift exchange, where you gift your friends or loved ones useless gifts that are very hard to dispose of – mostly serving as a way to see what hilariously bad items there are out on the market and seeing who can outdo who in finding the “most useless gift” possible.

But what if you’re not prepared for it or any other time you want to get up to some mischief on short notice?

Don’t worry. I’ve gone through a bit of searching to find funny gag gifts that you and your whole family will find jovial enough to get for the next white elephant gift exchange or annual prank war.

So, without any further delay, let us begin:

Top 13 Prank Gift Ideas

1. Wet Farts – Potent Ass Fart Spray

This horrid concoction smells like it was taken out of a cesspool from the pits of hell itself. An odor that, while non-toxic, will certainly make you regret eating lunch.

And that’s perfect.

It’s exactly what you would expect from something labeled “Fart Spray.” I can personally attest to this, since my hubby bought one last year and sneakily sprayed it during family movie time.

Let’s just say that I was glad that I had a popcorn bucket handy because I might have had to clean up quite the mess.

After my eyes stopped watering and my stomach returned back to normal, I did find it hilarious, though I told him to watch the dosage (He may have sprayed it one or two times too many.)

And the smell doesn’t linger too long if you aerate the room.

2. JA-RU Fake Rubber Poop Animal, Dog or Human Poo Prank (24 Pack)

Have you ever walked around and seen those giant poops left by stray dogs in parks or even your own backyard? Well, this looks like the spitting image of it.

If you combine it with the earlier fart spray, you can make a very believable and deadly combo.

Great for fooling friends and neighbors for when you’re feeling really mischievous.

Plus it’s easy to set up nearly anywhere even if you need to glue it to a surface.

I know I regretted some life choices when, during the last holiday season, my brother who was staying with us over the holidays decided to use this as a stocking stuffer, giving our entire family a shocking surprise when we grabbed into something squishy.

I was half-tempted to make him sleep outside, but decided against it (I’m a sore loser in that sense).

As an added bonus, you can squeeze it and use it as a stress relief toy (if that’s your sort of thing, I won’t judge, haha!)

3. Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water 16oz Can

This great gift is nothing short of genius, and the advertising for it is top notch.

The concept might escape some at first, but when they realize the somewhat witty wordplay, they’ll get a great laugh out of it.

The product itself contains a harmless powder that you can dissolve in water, completely drinkable – you know, dehydrated water (to not break the immersion).

And the packaging doesn’t disappoint, covered with testimonials and self-deprecating humor that is sure to make the day of any friend, family member, or even stranger if you’re feeling generous.

Oh, and they have a 100% guarantee of making it right if you feel like you weren’t completely satisfied by their “quality product.”

4. Forum Novelties Hill Emergency Underwear Kit

These emergency underpants are a hilariously great gift to give to anyone you feel like embarrassing slightly or to getting a rise out of, especially a friend or parent who’s retiring, to make sure they have a portable case of spare tighty-whities handy.

You can even use the undies as a prop for some slight humor at your own expense – perfect if combined with some of the previously mentioned gag gift ideas to make an amazing super prank in a more casual office space or at home.

The packaging is ingenious as well, akin to “break in case of fire” fire alarms, together with their own hammer!

5. Yodelling Pickle

From unusual comfort food, Rick and Morty’s Pickle Rick, to even a funny gag gift, the humble cucumber earns the fascination of masses for no apparent reason and this one is no different.

The combination of its appearance being that of a simple pickle and a stereotypical yodeler is so alien that just the absurdity of it is sure to evoke laughter at the dinner table or at white elephant gift exchanges.

Since I’m not as creative a person as my husband or the rest of my close family when it comes to pranks, this used to be my go-at least a handful of times during past years, a filler to break the ice or warm the crowd at a party.

A good conversation starter, oddly enough. It might be simple, but it got the job done and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Your kids might even get prolonged entertainment out of it (just make sure that they’re not 3 or younger, as it’s not deemed safe for them).

6. 6 Pieces Bulk Lot Chickens / Original World Famous Novelty Yellow Rubber Chicken

Yes, a rubber chicken. An all-time classic in comedy, serving as the classic banana peel or a simple throwable item, to even being used to perform covers of songs on various YouTube videos.

Rather flexible too if you just want to use it as something for stress relief to pour your frustrations onto.

It can definitely take the hit, so don’t worry about going too hard (besides, it’s just a rubber chicken after all.)

We bought a few packs of these for one April Fool’s and used them as ammo in a chicken flinging competition, and after we got tired of them, they became chew toys for our dog.

So, multiple uses as long as you get a bit creative.

Sure, you might not end up being the modern day Charlie Chaplin, but the whole point of a gag gift is to provide momentary and immediate satisfaction, which it’s sure to provide.

7. The Dad Joke Button

There is a tradition among men that the moment they become dads they need to get used to telling some of the most obvious jokes I’ve ever heard.

That said, I do have a soft spot for them with just how cheesy and obvious they are. It’s a certain charm, one that only dads have.

So, if you want to make a dad’s life easier and get him a funny gift, get him one of these dad joke buttons to soothe his vocal cords straight off Amazon.

The speaker is loud and all it takes is the push of a button to hear one of over 50 classics.

They even come with batteries provided, a rarity among toys nowadays.

While not a great gift for the family as it might drive your kids (and you) insane, it’ll bring untold joy to your husband.

8. Untearable toilet paper 

If you ever wanted to be extra mean at home (or even at the workplace if you’re feeling bold, though I don’t recommend risking your job), then grab a few rolls of this untearable toilet paper made from high quality paper composite material.

Hide the regular rolls, replace the usual stockpile with these, and watch chaos ensue as your household fights tooth and nail to tear a square or two to no avail.

I have to tell you that the payoff is so satisfying.

After being outdone so many times during my families’ annual gag-off, managing to get every single family member with this after a particularly spicy dinner formed the biggest and most wicked smile on my face.

I may be a good mom and wife (hopefully) to them most of the time, but I have my moments of mischief where I manage to find a simple yet effective tool to pull a few laughs out. And this one was worth every penny.

9. WTF – LOL – OMG 21 oz Stemless Wine Glass – Set of 4 

If you’ve ever wanted a gag gift that can see more use after you give it to someone, then this Wine Glass is definitely the right option.

You’ll probably get the best results buying it for your girlfriends, especially the ones who you know like their red wine a bit too much. A clever way of helping them pace themselves too (though not guaranteed to work).

Funnily enough, I was on the receiving end of one of these during my baby shower and it certainly did make me giggle. Plus it served as a reminder to lay off the alcohol.

It may be one of the less glamorous gifts on this list, but at least it has a more permanent use than the rest.

10. Flair Hair Novelty Adjustable Visor with Spiked Hair

Another in the line of funny gag gifts that will certainly invoke a number of chuckles at parties when you buy it for a friend with a receding or no hairline.

A rather high quality product too, so you don’t have to be scared of it wearing and tearing after a week or two of use.

Yes, use. Funnily enough, while it is mainly a gag gift at the start, it can turn out to be one of the best gifts for balding people or similar, as a cheap alternative for a wig that retains the quality of one.

A coworker of mine received one of these during one of our office parties and has remained adamant in wearing it around on occasion saying it was surprisingly snug and kept his head warm.

He even ordered an extra one himself since they offer a variety of color combos, so he could swap hair colors on a whim if he wanted to.

11. The Moon Ring – “It F@rts When You Open it!

A gag gift that’s a somewhat novel take on romance. Made out of a white leather box shaped like a proposal ring that, once opened, shows the mooning figurine inside that makes a little farting noise.

A great, albeit a risky way to break the ice on Valentine’s Day or get a laugh out of your fiancee and date.

Do make sure that they have a sense of humor or find things like these tasteful before you do it, because it might evoke a slightly different reaction than the one you intended.

12. Beach Bass flip Flops/Slides

If you have a husband or friend who is a fishing enthusiast, then this is the perfect gift for them.

While they do have a rather unique look to them, they’re still quite comfortable to wear, made of the same material as regular flip flops so they can be worn at pools, beaches in your own home or anywhere else really, if one has the confidence for them.

An excellent white elephant gift, or at least it was for me when I gave them to my hubby and then he came back from his next fishing trip with this as his biggest catch of the day. Hey, at least it made for some good conversation with his fishing buddies.

13. 12″ Mighty Whoopee Cushion, Green. 12 Pieces. 

And last, but most certainly not least is yet another classic, the whoopee cushion.

This small fart-balloon is good for a quick laugh to hide under the chair cushion and have someone sit down to a rather awkward start to a dinner.

Watch them go red in the face and try to explain their surprise gas release until revealing the prank and having a good laugh about it.

Sure to be a hit with your kids or as a quick gag for when you feel playful enough to cause small amounts of chaos.

Personal experience

I’ve taken part in a novelty gift exchange during many a white elephant day or even used some during April 1st and it’s been a roaring success every time.

So much so that it has become a family tradition to purchase hilarious gag gifts for the annual white elephant gift exchange to see who the ultimate jokester is.

I tend to buy the occasional plush potty since that seems to have the greatest success rate and use it as a stocking stuffer for my kids during Christmas when they want to get their Christmas gifts a little bit early only to find a “squishy” surprise (much like my brother did to us as I described earlier).

Thankfully, my family has a great sense of humor so it’s not a problem when we get something particularly nasty or prank one another in somewhat mean ways.

Prank Gifts: 13 Sensational Items For April Fool’s Day

The importance of timing

While these gifts tend to be a hilarious gag on occasion, know that there is a time and a place for them.

Don’t go around throwing fake poop on people after a loved one passes or a similarly tragic event occurs.

Gauge the mood of the gift recipient and only gift it when you think it’s appropriate.

Taking the time to do so ends up giving you different results, most often more positive than if you hadn’t considered their feelings.

The best gag gifts are the ones that are presented at the right time. Be sensible, be correct, and shop smart.

The most perfect gift is the one that evokes healthy laughter at nobody’s expense (except maybe your own).

So, with all that known, I wish you an abundance of laughter and mindless joy to come from these items, and make sure to spread the laughs.

Stay funny, mamas.

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Prank Gifts: 13 Sensational Items For April Fool’s Day

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