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15 Best Labor Gowns And Maternity Robes For Hospital Of 2022

15 Best Labor Gowns And Maternity Robes For Hospital Of 2022

Even though it means you will finally get to meet your precious baby and hold them in your arms for the first time, being at the hospital is never comfortable.

But a good quality maternity robe for your hospital stay can at least minimize some of this discomfort.

Giving birth is already an incredibly intense experience that can’t be compared to anything else in this world and many women often feel like everything that is happening is out of their control.

As you prepare for the biggest day of your life, the least you can do for yourself is make sure that you give birth in a comfortable maternity hospital gown and have a good quality maternity robe for the hospital stay afterward.

While nothing in this world can make childbirth feel like a walk in the park, soft maternity clothes can help you feel like yourself after such an intense and life changing experience.

Whether you’re looking for birthing gowns or a maternity robe for your hospital stay (or both), I’ve prepared a selection of high-quality recommendations loved by moms all over the country!

1. Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing Robe

A maternity robe for hospital stays is not only a great hospital bag staple but it is a very cozy addition to your wardrobe for during your pregnancy and after you’ve given birth.

Since your growing belly needs extra coverage that regular robes don’t offer, these robes for new moms come with additional fabric that adequately covers your baby belly.

Apart from that, the tie is usually placed a little higher so that you can tie it above your bump.

During your time at the hospital, a robe will help you feel comfier as you begin your postpartum recovery.

The Baby Be Mine maternity robe for hospital stays also comes in numerous lovely patterns that will make for some beautiful first pictures with your little one!

Here’s another detail that you will love – the robe includes pockets, so you will have somewhere to put any accessories you might need to carry.

2. Peauty 100% Cotton Labor and Delivery Gown

When you arrive at the hospital, you will be offered a standard gown that is practical and gives the medical staff access to your body so that they can monitor you as needed.

Unfortunately, these gowns aren’t very comfortable at all!

That’s why I definitely recommend bringing your own maternity delivery gown so you will be comfortable and the doctors will have easy access so that they can perform their checks.

The knee-length Peauty hospital gown provides complete coverage at the back and is made from cotton, which makes for a very soft gown.

There are two snap openings above the breasts, so it can also be used as a nursing nightgown, as well.

As for the sizes, it comes in a small/medium and a large/extra-large size.

3. Ekouaer Maternity Nursing Robe

The Ekouaer robe has a loose fit that will remind you of your favorite stretched out T-shirt, so you will feel right at home while wearing it!

Plus, it’s very affordable without skimping on quality or aesthetic appeal.

Each design comes with a contrasting tie that allows you to modify the fit to your liking, both during pregnancy and postpartum.

The sizes range from small to XX-large, so every mom will be able to find a perfect fit!

4. Gownies – Labor and Delivery Hospital Gown and Matching Pillowcase

Bringing your own pillow to the hospital can make the entire experience of giving birth a little easier, as many moms find it comforting to have familiar items in their hospital room.

The Gownies model comes with a pillowcase that matches the gown, which is great for two reasons.

One, it creates a soothing environment for you as you prepare for childbirth. And two, if it gets stained, it’s at least not one of the pillowcases that you use at home.

As for the gown, it has short sleeves and comes with openings above the breasts that allow you to nurse easily, as well as an opening on the back of the robe.

5. Posh Peanut Mommy Robe

The Posh Peanut mommy robe is made from viscose – a kind of fabric that is very soft and allows for good air circulation, so you won’t get sweaty in it.

Feel free to pick from all sorts of different colors and patterns, I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

As the material is quite light, this robe makes for great loungewear during the warmer months, too.

6. Mommy Robe with Matching Baby Swaddle Blanket and Cap

A wonderful way to make your first post-labor photoshoot with your little one absolutely perfect is for both mom and baby to wear matching outfits!

Thankfully, Lucky Steals has taken this into consideration and included a baby swaddle and cap that match the pattern of the robe in this set.

Because all maternity robes for the hospital by Lucky Steals come in different floral designs, this robe is an excellent choice if you’re going to have your baby in the summer.

But no one says you can’t wear it during the colder months, too!

7. 4 Pack Maternity Dress and Baby Swaddle Blanket with Hat Headband Set

The Miracle Baby robe set is quite similar to the one above, as it includes a baby swaddle, a cap, and a headband, so you can pick which one you would like to use for those first pictures with your new baby.

There are 5 floral designs to choose from, and this is another great choice for the summer!

I also love that the swaddle blanket is very versatile and can be used to cover the stroller during walks or to have some privacy while breastfeeding in public.

Unfortunately, it only comes in sizes small and large, so the robe might not be a perfect fit for every mom.

8. Silver Lilly Full Length Maternity Kimono Robe

If you’re not a fan of bright, floral robes, then you will love these simple, solid-colored kimono-shaped robes by Silver Lilly.

I particularly like the lace details at the hem and sleeves that add a lovely, feminine touch.

There are also pockets on both sides, which is always a great addition to any robe – especially when you’re out of the hospital!

Thankfully, this model comes in a variety of sizes from small to XX-large, so it will be a perfect fit for moms of all shapes and sizes!

9. Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Robe

The Beachcoco robe is another stylish choice for expectant moms!

They offer hospital robes for maternity in both solid colors, such as yellow and blue, but also in floral patterns.

The robe comes with a simple tie to adjust the fit, and the size range also offers plenty of room to select the perfect robe for your body.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t come with pockets so keep this in mind if it’s a dealbreaker for you!

10. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Tie Front Nursing Robe with Lace Trim Sleeve

When it comes to mom fashion, Motherhood Maternity makes hospital maternity robes that are both beautiful and comfortable to wear!

This model is made from rayon, a material that is really soft to the touch, so you won’t ever want to take this robe off!

The material also contains spandex, which allows the robe to stretch, too.

Another thing that makes this a great maternity robe for hospital stays is the sleeves, which are full-length as opposed to the 3/4 length that many robes come with.

Since hospitals can be very cold, it’s good to have a robe that will cover your arms completely and offer more warmth!

However, the size range is slightly limited, as the robe only comes in a small/medium and a large/extra-large size.

11. Women’s Maternity 3 in 1 Labor, Delivery, and Nursing Gown

If you’re looking for a delivery gown that doesn’t resemble a hospital gown but still comes with all the functionality needed for giving birth, look no further than this sleeveless labor gown by Motherhood Maternity.

The material is a blend of modal and cotton, making it very comfortable to wear, and a small percentage of spandex means it will be able to stretch as you move around.

The gown can open at the front and at the back, so it can be adjusted to the different kinds of procedures you might go through during labor.

12. Angel Maternity 3 in 1 Birth Kit

The Angel Maternity set comes with everything you need to change into after delivering your precious baby!

It includes a maternity hospital robe with lace trim at the sleeves and the hem, a sleeveless nursing nightgown, and a blanket to swaddle your baby in that matches the rest of the set.

I also love that the sizes range from extra small to XX-large as you will be able to get the best fit for your body!

13. Labor and Delivery Gown by Frida Mom

Frida Mom are famous for their baby products but their mom apparel shouldn’t be ignored, either!

Their delivery gown is another mom favorite that is made from a soft viscose fabric that can stretch to accommodate your baby bump.

It can be unsnapped at the front and at the back, so moms will be able to breastfeed without any trouble while wearing it.

The Frida Mom gown is also different from my other recommendations in one aspect – it comes in a one-size-fits-all.

While this might seem great at first, make sure to measure yourself first to check whether this gown will be a good match for you, as some petite and plus-size women might have some trouble with the fit.

On the other hand, it doesn’t have any tags in the back, so there’s absolutely nothing to irritate your skin while you’re in labor!

14. Gownies Designer Hospital Patient Gown

The Gownies gown offers everything an expectant mom needs during childbirth!

There are snaps at the front that can be undone when you want to breastfeed or hold your little one close. And of course, there are snaps on the back of the gown as well.

As for the sizes, you can choose between three different ones, so it fits just right.

15. Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown

The Baby Be Mine gown belongs to a category of delivery gowns that resemble a summer dress more than something you would see at the hospital.

But just because it’s aesthetically appealing, doesn’t mean it’s not functional as well!

In fact, it comes with all the features needed for a delivery gown, such as snaps at the front and back.

Plus, it has a small tie for you to tighten or loosen the gown as needed.

Since it’s very soft, you can even use it as a nursing dress after you leave the hospital with your little one!

To Wrap Up

When you enter the delivery room, there’s no way of knowing 100 percent what will happen in the following hours.

The uncertainty, mixed with anxiety and excitement, can be a lot to handle all at once.

So, the least you can do for yourself during this time is make sure you have prepared comfortable clothing to wear while you give birth and after your little one arrives.

Regular hospital gowns can be incredibly irritating to wear and rarely provide any coverage at the back, which can make the entire birth experience even more uncomfortable.

Luckily, you can avoid this by bringing your own labor gown!

After your little one arrives, a good-quality maternity robe for your hospital stay can help you begin your postpartum recovery in the coziest way possible.

And it will look amazing in your first baby and mommy pictures!

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