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11 Best Nursing Nightwear Choices Of 2022 For Easy Breastfeeding

11 Best Nursing Nightwear Choices Of 2022 For Easy Breastfeeding

After bringing your precious bundle of joy home from the hospital, the most important thing now is to keep him or her well-fed and in clean diapers!

As many of those feeding sessions will be at night, having the right nursing nightwear is very important!

The best nursing nightwear offers moms plenty of room to be comfortable while sleeping and makes it easy for the baby to latch on and nurse (or to use a breast pump).

When your baby wakes you up in the middle of the night to dream feed, getting to your breast quickly is the top priority, which is why all maternity pajamas come with some kind of an opening to make this easier.

But we also shouldn’t ignore factors such as how comfortable the nightwear is and whether you can wear it while you’re pregnant, as well!

In this post, you will get all the information you need on the best nursing nightwear around – from robes to nightgowns, we will cover it all.

1. Maxmoda Breastfeeding Sleepwear

During the postpartum recovery period, having a comfortable pair of pants to slip into while you’re sleeping or lounging at home is very important.

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The pants come with an adjustable waistband to help you adjust the fit to your liking.

Plus, the shirt comes with a discreet opening on the side that will allow you to easily nurse or pump during the day!

What moms really love about this pajama set is that it’s incredibly soft to the touch and it’s stretchy, as well.

As for the size guide, this sleepwear set comes in sizes that range from small to XXL, and it’s available in various color combinations.

2. Bearsland Maternity Women’s 3 Pieces Soft Nursing Pajamas Set

The Bearsland maternity pajamas are a perfect choice for expectant and new moms who would like more luxuriously designed maternity clothing.

There are 3 separate pieces in this set – a nursing top, a pair of pants, and a cardigan that can be tied in the front.

The material is mostly polyester but there is some spandex as well, so the fabric will be able to stretch to accommodate your belly during pregnancy and after you give birth.

The nursing top comes with an extra piece of fabric that you can lift up to easily breastfeed your little one or make room for a breast pump. In addition, the straps are adjustable, which is another cool addition that makes this set a great pick for any mom!

There are also 7 different shades for you to choose from and the sizes have a broad range, as well.

3. Posh Peanut Mommy Robe

This maternity robe by Posh Peanut can be used on your journey from pregnancy to motherhood, and you can wear it even at the hospital after the hospital gown comes off.

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It’s made from bamboo viscose and it’s so soft! This material is also very breathable so it’s perfect if you’re living in a warmer climate or if you’re due in summer, for example.

You can easily tie it at the front when you’re done breastfeeding, which makes this robe really adjustable as you transition from being pregnant to being a mommy.

It also comes with really big pockets, and that’s always a bonus with women’s clothing!

With this robe, there are so many different designs to choose from as well, regardless of whether you prefer florals or solid colors.

4. Everly Grey Women’s Adalia 5 Piece Maternity and Nursing PJ Short Set with Robe and Baby Gown

Most nursing nightwear sets don’t come with a special item for the baby but this Everly Grey set is an exception to the rule!

It comes with a beautiful little baby gown that matches the rest of the set, which also contains a sleeveless V-neck maternity top, a pair of shorts, and a robe.

All of the items come in a small matching bag that you can easily pack in your hospital bag.

I know that many women are hesitant to wear shorts after giving birth but there’s no need to worry – they provide just enough coverage.

As for the fabric, it’s mostly rayon (in other words, viscose) so it will be very cozy to wear, but it also contains spandex, which means that it will be able to stretch as your body changes.

5. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Lace Trim Nursing Nightgown

Nursing nighties are some of the most comfortable nursing nightwear I could recommend to a new mom!

This nursing nightdress by Motherhood Maternity comes with convenient clasps in the front so you can easily nurse your little one at any time of the day as this nightie is so comfortable you will want to spend all day in it.

Like many other maternity nightwear options, it’s also made from rayon so it’s perfect for the postpartum recovery period. Also, it makes going to the bathroom much easier.

Many moms also wear it as a nursing dress during the day, making this a very versatile model, although it might not seem like it at first!

As for different design options, with this maternity nightgown you have a pick between solid colors and floral patterns, so there’s something to suit every mom’s taste!

6. Smallshow Women’s Maternity Nursing Pajamas Set

This is a rather traditional and affordable pajama set that makes for another great maternity sleepwear option.

It might not look as luxurious as some of the other maternity clothes on this list but it’s very comfortable – especially for new moms!

It comes with a top that has long sleeves, as well as a discreet opening on the side so that the baby can nurse easily.

The pants are quite loose and will be perfect to wear after giving birth. Also, they come with pockets for your phone and other accessories.

When it comes to the size range, this set comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large.

7. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Clip Down Nursing Tank Top

If you’re not after an entire set or a maternity nighty, perhaps this cami will tick all the boxes for you!

Moms really love how easy it is to snap it open for nursing sessions and it can also be worn during the day since it doesn’t look like a regular piece of nursing nightwear.

As for the material, it contains some spandex so it will be able to stretch.

It’s also made from cotton, making it very comfortable to sleep in! I also love that it’s quite long and provides a lot of coverage in case you want to wear pants that are on the tighter side.

8. Ekouaer Women’s Nightgown

This lovely nursing nightgown comes with lace details at the hem which really sets it apart from the plainer models!

The buttons in the middle of the nightgown can also be unbuttoned to nurse your baby whenever you need.

The sizes span from small to XX-large, so this is a great nightgown for plus size moms as well! It’s made mostly from cotton and polyester, and it will be comfortable enough during the postpartum period.

As it contains spandex, it’s very stretchy, too.

You can choose from more than a dozen different colors and designs and as it’s quite affordable, I recommend getting more than one to wear between washes.

9. Romanstii Women Maternity & Nursing Pajamas

This is an elegant and simple nursing sleepwear set that comes in five colors – pink, blue, red, purple, and grey.

The top has openings to make nursing easier but otherwise, you would never be able to tell that this is a nursing top!

I also love that the waistband of the pants can be readjusted after you give birth, so this is a perfect choice if you are pregnant and would like to find a model that you can wear after your pregnancy, as well.

There are a lot of options to choose from when we talk about sizes, too, as they range from small to XX-large!

10. Herzmutter Maternity Pajamas

The German company Herzmutter makes these super comfortable maternity pajamas that make nursing very easy!

Simply pull the fabric of the V-neck down and that’s it, you’re ready for your nursing session.

The set is made from viscose, making it very soft to sleep and lounge around in. In addition, it can be worn during pregnancy, as well, as the material can stretch around a growing baby bump.

These pajamas do come in different colors but they are all rather simple – you won’t find any bright colors or florals here.

Herzmutter also offers this set in a wide range of sizes, from small to XX-large.

11. Suiek Women’s Nursing Tank Top

Sometimes a good quality nursing cami is all you need for your maternity nightwear needs!

The great thing about camisoles is that they can be worn during the night as well as during the day – you can always throw on a button-down sweater if you feel cold or need to run an errand.

To feed your little one, all you need to do is undo the clasps at the front.

As the material is elastic and loose around the midsection, this top can be worn throughout pregnancy as well.

It also comes in many different colors but the sizes only go up to an extra-large, unfortunately.

To Wrap Up

Breastfeeding is such an important experience for both mom and baby – it provides the perfect opportunity to bond with your little one and to enjoy some one-on-one time before going back to the chaos of everyday life.

Having the perfect nursing nightwear makes late-night feedings so easy, as you will be able to feed your baby quickly, without the hassle of removing extra clothing.

Most moms find nursing nightwear to be so comfortable that they wear it during the daytime as well! And there is no reason not to if we’re being perfectly honest.

Right now it’s all about you and the baby, and staying as comfy and cozy as possible!

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