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65 Best Middle Names For Lucas (Including Nicknames)

65 Best Middle Names For Lucas (Including Nicknames)

Lucas is a lovely 5 letter name for boys by itself, but what are the best middle names for Lucas which can really spice it up?

There’s always plenty of choice when it comes to middle names for Lucas, or any other names for that matter, because plenty of middle name ideas are shared.

The best are the ones that make the whole name roll off the tongue quite easily.

That said, plenty of middle names are chosen simply because they were the second choice behind Lucas.

The reason it works is because middle names aren’t really used in general conversation.

Some people use them to commemorate an ancestor or a person who has made an impact in your or your child’s life.

Much like the first name of a baby boy, the middle name has plenty of options to choose from and many different sources to draw from.

Read on to see what the best ones are.

Middle Names For Lucas

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Here is my list of incredible middle names for Lucas.

You can’t go too far wrong with any of these!

1. Leif

2. Will

3. Blaze

4. Thatcher

5. Ocean

6. Rhys

7. Chance

8. Zeke

9. Atlas

10. Kai

11. Charles

12. Bodi

13. Juan

14. John

15. Beven

16. Shepherd

17. King

18. Cruz

19. Grey

20. Zane

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21. Brixton

22. True

23. Zavier

24. Nova

25. Griffin

26. Reed

27. Zyaire

28. Bowie

29. Valentine

30. Anakin

31. Zion

32. Myles

33. Bex

34. Shea

35. Jace

36. Amory

37. Fox

38. Beau

39. Maximus

40. Ronan

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41. James

42. Casey

43. Kace

44. Jack

45. Kenji

46. Andre

47. Asher

48. Lee

49. Blue

50. Angel

51. Ford

52. Ace

53. Mark

54. Dean

55. Cale

56. West

57. Bexley

58. Drake

59. Tristan

60. Maverick

61. Jax

62. Ryder

63. Flynn

64. Cade

65. Forest

The Meaning Of The Name Lucas

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Lucas is a nice rustic name and a variant of the name Luke or Lucius. It has different meanings depending on which one it’s tied to.

The former has Greek origins and translates into ‘man from Lucania’, not the strongest meaning by any stretch of the imagination, but it is certainly one of the most popular baby boy names on both US and global baby names lists.

The latter, however, has a bit of a stronger meaning, originating from the Latin language, translating into someone who is ‘light giving’ or the idea of ‘light’.

It’s a name that has some religious ties to as well, mostly due to the author of the third gospel of the New Testament, Luke.

The name Lucas, for all you sci-fi and fantasy name geeks out there, also ties to George Lucas. He’s the creator of Star Wars, making it one of the most versatile baby name ideas out there.

The name itself is really trendy too, even more so than the names it’s derived from, as it currently sits in the top 10 most popular names in the US, which is truly astonishing.

It might mean that it’s common, but there’s a clear reason it’s so popular given how many different things it has ties to.

But What About Nicknames?

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While middle names are important, nicknames can also be a fun topic to explore, and Lucas has plenty of great nicknames tied to it.

You could even use some of them for the middle slot too.

Here are some of the most popular examples.

Adorable nicknames for Lucas

First up are some of the cutest nicknames you could possibly give to your precious little bundle of joy:

1. Luca

2. Lucky

3. Lou cake

4. Louie

5. Luke

6. Lou

7. Lukie

8. Lucky pie

Popular nicknames for Lucas

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Sometimes it’s worth simply going to the charts of the most popular nicknames and picking a name from there.

If you’re one of those people, you should find your favorite nickname among these awesome options:

1. Big L

2. Ly

3. El

4. Cass

5. Lucardo

6. Loco

7. Lee

8. Lucario

9. Lucai

10. Clue

11. Louis

12. Cal

13. Elz

14. Lil L

Silly nicknames for Lucas

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It’s worth getting a little bit silly sometimes too, so here are some funny nicknames that help emphasize the childlike silliness and innocence of your little one’s spirit.

They might seem a bit goofy, but that’s the whole point of them:

1. Lu

2. Lukz

3. Luky puky

4. Lulu

5. Lukie lou

6. Lukeyboi

7. Lukin

8. Luco

9. Lukzy

10. Lucky bug

How To Come Up With Middle Names For Lucas On Your Own

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I know that a good number of people don’t often like taking things from lists, or even feel like choosing something common feels a bit weird.

I bet there are some of you that didn’t really like a single name from this list and want to create something of your own design, something more personal.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered for that too.

There are some things you should be aware of in order to have an easier time coming up with a middle name for Lucas on your own, though:

1. Go for a family name

The first bit of advice, which you’ll see everywhere, is to go for the name of a family member who’s well respected.

That way you won’t only be honoring their memory and making an attempt at preserving family values, you’re also guaranteed to be using a name with some meaning behind it, a name that your little one can be proud of when he grows up.

Not to mention, it’ll mean the world to the person whose name you chose if they’re still with you, because it’s a real honor to see your name passed on to a worthy successor.

It gives it an odd, but symbolic, feeling of immortality in a way.

2. Use multiple names

A common tradition in Spanish-speaking parts of the world, and families of Hispanic heritage, is to use a multitude of family names as middle names for one person, something I am honestly flabbergasted by every time I hear them recite all of them so perfectly.

Perhaps this is an avenue you’d like to explore?

They do say the more the merrier, after all, but if you do attempt it, at least make sure to only use names of family members.

That way you can keep with tradition and help honor the memories of multiple members of your family clan.

3. Use the runner-up

Something I mentioned at the start, which is common practice in the US, is to simply use the other name you were considering in addition to the actual first name you chose for your child.

If it was good enough to be considered for your first choice, why not use it as a nice middle slot?

That said, make sure they flow together nicely, otherwise, it will be rarely used and might get forgotten over time.

4. Memorable locations

Finally, a good bit of advice for if you’re stuck thinking of middle names for Lucas, or just in general, is to go to the world map.

There are countless names out there just waiting to be used that are ideal for the middle slot.

That said, don’t just go spinning a globe and sticking a pin in at random, try choosing names of places that you’ve visited before and have fond memories of.

That way, similarly to using names of other family members, the memory of that place and moment lives on with your child, and calling upon him will help refresh that memory so you never forget it.

Why Are Middle Names Important?

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While I did mention that a middle name isn’t as important as someone’s first or last name, they still do have their significance, especially for people who like keeping to family tradition and preserving a piece of history.

I, myself, am not really that big of a fan of them, but I do understand others who value them greatly, and I’ve decided not to skip over this topic.

With that said, here are some of the main reasons why good middle names are important.

1. They help preserve a family heritage

Maybe you have a relative or family member you cared about dearly who passed away who made a significant impact on your life, and you want their family name to be remembered in some way.

One of the best ways to do this is by choosing it as a middle name for your baby boy or baby girl.

This is how a lot of great middle names came into existence, like the name Lucas Alexander for example.

The reason these make for such perfect middle names is that they don’t simply come off a name list from the internet, but are instead a part of your family’s roots and belong to a person you have a deep respect for.

It’s a name that won’t be as easily forgotten as many other middle names out there, and your little guy or little girl will be proud of having it.

2. Using your child’s full name as a display of authority

cute little boy wearing a hat

While I’m not saying it’s a privilege that should be overused, so that you don’t end up going full drill sergeant on your child, saying their full names out loud when they’ve done something bad can really pack a punch and let them know they’re in big trouble.

We’ve all been in that situation, even the poster boys and the golden kids, and there’s nothing like hearing mom or dad call you by your full name to let you know you’re in for it.

That said, choosing the right middle name becomes quite important for this reason, especially if you don’t want to embarrass your child when you call for him to face the consequences of his actions in front of his friends.

3. Middle names as an alternative to the first name

I’ve known a great deal of people who went by their middle name, either because it simply stuck or because they didn’t like their first name.

Unfortunately, many kids get bullied over their first name and decide to switch to using the middle one.

That’s why the middle name choice is important and should never be embarrassing for your child.

The reason is because kids will always try to find some way to make each other uncomfortable and teasing can be pretty relentless.

So, in order to avoid the potential for being bullied, try staying away from unique middle names that are a bit too out there.

Sometimes going with something traditional can be way better, something that fits a lot better and can be used as an alternate first name.

For example, a one-syllable middle name like Kai would be ideal.

It won’t just help them in school, but in their adult lives as well, as they can use it as a pseudonym or swap it out so it’s the name they want to be addressed as, without having to go through all the paperwork for changing your given name.

In Conclusion

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Finding good middle names for Lucas might feel like a huge challenge, nicknames too, but once you get the basics of naming down, it’ll almost become second nature and you’ll be overwhelmed with choice.

The ones I’ve listed here are only a small fraction of the possible names you might choose, especially when tapping into the family tree in order to find some sort of inspiration, or if you want to use multiple names for the middle slot.

Nicknames, at least, are a lot more flexible in comparison and are really only limited by your imagination.

That said, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t go for anything that might prove to be too embarrassing for your child.

It’s usually best to play it somewhat safe, though you can feel free to experiment a little bit while not going too far out of line.

Give your son a middle name that he can be proud of, mamma.

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