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130 Amazing Nicknames For Jordan That You Will Love

130 Amazing Nicknames For Jordan That You Will Love

As one of the most popular names today, it’s no surprise that there are numerous nicknames for Jordan just waiting to be picked!

Ranging from short and sweet to silly and funny, this collection of 130 nicknames for Jordan has plenty of options for you to consider for the special J in your life.​

Having originated from the Hebrew word Yarden, this name spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world as a beloved name for both boys and girls.

Although it’s more common as a masculine name, Jordin and Jordyn are popular options that have the same meaning for girls.

Read on to discover what this name means, learn more about its history, and get more than a hundred nickname suggestions!

Jordan – Name Meaning And Origin

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As a cherished name for both boys and girls, the origins of Jordan can be traced back to the Hebrew language, where it was spelled as Yarden.

It translates to “flowing down” and “descending”, which comes as no surprise considering the first thing people think of when they hear this name is the river Jordan in the Middle East.

If you’re looking for biblical names for girls or boys, look no further than Jordyn or however you decide to spell it since there are many variations.

As you may know, the river Jordan is the place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ, so it has a strong Christian connection.

This name became popularized because many years ago, Christian crusaders would bring water from this river back to Europe, where it was used to baptize children.

Once a child was baptized with this water, he or she would be given the name Jordan.

Apart from Hebrew, this name also has German origins where it can be connected to the name Jordanes.

With such impressive origins, it’s clear why this name is beloved by parents all over the world, especially in the English-speaking world.

It was most popular in the early 90s and it has been in the top 10 names for boys several times.

Although it’s a unisex name, nowadays it’s given more often to boys rather than girls. Jordyn and Jordana are more common as baby names for girls.

Short Nicknames For Jordan

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Although the name Jordan only has two syllables, some of the best nicknames I can think of are short!

Besides, the whole point of nicknames is to shorten the actual name.

Some of these suggestions are short and simple while others are a little more quirky and silly, so there’s plenty of options for you to choose from.

You’ll find gender-neutral, as well as masculine and feminine pet names in this list, so pick whichever one fits your kiddo best.

1. Dana

2. Orna

3. Joon

4. J-Flo

5. Jubba-J

6. Jords

7. Jo-Elle

8. Jenna

9. Denni

10. Jan

11. Anna

12. J-Dee

13. Day

14. Jonny

15. Enna

16. Denny

17. Danica

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18. J-Baller

19. Jordo

20. Jody

21. Ordy

22. Danni

23. Jorey

24. Ora

25. Nana

26. JoJo

27. Joella

28. Jock

29. Dan

30. Joey

31. Joni

32. Dada

33. Jo

34. Jo-reo

35. Nordie

36. Jorden

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37. Jorry

38. Juju

39. Jory

40. JD

41. Annie

42. JP

43. J-Wow

44. Danny

45. Dano

46. Jordi

47. J-man

48. Jordy

49. Anne

50. Jord

51. Jor Jor

52. Jordon

53. Judy

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54. Jay

55. Jorah

56. Rory

57. Joy

58. Dinni

59. Joran

60. Jordie

61. Ani

62. Jane

63. Dynni

64. J-Dan

65. Dani

66. Joan

67. Jori

68. JJ

Funny And Cute Nicknames For Jordan

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Whether you spell it Jordin, Jordyn, or go with the conventional spelling, this name lends itself to plenty of good nicknames that are funny and cute.

1. Jiggy Jordy

2. Jordster

3. Jordini

4. Jelly fish

5. Bon Jor Jor

6. Dan the Man

7. Jordanian

8. Jaybear

9. Jordan-chan

10. Jordasaurus

11. The Jorge

12. Bun-Jor

13. J-sparks

14. Shorty Jordy

15. Jardin

16. Jordita

17. Jordiful

18. Jordy-shore

19. Jordashian

20. J-money

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21. Jordanien

22. Jordizzle

23. J-Dawg

24. Jo-Choco

25. Don Jordon

26. Jordanija

27. The River

28. Da’Amante

29. Yordania

30. Jordania

31. Princess Jordiana

32. Johrdan

33. Jordy Pordy

34. Jordano

35. Jordash

36. Geordan

37. Jourdaine

38. Jerminator

39. DeeDee

40. Jordaen

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41. Jordell

42. J-smooth

43. Jordao

44. Lordania

45. Jiagantic

46. Jordan-kun

47. Jarden

48. Da’Amor

49. Giordani

50. Dark Jordan

51. Jayjay

52. Jolly-J

53. Puffy-J

54. Jordiman

55. Jordanie

56. Jordyson

57. Jordanka

58. Joedan

59. Jawwrdan

60. J-Dandy

61. Jordanne

62. Air Jordan

Middle Names For Jordan

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Whether you use it as a boy or girl name, you should also give a lot of thought to your baby’s middle name.

While the Jordan nicknames I listed above are catchy and fun, they can be even more creative when combined with another good name in the middle.

If you’re still on the fence and aren’t sure which one to choose, I have a couple of suggestions for you!

They’re all pretty traditional names that match the first name well, but nothing is stopping you from opting for a more unique middle name as well.

Since Jordan is a name with two syllables, a suitable middle name has one or two syllables too, although you could go for a longer name like Amanda, Alexander, or Benjamin.

Your last name is a huge factor as well, so it’s up to you to figure out which combination sounds best.

Suggestions for boys’ names:

• Jayden

• Luke

• Nicholas

• Caleb

• Jake

• Christian

• Jeremy

adorable little boy with blue eyes and a blue hair smiling

• Anthony

• Jack

• Ben

• Benjamin

• Connor

• David

• Jesse

• Dylan

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Suggestions for girls’ names:

• Alyssa

• Brooke

• Brittany

• Alexis

• Jade

• Chloe

cute little girl smiling on sofa

• Danielle

• Morgan

• Olivia

• Nicole

• Chelsea

• Amanda

• Jennifer

• Courtney

• Katie

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The Name Jordan In Other Languages

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This name was brought to Europe a long time ago before it spread to other continents, but you can find its variations in many different countries and languages.

• Yordan, Iordan – These variations come from Bulgaria.

• Giordano – This version comes from Italy. If your family has Italian roots, perhaps this could be the perfect nickname for your boy.

• Jourdain – A French version of this name, Jourdain sounds polished and sophisticated.

I should also mention that apart from being the name of a river, Jordan is also a country in the Middle East with a very rich history.

Famous People Named Jordan

Basketball player training on a court

From NBA superstars to famous businessmen, there have been many celebrities with this name. Perhaps they can become an inspiration for a pet name as well.

Here are just a few well-known people who share this name with your kiddo:

Michael Jordan – A legendary Chicago Bulls basketball player, Michael Jordan is a successful businessman today with a net worth of over a billion dollars.

Kids who grew up in the 90s will also remember him from the comedy Space Jam where he starred alongside a bunch of cartoon characters.

Michael B. Jordan – Growing up with the same name as the famous basketball player must have been hard on this American actor, which is why I’m guessing he added the “B.” to his name. It stands for his middle name, Bakari.

You might remember him from movies like Creed and Black Panther.

Juicy J – A Tennessee-born rapper, his full name is Jordan Michael Houston III.

Jordan Belfort – If you watched The Wolf of Wall Street then you already know who Mr. Belfort is.

He’s a former stockbroker who was convicted of fraud and now works mostly as a motivational speaker.

Jordan Peele – A comedian and director, Jordan Peele wrote and directed the hit horror movie Get Out.

Jordin Sparks – The only woman on this list (proof that Jordan is a name more popular among boys than girls!), Jordin is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

Final Thoughts

Little baby boy play keyboard and drum at home

Now that you’ve read over a hundred suggestions for nicknames for Jordan, I hope you were able to find at least one that’ll suit your loved one.

Feel free to play around with different combinations until you come up with something totally original.

My favorites are Jojo for girls and JJ for boys as I love short pet names but you might personally gravitate toward some of the longer versions.

Most people have all sorts of nicknames throughout their lifetime (some of them nicer than others) and I’m sure your kiddo will too.

Perhaps he or she has a special quirk that might lead to a cute nickname as well.

In any case, make sure to keep the pet names kind – no one wants to feel like they’re the butt of a joke!

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