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Nicknames For Richard: 50+ Cool Ways To Name Your Buddy

Nicknames For Richard: 50+ Cool Ways To Name Your Buddy

Hello, Richard!

Oh, you’re not Richard?

Then you must know someone named Richard, otherwise why would you be looking for nicknames for Richard?

If you want a unique nickname that’s something more than “Rich”, you’re in the right place!

Today, I’m going to show you that not every Richard is Rich or Dick.

We’re all unique, so our nicknames should be just as original and match our personalities.

The nicknames below are so uncommon that for some of them you’ll even wonder if it’s the right nickname for Richard.

However, nicknames don’t have to be a direct version of the name.

You can have fun creating them, and enjoy different variations.

What do you think of nicknames like Rich, Richie, Richy, or Richey?

They all sound alike, don’t they?

But, they’re also a bit boring. I prefer ideas like Riko or Rusty.

I’d love to hear your favorites? Do you have a Richard in your life? What do you call him?

Is he so interesting and cool that he needs a fun nickname to compliment his character?

Or, if you’re a Richard, share all the fun names people call you.

Spill the tea and reveal the coolest nicknames for Richard we’d never think of ourselves!

The Origin Of The Name Richard

Richard is a common name found in English, German, and French.

Obviously, it’s a male name, and it can be found in many other languages such as Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, and Dutch.

Also, languages such as Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and Finnish have their own Richards.

What the English know as Richard, the Swedes call Rickard, the Italians Riccardo, and the Catalans Ricard.

The name Richard has been used in the States ever since 1880.

Over the past 200 years over 2.5 million boys have been named Richard.

The name gained most popularity in 1928 when the name usage went up by 110.26%.

Today, the popularity of the name Richard is decreasing, with only around 2000 boys being given the name in the last year.

Let’s cherish the tradition and give our babies names with a long history, just like Richard.

Here’s Why Richard Is Nicknamed Dick

The only reason behind nicknames like Ric, Rich, or Richie was to shorten the full name Richard.

People used to write everything by hand, so short nicknames were of great help.

These short nicknames, like Rich or Ric, served as inspiration for new variations such as Richie, Ricket, or Rick.

Also people like to rhyme names. So, a Rick turned into a Hick or Dick. Pretty funny, isn’t it?

But, the nickname Dick doesn’t have a negative connotation.

Did you know that the nickname Dick was used way back in the 16th century as a synonym for man, lad, or a fellow.

This is probably how the name Dick came to carry it’s modern day meaning.

Cool Variations And Spellings Of The Nicknames “Rich” and “Rick”

Hearing Rick or Rich all the time can probably become a bit boring.

If you’re tired of people calling you the same name, and you don’t prefer your full name, then you need some cool nickname ideas.

They’re fun, quirky, and unusual. Most importantly, everyone’s going to love them!

Here’s a few ideas for what you can call Rich, Rick, or Richard!

Variants And Spellings Of The Nickname Rich

1. Richey

2. Richi

3. Richie

4. Richy

5. Ritchie

Variants And Spellings Of The Nickname Rick

1. Rickey

2. Ricki

3. Rickie

4. Ricky

5. Rik

6. Rikki

Good Nicknames For Richard That Start With The Letter “R”

1. Red

2. Ricard

3. Ricardo

4. Riccardo

5. Ricco

6. Ricko

7. Rickon

8. Rico

9. Rikhard

10. Rikkir

11. Riku

12. Riley

13. Rio

14. Ritz

15. RJ

16. Rock

17. Rocko

18. Rocky

19. Rod

20. Rory

21. Rusty

22. Ryk

23. Ryker

Cool Nicknames For Richard That Start With The Letter “A”

1. Archie

2. Ard

3. Ardie

4. Art

5. Artie

Good Nicknames For Richard That Start With The Letter “C”

1. Card

2. Chad

3. Chard

4. Charlie

5. Chip

6. Chuck

Good Nicknames For Richard That Start With The Letter “D”

1. Dickard

2. Dickey

3. Dickie

4. Dickon

5. Dicky

6. Duck

7. Ducky

8. Duke

Good Nicknames For Richard That Start With The Letter “H”

1. Hardy

2. Harry

3. Hitch

Good Nicknames For Richard That Start With Other Letters

1. Butch

2. Kip

3. Pip

4. Skip

5. Tricky

List Of Famous People Named Richard

1. Richard Nixon, President of the United States

2. Richard Wagner, Composer

3. Richard Strauss, Composer

4. King Richard I of England, old English King

5. Richard II of England, King of England in the middle ages

6. Richard Starker aka Ringo Starr, Musician

7. Richard III of England, King of England

8. Richard Branson, Business magnate

9. Richard Rogers, Composer

10. Richard E. Byrd, Explorer

11. Richard Burton, Actor

12. Richard Melville Hall aka Moby, Musician

13. Richard Attenborough, Actor

14. Richard Francis Burton, Explorer

15. Richard Gere, Producer and Actor

16. Richard Pryor, Comedian

7 Tips For Choosing The Best Nickname

A nickname doesn’t have to be a shorter version of a full name.

You can express your creativity and come up with a unique nickname for your buddy Richard.

It can be a fun way of showing him how much you appreciate your friendship, or something a bit more serious.

Lets face it: everyone loves having a nickname.

It shows a person is loved and someone cares enough about them.

If you want to show your friend how much you appreciate his company, but you’re having trouble figuring out a cool nickname, then I have some ideas for you.

Here are seven tips on coming up with a nickname worth remembering.

1. Play With Suffixes

Adding “boo” or “inator” to the first syllable of your buddy’s name will help you come up with a cool nickname.

For example, Rick-a-Boo sounds so adorable for a little baby Richard that’ll grow up to be a cool guy and Rickinator sounds super powerful, doesn’t it?

Check with your friend if he’s okay with such nicknames.

You should always say the nickname out loud or call your friend to see if the nickname suits them before using it.

2. Make Some Changes

Probably the simplest way to create a nickname is to use variations of the full name.

Initials are a common nickname that can even serve as inspiration for further nicknames.

A whole new word can come out of initials like R.R. or R.B.

There’s literally tons of choices. Just combine syllables of their first and last name and you’ll see how many cool nicknames you’ll have.

3. Use TV Characters As Inspo

TV shows, movies, even theater plays can be an inspiration when trying to figure out a nickname.

Does your friend have a favorite actor or character? Do they look alike or have a similar habit or way of thinking?

We’re sure he’d be glad to hear you calling him by his hero’s name!

Or, at least find a nickname similar to that specific name. Nicknames don’t have to be 100% true.

They only need to be fun like the nickname Rick-a-doodle-do.

4. Come Up With Silly Rhymes

Rhymes are good inspiration for making nicknames. If you’re good at it, you can rhyme your buddy’s name with something that suits it well.

What’s so great about rhyme nicknames is that these nicknames don’t have to be real words.

In fact , the sillier the better!

But, run it by your friend first. Maybe he’ll mind being called Richard Lizard, no matter how hilarious it sounds.

The only downside of rhyming nicknames is that it may sound as though you’re talking to a child.

But, as long as you’re dead serious, no one will think so. Right?

5. Pet Names

Sometimes, a name can be so difficult and uninspirational that you need help from sweet pet names such as Sweetie, Cutie, or Honey.

Of course a Richard can have a sweet nickname like sugarbear.

It can even sound funny if your Richard is a big man with a gentle heart.

6. Repetition

This is, by far, the simplest way of coming up with a nickname.

Repeating a syllable of your friend’s name will ease the trouble of figuring out a unique moniker.

Richard can be Ri-Ri, can’t he? It definitely is not something you hear everyday.

7. Noticeable Qualities

Stop for a moment and think of all the wonderful qualities your buddy has.

What’s he famous for? Does he have a unique laugh? Is his fashion sense rather odd and inspirational?

Does he have a physical feature like differently-colored eyes that might be the reason you call him Husky?

Nicknames inspired by noticeable qualities are probably the most creative option.

However, you’ll need to be careful not to offend your buddy.

It doesn’t hurt to ask your dark-haired Richard: Hey, buddy, is it okay if I call you Blackie?

Why One Of The Most Famous Richards Got The Nickname “Tricky Dick”?

Two years after LBJ won the Senate seat, Richard Nixon was having quite a rough time with his campaign in California.

He was elected to the House of Representatives four years earlier and gained quite a reputation as an anti-communist.

His role in the case against Alger Hiss (a State Department official alleged to be a Soviet spy) was major.

Nixon’s opponent was Helen Gahagan Douglas, a Congressmember and California’s first female Democratic representative.

Since Douglas was left-leaning, she was accused of having communist ties.

Her Democratic primary opponent dubbed her as the Pink Lady.

Even Nixon capitalized on the accusations. He sent out pink pamphlets attacking her loyalty and used a loophole in California’s law to register Democratic and Republican ballots.

They sent out mailers to thousands of potential voters in an attempt to attract voters who thought Douglas was too radical.

The Los Angeles Daily News ran a series of pieces decrying the Tricky Dick secret campaign as unsuccessful.

Nixon won the election by more than 700 000 votes, keeping the nickname Tricky Dick.

Middle Names That Go With The Name Richard

If you’re a first time mom looking for sweet baby names, you might need some help.

Besides baby boy names, you should take a look at middle name ideas.

Your little Richard deserves the perfect name, a suitable middle name, and a cute nickname!

Even though the name Richard is a given name of Norman and German origin, you don’t have to find such name ideas for Richard’s middle name. Here’s which popular names will do the trick:

Richard James

Richard Adam

Richard Alan

Richard Evan

Richard Henry

Richard Ian

Richard Jude

Richard Lucas

Richard Blake

Richard Aaron

Richard Liam

Richard Nolan

Richard Samuel

Richard Patrick

Richard Theodore

Richard Zachary

Richard Seth

Richard Quinn

Richard Noah

Richard Joel

Female Versions Of The Name Richard

Was there a Richard in your life that you want to honor by naming your baby after him?

Are you struggling with ideas because you’re having a little girl? Don’t worry, I’ve got some female names inspired by Richard just for you! I’m sure he’d be so happy about your choice.

1. Richardine

2. Rikki

3. Ricarda

4. Riccarda

The Name Richard In Different Languages

Ancient Germanic: Richard, Ricohard

Catalan: Ricard

Czech: Richard

Danish: Richard

Dutch: Richard

English: Richard

Finnish: Rikhard

French: Richard

German: Richard

Hungarian: Richárd, Rikárdó

Irish: Risteárd

Italian: Riccardo

Latvian: Ričards, Rihards

Lithuanian: Ričardas

Norwegian: Richard, Rikard

Polish: Ryszard

Portuguese: Ricardo

Slovak: Richard

Slovene: Rihard

Spanish: Ricardo

Swedish: Richard, Rickard, Rikard

Welsh: Rhisiart

Final Words

The name Richard does sound like a name a 17th century ruler would love to have, but with so many wonderful nicknames for Richard, that name isn’t old-fashioned anymore.

Richard is a powerful man, with immense strength and a brilliant mind. He deserves a worthy nickname.

If you’re a Richard or want to find a moniker for your Richard, what would it be?

Many people opt for the simple variant of shortening the full name, repeating syllables, or rhyming with other words. Don’t get me wrong!

Those can be amazing nicknames. Richie Rich agrees, doesn’t he?

But, what about some more creative ideas?

Why don’t you think about what your Richard likes? Is he a huge fan of pizza?

Maybe naming him after one of the Ninja Turtles wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Imagine Richard Rafaelo or Richard as Splinter. Sounds pretty cool I think.

Share your favorite nicknames for Richard.

Are they fun, creative, or simple?

Just remember, the most important thing about nicknames is to have fun and don’t hurt anyone!

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