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10 Best Nursing Swimsuits For Ultimate Comfort In 2022

10 Best Nursing Swimsuits For Ultimate Comfort In 2022

Summer can be a tedious time for anyone, especially new moms who still have to deal with the excess baby weight and stretch marks.

Luckily, there’s swimwear that helps cover those parts up while still making you look feminine and helping you feel comfortable in your own skin. They’re called nursing swimsuits.

Nursing swimsuits are distinct in the fact that they are tinted in lighter colors in case of breast milk leaks.
They also sit on the body quite nicely, especially around the abdomen, and they’re easier to undo if you need to nurse your little one.

But that’s not where it all stops. Swimsuits for nursing moms tend to adhere to different norms than what we’re used to with other swimwear advertised, and they come in a variety of different designs.

You have your classic one and two piece designs, of course, but then you also have more unique bits of nursing swimwear like halter-style bikinis, low cut ones, and even bikinis that look like tank tops around the chest – the so-called tankinis.

With some of these, especially the tankinis, you’ll be able to just use them as a top without needing to put anything else over your swimwear, leaving you fashionable, and leaving the hassle of having to change into a swimsuit on the fly.

For all of you busy moms, here’s a quick list of our top picks!

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1. Hilor Women’s One Piece One Shoulder Asymmetric Ruffle Monokini Swimwear

Starting off with a rather nice and stylish piece on our list, it’s the Hilor women’s one shoulder monokini.

At first glance, it might look like just a regular swimsuit, but unlike its vanilla counterparts, the Hilor makes itself a pregnancy and breastfeeding-friendly bathing suit through two added aspects.

The first one being the ruched area around the abdomen for better tummy control, and the second the one-shoulder design that makes the bathing suit easy to pull down for quick breast access.

But, of course, those aren’t the only things you should look for in a bathing suit; you should always feel comfortable in it – which brings me to this number’s other benefits.

Firstly, the fabric is a compound mix between nylon and a bit of spandex, which gives it that added comfort I mentioned earlier and allows for easier donning and doffing.

And second, the design harkens back to the mid 20th century where women tended to show a bit less skin but still kept their allure.

The inside of this maternity friendly swimsuit also comes with soft bra pads in case you suffer from sensitive nipples right after a feed or in general. They’re easily removable, though, in case you don’t feel the need for them.

And, as I’m certain all you mammas out there love emphasizing your individuality and style, and having the ability to customize anything you wear, you’ll find that Hilor provides in that regard as well.

They offer their swimsuits in dozens of designs. Be it single color or pattern, they’re all pleasing to the eye and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

2. ADOME Women Bikini Set Tummy Control Swimsuit

Next on the list is a breastfeeding swimsuit that’s a bit more discreet than most other ones and that’s the ADOME’s tummy control swimsuit.

As the name implies, it has a similar functionality to the Hilor wherein the abdominal area is a bit looser to allow a more comfortable fit for pregnant women.

The difference here is that it’s not a one-piece swimsuit, but one of those tankinis that I mentioned – one that allows you to blend into the crowd without anyone realizing you’re wearing a swim-ready piece of attire as your top.

It features a ruffled crop top that tarps over the upper half of the abdomen to help cover up any stretch marks or scars, while also serving as a stylish clothing piece with adjustable straps to help you fit it the way you like it.

The ADOME bikini also comes with removable breast pads, much like the Hilor, for the exact same reason of nipple protection if they end up being overly sensitive. The lower half of this maternity swimsuit is a high-waisted piece for the purpose of protecting and hiding the belly as best it can while not looking too out of place.

The ADOME swimsuit is made out of a different compound blend though, featuring polyester as a base with some added acrylic to make for a durable yet stretchy material.

And, of course, who would I be if I didn’t highlight that it’s readily customizable, allowing for about a dozen unique and quirky prints for you to choose from and show off in.

3. Coskaka Women’s High Neck Two Piece Tankini Bathing Suit

There’s a trend in tankinis being the absolute best and most desired swimsuit types for pregnant women to wear, and that’s evident with just how many of them cater to their needs.

While some are also meant for plus-sized women as well and not just pregnant women or women who have recently given birth, that doesn’t mean that their features don’t benefit them either.

Swimsuits, thankfully, are all-inclusive and we’re here to take full advantage of that.
In Coskaka’s case, they feature much of the same that ADOME does design-wise.

From the crop top above that can double as an article of clothing without feeling too exposed with removable breast pads, to the high-waisted, tummy control bottom with ruching on the abdominal area to help even out any baby weight.

The top even has adjustable straps. But, there is one aspect of the Coskaka that makes all the difference and that’s the fact that the top is designed to also function as a push-up bra.

Each part of the swimsuit works in either concealing or rearranging the features on your torso to make you look like you did before you were pregnant. But, they didn’t focus on purely changing the print designs or the color (of which there are a wide array), they also went with different top designs on a few of them as well.

This allows you to mix and match without ever feeling like you’re just doing palette swaps.

4. Vanbuy Womens Two Piece Layered Mesh Lace Overlay Tankini Swimsuit with Bikini Bottom Set

If you’ve ever felt like you need to fully cover your upper body without feeling too hot underneath or simply are someone who dislikes high-waisted bikini bottoms, then you might want to give Vanbuy’s tankini swimsuit a go.

Unlike ADOME and Coskaka, Vanbuy doesn’t offer the tummy control with the bottoms, but it does have a longer top that almost works like a sundress (or at least half of one).

The top is also made out of a layered mesh of comfortable and super stretchy material to keep the air circulating underneath and not let you feel too hot or sweaty.

And if you’re worried about it being too revealing, which would defeat the whole purpose of a nursing swimsuit to begin with, don’t be. Vanbuy’s made sure the bikini comes with a lining underneath the mesh that still keeps your form concealed away from any prying eyes, so you can breathe easy.

The top is attached to a push-up bra much like Coskaka’s is – one that also has removable breast pads and adjustable shoulder straps that can go as normal or put in criss-cross, if you prefer a change-up in design.

The top isn’t all too tight either while still fitting properly. This allows for easier removal and better nursing access than most other bras.

5. FINWANLO Women’s Two Piece Swimsuit Tankini Top Set Mesh Swimdress

Here’s another swimsuit/sundress option to add to the mix of amazing beach nursing wear.
Like ADOME, FINWANLO swimwear is made out of a polyester/spandex compound, making for a stretchy and comfortable fit that’s quick to dry.

Because of that, the lower piece allows for proper tummy control in providing a comfortable fit for your belly.
Meanwhile, the top half of the bathing suit is connected via shoulder straps and supports your breasts with removable padding, while also sporting a rather fetching sundress look.

And don’t worry, the sundress isn’t see-through so you won’t have people ogling you outside of admiring the lovely vibrant prints the sundress comes in.

6. Movemama Nursing One Piece Halter Swimsuit and Bathing Suit for Breastfeeding

If you’re looking for something simpler that’s still stylish, you may want to give Movemama’s halter swimsuit a try.
Not only is it easy to put on, but this specific nursing swimsuit was designed with practicality in mind.

That’s all thanks to the use of nursing clips, which are commonplace for nursing bras already, but not so much in swimwear.
This way you don’t have to bother undoing your entire top just to breastfeed your child; you can simply unhook the nursing top from the clip and peel it down to get access to the nipple while the suit stays on.

It’s just as easy to hook it back on afterwards, allowing for quick and discreet feeding sessions.
Of course, the area around the abdomen is slightly ruched to help accentuate your lovely form and hide any stretchmarks and the like.

The only downside is the lack of choice when it comes to color options, but the one on offer looks lovely enough as is, in my opinion.

7. BOOB Women’s Adjustable Maternity Swimsuit

Here’s something for the more eco-conscious moms among you (or anyone else who feels like one).
The BOOB maternity swimsuit is made mostly out of recycled fishnets in an effort to reduce waste in our oceans and help save their ecosystems from getting endangered any further.

The fabric has been made by OEKO-TEX standards and does not harbor any harmful chemicals, making it safe to wear and interact with.

And, as a nursing swimsuit, aptly named BOOB provides easy access to your, well, boobs, without the need to remove the shoulder straps.

It’s as simple as pulling the band under the breast down to help reveal the nipple and allow some quality feeding time on the beach or at the pool for your little one. Another added benefit is that wearing the suit counts as you having an SPF factor of 50+, meaning you’ll be better protected from the hazardous effects of the sun’s UV rays. A feature many other swimsuits lack.

With comfort in mind, the shoulder straps are adjustable and the classic ruched area that all pregnancy swimsuits have is present to help you fit into your swimsuit easier without worrying about straining the fabric.

8. CUPSHE Women’s V Neck One Piece Swimsuit Ruffled Lace Up Monokini

A simple swimsuit that still oozes flair and style, the CUPSHE one-piece is sure to catch your attention.
While not initially designed as a nursing swimsuit, it really does the job well without all the added bells and whistles.

The lace closure on the back allows you to adjust the suit to your leisure, while the shoulder straps are there more as decoration and to help you uncover your breast quickly for easy access to the breast.

It has the same ruched area around the tummy as most others on this list do for the purposes of an easier fit whether pregnant, nursing, or otherwise, so it’s not too tight. Plus, it has ruffles along the straps to stand out and not look plain.

The 5 different color options make for quite a treat when picking out one you think matches your style best.

9. DELIMIRA Women’s One Piece Zip Front Bathing Suits

Now here’s something I haven’t brought up so far: a zipper based bathing suit, and a front-facing one too.

While somewhat odd to hear about, it makes so much more sense to have the zipper in the front, especially for pregnant or nursing moms who want easy access to their breasts with a simple up or down motion instead of having to reach back or pull straps down.

While the cups themselves aren’t removable on this particular swimsuit, they are rather soft and are made to help support a natural breast shape rather than keep them cramped inside a tight suit.

The front features the classic ruched pattern for the added tummy control and a comfortable fit regardless if pregnant or not. Not to mention the power net lining that helps keep your body from sweating by providing comfortable air flow.

10. SouqFone Two Piece Bathing Suit

And finally, the SouqFone swimsuit. While it does share many similarities with the other tankinis, that’s simply the nature of swimwear –not really enough to innovate on.

It’s still a quality product and it has all of the best aspects of all of the ones mentioned prior:
The nylon and spandex compound that makes the construction of the nursing swimsuit comfortable.

The tummy control high-waisted bottoms that ADOME and Coskaka have, a top fabric length that lies somewhere in between Vanbuy’s and Coskaka’s, and adjustable shoulder straps.

Of course, there are the removable breast pads as well, but I believe that goes without saying at this point.
The SouqFone does have a wide front strap, though, to achieve that push-up effect and allow for better fitting options, functioning like a proper nursing bra while still retaining the stylish look of a cute tank top.

All classic mainstays of any self-respecting bathing suit, but the real reason I put the SouqFone on the list is the sheer number of unique prints that they have on offer for their swimsuits (16sky is my personal favorite!)

In Conclusion

And there you have it, mammas. As you can see, finding a proper nursing swimsuit doesn’t have to be hard, you just gotta know what to Google and what to look for on Amazon. A bit of forward thinking can get you far.

Whether poolside or at the beach, swimming attire no longer has to be something you fear right after giving birth. And you can feel good in your own body sooner without needing to go through rigorous workout regimes right after your postpartum recovery.

I hope you manage to find what you’re looking for and that you make plenty of good summer memories thanks to your new nursing swimsuits.

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