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110 Best New Mom Quotes To Encourage First Time Mothers

110 Best New Mom Quotes To Encourage First Time Mothers

Motherhood. As much as it’s a beautiful and special time for every mother, it also carries so many responsibilities and sacrifices. These new mom quotes will encourage every first-time mommy out there and give her the strength to keep going and enjoy that precious new-mom time. 

The mere thought of becoming a mother can be pretty scary and it’s going to change your entire life, for sure. Still, all mothers will agree that it’s the most special feeling in the world. 

It’ll be difficult sometimes – there will be hard days and you’ll have so mixed feelings that you might become overwhelmed. However, always keep in mind that it’s just temporary and that one day, you’re going to miss having a newborn baby in the house. 

These new mom quotes and words of encouragement that will definitely remind you of how special motherhood really is and give you the strength during those tough days. 

Beautiful And Inspirational Pregnancy Quotes

Mother and baby sleeping

Being pregnant is both a terrifying and incredibly special time in every woman’s life. These expecting baby quotes will show you how it’s a life-changing experience. Plus, you can use these inspiring quotes about being pregnant for your baby shower! 

1. “That first pregnancy is a long sea journey to a country where you don’t know the language, where land is in sight for such a long time that after a while it’s just the horizon – and then one day birds wheel over that dark shape and it’s suddenly close, and all you can do is hope like hell that you’ve had the right shots.” – Emily Perkins 

2. “A mothers’ joy begins when new life is stirring inside…when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.” – Unknown  

3. “Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have.” – Robin Lim  

New Mom Quotes

4. “To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.” – Anne Christian Buchanan

5. “You never understand life until it grows inside of you.” – Sandra C. Kassis 

6. “A mother does not become pregnant in order to provide employment to medical people. Giving birth is an ecstatic jubilant adventure not available to males. It is a woman’s crowning creative experience of a lifetime.” – John Stevenson 

7. “With all the craziness and chaos that come with motherhood, despite your best efforts, you must remember to forgive yourself every single day, and strive to be better the next day.” – Unknown   

8. “Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.” – Harriette Hartigan

9. “A miracle is really the only way to describe motherhood and giving birth. It’s unbelievable how God has made us women and babies to endure and be able to do so much. A miracle, indeed. Such an incredible blessing.” – Jennie Finch

Inspirational Quotes For A New Mom  

young mother lying with baby

Being a mother is the most difficult job in the world. Motherhood is full of sacrifices but in the end, you see that it was all worth it. These inspirational new mom quotes will motivate you to keep rocking that mom-life. 

1. “Sometimes, when you pick up your child, you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood – finding a piece of yourself separate and apart, that all the same, you could not live without.” – Jodi Picoult 

2. “Birth takes a woman’s deepest fears about herself and shows her that she is stronger than them.” – Unknown

3. “Finding balance as a mother means accepting your imperfections.” – Mary Organizes 

4. “I think birth and motherhood are not things that you’re trained to do. You might have a good example in your own mum, but nobody teaches you how to be a really great mum.” – Julie Andrews

5. “Why being a mom is worth it: A hug for no reason, a sticky kiss, that light bulb moment when your child understands something you’ve been trying to teach them, belly laughs, words of wisdom from a little one’s mouth, smiles, giggles, and the words ‘I love you’ spoken form a child’s lips.” – Unknown  

6. “Mother’s ways are higher than others, even when everyone rejects, mother accepts with her arms open and wide.” – Amit Ray

New Mom Quotes

7. “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” – Sophia Laren

8. “Mothers hold their children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever.” – Nitya Prakash 

9. “Being a mother is being there through the tantrums, the milestones, and the tears. Being a parent means that you love that little person, which you created, more than you could love yourself, or anybody else. Being a mother – it’s loving somebody else wholeheartedly and unconditionally for eternity. Being a mother to your child is a privilege, cherish it.” – Unknown  

10. “No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” – Edwin Chapin 

11. “Motherhood is a choice you make every day, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong.” – Donna Ball, At Home on Ladybug Farm 

12. “There is no one perfect way to be a good mother. Each situation is unique. Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children. The choice is different and unique for each mother and each family.” – M. Russell Ballard 

13. “Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.” – Kate Winslet 

New Mom Quotes

14. “Being a mother means being strong, even when you feel weak. Giving them love, even when you need to be comforted. But most of all, placing their needs before your wants.” – Unknown   

15. “Motherhood is so much simpler when you stop explaining yourself to others and just do what works for you and your family.” – Unknown  

16. “Being a mother is the most rewarding blessing in the world, just knowing you can love someone so much, and get that same love in return is wonderful.” – Unknown  

17. “Just as there is no warning for childbirth, there is no preparation for the sight of a first child. There should be a song for women to sing at this moment, or a prayer to recite. But perhaps there is none because there are no words strong enough to name that moment.” – Anita Diamant

18. “Your dream came true, your very own little one, your brand new life as a mother is about to begin. The moment you breathe in that new baby smell, you’ll feel a love so fierce, like nothing you’ve ever felt before.” – Unknown  

19. “Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind.” – Howard W. Hunter

20. “I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is.” – Oprah 

21. “For when a child is born the mother also is born again.” – Gilbert Parker

22. “Be a full person. Motherhood is a glorious gift, but do not define yourself solely by motherhood. Be a full person. Your child will benefit from that.” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions

23. “Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” – Barbara Kingsolver, Homeland and Other Stories

24. “The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children” – Jessica Lange 

25. “You’re always going to wonder if you’re doing things wrong, but that’s what it means to be a mom, to care so much about someone else that you just want to be as perfect as possible.” – Naya Rivera

26. “Being a mother is discovering strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you never knew existed.” – Sherene Simon

New Mom Quotes

27. “A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin.” – Amy Tan 

28. “There is no greater good in all the world than motherhood. The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.” – James E. Faust

29. “Motherhood is messy and challenging, and crazy, and sleepless, and giving, and unbelievably beautiful.” – Unknown  

30. “If I were asked to define Motherhood. I would have defined it as Love in its purest form. Unconditional Love.” – Revathi Sankaran

31. “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake

32. “There are many things in life I have taken for granted, but the opportunity and ability to be a mama will never be one of them.” – Unknown  

33. “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone 

34. “A baby arrives, and just like that everything changes. The world gets bigger, the heart grows fuller, and life means more.” – Unknown   

New Mom Quotes

35. “[Motherhood is] the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary —it’s an act of infinite optimism.” – Gilda Radner 

36. “Motherhood is magical. It grants you the power to fall in love with someone before ever meeting them. It gifts you amazing instincts to look after your cubs. It fuels you in ways you can’t explain to keep you going no matter how exhausted you are. And it expands your heart and fills it with more love than you have ever felt.” – Unknown  

37. “A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die.” – Mary Mason

38. “There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill 

39. “We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” – Laura Stavoe Harm

40. “A real mom: emotional, yet the rock, tired, but keeps going, worried, but full of hope, impatient, yet patient, overwhelmed, but never quits, amazing, even though doubted, wonderful, even in the chaos. Life changer, every single day.” – Rachel Martin

41. “Nothing in life will ever make you as happy, as sad, as exhausted, or as incredibly proud as motherhood.” – Unknown   

42. “The strength of a mother is like no other. During times of stress, she may struggle to find her way because she’s facing her own personal demons, but her child’s welfare comes first. She’s not perfect and makes a lot of mistakes but don’t ever doubt her love; it burns deeply in her heart.” – Unknown  

43. “I cannot admit this out loud. In the first place, we are expected to be supermoms these days, instead of admitting that we have flaws. It is tempting to believe that all mothers wake up feeling fresh every morning, never raise their voices, only cook with organic food, and are equally at ease with the CEO and the PTA.” – Jodi Picoult, House Rules

44. “Being a mom isn’t a job, a hobby, or a task. It’s a calling. A calling to love well. A calling to instruct hearts. A calling to be present.” – Unknown

45. “The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” – Karl Lagerfeld 

New Mom Quotes

46. “Such a mysterious business, motherhood. How brave a woman must be to embark on it.” – M. L. Stedman

47. “I think the best part of being a mom is when your little one looks up at you and just smiles and stares because they know you are their person. Like nobody else is as important as you. They know that you have them like nobody else ever will. The connection is indescribable.” – Unknown  

48. “We’re all bad moms, and we’re all good moms. Some days we get it and all right, and other days it feels like we get nothing right. Just keep loving your kids and doing the very best, you can and trust that it’s exactly what they need.” – Brooke Hampton

49. “Motherhood is so sentimentalized and romanticized in our culture. It’s practically against the law to say there are moments in the day when you hate your children. Everyone actually has those moments.” – Barbara Kingsolver 

50. “The life of a mother is the life of a child: you are two blossoms on a single branch.” – Karen Maezen Miller, Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood 

51. “If you have a child, then you have an assignment from God. Whether by birth or adoption, whether you go to work in an office, or the kitchen, regardless of your age or experience or natural talent for nurturing, God has called you to be a mom. And it’s unrelenting, heart-wrenching, beautifully ordinary, holy job.” – Becky Kopitzke, The Supermom Myth

52. “Being a mother is like being a gardener of souls. You tend your children, make sure the light always touches them; you nourish them. You sow your seeds, and reap what you sow.” – Karen White

53. “One day, all your children will have is photos of you. So make sure you are in them. No matter what your hair, makeup, or body looks like…they won’t care. They’ll just want to see you and the love that you have for them.” – Unknown   

54. “Once your baby arrives, the world is no more the same than you are. Because from our very bodies we add to the collective human destiny. Our deepest urge is always toward life, to wholeness and well being.” – Claire Fontaine 

55. “The mother-child relationship is paradoxical and, in a sense, tragic. It requires the most intense love on the mother’s side, yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother, and to become fully independent.” – Erich Fromm

56. “Motherhood is not a competition to see who has the cleverest kids, the cleanest house, the healthiest dinners, nicest clothes, newest car, or most holidays. Motherhood is your journey with your children.” – Unknown   

57. “As a mama, I’m only ever going to be in 1 of 3 places. In front of my kids cheering them on, behind them to have their back, or beside them so they never have to walk alone.” – Unknown   

58. “Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.” – Kahlil Gibran 

New Mom Quotes

59. “Motherhood is more awesome than I ever thought it could be and harder than I ever would have imagined.” – Sarah Williams

60. “A mother’s love is everything. It is what brings a child into this world. It is what molds their entire being. When a mother sees her child in danger, she is literally capable of anything. Mothers have lifted cars off of their children and destroyed entire dynasties. A mother’s love is the strongest energy known to man.” – Jamie McGuire

Encouraging First-Time Mom Quotes  

mother holding little baby

New parents always need some encouraging words – you know, they need someone who’ll tell them that they’re doing a good job or how bad moments are just temporary. 

I’m sure these “being a new mom” quotes will encourage all new parents out there and make them realize that all sacrifices and sleepless nights are worth it. 

1. “Being a mama can be tough, but always remember in the eyes of your child, no one does it better than you.” – Unknown   

2. “You will never have this day with your children again tomorrow. They will be a little older than they were today. This day is a gift just breathe and notice, smell and touch them, study their faces and little feet, pay attention, relish the charm of the present. Enjoy today.” – Unknown  

3. “Kids don’t stay with you if you do it right. It’s the one job where the better you are, the more surely you won’t be needed in the long run.” – Barbara Kingsolver   

4. “Take heart tired momma. You will make it through these exhausting days, and you will be stronger for them. You are a good mother. You only need to look into the eyes of your children and believe it.” – Unknown   

5. “If you’re worried about being a good mother, it means you already are one.” – Unknown  

6. “Motherhood is amazing. And then it is really hard. And then it is incredible. And then it is everything in between. So, hold onto the good, breathe through the bad, and welcome the wildest and most wonderful ride of your life.” – Unknown      

7. “You’ll never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow they’ll be a little older than they were today. This day is a gift. Just breathe, notice, study their faces. Pay attention. Relish the charms of the present. Enjoy today mama, it will be over before you know it.” – Jen Hatmaker 

8. “Having kids – the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings – is the biggest job anyone can embark on.” – Maria Shriver 

New Mom Quotes

9. “New mothers enter the world of parenting feeling much like Alice in Wonderland. 

– Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth and also one of the most challenging. 

– Motherhood is a process. 

– Learn to love the process.

– There is a tremendous amount of learning that takes place in the first year of your baby’s life; the baby learns a lot, too.

– It is sometimes difficult to reconcile the fantasy of what you thought motherhood would be like, and what you thought you would be like as a mother, with reality.

– Take care of yourself. If Mommy isn’t happy, no one else in the family is happy either.

– New mothers generally need to lower their expectations.

– A good mother learns to love her child as he is and adjusts her mothering to suit her child.” – Debra Gilbert Rosenberg

10. “Being a mama isn’t easy, but it is definitely the best job anyone could ever have.” – Unknown  

11. “To all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle, I say, be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are.” – Jeffery R. Holland

12. “It’s okay to be grumpy sometimes, to have bad days to struggle, to make mistakes, to say the wrong thing, feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated, to be out-of-sorts and sort-of-over-it all. It’s okay for us big humans, and it’s okay for our little humans, too. After all, we’re all humans, right? How else will our little humans learn that it’s okay to be human? Remember, we’re imperfect humans growing imperfect humans in an imperfect world, and that’s perfectly okay.” – L. R. Knost

13. “Be patient with yourself. You and your baby are both learning new things each day.” – Unknown   

New Mom Quotes

14. “Being a mama isn’t always easy. The sleepless nights, the constant worry, the endless piles of washing. But no matter how hard it feels, I will always show up for my children. I will always try my best. Because from the very first moment I held them in my arms, I knew my job was to protect and love them with all my might.” – Unknown  

15. “Even a good mom has bad days, great days, normal days, overwhelming days, perfect days, trying days, supermom days, just being-a-mom days, a whole lot of love and real and crazy motherhood day.” – Unknown   

16. “To the mama who hasn’t felt like herself lately, I know how difficult it is when you catch yourself not being you. Be patient, your sparkle will return again and you will shine again.” – Unknown  

17. “It’s okay to have strengths and weaknesses as a mama. Some mamas play games, others listen well, some cook with love, and others are great encouragers. We don’t have to be everything, every day to our kids. We just need to show up and love them hard.” – Unknown  

18. “A mother’s guilt is forever. The I-should-have-done-this or should-have-done-that will always be there. Learning to live with it is forever. Stop beating yourself up, accept it is a part of motherhood and keep being who you are. That ‘mother guilt’ you feel is normal. Children don’t even know the words ‘mother’s guilt’.” – Unknown   

19. “The joy in motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times, but amid the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction.” – M. Russell Ballard

20. “Being a young mom means that we met a little early, but it also means I get to love you a little longer. Some people said that my life ended when I had a baby, but my life had just begun. You didn’t take away from my future, you gave me a new one.” – Unknown  

Mother’s Day Quotes And Wishes For A New Mom 

happy mother cuddling with her baby

Becoming a mother is an exciting new chapter in a woman’s life. Beside buying her a gift, here are some quotes and wishes that you can write in Mother’s Day cards and let her know that she’s doing an amazing job. 

1. We are lifetime friends, and you fill my heart with happiness knowing that you have become a Mother. Happy First Mother’s Day!

2. “Despite the fact that we ought to show adoration to your mother each and every day, Mother’s Day is that one day when we demonstrate the most love for you and make you feel like a Queen.” – Sheila Sage 

3. Mother’s path is wonderfully beautiful. I congratulate you on how you discover yourself in this role. Always count on my support. Happy Mother’s Day!

4. This is your first Mom’s Day, which is a huge joy because apart from being a wonderful woman, you are now a Mother. I love you with all my heart. Happy First Mother’s Day! 

5. I hope that this first Mother’s Day brings many sweet moments for you and your new baby. Happy Mother’s Day! 

6. You are an incredible woman; you carry all the force of nature in every action. Now you are a Mother, and I know you will shine even more. Happy Mother’s Day!

7. What a wonderful sensation must be invading your body, you have become a Mother, and I am sure it is an explosion of emotions. You do an incredible job. Happy Mother’s Day! 

8. It’s nice to see you grow in different aspects of life. You have become a Mother, and believe me, there are no recipes for it. Just follow your intuition. Happy Mother’s Day!

Funny New Mom Quotes  

mother holding yawning baby

Yes, there will be some difficult moments, but you’ll see that there will be many more fun moments with your little baby that will make you forget all those bad ones. Check some of these fun new mom quotes and funny experiences from other moms. 

1. “A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.” – Unknown  

2. “Having kids feels like that first seventh-grade crush that overwhelms every molecule in your body, but it’s permanent.” – Kristen Bell

3. “Raising a kid is part joy and part guerilla warfare.” – Ed Asner

4. “Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain – your life will never be the same.” – Catherine Jones 

5. “My husband coughing the moment I got the baby to sleep is why spouses are the number one suspect in homicide cases.” – Unknown  

6. “Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.” – Tina Fey 

7. “You will always be your child’s favorite toy.” – Vicki Lansky

New Mom Quotes

8. “My kid is turning out to be exactly like me. Well played, Karma. Well. played.” – House Wife Plus

9. “Mom: One who sacrifices her body, sleep, social life, spending money, eating hot meals, peeing alone, patience, memory, energy, and sanity for love.” – Unknown   

10. “Can’t believe I shared my body with a child that won’t even share their M&Ms with me.” – Unknown  

11. “If you were to open up a baby’s head – and I am not for a moment suggesting that you should – you would find nothing but an enormous drool gland.” – Dave Barry

12. “Is there any way to file a temporary restraining against a toddler? Just like 24 hours, maybe. 2 days tops. Asking for a friend…” – Unknown  

13. “It’s not easy being a mother. If it were, fathers would do it.” – The Golden Girls

New Mom Quotes


Becoming a mother and holding your baby for the first time in your arms is just an indescribable feeling. Even though you’re holding your baby in your hands, you just can’t believe that you gave life to that tiny human being and at the same time, you’re so afraid of everything that’s coming next. 

These new mom quotes and sayings will give each new mommy out there exactly what she needs: words of encouragement and inspiration. 

Dear new mommy, don’t worry too much about whether you are doing a good job or not. Just enjoy spending time with your little angel. I’m sure you are doing your best and that is amazing. Keep rocking motherhood, you amazing supermom.

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110 Best New Mom Quotes To Encourage First Time Mothers

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