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10 Best Organic Kids Clothes Brands For Your Little Ones

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes Brands For Your Little Ones

With everything in the world having “organic” tacked onto it, it’s really no surprise that organic kids clothes have joined the party.

Although many things labeled as “organic” can be pretty gimmicky, there are some brands that are doing a pretty good job of making children’s clothing in an organic way.

Using this term to describe a clothing brand usually means that the aforementioned organic kids clothes are made out of organic cotton or other organic fabrics.

It can also mean that they use low impact dyes, are packaged in eco-friendly packaging, are free from any harmful chemicals, and other such things.

Sustainable clothing might be something you would consider buying, but be careful to not be fooled.

While healthier for the environment and a child’s sensitive skin, the whole process still isn’t fully eco-friendly, nor can it be for the time being.

While the clothes themselves are okay, importing the material or delivering the product to your door is still going to require gas-guzzling vehicles.

Don’t beat yourself up over it though, buying from companies who produce organic kids clothes still supports the right cause!.

Sure, some people claim that organic kid’s clothing might not be as high quality as some of the more readily available ones made through chemical processes or similar methods and they would have been right in the past.

Nowadays, it’s a bit different as there are a lot of prominent brands that sell high quality organic baby clothes.

Lucky for you, I’m a mamma who likes going green, so I’ve waded through all the brands claiming to be organic and have got the best ones here for you!

Now you can do your part in leaving a better and cleaner Earth for our little ones too.

The 10 Best Organic Kids Clothes Brands

1. Burt’s Bees Baby

This is a brand I may have acquainted you with in one of my other articles, Burt’s Bees Baby remains one of the leading forces in eco-friendly solutions for parents, especially when it comes to organic clothing for kids.

Their main fabric is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton meaning that there are no traces of any harsh chemicals in any of their products.

They use non-toxic dyes with a low impact dye application process as well, making sure that every aspect of an article of clothing is eco-friendly – even their thread and buttons are made using recycled polyester.

None of the pieces feel cheap either as the people over at Burt’s Bees Baby make sure that every piece of children’s clothing meets a certain standard of quality, comfort, sustainability, and durability.

Their clothing options are usually limited to pajamas only, but they do have a few t-shirts, hoodies, and onesies on offer as well.

Also, they have a preemie collection which makes it easier for moms and dads to find something for their prematurely born babies.

My personal favorite from them:

Burt’s Bees Baby Baby Girls’ Sleep and Play Pjs

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2. Mini Mioche

cute baby boy sleeping in a crib with toy next to him

Mini Mioche is an amazing Canadian company that not only cares deeply about the environment but for their employees and the rest of the world and as well.

Not only are their clothes made out of purely organic cotton that’s GOTS certified, but the packaging itself is non-plastic as are their fliers and mailers.

That’s right, they’ve made the effort to even create an ecologically sustainable marketing campaign.

The dying process uses non-toxic and low impact dyes too, much like many other companies that you’ll find on this list.

Even the shipping packages are fully recyclable, ditching plastic for more sustainable materials.

But, it doesn’t just stop at the clothes!

Mini Mioche runs all sorts of in-store donations for good causes like delivering quality clothing to the less fortunate all over the world or supporting minority groups in their fight for equal rights.

You can even trade-in your used clothing to get a discount on your next purchase in the Mama Mioche store and they’ll use what you traded in as part of a donation for any of their currently running programs.

The company makes sure that a standard of respect for their fellow man is upheld in the company too, not just the outside, with all of their employees receiving a fair living wage without overworking or exploiting anyone.

Their area of expertise as far as clothes are concerned is gender neutral basic apparel like sweatpants, PJs, other sleepwear, cardigans, dresses, and rompers.

3. Jackalo

cute baby girl wearing pink dress and a hat

A company whose sole mission is to focus on creating durable and organically sustainable clothing for kids’ play hours, Jackalo makes sure it always hits the mark.

It’s run by environmentalist Marianna Sachse, a woman who vowed to make the company as eco-friendly as possible with maximum waste reduction and minimum negative impact to the environment.

She got the idea from raising her own kids who’d always work through their new clothes really quickly thanks to an active playstyle.

Jackalo clothing is made from organic cotton that meets the Global Organic Textile Standard meaning that it hasn’t been treated by formaldehydes or other harsh chemicals like phthalates or pesticides.

This GOTS seal assures you of a high quality organic product and that your child will have fewer issues with skin inflammation from synthetic material.

The people over at Jackalo make sure to only utilize factories with the highest eco-standards with regards to minimizing waste and utilizing any spare scrap to make more clothes, upcycling it if possible.

They also sport a very interesting practice that’s similar to that of Mini Mioche where you can trade-in any of their old, worn products for a discount at their stores.

Though the one difference is that they take those clothes, then clean and repair them before putting them up on sale again instead of shipping them over to the less fortunate.

They focus primarily on dresses, jumpsuits, and sweatpants, but you can find all sorts of other playtime-oriented apparel there too.

If I had to describe Jackalo with just one phrase, it would be “the world’s best hand-me-down store”.

The only downside is that they have to import their cotton all the way from Kyrgyzstan to Portugal for clothes manufacturing and then over to the USA, creating a slight carbon footprint blemish on their otherwise stellar record.

4. Winter Water Factory

Here’s a fully US-based brand for organic kids clothes.

Based in Brooklyn, Winter Water Factory hauls 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from LA to their factories and then sends it through an eco-friendly manufacturing process to create the clothing that they later ship out to their customers packed in recyclable paper.

Their whole supply chain supports not only the environment but fair labor and fair trade laws and practices as well.

This also means that they use water-based inks to color clothing through ecologically acceptable means, still managing to create some of the most breathtaking and eye-catching prints.

And they aren’t just limited to baby clothing either, you might be able to find something for yourself.

They even have a line of pillow covers if you’re interested in that.

As far as kids are concerned, they delve into all sorts of apparel: leggings, hoodies, sweatpants, dresses, t-shirts, and even bodysuits.

Pick your poison.

My personal favorite from them:

Winter Water Factory Ropes & Anchors Morocco Dress

5. Colored Organics

Colored organics is another wonderful company that tends to give back to its fellow man.

Their goal is to make ethical and eco-sustainable fashion more popular so more and more companies can opt into using it.

They always try to show just how much better organic cotton is from regular cotton, not just through its softer and more durable quality, but because the processes involved in farming it put the farmers at far less risk and don’t make the soil any less fertile.

Not to mention all of the water pollution that is prevented through opting out of pesticide use in general.

The cotton that they ship to their factories is 100% GOTS certified and tested for durability.

They primarily focus on more standard articles of clothing that they color in more earthy tones to show their appreciation for Mother Nature by using water-based inks, further reducing any negative ecological impact.

Their business practices are also very ethical as they place fair labor as a priority, making sure everyone is paid above the standard wage with capped hours so their employees can’t overwork themselves.

Colored Organics has also condemned any form of child labor by saying they’d rather see kids play in their clothes than have them make them.

They’re a brand I can stand behind because it’s not just about the process of manufacturing kids clothing organically, but doing business ethically as well.

My personal favorite from them:

Colored Organics Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Bodysuit

6. Olen Organic

little boy wearing cotton pijama sleeping with toy

Another all-American brand on the list, though one that draws inspiration from the baby fashion of the Scandinavian region, Olen Organic makes sure to do its part in making the fashion industry a cleaner place.

While the unisex line of clothing may not appeal to all, gender neutral clothing is far more popular nowadays and it really helps parents who want to shop for baby clothing early.

The clothing produced is made out of pure organic cotton that meets the Global Organic Textile Standards and is free from any harmful chemicals in every step of the manufacturing process.

Their durable clothing is designed to last and not get completely ruined no matter how active your little one gets.

At worst your child’s clothing will become hand-me-downs for future kids or articles of clothing that can be donated to those less fortunate.

The people over at Olen Organic also make sure that all their workers are paid fair wages for the work they put in and provide acceptable working hours, promoting equality and co-operation within the company as well.

One thing that’s unique to Olen Organic is that they actively promote donating to PL+US, an organization dedicated to getting paid family leave for all US parents so that we can enjoy more time with our kids and loved ones when we need to.

7. Lark Adventurewear

adorable baby girl in yellow playing suit playing in the park

A company that does things a little bit differently from the ones mentioned above, Lark Adventurewear introduces a little bit of bamboo fabric into the mix on top of the organic cotton.

They pride themselves in being the first clothing brand that has incorporated this unique bamboo blend for manufacturing organic kids clothes, and it’s not just some gimmick.

The bamboo’s natural moisture-wicking properties help keep your kiddos sweat-free and refreshed in those hot summer months and during long periods of active playtime. It also makes the clothing quite breathable.

Not to mention that their clothes have a natural UPF of 50+.

The cotton/bamboo mix is Oeko-tex 100 certified, meaning that it’s free from over 100 potentially harmful chemicals.

The clothes are durable, soft, and stain resistant.

Plus, they don’t have any tags on them so your kids won’t get that annoying itch from a poorly placed one.

While their priority is clothes for more active play, Lark still manufactures some sleepwear as well.

8. Swaggr

little girl wearing cute shoes with white socks and sitting on the chair

Being organic isn’t just about using organically grown material, but recycling too.

Swaggr does this in a very interesting way by using plastic bottles to make socks.

That’s right, they recycle plastic into usable, synthetic fiber to produce pairs of children’s socks.

According to their website, it takes around 2-3 empty plastic bottles on average to make a single pair which is absolutely astonishing.

So, if you’re looking to support the environment and preserve ocean life through recycling, Swaggr is the way to go!

9. Pact

Pact is another company that not only manufactures organic kids clothes but cares about every person involved in the creation of their products.

They take care of their workers by sticking to organic cotton to protect the farmers and their water supplies from pesticide poisoning.

Pact also only works with factories who treat their workers fairly and pay them adequate wages because satisfied workers will put more love into creating a product that their customers will enjoy.

You can practically feel the extra warmth sewn into the material.

They also worry about the less fortunate by working with Give Back Box to help provide a way for you to donate old clothing to those who need it, providing them with warmth while reducing the waste created by clothing.

The packaging itself is fully recyclable too. Most of it is recycled paperboard apart from the plastic packaging on the inside, but that too is completely biodegradable plastic!

They specialize in a variety of different organic kids clothes and some bath time gear too.

My personal favorite from them:

PACT Baby’s 100% Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Bodysuit

10. L’ovedbaby

Finally, for the colder winter months, we have L’ovedbaby, a company dedicated to keeping your kiddo’s little fingers warm and cozy throughout the year in an eco-friendly way.

Their cozy clothing is made out of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that’s free from harsh chemicals, toxic dyes, lead, BPA, phthalates, PVC, and the like.

What initially started as a mother making her very own nursing cover to be more comfortable about nursing in public turned into a whole new line of baby clothing in rich, earthy colors that are discreet and go with nearly any outfit.

Much like the other companies on this list, L’ovedbaby opted for organic cotton over the old ways of dirty cotton gathering and growing processes because they care not just about the environment, but the families of the people working those fields.

They want to keep all families happy which also includes honoring fair trade and fair labor practices with all of their partners and employees.

They mostly prioritize sleepwear, but you might be able to find the odd clothing article here and there outside of that too.

For instance, I absolutely adore their line of hoodies.

My personal favorite from them:

L’ovedbaby Unisex Baby Organic Hoodie

In Conclusion

Organic kids clothes might have been hard to find at the start of the millennium, but they’re becoming more and more of a trend as people become more aware of the damage we’ve been doing to the planet.

While the market for organic cotton is still astronomically low compared to regular cotton practices due to affordability, it’s been increasing slowly and will hopefully become what the majority of the industry starts using to make clothing.

It might come as a shock to you, but the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters, so even the smallest step up for the organic side is a huge stride when put into perspective.

That’s why I advise you to do your part and go green with clothing.

The more interest there is, the bigger the impact is going to be!

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