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130 Best Futuristic Names For Boys And Girls In 2022

130 Best Futuristic Names For Boys And Girls In 2022

Very often, futuristic names sound like a bunch of babble or look like random letters put together without any order.

The fact is that very often futuristic names aren’t all that strange.

Many of them actually have a meaning and historical background or come from more recent popular literature.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect name for your baby but want to move away from traditional, everyday names, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is the ultimate list of 130 best futuristic names for boys and girls with an explanation for each.

And you know what’s the best part?

Even if you still don’t know the gender of your baby, many of these names are unisex.

Futuristic Names For Baby Boys

adorable baby wearing a teddy hat and smiling while lying on tummy

1. Abel

You don’t have to be Christian to choose Abel as the perfect name from this baby names list.

Even though this is a Biblical male name and your first thought is probably that it’s quite traditional, it’s actually coming back in style.

It has various meanings: “breath or son”.

2. Adan

This pretty name has Spanish roots.

It’s used in Spain, France, and Somalia so why wouldn’t you introduce it to your culture, as well?

It means “of the Earth”.

Probably the most interesting thing about this baby boy name is that it’s actually a Spanish derivative of Adam.

3. Aiko

The meaning of this name is truly amazing! In Japanese, it means “a loving son”.

So simple, yet so intriguing, right?

4. Alaric

Alaric is of Greek origin. It contains two words “ala”, which is the word for “everyone’s” and “ric”, which is the word for “ruler”.

5. Anakin

Can a name get any more unique than Anakin?

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll remember that this is Skywalker’s first name.

It means warrior.

6. Andrei

Here we have another name of Greek origin, although this one is an even more unusual baby name, as it combines Greek and French cultures.

It also means “warrior”.

7. Angel

When you give your child this divine name, you’re sending the world a message: This is my gift from heaven.

Again, simple yet powerful.

8. Apollo

Apollo was one of the Christian disciples.

The word comes from Greek and it means “the one who destroys”.

9. Arthur

I’m sure you’ve found this one all over historic books and movies.

Nevertheless, Arthur hasn’t been used for a while so now, it’s back in fashion.

The name is of Celtic origin and it means “bear”.

It’s not just an old, boring, business name.

Instead, once again, it’s hip and modern.

10. Aston

Derived from an Old English word meaning “east town; ash tree settlement” it makes a great name for your baby boy.

11. Atreyu

Besides Atreyu being a character from the “Never Ending Story”, this name has a deep meaning as well.

It is connected with virtue and wisdom.

12. Aurelius

This was actually a Roman surname back in the days.

However, now it’s an offbeat name for your baby boy, which means “the golden one”.

13. Auryn

Here’s another name with the same meaning, “the golden one” – it just has a different origin. Auryn comes from Celtic mythology.

14. Axel

According to some sources, Axel is of Scandinavian origin and according to others, it comes from the Hebrew language.

Either way, its meaning is connected with peace and tranquility.

15. Axton

This futuristic name comes from the English language and it means “sword in the stone”.

Ring any mythological bells?

cute baby boy lying on the bed with teddy bear

16. Baron

Here’s a name of German origin.

It’s pronounced bare-on and it means “young warrior”.

If you look for it in the English language, it means “the one who is noble”.

17. Bastian

You’ve probably heard about Sebastian but I bet that the futuristic name Bastian which means “man of Sebastia” isn’t as familiar to you.

Doesn’t it sound chic?

18. Birch

The name is pronounced Berch. It means “bright” and “shining” which will suit your baby boy who brought light to your life perfectly!

19. Blaise

If you choose this unique name, get ready to raise a talkative young man.

All of its meanings are connected with communication.

20. Blaze

Even though these two are both spelled and pronounced similarly, Blaze has a completely different meaning.

It comes from Latin and it means “fire”.

21. Brennon

You might not live in a kingdom but there’s nothing stopping you from naming your newborn son Brennon.

This futuristic name is from Celtic culture and it means “prince”.

22. Calihan

I’m sure this is a name you’ll rarely hear.

It is of Latin origin and it was reserved for highly respected people only.

23. Chess

How cool would it be to name your baby boy Chess?

Well, this name has nothing to do with the popular board game.

Instead, it means “free”.

Even though it’s most commonly used as a boy’s name, it’s actually gender-neutral.

24. Coen

Please, don’t confuse this with the usual Cohen.

This offbeat name is pronounced /kun/ and it is connected with intelligence and wisdom.

25. Conan

This one is pronounced /koh-nan/.

It comes from the English language and it is used to represent someone’s highness.

26. Cree

Cree originates from Native American culture.

It’s pronounced /kriy/ and Native Americans do not traditionally use it as a given name.

Instead, it is a tribe name but now it could be the perfect name for your baby boy.

27. Cyrano

This one is pronounced /seer-a-noh/ and means “from Cyrene”.

This French male name brings a touch of the Mediterranean and it won’t go unnoticed.

28. Darth

Originally, Darth means “dark”.

Nevertheless, what makes Darth a true futuristic name is Darth Vader – another character from Star Wars.

29. Declan

According to Appellation Mountain, this given name originates from Ireland.

An Irish saint Declan is responsible for many miracles and founded a monastery.

This futuristic name is pronounced /deck-lan/.

30. Dante

You’re familiar with Dante Alighieri – the famous author, but do you know anything about the name Dante?

It means “lasting” and it is pronounced /dahn-tee/.

sweet baby boy wearing a towel after bathing

31. Elio

The name Elio comes from the Spanish and Italian languages.

It means the Sun – which your baby boy certainly will be.

32. Esai

Esai means “gift” and what greater gift can you get than a newborn baby?

So, I think it’s quite appropriate, don’t you?

33. Ezra

Ezra is not just a Biblical prophet.

This futuristic name also means “helper” and I’m sure you want your baby boy to be kind and pleasant.

34. Fio

All three-letter futuristic names are pretty fashionable.

Nevertheless, this one of Italian origin certainly stands out.

Just try pronouncing this name associated with flowers, and flourishing and hear for yourself!

35. Gaius

Julius Caesar’s first name was actually Gaius.

It’s pronounced /guy-us/ and it creates an aura of nobility to anyone carrying it.

36. Gandalf

Gandalf is the name J.R.R. Tolkein borrowed from Old Norse mythology for the character of the wizard in “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”.

From that moment on, it’s become one of the most popular futuristic names for boys.

37. Gryffindor

Strange but true, Gryffindor has become a popular name!

Gryffindor is one of the houses in Hogwarts from Harry Potter and it was so named after its founder – Godric Gryffindor.

A griffin is a powerful beast with an eagle’s head and a lion’s body.

What else do you need to know before naming your boy with this truly original name?

38. Hugo

Ugo, Hugh, Hugo… the choice is all yours.

The bottom line is that they all have the same meaning: “mind”.

39. Jax

Again, a derivation of a very familiar name – you’ve probably heard of John and even Jacques but it’s unlikely that you’ve encountered the name, Jax.

Next to Jax is Pax, a similar baby boy name.

40. Kael

Meaning “slender or fair”, it’s pronounced similarly to the way you would naturally pronounce Kayl.

But Kael is just a little bit fancier, isn’t it?

41. Kai

In some cultures, this is a predominantly male name but it’s perfectly safe to use it as unisex as well.

But wait until you hear the meaning.

In Hawaiian, Kai means “the sea”.

You can use it as a first or as a middle name for your little boy.

42. Kasper

You know about Casper, the friendly ghost.

Well, this one is spelled with a K instead of C, which makes it quite different.

Kasper is “the one who keeps the treasure”.

How mysterious, right?

43. Kendric

In Welsh, Kendric is “the champion”.

I’m positive that you wouldn’t mind your little one becoming a champion of literally everything in life.

Until he does, let’s start by calling him one.

44. Leone

The lion is the king of the jungle.

The fearless and the courageous one.

Well, that’s exactly what’s hidden behind this futuristic name’s meaning.

45. Loki

Loki is the name of a fictional character in Marvel’s comic books.

Originally, Loki is a god from Scandinavian mythology.

adorable baby with curly hair and brown eyes smiling

46. Lynx

Lynx is not just a wild cat species.

It’s also a name originating from the Greek language meaning “bright”.

47. Mircea

Everything about this name is quite unusual, which, of course, makes it so special.

First of all, it’s one of the uncommon boy names on this list that are of Slavic origin.

Also, you’ll have to admit that the spelling is everything but ordinary.

Mircea means “peace” and it is pronounced /meer-cha/.

48. Nestor

In Greek mythology, Nestor is the King of Pylos.

The name itself can have different meanings, such as “counselor” or “leader”.

49. Oberyn

In George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, Oberyn or the Red Viper is a Prince of House Martell.

But this futuristic name dates way back to Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

In this literature, Oberon is the king of fairies.

Knowing all of this, it’s pretty obvious that only special boys carry this name.

50. Odo

Odo is another Star Trek character.

It’s actually derived from more traditional names such as Otto and Otho.

All of these variations have the same meaning, “a wealthy man”.

51. Orion

Orion is not just a constellation, it’s also a perfect futuristic name for a newborn baby.

In Hebrew, it means “the hunter”.

52. Ruairi

This name is pronounced as /roor-ee/ and it was the name of the Welsh red-haired king.

53. Rune

In the Old Norse language, Rune means “a secret”.

It’s mystical but at the same time fashionable.

54. Septimus

Septimus Severus was the name of a Roman emperor and now is a great time to make it fashionable again!

According to many sources, Septimus Severus was Rome’s first African Emperor, so that makes him pretty special.

55. Sparrow

If you’re a modern parent, you’ll love the idea of naming your little ray of sunshine Sparrow.

It’s quite symbolic: the smallest bird in the family.

56. Stellan

This is a Nordic name.

It means “calmness and peace”, which brings positive energy to your little ray of sunshine right from the start.

57. Sulu

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, you know very well that one of Star Trek’s characters is named Hikaru Kato Sulu.

What better way to pay tribute to one of your favorite franchises than by using one of the characters’ names?

58. Thaddeus

Coming from the Greek language, Thaddeus means “braveheart”.

Doesn’t this sound like a perfect name for any boy?

59. Theoden

Again, we have a name that’s gained popularity thanks to a fictional character.

This time, it’s J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”.

In this fantasy novel, Theoden is the king, making this a great fantasy name for boys.

Keeping in mind that his name means “leader” and “ruler”, we could say it’ll suit your little prince perfectly.

60. Tyrian

This name comes from a computer game of the same name but don’t let that stop you from calling your baby boy Tyrian which means “northern warrior”.

cute little boy hugging big white pillow on the bed

61. Xander

Xander is pronounced /zan-der/ and at a first, it may look like an abbreviation of the first name Alexander.

Nevertheless, a name with an X as the first letter feels like a pretty futuristic name.

62. Xavier

Here we have another name starting with an X.

It derives from the more traditional Javier.

This trendy name means “bright” or “splendid”.

63. Zaiden

Even though it’s mostly a boy’s name, Zaiden is one of the futuristic names that’s frequently used as non-gender.

It’s modern since it combines the futuristic letter Z as a first letter and “Aiden” which also increases its popularity.

It means “increasing/surplus”.

64. Zeke

Zeke is of Hebrew origin.

It symbolizes God’s strength that will keep your baby boy safe and guarded forever.

65. Zephyr

This futuristic name comes from the Greek language.

It means “the wind” and it’s definitely a fresh name that will stand out amongst all the other more traditional boy names.

66. Zeus

You know how Zeus was the Greek god of the sky but I bet you didn’t know it’s an amazing futuristic name for your baby boy.

Best Futuristic Names For Girls

 little red hair girl with butterfly on her nose smiling

1. Amara

This Latin name is pronounced /ah-mahr-ah/.

It’s an unusual baby girl name with a beautiful meaning – “everlasting”.

2. Amena

Amena is of Arabic origin.

It means “honest” and “loyal”.

There’s also a variation in spelling: Amina.

Both of these futuristic names are pronounced the same.

3. Amya

Probably the most fascinating thing about the name Amya is that experts can’t tell with certainty from where it originated.

In Japanese, it means “night rain”, in Arabic, it’s “soft”, while it means “the end” in the Basque language.

Basically, if you choose this futuristic name for your baby girl, you have the liberty of picking which of these beautiful meanings you prefer.

4. Anastasia

The first known Anastasia was a saint from the 4th Century.

Later, this was the name of the last Russian emperor’s daughter.

The name means “resurrection” and it is of Greek origin.

5. Astra

This stunning Latin name means “the star”.

6. Aurora

Here is another name of Latin origin with a connection to stars.

Aurora is the goddess of sunrise and the name itself means “dawn”.

7. Azura

Another futuristic name starting with the letter A and connected with the Universe, Azura means “the sky” and has Spanish origins.

8. Basilah

This rare futuristic name is of Arabic origin.

Basilah is “brave”.

9. Candela

Candela is a Spanish word for candle.

This name is given to a baby girl who is lightening your life and brightening your path.

10. Dalia

Dalia is present in most cultures and mythologies.

In Arabic and Hebrew, it means “destiny” and “fate”.

On the other hand, in Scandinavian, this name is spelled Dahlia and it’s a flower.

11. Danan

In Celtic mythology, Danan was a goddess of fertility.

Nowadays, this name’s meaning is mostly connected to light and brightness.

12. Diana

The root of the name Diana is, without a doubt, the word “divine”.

It was the name of a Roman goddess and the Princess of Wales and it’s coming back in style.

13. Divya

Divya is another name connected with the word “divine”.

In Sanskrit, it means “divine”, “brilliant” or “heavenly”.

14. Dream

Do you even need an explanation for such a simple but extraordinary name?

Lately, some celebrities have been giving this name to their newborns which helped it gain its popularity.

15. Elowen

This futuristic name is pronounced /el-oo-een/, with the stress on the middle syllable.

It’s a Cornish name which means “elm”.

adorable little girl with short hair posing in front of white wall

16. Emerald

Emerald is a name of Persian origin.

It means “the color green” and represents the goddess Venus.

It’s a symbol of wisdom and spirituality.

Emerald is the birthstone of the month of May, which makes it the best choice for every baby girl born then.

17. Esha

Esha and Isha are Hindu names.

In both cases, the names have more than one meaning.

Sometimes this is another name for the goddess Durga while according to some dialects, it means “desire”.

18. Fantasia

This is the Italian word for “fantasy” or “imagination”.

You can’t deny that the Italian pronunciation definitely gives the name a more poetic feel.

19. Fleur

Fleur is a French female name, meaning flower.

Also, Fleur Delacour is the name of a fictional character from Harry Potter.

20. Freya

In Marvel comics, Freya is a mythical creature based on Norse mythology.

She was a goddess of love and fertility who has a whole day named after herself: Friday.

21. Genesis

In Greek, the word genesis means “the new beginning”.

Is there a better name to commemorate the new beginning of a new life?

22. Gracella

Deriving from Latin, this futuristic name means “blessing”.

Every baby that comes into this world is truly that: a blessing.

23. Halo

Halo means “light” but we’re not talking about “ordinary” light here.

Instead, halo refers to the Divine Aura – you know that thing you see above the angel’s head.

24. Inara

The futuristic name Inara has a pretty similar meaning.

It also reflects light but this time in Arabic.

25. Ingrid

This is an Old Norse female name, composed of two words: “ing”, a Germanic God, and “fridr” which means beautiful.

Of course, with time, the spelling has changed and luckily, we got this incredible baby girl name.

26. Iris

Iris is much more than just a name.

It’s a Biblical symbolic flower that represents the Holy Trinity.

But you don’t have to be Christian to name your little ray of sunshine Iris, since this name is popular among everyone.

27. Isla

The name Isla originates from Scotland and means “dynamic”, “vibrant” and “bright as the sun”.

The name comes from one of the Scottish islands, Islay, and is also the name of two rivers in Scotland.

No doubt that all baby girls named Isla are likely to grow into independent but dynamic and sharp-minded women.

28. Jade

The beautiful green ornamental stone, jade, served as an inspiration for this futuristic name.

There’s a legend that the stone has the power to transmit positive energy and wisdom so every girl with this name gets the same powers.

29. Katniss

Katniss Everdeen is the main character from “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

This is a pretty futuristic story, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that recently Katniss has become an extremely popular futuristic name.

30. Kiah

This name doesn’t only have African and Welsh origins but also Australian Aboriginal, where it means “from a wonderful place”.

cute little girl with braids holding a piece of tangerine

31. Leila

Leila is an Arabian, Persian, and Hebrew name.

It means “night” or “dark”.

There’s also a similar French girls name, Layla.

32. Luna

In Latin, Luna means “the moon”.

This short name is used as a first and middle name in Spanish and Italian speaking areas.

33. Menodora

The futuristic name Menodora comes from the Greek language and it also means “the moon”.

Just think about it – your baby is the one who lights even the darkest of nights.

34. Nadia

Nadia is a futuristic name of Slavic origin.

It means “hope”.

According to some sources, Nadia is also of Arabic origin and there it means “gentle” and “delicate”.

35. Nostra

The literal translation of this futuristic Italian name is “ours”.

The word nostra signifies belonging and an association with someone or something.

Not only is it deeply sentimental but it is also a creative futuristic name.

36. Novelia

Novelia is of Latin origin.

It means “something new”.

And this is a new beginning and a new life, so it’s pretty appropriate.

37. Nuria

In Hebrew, Nuria means “the Lord’s fire”.

You pronounce it /noo-ree-uh/.

On the other hand, in Arabic, Nur means light.

Most commonly, Nur is a male name, while Nuria is its female counterpart.

38. Nyota

Nyota is another name connected with light in a way.

In Lingala and Swahili, which are African languages, it means “the star”.

39. Orinthia

According to NameBerry, the name Orinthia is similar to the more common Cynthia.

I’m sure, however, that you’ll agree that Orinthia sounds more delicate.

It means “to excite one’s mind”.

40. Orsa

Orsa is another name that comes from the rich Italian language.

It means “a female bear cub”.

The name comes from nature and is closely related to Ursula.

41. Padme

Padme is a Persian name for baby girls.

It means lotus – which is a type of flower.

The real origin of the name is from an ancient Tibetan song.

42. Parisa

Parisa is a derivation from the Persian name Parissa which means fairy.

Isn’t that a cute name for your baby girl?

You can also connect this pretty name with Paris, France’s capital.

It gives it all a pretty chic tone, doesn’t it?

43. Pearl

You may not know this but the common first name Margaret means “pearl”.

So, why not be a bit different and just use Pearl as your little girl’s given name?

44. Renesmee

Renee means “reborn” while Esme means “loved”.

When you combine the two, you get this amazing compound offbeat name.

In popular culture, Renesmee is Edward and Bella Cullen’s daughter, protagonists of the Twilight Saga.

What makes the little girl so special is the fact that she is a hybrid of a Vampire and a human being, which is a unique combination.

45. Sadie

Despite often being considered a hippie name, Sadie has a very traditional meaning.

In Persian, every girl named Sadie can say “I am a Princess” or “I am a lady“.

Initially, it was an abbreviation for a more common given name Sarah, but lately, Sadie has gotten its independence.

sweet little girl wearing a crown and a princess dress and smiling

46. Sarai

Similar to Sadie, Sarai is also closely associated with Sarah.

Nevertheless, it’s been popularized as a name, instead of a nickname.

Another thing these two names for girls have in common is the meaning.

Also, in Turkish, the word “saray” means a palace.

It’s just spelled differently but ultimately the two words are pronounced the same.

47. Saskia

Saskia has a Slavic origin.

The thing that makes it truly special is its powerful meaning.

Saskia means “the guardian of the entire mankind”.

48. Seraphine

Serafina di Dio was an Italian saint responsible for building numerous monasteries and doing other good deeds.

Seraphine is just spelled slightly differently but they both mean “burning ones”.

49. Siri

When Apple introduced us to the virtual assistant named Siri, this name became fashionable and popular overnight for both Android and iPhone users around the world.

But, let me tell you a secret: they didn’t invent the name.

In fact, Siri was named after a Norwegian Apple employee.

It means “a beautiful woman who will lead you towards victory”.

50. Sistine

The Sistine Chapel is a chapel in the Vatican City, the Pope’s residence.

It was named after Pope Sixtus.

But, the name isn’t reserved for the church only.

Instead, many celebrities adopted it and it became a popular name for baby girls.

51. Sole

Sole is a girl’s name that means “the sun” and is a literal translation to Italian.

52. Sonya

Sonya, Sonia, Sophia – these are all connected names.

They come from the Greek language and mean “wisdom”.

53. Sorsha

Willow is an 80s fantasy movie and one of the characters is called Sorsha.

It’s an ancient Irish name and it means “bright”.

54. Storm

In Denmark, Storm is a common surname but it can be a given name as well, which has been gaining popularity.

55. Taya

This is another name of Japanese origin.

It means “young” or “youthful”.

According to some sources, Taya can also be traced back to the Russian name, Taisya or the Greek, Thais.

56. Tygress

A female tiger is called a tigress.

This futuristic name is pronounced the same but spelled a little bit differently.

What’s most important is that it has the same meaning.

It symbolizes a strong, fearless woman.

57. Venus

Besides being a planet, Venus was a Roman goddess of love and beauty.

She represents femininity and that’s what makes it a perfect choice for a baby girls name.

58. Viviana

Viviana is a form of the girl’s name Vivien but let’s be real – Viviana does sound a little more mysterious and exotic.

They both mean “lively” in Latin.

59. Ximena

Simon is a beautiful Hebrew name for boys and Ximena is a derivation of that name.

It’s primarily used in Spanish-speaking countries.

60. Yuna

Yuna is a Japanese name and it means “kindness”.

cute little girl holding a paint brush and sitting by the table

61. Zara

Sarah is a common name and its meaning is connected to women of high rank.

Zara is a Hebrew derivation of Sarah.

62. Zendaya

This name gained its popularity from the actress and singer Zendaya.

But the most interesting thing is that this futuristic name has a much deeper meaning: in the Shona language from Zimbabwe, it’s the word for “thanks”.

63. Zoe

Zoe is probably one of the most popular hippie names for girls nowadays.

But what many don’t know is that it’s a Hebrew translation of the Biblical female name Eve.

When translated to Greek, it means “life”.

64. Zola

This amazing name has different meanings.

In the Zulu language, it means “calm” while in Latin, it means “earth”.

Either way, it’s a great choice for a girl’s given or middle name.

Final Thoughts

Once you’re done with our futuristic names generator for boys and girls, I bet you’ll feel more confused than ever.

These unusual baby names are so interesting that I’m sure you’ll now have trouble making up your mind.

Well, I am here to tell you to go with your heart.

Either way, you won’t go wrong with any of these beautiful names.

If none of them caught your attention, there are tons of lists to go through!

Start with a list of your favorites and make your way through the list narrowing down your options until you land on the perfect name.

Take your time before you make a final choice and remember, your little one has to live with your decision.

Happy searching mammas, I know you’ll find a name that’s just right!.

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130 Best Futuristic Names For Boys And Girls

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