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6 Fun and Easy Paper Crafts For Kids To Keep Them Busy All Day

6 Fun and Easy Paper Crafts For Kids To Keep Them Busy All Day

I know that talking about how kids are addicted to phones these days is all the rage but I’m here to tell you that there is no game in the app store that can come close to paper crafts for kids!

Giving little ones an opportunity to get hands-on and explore their own creativity is one of the most important reasons why you should incorporate paper crafts for kids into your family life.

The joy of creating something of their own is just so special and will make for wonderful memories for years to come.

Plus, arts and crafts are a perfect way for the entire family to get together and spend some quality time in play.

You can even make it a fun family ritual!

From origami to paper towel rolls, these fun paper crafts for kids will keep those little hands working all day!

1. Easy Peasy Kids’ Origami

Easy Peasy Kids' OrigamiOrigami is usually thought of as a really complex paper folding skill that’s usually above a kiddo’s fine motor skill abilities.

While this is true to an extent, it doesn’t mean that origami can’t be transformed into a fun paper craft activity for your kids!

I’m usually all for improvising and doing the best we can with what we already have in the house (who has the time to run to the store just to get that one specific brand of glitter glue, anyway?) but for this activity, you will need origami paper.

Origami paper is more durable and won’t tear, and also folds easily. In addition, you need square paper for this type of activity, and origami paper already comes in this shape, so you’re all set to go – no need to cut out squares with your little ones.

We love making colorful origami dogs, as they are especially easy for my 5-year-old to make but this is one of those paper crafts for kids that you can adapt to any age group.

And whenever we need more inspiration, we head on over to Pinterest for more craft ideas.

Trust me, your kids will never get bored of it as there’s always something new to make from origami paper!

2. Pom-poms

Pom-pomsMaking pom-poms out of tissue paper is a really fun crafting activity that can keep you busy all day, depending on how many you are willing to make with your kids, of course!

Once you’re finished, these DIY pom-poms can stay in your kids’ bedrooms as fun decor, and you can even bring them out for birthday parties.

The craft supplies you will need for this little project are tissue paper and some wire but a hair tie will do if you want to keep it super kid-proof.

Place 8 to 10 sheets of tissue paper on top of one another and begin folding them to make it look like an accordion – once you’re done, use a pair of scissors to cut the corners into a shape that’s slightly rounded.

Now, your pom-poms in the making should look like a double-sided nail file.

Take a piece of wire (or hair tie) and twist and tie it around the middle so that the tissue paper stays firmly in place.

Finally, you can begin pulling one layer from another until you get a lovely little pop-pom.

As far as paper crafts for kids go, this one will definitely need some help from the parents (especially when it comes to the folding) but I see it as a nice bonding activity where we all get to practice teamwork.

Just make sure to let the kids lead and avoid trying to take over the entire project – it’s totally fine if the pom-poms come out looking a little wonky!

3. Snowflakes

SnowflakesMaking snowflakes is one of my favorite kids’ crafts and not just during winter – although they’re definitely a perfect paper craft idea on a snowy day.

Still, seeing the look of wonder on your kids’ faces when they unfold their very own snowflake is absolutely precious, so I say you should make them every chance you get!

For this craft project, you will need paper, a protractor, a pencil, and scissors.

The paper should be square-shaped and not thick like construction paper, as this art project calls for a lot of folding and this gets quite difficult if your paper isn’t light.

You can even use regular printing paper, just make sure to cut it into a square first.

The first step to making a snowflake is to fold the paper diagonally so that it forms a triangle, and then fold it again into a smaller triangle.

Now, it’s time to get the protractor out (a fantastic opportunity to teach your kids some geometry skills!) and divide the triangle into 3 parts that are equal to one another (the angle of each section should be 30 degrees).

Make sure to get a pencil and mark the sections.

Then, fold the left section so that it completely covers the center section, and do the same with the right section.

Take a pair of scissors, flip the snowflake-in-making over, and cut the extra paper at the top off so that it once again looks like a triangle.

Finally, you can get creative and help your kids cut the corners into different shapes – you can even print out some ideas and use them as guidelines but we always like to improvise.

After you’re all done cutting, unfold the shape to see how your paper snowflake has turned out!

They don’t have to stay white, though, your kids can use watercolors or crayons to color them any way they’d like.

4. Paper chain

Paper chainOne of the best paper crafts for kids, especially for preschoolers, is making a giant paper chain!

While construction paper is definitely not a necessity for this fun craft activity, it will make for a much sturdier paper chain.

Plus, you can get it in all sorts of different colors – we did a pink one for Valentine’s Day and a green one with fun stickers for Easter.

Apart from paper, you will need scissors, a ruler (have you noticed I’m a little obsessed when it comes to symmetry, yet?), and glue or tape.

Take the construction paper and use the ruler to divide it into equal sections, so that cutting the paper will be easier and there will be less waste.

Once the paper has been cut into strips, it’s time to start building your chain!

Use the tape or glue to make a ring out of one paper strip and then thread another strip through the first ring, and glue it together.

Repeat until you either run out of paper or make the world’s longest paper chain!

Later, you can hang them in your kids’ bedrooms as fun wall decor.

5. Egg carton animals

Egg carton animalsSometimes the best material for an easy paper craft project is hiding in your fridge – I’m talking about egg cartons, of course!

Instead of throwing them out every time you run out of eggs, you can repurpose them and use them for really fun paper crafts for kids.

For example, we like to cut the egg cups out of the carton, flip them upside down so they look like small domes, and see what we can do with them!

We usually get the kids’ paint out and paint different animals or cartoon characters – you would be surprised to see how good some of them turn out to be!

6. Houses made from paper towel rolls

Houses made from paper towel rollsAfter you’re done with your paper rolls, don’t throw them in the trash immediately – they make for a really fun and easy paper craft activity.

Take the cardboard rolls (3 or 4 should do) and let your kids paint them any color they like – parental supervision is advised since the paint can cause quite a mess.

Just make sure your kids (and you) aren’t wearing their fanciest outfits!

Once the paint has dried, you can start adding windows, flowerpots, and anything else you’d like to see on a little paper towel roll house.

To make a roof, simply cut out a small piece of construction paper and fold it in half, then glue it on top of the paper roll.

Voila, your kids are architects now!

To wrap up

To be perfectly honest, most paper crafts for kids need interventions from mom and dad every once in a while, and leaving little ones alone with a pair of scissors or glue that could end up in someone’s mouth is a pretty bad idea!

On the other hand, I definitely advise you to give your kids as much freedom as possible and avoid taking over their little craft project – just be there as a helping hand and allow them to build confidence in their own skills.

I guarantee you that your kids will have so much fun and the look of happiness on their faces when they finally finish their little project will be just priceless!

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