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Goodbye Diapers: 11 Best Potty Training Toilet Seats Of 2022

Goodbye Diapers: 11 Best Potty Training Toilet Seats Of 2022

Using the big kids’ toilet is one of the biggest milestones of early childhood – right alongside learning how to talk and walk!

If you feel like your little one is getting closer to ditching diapers, now is the best time to get a potty training toilet seat.

With the right potty training toilet seat, your baby will quickly get the hang of things and will become more comfortable using the potty as opposed to their diaper.

And the sooner this happens, the sooner you’ll be able to say goodbye to diapers!

Becoming potty trained is a big milestone for every kid, so being patient during this process is key.

Your little boy or girl might not be fully ready to switch to a potty completely and that’s okay!

Even though potty training toilet seats might seem like a relatively straightforward piece of baby gear, you’d be surprised by the various features different brands have incorporated into their products.

After much consideration, I’ve picked what I think are the best potty trainers at the moment – I hope you agree!

1. Munchkin Grip Potty Training Seat

When it comes to training your little one to go potty, sometimes all it takes is a good old fashioned toilet training seat.

This training seat by Munchkin will fit on most regular adult toilets (including elongated ones) and is made from a material that won’t have the seat slipping and sliding on the toilet.

Keep in mind that you might want to get a stepping stool if your toddler is not tall enough to get up on the toilet on their own just yet.

Regardless, he or she should have no trouble putting the training seat in place without help!

The grooved seat design will make sure your tot feels comfy and doesn’t fall down even if they wiggle around a lot.

I also really like that it comes in a unisex green color that won’t look out of place in your bathroom.

2. OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty

Affordable and well-made, the OXO Tot travel potty can be taken on all your family adventures but can be used at home as well.

It features legs that make it easy to use in public toilets and when your kiddo is done, you can simply fold the legs back in for quick transportation.

The OXO potty comes in a variety of fun colors too!

3. Summer My Size Potty Train and Transition

The Summer Infant My Size Potty is a favorite of parents and tots alike because it looks just like a real toilet!

I know my kids always responded better to kids’ products that were designed to resemble adult ones, and I’m sure yours do, as well.

It even comes with a handle that, when pressed, releases a flushing sound just like a real toilet, which makes the potty seem like a really fun toy to play with.

This is especially helpful if your little one is hesitant to use their own potty.

When you open the lid of the “water tank”, there’s a neat little space for you to keep wet wipes which is a really great feature.

Plus, the training seat can be taken off and placed on an adult seat once your toddler reaches that stage.

Also, there’s no need to worry about the seat being too hard for a kid to sit on for longer periods of time as it’s made from a soft material that won’t irritate or dig into the baby’s skin.

4. Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty

Compared to the Summer Infant potty, the Fisher-Price model definitely has a more kid-friendly design.

Not only does it have a splash guard for boys, but a cool feature – music activation which is really encouraging for kids as they get used to using a toddler toilet.

The trainer seat can be taken out of the potty and placed on a regular toilet and the handles on the sides give your toddler something to hold onto while they do their thing.

The bowl inside the toddler potty can be taken out for a simple clean-up, too.

Overall, this is a very cute potty training chair, and the added music and lights make it fun for kids to use.

5. Babybjorn Toilet Trainer

Babybjorn is famous for its sleek and elegant baby products, and this toilet trainer is really no different! As it comes in a plain white color, it won’t stick out in your bathroom at all.

Plus, it won’t be difficult at all for your toddler to place the trainer on the toilet.

The non-slip grooves will accommodate your little one perfectly and are really comfortable to sit in. There is also a splash guard that ensures all liquids stay inside the toilet.

The only downside I can think of with this model is that you would need a stepping stool for your toddler to be able to get up on the seat.

It also doesn’t have handles on the sides that many tots like to hold onto while going number 1 or number 2.

6. Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Tushie Potty Seat

While the Mommy’s Helper toilet seat does run a little small, it makes up for it by being really soft and comfortable. What’s more, it’s decorated with yellow little ducks that add a nice touch.

There’s also a nifty hook to make it easy for you to hang it up when it’s not in use and also to lift it out of the toilet.

This model is also one of the most affordable training seats available and is a really great option if you need something more budget-friendly.

7. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol 3-in-1 Potty Trainer

Do you have a toddler who is just obsessed with Paw Patrol? Then this Paw Patrol-themed potty will do an excellent job at getting your little one used to using the toilet like a big kid!

It’s very versatile and can be used as a potty chair or the seat can be removed and placed on a regular toilet.

You can also convert it into a stepping stool that your boy or girl can use when washing their hands or brushing their teeth, for example.

8. Mayfair NextStep2 Toilet Seat with Built-In Potty Training Seat

The Mayfair potty seat really stands out from the rest as this is a regular toilet seat with an integrated potty for toddlers to pull down when they need to use it.

What’s more, it comes in an elongated and rounded shape, so you can get the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Even though the toddler seat is attached to the main frame, you can always remove it when it needs to be cleaned! I also love that it’s designed in a way that prevents it from slamming down on kids’ fingers.

​9. Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder

You will find that with many potty training seats for toilets, you will need to purchase an additional step stool since it can be difficult for many toddlers to take a seat without any help.

But this Mangohood potty comes with a little ladder that’s attached to the seat so getting up and down will be so easy!

You can also readjust the ladder based on how tall your toddler is, so their feet always rest comfortably on the step.

One of the downsides is that it’s quite bulky and will take up some space in the bathroom, even when it’s folded up.

But hey, if your toddler loves it and uses it on a daily basis, it’s worth it, right?

10. Jool Baby Potty Training Seat

The Jool Baby toilet training potty seat comes with two very prominent handles on the sides, making it simple for kids to take a seat, and most importantly, stay seated.

It comes in a cute gender-neutral color, and clean-up is simple as well.

11. Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls

While I try to avoid public bathrooms with my kids as much as possible, holidays or extended family visits call for a potty training toilet seat that is easy to pack and won’t take up much space.

This model is foldable and it comes with a neat little bag to pack it in (you got to love free storage bags!) And there’s no need to worry about the seat sliding off the toilet, as it stays in place with the help of a suction system.

In addition, you have a pick between two shades – baby pink and aqua blue (although the latter could definitely pass as a unisex shade).

As for hygiene, when your tot is done using the toilet, you can use some wipes to clean the potty seat and you’re good to go!

To Wrap Up

As your little one embarks on this very important milestone, an excellent potty training toilet seat will help them feel comfortable and confident doing their business without the help of a diaper.

If your toddler is just gearing up to start their potty training journey, I definitely recommend checking out the all-in-one potty chairs first.

The chances are that your tot will feel better going on their own mini toilet, as opposed to a regular one. Also, it’s a good idea to use potty training books to ease the process.

As they get older and more accustomed to not wearing their diaper, you can start potty training on a toilet seat.

The amount of time it will take for your little one to completely ditch their diapers will depend on many factors but the right potty training toilet seat will get you one step closer to your goal!

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