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Top 101 Strong Boy Names With Meanings Explained

Top 101 Strong Boy Names With Meanings Explained

Many people associate men with strength, so it’s not uncommon for people to look for strong boy names for their baby.

The main reason strong boy names were often preferred in the past, was because the so-called “man of the house” was expected to be the sole provider for the family.

It was all about putting food on the table and making sure every member of the family was financially taken care of and well prepared for the future.

Such was the case back in the mid 20th century when the concept of nuclear families was prevalent. Thankfully this is a thing of the past now that women have become more equal in society and are able to have careers of their own.

Not to mention that boys were raised with the expectation of always being “strong” and rarely showing any emotion or weakness, so the names given back then often reflected these beliefs.

Today, baby boy names aren’t required to represent this raw macho energy that was so desired back then, however, it would be a shame to forget about them all just because of that.

There are plenty of beautiful choices for you to pick from for your own future child. In fact, I’ve put together this list of the 101 best strong names for boys to make it even easier for you.

Read on to see what they are.

Top 101 Strong Boy Names

1. Enzi

Happy toddler having fun on the beach

A name with roots deep in Swahili culture, that translates to someone ‘powerful’.

2. Godric

A name with strong ties to religion of Anglo-Saxon origin, which translates to the ‘power of God’. It’s a common name in folklore which describes a man who was a friend to all animals and had the strength of compassion and love.

3. Autry

A unisex name that was once primarily feminine, Autry is of Anglo-Saxon origin and describes ‘noble strength’ and was often donned by royalty.

4. Rostam

A name of Persian descent, it describes a ‘brave’, ‘valiant’, and ‘strong’ individual. It belongs to an icon of Persian folklore, who is the ‘hero’ of a rather tragic tale.

5. Anders

This is a name originating from the Scandinavian peninsula. It describes someone ‘manly’ and ‘strong’. It has a powerful Scandinavian influence but still doesn’t feel like it would be too out of place in the US.

6. Andrew

This is a more localized and English version of the name Anders. This English name describes a ‘warrior’ or someone who’s just as ‘manly’ or as ‘strong’ as one. It also helps that it’s one of the most popular names for boys in the US, peaking in the late 1980s.

7. Bidzil

A very rare name of Navajo origin. It means ‘he is strong’.

8. Buggi

A name often seen in TV shows depicting Norse Vikings, given its Nordic origin, which translates to ‘powerful man’.

9. Sisu

A short, but nonetheless strong, 4 letter name for boys. It comes from Finland and means ‘strength’, ‘willpower’, ‘tenacity’, and ‘determination’.

10. K’awiil

Cute little boy in casual clothes

Ancient Mayans had a strong boy name too, which describes someone ‘powerful’. It was also the name of the Mayan god of lightning. It doesn’t get much more powerful than that!

11. Montgomery

While most people associate this name with the crooked Montgomery Burns from ‘The Simpsons’ TV show, not all bearers of the name are destined to be evil, it’s all about how that power is wielded. As for the name itself, it’s English and means ‘mighty man’.

12. Takeshi

A rather popular Japanese name with a strong meaning behind it. It translates to a number of meanings, like ‘masculine’, ‘strong’, ‘warrior’, to ‘intimidate’, ‘sturdy’, and many others.

It’s rise in popularity in the last millennium is thanks to Brock from Pokemon, who is known as Takeshi in the Japanese version, as well as the show ‘Takeshi’s Castle’.

13. Berthold

A name of German origin, describing someone who is ‘bright’ or the idea of ‘strength’, as well as a ‘bright ruler’.

14. Aimilios

A Greek name this time around, meaning ‘strength’, pure and simple. It might not be as common in the US as some others on this list, but it’s still a good choice.

15. Magni

A truly magnificent 5 letter name of Norse origin, which describes someone ‘mighty’ and ‘strong’, especially as it was the name given to one of Thor’s sons.

16. Onan

Onan has a hint of religious influence stemming from the Book of Genesis. It’s of Hebrew descent and symbolizes ‘power’ and ‘strength’.

17. Griffin

The English version of a lengthy Welsh name, which translates to ‘lord’ or a ‘strong prince’, showcasing the power of nobility.

18. Chasin

A name of ancient Hebrew origin describing someone, or something, that is both ‘mighty’ and ‘strong’.

19. Jarek

The Slavic people also have their own boys’ names relating to strength.

This one in particular translates to someone ‘strong’ and ‘fierce’. It has a few variations too, depending on the country, such as Jaroslav and Jaro. The name is derived from a male goat, also known as a Jarac.

20. Adir

blond boy holding plush sheep in the park

Another on this list of strong baby boy names, is this Hebrew name which describes someone who is ‘courageous’, ‘mighty’, and ‘strong’.

It’s an ideal name to give to your child if you believe that he’ll become a hero of the people.

In countries of Arabic origin the name is a unisex one, and works as a baby girl name just as well as a baby boy one, though it has a slightly more feminine meaning to it in the Arabian language of ‘perfume’ or ‘scent’.

21. Eric

Another of these strong male names that might seem somewhat simple, but is actually great once you realize how many famous figures share the same name.

It originates from the Nordic language and translates to ‘ever mighty’. An alternate option can be the name Erik, though which spelling you choose is completely up to you.

22. Drew

This is a name that’s not exclusively masculine nowadays thanks to actress Drew Barrymore, who has normalized it as a girl’s name alongside the male version. It’s an abbreviation of Andrew, a name of English origin that describes a ‘strong’ and ‘manly’ ‘warrior’.

23. Baldric

A conjunction of two different attributes in the Germanic language, Baldric means to be ‘brave’, ‘bold’, and able to ‘rule’ and handle ‘power’.

24. Oz

The wizard of Oz is a famous fictional character, but the name itself comes from the real world and a more ancient language, Hebrew, and means ‘strength’ or ‘courage’.

25. Arne

This one is a perfect patriotic name as it translates to ‘eagle power’. It’s also a shorter version of Arnold, if you want to use that as an option.

26. Chanin

Not to be confused with Channing, this name is actually of Thai origin and translates to a ‘strong person’.

27. Raghnall

An Irish variant of the Nordic Ragnvaldr, which translates to ‘power’ and ‘advice’ and is a precursor to the modern name Ronald, which is much more common nowadays.

28. Evander

A name that’s a mix of both Latin and Greek culture, translating to a ‘strong bow warrior’ and ‘the good of man’ depending on which language’s translation you’re looking at.

29. Kenji

A name of Japanese origin that describes power as health, hence its meaning of ‘healthy’ and ‘strong’.

30. Meinrad

boy in fashionable clothes

A Germanic name that describes power through wisdom and advice, hence its meaning of ‘strong counsel’. One of the more prominent bearers of this name was a Roman Catholic saint by the name of Saint Meinrad, the patron saint of hospitality.

31. Valentino

An Italian name that means ‘health’ and ‘strength’, and is often paired with people of incredible physical vitality.

32. Ethan

While rather common nowadays, the name Ethan has Hebrew origins and translates to ‘strong’, ‘solid’, or ‘enduring’, depicting a form of strength based on endurance and constitution, rather than raw power.

33. Daugalias

A Lithuanian name that describes ‘power’ and the concept of ‘muchness’. A more Anglified variant could be Douglas, though the meaning gets somewhat lost in the appropriation.

34. Richard

One of the most iconic strong boy names from the German language, which translates to ‘brave ruler’. It’s quite common in the western world, and it simply rolls off the tongue and has an air of strength, which is why most people go for it in the first place.

35. Oswald

Oswald is a perfect representation of the power of divinity, as the name itself translates to ‘divine power’ in old English. Nowadays, the name is used as both a first and last name thanks to Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. the Penguin.

36. Haile

The power of leadership is tied to many names, and Haile Selassie is one such example. He was a great Ethiopian emperor who helped his country thrive. It’s a name that translates to ‘might’ and ‘power’, and originates from the Amharic culture.

37. Ezekiel

A very popular religious name of Hebrew descent, which means ‘God strengthens’. It’s a name with many Bible verses that are often quoted.

38. Beren

A name of Turkish descent that describes someone who is both ‘smart’ and ‘strong’.

Some of you fantasy name fans might recognize this as the name of a character in the Lord of the Rings. Many people believe it was the writer’s character in the trilogy and was therefore carved into his gravestone as his alias.

39. Ofu

This is a really obscure 3 letter name for boys from the Idoma people. It translates to ‘strength’ and ‘power’, much like many others on this list.

40. Armstrong

boy wearing winter clothes and looking at the camera

The form of the name itself gives this one away, as it literally translates to someone who has ‘strong arms’, as it’s a name of English origin.

While it’s often used more as a last name, there’s no reason it shouldn’t make a resurgence as a first name. Plus, it can be really funny for your little one to be called Armstrong during his baby years.

41. Zale

For all the sailors out there, Zale is one of the better boy names for your kids. It is of Greek origin and translates to sea strength.

42. Ejikeme

A name with origins in the Igbo language that means ‘to use strength’. It’s more often used as a surname than a first name, but I see no reason why you can’t do both.

43. Qadir

This is an Arabic name that describes a ‘powerful’ and ‘capable’ individual. It also has religious ties, as it’s one of the 99 names that Allah went by in Islam.

44. Gabriel

A textbook name for showing your faith in religion, Gabriel is a Hebrew name that translates to ‘God is my strength’ and is the name of one of God’s archangels.

45. Arsenio

A name made popular due to Arsenio Hall, one of America’s most famous TV hosts in the late 20th century. It’s a name with not one, not two, but three origins, in Spanish, Greek, and Italian, with all three translating to someone ‘virile’ and ‘strong’.

46. Swithin

A rustic name hailing from the English language that describes a ‘strong’ person or a ‘bear cub’. The most iconic bearer of this name was Saint Swithin who lived in the 9th century.

47. Roderick

Roderick, or Rodney, is of old English origin and translates to ‘strong or famous ruler’. One of the best known bearers of this name is the king of Visigoths himself, who once lorded over most of modern Western Europe.

48. Hariric

An ancient German name that was used for many ‘rulers’, meaning ‘powerful’ and ‘army’.

49. Wayan

A name popular in Indonesia and Bali, often given to firstborn children who were celebrated for their wisdom. Wayan comes from the Sanskrit language, and means ‘age’, ‘energy’, and ‘strength’.

50. Brian

happy little boy with ice cream

Brian is believed to be of Irish origin, Celtic to be more precise. It was originally ‘Bri’, which meant ‘strength’ and ‘force’ in this language.

The name itself fits well as both a first and middle name, and was actually the middle name of the character of Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

51. Bernard

A variation on Barrett, this popular German boy name has a slightly different translation, which describes someone who is ‘as strong as a bear’ or ‘as hardy as a bear’.

52. Barlas

A name of Turkish descent this time around, describing ‘heroes’ or people with the hero-like attributes of ‘bravery’ and ‘chivalry’.

53. Aldric

This is a name with roots in two different cultures, Germanic and French.

It carries the meaning of someone ‘mighty’ and ‘strong’, like a ‘ruler’. The name also has an alternate spelling in the form of Aldrich, if that one feels like it’d suit your child better.

54. Alcibiades

A name of Greek origin that translates to pure ‘strength’. It belonged to a general in ancient Greece who worked on both sides of the conflict in the Peloponnesian War.

55. Napayshni

A name with Native American origin, specifically from the Lakota people. It depicts a ‘strong’ and ‘courageous’ person.

56. Abiri

A unisex name with Hebrew origins, though not as religious as many of its counterparts. This one in particular refers to a person’s own ‘strength’ or defining someone as ‘my hero’.

57. Honovi

A name with roots in the Hopi language, Honovi refers to a ‘strong deer’ or just the idea of being ‘strong’ in general. It’s quite a rare name too.

58. Ikemba

This is a strong name for boys that doesn’t describe the strength of one person alone, but rather the ‘strength of a nation’.

59. Chukwubuikem

A strong baby boy name of Igbo origin, which has the religious meaning of ‘God is my strength’. An alternative to it seems to be the name Chuck, although this does somewhat diminish the whole tradition behind the name, but it’s an option for simplicity’s sake.

60. Aziel

boy playing on playing on the playground

A name of Hebrew origin that translates to ‘God is my strength’.

61. Elfried

A masculine version of Elfrieda, which is traditionally a girl’s name. They both translate to ‘elven strength’, so it’s the perfect name for any of you fantasy lovers who also want to give your boy a strong name.

62. Conall

A great Irish name that describes someone who is as ‘strong as a wolf’. This is a name traditionally given to many different rulers of Irish lands.

63. Andreas

Greeks have a lot of strong and powerful boy names to choose from, and Andreas is no exception. It’s a name that describes a ‘manly’ and ‘strong’ person.

64. Decebal

This is a name from the Dacian language, and it describes a ‘brave’, ‘powerful’, and ‘strong’ person.

65. Alexander

This is a name with deep historic roots and is also the origin of many other names.

It was originally a Greek name, though in modern times it is known more as Scottish, translating to the ‘defender of man’.

One of the most notable figures to go by this name was Alexander the Great, a general who greatly expanded the territories of his empire until meeting an untimely demise at a young age.

He was the epitome of strength. The name has also inspired many other names too, as mentioned before. Nicknames for Alexander include Xander, Zander, Alex, Lex, or Zan.

66. Fermin

This is one of the more uncommon strong boy names. It has roots in the Basque language and translates to ‘strong’ or ‘firm’.

67. Hamza

A variation on the Arabian name ‘Hamuza’ meaning ‘steadfast’ and ‘strong’. It has ties in religion through the Hamzanama, an Arabian book telling of the deeds of Amir Hamza.

68. Eyal

A name of Hebrew origin that translates to ‘strength’. It’s also the name of a place in Israel.

69. Drudo

Strength isn’t just about raw power, it’s the way that power is used, and there’s no better way of using it than to protect others. That’s why this Italian name is one of the best boy names out there, as it translates to a ‘strong defender’.

70. Chacha

Child is smiling in summer day at the beach

Now this is a truly rare, but also popular name, indeed. It’s of Kiswahili origin, a place found deep in East Africa, that describes someone ‘strong’.

71. Malthe

A name of Danish descent which means ‘rule’ or ‘power’. It has often been used for Danish nobility throughout history.

72. Valens

A Latin name that celebrates physical fitness as the peak of strength, translating to ‘vigorous’, ‘strong’, or ‘healthy’.

73. Abelardo

A name of Spanish descent, though its roots stem from the French variant, Adelard. The name means ‘strong’ and ‘noble’.

74. Benhail

Another religious name, this one coming from the Hebrew language, which means ‘son of strength’.

75. Jabbar

This Arabic name draws its strength from religion and simply means ‘powerful’. It’s one of the many names given to Allah in Islam.

76. Deandre

A name of American origin which translates to ‘many’ and ‘strong’. With the addition of the ‘De’ at the start, it’s become somewhat of a unisex name, meaning it’s usable by girls as well as boys.

77. Angus

A modernized version of Aonghus, a name that was originally of Gaelic descent. It means ‘strength’, ‘energy’, or ‘force’. It’s a name that’s stereotypically given to Scottish men too, so if you have a bit of blue blood in you, this one might just be the right fit for your little Scotsman.

78. Kenzo

A variation on the name Kenji, with both of them being of Japanese origin and meaning ‘healthy’ and ‘strong’.

79. Denzel

A name that’s Cornish in origin and another place name, describing a resident of ‘Denzill, Cornwall’, though its relation to strength comes from the masculine icon of the late 20th century, Denzel Washington.

80. Conrad

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An English name celebrating the idea of advice as a measure of strength, meaning ‘bold counsel’.

81. Ayele

A rare name of Ethiopian origin that translates to someone powerful. While it is mostly used as a boys name, it can also be a perfect name for a little girl, just in case you may also have a baby girl on the way.

82. Barrett

Germanic boy names are often the best examples of strong names for boys, and Barrett is living proof of that. While more common as a surname nowadays, the name itself translates to ‘bear strength’, it doesn’t get any stronger than that.

83. Uzziah

A religious Hebrew name translating to ‘my strength is Yahweh’. It belonged to a prominent King of Judea.

84. Austin

A name bearing old English roots, which describes someone ‘great’.

85. Jashiya

An American name that came to be through a mix of “Ja” and the Hebrew “Shia”, translating to ‘God’s strength’. It’s more of a unisex name in its construction, so it isn’t just exclusive to boys. It’s also a religious name.

86. Aziz

Aziz is originally an Arabic name and a variation of the name Azza, translating to someone who wants ‘to be powerful’. It’s also the moniker of popular actor and comedian, Aziz Ansari.

87. Tahmuras

A very religious Persian name tied to Zoroastrianism. It’s a variant of a name from an older, Avestan culture, Takhma Urupi, which translates to a ‘strong body’, as many believed that power comes from a healthy and strong body.

88. Chidike

Many languages and cultures have their own way of interpreting strength, and Chidike is the Igbo way. It means ‘God is strong’.

89. Azaiah

Azaiah is a name that describes strength in a non-traditional way, by showing it through religion. In Hebrew, it translates to ‘my strength is Yahweh’.

90. Egon

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A name popularized by the book and TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ due to Egon Targaryen. This German name describes someone who is ‘strong with a sword’.

91. Kendrick

A name of English origin, commonly given to nobility as it described a ‘bold ruler’. It’s shared by Grammy award-winning American musician, Kendrick Lamar.

92. Garrett

An English variation of Gerard, translating to ‘spear’, ‘strong’, and ‘hard’.

93. Imre

A name of Hungarian origin that describes ‘strength’ in this language, though it has some history in Estonia too.

94. Nero

While it might be an ancient Roman name that belonged to one of it’s most infamous emperors, it has definitely stood the test of time and is a really strong and cool boys name. It describes the qualities of someone ‘powerful’, ‘strong’, and ‘vigorous’.

95. Maska

A name of Native American descent meaning ‘power’, though it’s unclear if it was the actual word for power within their culture, as some people claim they chose meanings first and then made up an appropriate word for it.

96. Njord

Njord, as the name might suggest, comes from the Nordic language. It means ‘vigorous’ and ‘strong’. It belonged to one of their Norse gods, specifically the god of the sea, fertility and, sailing, making it an excellent choice for a future sailor.

97. Absko

Absko is one of the more unique and strong boy names, with an equally unique origin. Hailing from Kenya, this name means ‘strength’ and ‘power’.

98. Craft

A German name that describes someone ‘courageous’ or ‘strong’. It’s used more as a last name than a first name nowadays, but it was one of the most popular names back in the middle ages.

99. Osiris

This is the English variation of the name Usir, which was originally Egyptian. It symbolizes someone ‘mighty’ and ‘powerful’. It’s a name that belongs to the Egyptian god of the underworld, alongside his brother Set.

100. Everett

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This name shows the strength of nature. In the English language, it describes a ‘wild boar herd’.

101. Prabhu

The Sanskrit culture has a strong name in Prabhu. It translates to a ‘mighty and powerful master’ or ‘prince’. Nowadays, however, it’s mostly seen as a last name, but there are places where it is still used as a first name.

In Conclusion

Strength is valued differently from person to person. Some see raw power as the ultimate form of strength, while others see it in working together or sharing wisdom and simply living a long, happy life.

That’s why you can find strong boy names wherever you look, the only thing that matters is how you interpret them.

This was very much evident in many of the names listed above, some of which I hope have managed to help you make a decision on how to name your baby boy. I’m sure it’ll end up being a really powerful one. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Until next time, mammas.

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