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16 Characteristics Of And Facts About September Babies

16 Characteristics Of And Facts About September Babies

September marks the beginning of a new season, back-to-school shopping, and returning to work after the holidays.

When it comes to September babies, they’re very cheerful and strong kids that grow into responsible and successful adults!

Your little one might grow up to be a superstar athlete or a Hollywood entertainer, according to interesting facts based on science and data.

Your baby’s future might be destined by her zodiac sign as well, especially when it comes to certain traits people share.

Your kiddo might become a calm and organized Virgo or an indecisive and diplomatic Libra.

If you’re having a September kiddo, you’ll love these amazing facts about your little one!

Amazing Facts About September Babies

1. They have the most colorful birthstone

beautiful blue sapphire

September babies have one of the most versatile birthstones of all, the sapphire.

This gemstone is one of my personal favorites because it comes in almost every color, except red which is the color of a ruby.

Padparadscha is one of the rarest sapphires which is orangey-pink in color and it stands for “lotus flower” in Sri Lanka.

2. The most powerful birth flowers of the year

September has very simple and beautiful birth flowers which stand for innocence, strength, wisdom, purity, and faith.

Asters and morning glories are not only symbols of this month but they also stand for the beginning of fall.

The aster is also referred to as a frost flower or starwort. It’s usually found in white, pink, lilac, mauve, or red colors.

Just like the name says, morning glories usually open their flowers in the morning, to show their glorious and breathtaking colors.

Both flowers symbolize powerful love and inner strength.

3. A New Year baby

sleeping baby on white blanket

Babies who are born in September are probably a Christmas or New Year baby, according to math.

Pregnancy lasts for around 8 to 9 months, which means September babies were conceived in December or January.

4. The most popular birth month

September is considered to be the busiest month for obstetricians and midwives.

Research has shown that this month is the most popular birth month with the highest concentration of birthdays between September 9 and 20.

5. September babies are the happiest babies

cute little baby laughs

Many people say it’s impossible to predict someone’s personality just by the date of birth.

However, there could be science behind the claim that September babies have a lower risk of depression.

During summer, babies receive vitamin D even in the mother’s womb which is very beneficial for the mental health of the mother and the baby.

6. A Virgo or a Libra baby

September-borns are either Virgo kids or Libra babies.

Those who were born between August 23 and September 22 are Virgos. They are known for their attention to detail, organization skills, and hard-working nature.

However, Virgo kids can be a bit stubborn, too!

On the other hand, Libra children are more clever and outgoing. Your kiddo would rather avoid confrontation and try to solve every issue in a diplomatic way (watch out because they do always get what they want, but in a nice way!).

7. Ready for the NBA

happy baby boy playing with basketball on the bed

September babies appear to be taller than babies born in other months.

It’s not impossible, because unborn babies get vitamin D from moms who are exposed to it, especially during summer, before they give birth.

September-borns are also very good at sports and most people say it’s because those children have physical advantages over others such as height and strong bones.

8. September kids have thicker bones

Like I mentioned above, fall babies are known to have thicker bones, thanks to magical vitamin D!

As you probably already know, babies should be given vitamin D after birth to avoid any health risks and ensure the proper development of bones and all organs.

9. A VIP birthday month

Smiling baby girl lying on a bed sleeping

September is a very popular birthday month among celebrities as well.

For some people, September stands for the beginning of fall (in the northern hemisphere at least), but for others, it’s the month of the most popular birthdays in the entertainment world!

Some of the most well-known people with September birthdays are:

• Beyoncé – Queen B celebrates her birthday at the beginning of the month, September 4!

One of the greatest singers and entertainers of modern times was brought into this world in September and I’m sure her fans are more than happy to celebrate her birthday.

• Keanu Reeves – This famous American actor and one of the nicest people in Hollywood was born on September 2. We all know him and love him for everything he does, says, and lives by.

However, he may be nice as Keanu, but he might not be so kind as John Wick. Especially if you mess with his dog!

• Zendaya – From backup dancer to Hollywood star, Zendaya’s story is truly moving and proof that everything can happen if you work hard enough, as Virgos are known to do!

She was close to being an August baby but ended up celebrating her birthday on September 1.

• Will Smith – American actor, film producer, and rapper who is also known as the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, the TV show that opened the gates of Hollywood to Smith.

Will was born on September 25 and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, on September 18.

• Prince Harry – Your little one can brag for the rest of her life about having the same birthday as one of the members of the British royal family, especially if she’s born on September 15.

These are just a few of the most famous people that come to my mind but this list could go on for days, so I had to select only a handful.

In any case, if you have a September baby, you might have the next superstar in your house!

10. Skinny baby

Babies born in September supposedly have a bigger chance of being born with a slightly lower weight, so your baby might be skinnier than others.

However, this shouldn’t affect your little one’s health in any way.

11. September preemie

Newborn baby sleep sleeping

A slightly lower birth weight might be the consequence of premature birth.

Babies born in the fall and winter usually rush out a week earlier to explore the world!

Fortunately enough, that doesn’t affect the development of your child, mentally or physically.

12. Fall babies are prone to asthma and allergies

Unfortunately, lots of September-borns might be allergic to dairy products, peanuts, or eggs!

Of course, not all babies develop allergies or asthma, but you should be extra cautious during the first year of your little one’s life.

13. 100 years on earth

Cute little baby with bottle lying

The majority of centenarians in the US are actually born in September or in a fall month, according to research conducted by the University of Chicago.

The main assumption is that fall babies usually go through seasonal infections at an earlier stage of their lives and therefore build their immune system quicker.

Children born in the fall are generally healthier because of good immunity so it’s not a surprise that September-borns live longer.

14. Student of the year

Your September-born baby girl might be a gifted child, at least according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

Children born in September are considered to be more successful at school than kids born in any other month.

The cognitive development of a September child is advanced over other students because the birthday cutoff falls on September 1.

Therefore, September kids are usually older than others, especially babies born in August, who are usually considered to be the youngest in class.

Also, September-borns are less likely to get into trouble and commit a juvenile crime, according to the same study by NBER.

15. Lower risk of developing bipolar disorder

Cute little infant sitting on bed

Children born in September are less likely to have bipolar disorder because of the vitamin D they get before birth.

Researchers are still not sure how September-borns have this protective factor, but it’s there.

Bipolar disorder is a very serious condition that should be treated appropriately and on time. Early symptoms might show at a young age which is why parents should pay attention to their children’s behavior and share any concerns with a doctor.

16. September baby names

If your due date falls in September, you might want to look for baby name inspiration in this month.

For the parents who are still looking for a name for their new baby, here are some of the trending September names:

Boy names

1. Oscar

2. George

3. Jack

4. Oliver

5. Charlie

6. Knox

7. Noah

8. Harry

9. Charlie

10. Arthur

Girl names

1. Autumn

2. Ella

3. Rosie

4. Mia

5. Amber

6. Isla

7. Olivia

8. Isabella

9. Sapphire

10. Sophia

Wrapping Up

Cute little baby girl looking into the camera

Every baby is amazing in her own way and your little one can have the best personality in the world or be the best student in school, no matter which month she’s born in.

However, according to science, it does appear that there are slight nuances between children based on the month of birth.

September-borns do have certain advantages over other children, but moms who give birth during September are true queens who endure a lot during their third trimester.

It’s not easy to carry a baby during the highest temperatures of the year, but that just shows how strong we are as women and mothers!

However, we shouldn’t forget about papas either! Even though Father’s Day is celebrated in June, countries like New Zealand, Fiji, New Guinea, and the continent of Australia celebrate this day on the first Sunday of September!

If you ever visit any of these countries during September, don’t forget to get a Father’s Day present for your dad or partner!


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