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Celebrating Red, White & Blue: 16 Best 4th Of July Decorations

Celebrating Red, White & Blue: 16 Best 4th Of July Decorations

With July coming soon, now is the perfect time to start looking for 4th of July decorations!

Sure, it might still be a little early, but time flies and before you know it, you’ll be scrambling around while trying to put together the perfect Independence Day party.

The 4th of July, or the day when we celebrate the independence of our great country, is definitely one of my favorite holidays!

It’s summer and it’s the best time for the entire family to get together, have a BBQ, eat some ice cream, and watch the fireworks.

Decorations make every party one to remember, so they’re very high on my list whenever I’m planning a family event.

With the best 4th of July decorations, I guarantee that you will have the best shindig yet, which is why I’ve prepared 16 recommendations that will add lots of patriotic flair to your festivities!

1. USA Patriotic Party Sunglasses

Some of my favorite fourth of July party decorations are decorations you can wear yourself! And you can never go wrong with shades to show off your U.S. pride.

You will get 6 pairs of sunglasses in this pack, and all have a distinct “personality” of their own. I’m pretty fond of the ones with the American flag hearts, but the Uncle Sam beard and hat combo was also a big hit among the guys in my family!

These shades will definitely create a lot of laughs and make for some amazing pictures, too, so you should definitely include them on your party supplies list.

2. Large Patriotic Pinwheels (12 Pack)

If you’re planning an Independence Day BBQ in your backyard, for example, a great decorating idea is to arrange pinwheels in vases and use them as table decorations.

When the wind blows, the wheels will move, bringing life to your table. Plus, they’re super fun for little kids to play with, too. Since these pinwheels are quite big, you can even stick them in the ground.

In this pack, you will get 12 pieces in red white and blue that you can also bring out when you celebrate other important holidays, such as Memorial Day.

3. 4th of July Inflatable Uncle Sam

Are you the type of person who likes to go BIG with their United States pride and outdoor decorations? Then, this inflatable Uncle Sam was literally made for you.

With this in your backyard, I guarantee that you’ll be the coolest house in your entire neighborhood.

Along with the blow-up Uncle Sam, you will also receive everything you need to set it up in your backyard so that it doesn’t fly away.

And unlike other fourth of July decorations that you might lose come next year, Uncle Sam can easily be put away until it’s time to grab the attention of all your neighbors again!

4. Patriotic Party Supplies

One of my favorite things about the 4th of July is all the delicious food! If you’re planning on entertaining lots of guests this year (like we usually do), paper plates are your best bet when it comes to feeding everyone.

This set includes big plates and small plates, including napkins. I really like how they’re still a great patriotic decoration without being overly tacky, and I’m sure your guests will love them!

5. American Flag Bunting Banner

If you live in a house with a porch, why not get a bunting banner to show off your patriotism on the front side of your home too?

This model is made from high-quality polyester that will stand all sorts of weather and still won’t fade, meaning that you can keep it outside for as long as you would like!

I also like that both sides of the banner are the same, so you won’t be staring at a plain white color when you’re enjoying some downtime on the porch.

6. American Flag 5×8

We really can’t talk about decorations for 4th of July without mentioning the American flag. In case you don’t already have the Star-Spangled Banner in your yard, now is the perfect opportunity to get one!

This flag is made from nylon, a high-quality material that can stand being in the outdoors and exposed to all sorts of weather. Not even the sun will make the colors fade!

Plus, I love how the flag is actually made in the US – it’s always great to support local businesses!

7. Patriotic Star Serving Dishes

These ceramic star-shaped plates are perfect for 4th of July Parties. They come in 3 colors, red, white, and blue, and they’re super easy to clean.

8. Red White & Blue 4th of July Cotton Table Runner

There’s no better way to give your table some patriotic vibes than with a table runner! I’m a fan of this one because it’s made from cotton and not plastic-looking material that many festive tablecloths are usually made from.

You can also use it for both indoor or outdoor meals, and it will definitely add a touch of elegance to your festivities.

9. Patriotic Table Place-Mats For American Independence Day

Eating all that delicious food on July 4th can get very messy, very quickly – especially when kids are involved!

To help you contain all that mess and reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up afterward, you should definitely consider these patriotic placemats.

I love all the different illustrations they are decorated with, such as butterflies, ribbons, and stars, all in beautiful shades of red, blue, and white.

They are made from polyester, which means you can throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty. All in all, this is a great piece of home decor that you can use for years to come.

10. Red, White And Blue Star Indoor Battery Operated LED String Lights

While regular string lights would definitely work for an Independence Day party, getting 4th of July-themed lights is definitely stepping it up a notch!

This set comes with 12 stars in red, white, and blue colors. But remember to get a pack of batteries (3 type AA will do), since they’re not included with the string lights.

You can incorporate these LED lights in many different ways! For example, you can place them on the dinner table as a fun decoration, but you can even combine them with a banner or garland to add an extra fun touch.

11. God Bless America 4th of July House Flag

This “God Bless America” flag is made from burlap – a material that can definitely stand all kinds of weather without showing signs of wear. Plus, you can even throw it in the washing machine!

In addition, both sides of the flag are painted, which is a very nice touch.

It’s a great accessory for your front or back yard, and since it’s so durable, you can leave it out all year long – not just in July.

12. Lavish Home Caroline 3 Piece Quilt Set

But decorations for the 4th of July don’t need to be only for the outdoors! In fact, there are many different ways of adding some patriotic flair to your personal living space, too.

A patriotic quilt set such as this one by Lavish Home can add a wonderful 4th of July vibe to your bedroom without being too over the top.

It comes in three sizes, one for a king-sized, one for a queen-sized, and one for a twin-sized bed. As for materials, it’s made from cotton and polyester, which also makes it machine washable.

I also love how the two sides of the quilt come with different designs, so you can switch it up when you get bored of looking at one side for too long.

13. Darice Americana 4th July Decor – USA Flag Crackled Barn Star

While this star ornament can be a great addition to your Christmas tree, you can also use it for an outdoors or indoors Independence Day celebration!

Hang it on your porch or on the branches of the tree in your backyard, and I’m sure everyone will ask where you got it.

In one pack, you will get 4 star ornaments. They’re illustrated with an American Flag design and made to look a little bit rustic, too.

14. Wood Curl Patriotic Wreath

A wreath is the centerpiece of your front door, so you should definitely get one to up your Independence Day decoration game!

I really love this One Holiday Way wreath that’s in the colors of the American Flag. And the small roses add a really nice touch.

15. American Flag Bandanas

Bandanas are a really versatile piece of clothing that you can wear any way you’d like! With little kids, they can double as a bib, too, to protect their shirts from getting stained.

In this pack, you will get 13 bandanas (they all look the same) and you can hand them out to your guests so you all have matching accessories!

16. DII Modern Chic Napkin Rings

What I really love about these napkin rings is that they’re star-shaped, so they are perfect for patriotic festivities, but they’re also great for a regular dinner party as well.

You will get 6 rings in a pack and they’re made from good quality metal, too!

To wrap up

4th of July decorations burgers flags statue of liberty With these 4th of July decorations, I tried to cover all the bases, so that even if you’re not into throwing big parties, you will be able to find something to bring more American vibes to your gathering.

But if you like to go big, I also made sure to provide you with some decor that I’m sure you will love!

In any case, I hope that your party this year blows everyone’s expectations out of the water!

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 Best 4th Of July Decorations

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