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  • mum preparing vegetable salad helping tween school girl child doing homework sitting at kitchen table

    5 Simple Ways To Help Your Tween Become An ‘A’ Grade Student

    The tween years really don’t come with enough warning signs. When your kids were babies, everyone seemed to be all up in your business, offering advice like they were Dr. Phil – except you literally never asked for it. And there’s plenty of warnings about the teenage years, too. But the tween stage, that God-awful […]

  • Front view of a fashion happy woman in red shirt and black pants walking and using a smart phone on a city street

    Striding For Success: 13 Best Apps That Pay You To Walk In 2020

    Usually I write about budgeting tips that require a lot of mental investment, and while they’re worthwhile in their own way and will help you in the long term, we shouldn’t forget about the little things that can ease our financial burdens just by going about our daily lives. Things like apps that pay you […]

  • A pregnant mom in white to be holding a piggy bank

    The Average Cost Of Having A Baby And The Impact On Your Budget

    While normally we talk about budgeting your income in general, the time has come to pay some special attention to a very specific, and budget-busting, aspect of your life – the average cost of having a baby. So you’ve finally decided that you want to conceive a child, but are unaware of the potentially egregious […]

  • Pretty woman wonders at excellent fuchsia shoes

    The No Spend Challenge Guide: 7 Best Ways To Save Money

    Starting a tight budget tends to be difficult for anyone just starting out with budgeting, especially as he struggles to find places to cut down on expenses. That’s why a lot of people opt to challenge themselves with something like a no spend challenge. The no spend challenge sounds as simple as the name implies. […]

  • Stay at home mom working on laptop with kid on her lap in her living room

    12 Best Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms Of 2020

    Starting your own business has never been more popular than it is today and women of all ages and walks of life are increasingly quitting their old jobs to become entrepreneurs. And when we talk about business ideas for stay at home moms, the list is almost endless! The truth is, some moms just can’t […]

  • Money and checkbook with hand holding a pen, calculator on table

    How To Balance A Checkbook: The Best Beginner’s Guide To Finance

    The question on how to balance a checkbook ends up on everyone’s mind at one point or another, whether it’s on a daily, monthly, or even annual basis. Keeping a clean and precise checkbook isn’t something overly difficult, it’s just basic math, albeit with somewhat higher numbers than third grade of primary school. It’s mostly […]

  • woman calculating paycheck

    Paycheck Budgeting: 7 Best Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Wages

    Budgeting is a skill many people tend to overlook when it comes to managing their personal finances because they don’t like making changes to their lifestyle. But is it as bad as it seems? No, not really – especially when it comes to paycheck budgeting, a method where you divide your paycheck up into smaller […]

  • Young couple sitting at sofa in their home and thinking about saving money for future

    Budgeting Advice For Beginners: 8 Best Steps To Manage Your Money

    Making a budget is the crux of every single piece of financial advice you’ll ever hear – and for good reason. But what if you don’t really know how to do so? Maybe you’re just dipping your toes into the financial world or you’re looking for advice on how to tighten the belt when it […]

  • Frugal living written on a note pad, money and a calculator on a table

    Being Frugal With Money: 26 Best Ways To Save Up

    There is this odd stigma in modern times where when someone in society sees a person being frugal with money, they instantly get branded as poor, boring, or any similar attribute. This can’t be farther from the truth. Frugal people are simply being careful with where they spend their money, as spending money uncontrollably can […]

  • family with piggy bank money box in a living room

    The Average Family Budget: Breaking Down All The Key Expenses

    Sorting out your personal finances can sometimes feel like putting together a giant puzzle, especially if you don’t know much about the average family budget and how all the different costs add up. Understanding that the average family budget should include not only food costs, money for utilities, and mortgage payments, but also paying off […]

  • mother holding baby while talking on phone at home

    14 Best Jobs For Moms Of 2020: Balancing Career And Family

    When you become a mom, your priorities change and spending more time with your precious baby takes first place. But there are many jobs for moms that will allow you to provide for your family while spending time with your little one. Mom-friendly jobs will give you greater flexibility, so you can be there for […]

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