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  • Expenses planning concept

    How To Categorize Expenses: Personal Finance Management Tips

    Learning how to categorize expenses is the next thing to do after tracking your spending and determining where your money goes every month. Now, you have a list of your expenses and you want to break them down into various categories. The reason for this categorization is to enable you to create a guideline for […]

  • Little girl with a book

    Finance Books For Kids: 17 Personal Finance Reads For Children

    Money lessons wrapped up in stories are the basis of finance books for kids. These books set them on a path for lifelong success in financial management in addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic. Finance books for kids covering money management and basic economic principles may be introduced to children as young as 3 to […]

  • Piggy bank

    How Do We Cut Our Budget When There’s Nothing Left To Cut?

    There could be times when you just find yourself in an awful financial situation, and you are left wondering how to go through the month and ensure every bill is paid with the little or nothing that is left in your account. You want to cut down on some expenses, so you go through your […]

  • Mom, dad, and daughter with a dog

    Pet Budget: The Cost of Owning and Managing a Furry Friend

    You are probably thinking of owning a pet, or you already have one, and you are trying to find out how to go about your pet budget. Maybe you want to know what you are up against before taking the plunge, or you are looking for ways to cut costs on your pet care. Whatever […]

  • woman breast feeding baby

    Breastfeeding Saves Money: Here’s How & Why You Should Do It

    When your baby is born, most new mums have a choice: breast or bottle. From a financial point of view, it certainly seems that breastfeeding saves money, but is this really the case? Potentially, more important is how breastfeeding really can save lives—and we’re not just talking about the life of your baby. Let’s take […]

  • saving money concept

    Saving Money Motivation: 10 Tips to Reach Your Savings Goals

    There are so many great habits to develop as part of one’s lifestyle. One such a great habit is setting money aside as savings. Saving money should be something everyone is excited about, a way of life, and not some kind of burden. Everyone wants to have some money saved up to take care of […]

  • Mother's hands supporting little child's hands

    Budgeting Tips For Single Moms: 18 Surefire Financial Steps

    When money is tight, it can be scary to look at the figures in your bank account. To help you, we have researched practical budgeting tips for single moms. These steps might take a different shape from how you were used to doing things in the past as you may be accustomed to at least […]

  • Family holding piggybank

    How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Child: Child-Rearing Stats

    Do you have a baby on the way or are your kids already growing? Kids of any age are wonderful! But if you’re one of those running to the search engines to ask “How much does it cost to raise a child?” there are some shocking numbers that you’re about to discover. The estimated cost […]

  • Monthly Meal Planner to Help You Cut Costs and Save on Food

    Monthly Meal Planner to Help You Cut Costs and Save on Food

    A monthly meal planner can really be helpful in saving you time and money. If you are looking for a way to cut down on meal costs and remove extra expenses in your budget, you might want to try planning your meals. It is a quick, concise, and straightforward plan that you can make in […]

  • Budget Meal Planning: 11 Strategic Tips For Money Saving

    Have you ever thought of how possible it is to whip through a week’s or months’ worth of food in just one or two hours during the weekend? Then read on to find out how to whittle down weeknight kitchen time to Z-Zero! Budget meal planning is essential as it saves you so much money, […]

  • How To Prepare For A Baby Financially

    How To Prepare For A Baby Financially: 24 Ideas That Can Help

    Having a baby is expensive. However, you can cut costs if you learn how to prepare for a baby financially. People who commit to financial planning while expecting a new baby save twice as much as those who don’t. Expecting a new family member can be exciting and overwhelming. Nevertheless, you need to prepare financially […]

  • What is a Sinking Fund

    What is a Sinking Fund? (Why You Need It And How to Use It)

    You probably don’t quite get it, and you keep asking the question, “What is a sinking fund?” Well, for instance, you know you have to pay for major car repairs at some point in the future. You may not know when, but you know you’ll be needing money for your car maintenance and repairs. How […]

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