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  • C Section Recovery: 11 Important Things To Keep In Mind

    “Labor is the only blind date where you’re sure you’ll meet the love of your life.” – Unknown A lot of women dream of becoming a mom one day. It was my dream as well and to be honest, I didn’t think that much about labor and giving birth as I was enjoying every day […]

  • pregnant woman with nausea

    Stomach Flu While Pregnant: Is It Dangerous And What To Do

    As if it isn’t enough that you’re overwhelmed by the reality of being pregnant – that your whole world is going to be forever changed from here on out – you now seem to have come down with a mean ol’ tummy bug! Or at least, you think so. Especially if you’re expecting your first […]

  • Mother nursing baby

    Cluster Feeding: What It Is And How To Cope With It?

    One of the challenges that come with nursing your little one is cluster feeding. Just like it sounds, the term is used in describing nursing sessions when your baby wants to be fed more frequently than usual. It occurs in the first few weeks or months after your newborn’s arrival. This is a normal infant […]

  • Spectra and Medela Breast Pumps

    Spectra Vs Medela: Which Breast Pump Is Better For You?

    One decision you need to make as a mom is to decide what to feed your baby. Would you buy formulas, breastfeed, or both? If you choose to breastfeed your baby, you might want to find out ways to make it easier. As a stay-at-home mom, you may not think so much of breast pumps […]

  • Woman Hand Expressing Milk Holding a Bottle

    Hand Expressing Milk: 10 Best Ways To Express Breast Milk

    Being a mother for the first time can be a completely overwhelming experience. You will need to have a crash course in milk production, electric breast pumps, breast milk storage, and all sorts of things you have never had to deal with before. I want you to know that you are not alone in this. […]

  • Baby Formula mixture

    Switching From Breast Milk To Formula: Step By Step Guide

    Every breastfed baby will react and adapt differently when it comes to switching from breast milk to formula. One important thing to watch out for is how your baby reacts to the changes. Whether you are just supplementing your breast milk or switching to formula completely, it should be done gradually to make the transition […]

  • Woman breastfeeding child outside

    Breastfeeding In Public: Laws And Tips For Nursing Mothers

    Come to think of it, the concept of public breastfeeding can seem totally weird at first, especially when nursing your first baby. But as natural as breastfeeding is, it still seems to attract a lot more attention than bottle-feeding – and not always in a good way. As a nursing mom, if you aren’t very […]

  • Can You Get A Tattoo While Breastfeeding

    Can You Get A Tattoo While Breastfeeding: Useful Tips

    There are a number of health concerns to be considered when breastfeeding your baby, and getting a tattoo done or removed is one of them. “Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding?” is what many moms on forums and chat groups are desperately seeking answers to, along with those who are sunken in regret having […]

  • Compression Socks In Pregnancy: When, Why, And What Type To Wear?

    Compression Socks In Pregnancy: When, Why, And What Type To Wear?

    Kankles. The mere mention of the word and an instant image flashes of a highly pregnant woman with inflated feet ready to bust out of her open toe sandals at any second.  But there are a couple other maternity discomforts way up there on the rankings (apart from the all-too-common morning sickness!) For instance, let’s […]

  • Postpartum Pads – 12 Best Choices For New Moms

    Motherhood is one of the most wonderful experiences in a woman’s life, and it comes with many surprises—although, not all of them are great, to be honest.  Postpartum bleeding is one of the not so great ones. Knowing about it and how to be prepared will make those first difficult weeks after giving birth so […]

  • Power Pumping

    Power Pumping: Facts You Should Know Before Trying It

    Breastfeeding puts a huge energy demand on your body, and while some mothers may have a lot of time to breastfeed, it does not always work flawlessly for everyone. One of the biggest issues among modern moms is their milk supply. It can sometimes be frustrating for mothers if they cannot produce enough milk for […]

  • Lactogenic Food: Top 20 Ingredients For A Better Milk Supply

    You thought that the connection between you and your baby will be different after you give birth, right? But, that’s not true. Even after you deliver the child, they still depend on you and on what you eat just like it was while they were in your tummy.  That’s why moms need to pay attention […]

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