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23 Best Baby Dish Soaps And Dishwasher Detergents Of 2022

23 Best Baby Dish Soaps And Dishwasher Detergents Of 2022

You may have been using regular dish detergents your whole life but now that you have a baby, you want to buy baby dish soap.

Sounds easy, but it’s not.

As you scroll through Amazon, you’ll see more and more products and you might have no idea what you actually need.

Baby dish soap should keep a baby bottle clean, without the milk residue or film which makes the bottle look cloudy.

Also, we want to avoid harsh chemicals and nasty ingredients for our health.

The market is flooded with baby brands that state their products are very safe and without any harsh chemicals.

As more research is being done on the toxicity of materials used in baby products, scientists are discovering many concerns about traditional ingredients used in bottles, toys, baby utensils, and the rest of baby equipment.

This is becoming a burning issue in the world, as bad ingredients cause health and environmental problems.

Of course, no one wants to poison people on purpose.

Science has developed in such a manner that today we know a lot more than before and we have a greater range of information sources.

For all of you busy moms, here’s a quick list of our top picks!

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Best Baby Dish Soap For Baby Bottles

You don’t have to waste hours of your precious time going through numerous lists of products with confusing ingredients, this mamma has got you covered! Here’s the list of the best baby dish soaps and dishwasher detergents:

1. ATTITUDE Baby Dish Soap

Baby soap should be chosen in the same way as baby bottles, with care and attention.

Attitude liquid soap is the perfect mixture of soap, powerful enough to remove grease, bacteria, and any excess food (fat from breast milk and formula).

This product has been certified by ECOLOGO as a safe household and environmental product.

It’s free from allergens, fragrances, and sodium laureth sulfate. SLS is one of the most popular surfactants in the cosmetic industry and a harmful chemical that might cause cancer.

Attitude’s soap can be used for infant bottles, toys, pacifiers, breast pump parts, sippy cups, and other baby essentials, but it can also serve as a primary dish soap in the household.

I tried to wash some greasy pans with it and it did work but only after I used a larger quantity of product.

This can be an issue if you wash a lot of greasy dishes every day, but if you use it for lightly stained dishes like plates and glasses, it will work just like any other detergent which contains harmful ingredients.

Another thing that made me crazy about this product is the EWG A rating, which means it’s completely safe for your little one and the whole family.

2. Aleva Naturals Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid

Aleva Naturals has been taking care of mammas and babies since 2008.

Their dish wash soap is one of my favorites, even though it’s not without scent.

This might be a deal-breaker for some, but I don’t see it that way as Aleva has used water lily as a signature natural scent for years.
There are three key natural components:

• Water lily

• Coconut oil

• Aloe Vera

This might be considered to be one of the best liquid soaps on the market as it’s used in NICUs in Canada as well.

Babies who stay in the NICU are more sensitive and susceptible to germs and infections, so every product in there has to be carefully selected.

Parents will feel protected as well with this specific formula which is strong enough to clean milk residues, grease, or caked-on food residue (unless it has hardened), but is also gentle on your skin and safe for your baby.

Bottles, breast pump components, plates, cups, cutlery, and baby utensils, are just some of the home essentials that can be washed with this dish wash soap.

Remember, this is suitable for hand wash only, please do not try to use it as dishwashing liquid in a dishwasher.

3. Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap

Babyganics dish soap is a plant-based cleanser for effective cleaning of baby equipment including toys.

It’s known for not irritating your skin as it’s made without:

• Phosphates

• Dyes

• Phthalates

• Artificial fragrances

This is one of the most popular cleaning products but not just for its efficiency.

There are often a few raised eyebrows after reading this product contains methylisothiazolinone.

This chemical is a synthetic ingredient that can be harmful, but only if used in larger quantities or if it’s not rinsed well.

Methylisothiazolinone is an ingredient that helps you get rid of that dried milk in the bottle, or any gunk and grease in pump parts, on toys, sippy cups, or other baby stuff.

This ingredient might be harmful only if it’s not rinsed off properly.

Since Babyganics is easily rinsed off, there’s no need to fear that it might cause any harm to your little one.

4. Better Life

If you’re searching for multipurpose liquid soap, Better Life might be the perfect solution for you. This dish cleanser is free from:

• Sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS)

• Sodium laureth sulfates (SLES)

• Petroleum

• Synthetic fragrance

• Parabens

• Alcohol

• Ethers

• Artificial dyes

Products generally may contain some ingredients that might be on the verge of being accepted as a healthy alternative to regular soaps.

The same goes for Better Life’s natural liquid soap.

This product contains tocopherol, an active ingredient used in food and cosmetics.

For a long time, this chemical was considered to be a harsh chemical until it was discovered that it is food safe.

Tocopherol is still frowned upon by some who argue that this chemical compound is not safe enough to be used in baby products.

There are different types of this compound called alpha, beta, gamma, and delta, which are considered natural oxidants.

5. Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Soap

If I had made this list several years ago I would say Dapple is the best soap ever.

It’s very popular among infant and toddler parents who want everything to be squeaky clean for their loved ones.

This product is hypoallergenic, made of natural ingredients (mostly), and a great addition to your household, especially when you have a baby in the house.

But, now I’d rather say it’s a very good product. To be clear, there’s no 100% natural baby bottle soap, except the Castile soap.

Most of these products have a small percentage of stronger chemicals that help clean hardened stains on dishes but can easily be rinsed off, so there’s no fear it could end up in baby’s milk or water.

This brand prides itself on having a higher percentage chance of removing milk fat and odor from baby bottles than other liquid soaps, up to 50%, which is why most parents use it.

The odor may be a sign that the bottle and the rest of the equipment are not washed properly, or that the bottle contains bacteria.

One of the most important things is that this product is dermatologist and pediatrician tested and safe for your little munchkin.

6. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap

This liquid soap is the definition of multipurpose as it has 18 different uses, from face, hair, dishes to laundry!

This Castile soap is made of organic oils including retained glycerin.

Castile soaps are one of the purest forms of organic cleansers as they are vegetable-based.

Plus, they don’t include foaming agents or synthetic preservatives.

These soaps are biodegradable and non-toxic therefore they can be used as laundry detergents and as a hair and face wash, as well.

The product is completely vegan and it has no artificial fragrance, but you should still avoid the eye area if you use it for personal hygiene, as it’s not tear-free.

You can wash baby bottles with this product without any worries as it easily rinses off.

The ingredients list makes it one of the purest natural products on this list, as it’s made of vegetable oils.

It doesn’t use animal fats in any way nor any synthetic chemical, which makes it a completely natural and non-toxic baby bottle soap.

You can use this soap on your face if you have sensitive skin as well and I’m sure you will get great results.

7. Ecos Earth Friendly Products Baby Bottle & Dish Wash

An eco-friendly soap is always welcomed in my house, especially if it’s made of natural ingredients which can’t harm any member of my family, as I mostly use these products for all of us.

Sustainable production is another plus for this product but it does contain some chemicals.

This product includes methylisothiazolinone and phenoxyethanol, which are used as preservatives, and an antibacterial agent.

Even though it’s not made 100% of natural ingredients, it doesn’t harm your skin in any way nor does it leave any harmful residue for your baby.

Also, it’s a really good cleanser as there’s no milk film around the bottle when you’re done and you don’t even need a bottle brush!

8. Grab Green Natural Baby Bottle & Dish Soap

Babies are very delicate beings with sensitive skin that require special care so their parents always search for the best solution to protect their child.

It’s very important to use proper baby products, which don’t contain harmful chemicals or leave a toxic residue.

These can cause serious health issues and leave permanent damage on the skin or in the body.

Grab Green natural soap meets all the requirements of the perfect baby bottle soap, except scent.

This soap is not a fragrance-free product, but it has a very fresh scent. The pleasant scent comes from bergamot, mandarin, and cypress essential oils.

It’s gentle enough to protect you and your baby from skin irritations, but strong enough to clean those stubborn breast milk or formula stains on bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, and pump parts.

As Grab Green baby dishwasher soap is made of natural ingredients, don’t be surprised to find it only mildly foaming, which doesn’t affect its power against stains.

9. mamaforest Natural Soap Dish Bar

I am sure most of you thought the same thing as me when I first saw this soap: How am I supposed to wash bottles with this?

Well, the answer is quite simple, actually.

All you need to do is take the bottle brush, brush over the soap and clean the baby bottle, sippy cup, or whatever you’d like.

Of course, if you use a sponge, just rub it against the soap to make suds.

This is a unique dish soap for sure, but what I love most about it is that it’s 99,9% sterilizing.

It protects your baby from known bacteria and germs that are found in the kitchen and that protection transfers to everything you wash with a coated sponge or brush.

Mamaforest uses natural ingredients, including:

• Coconut oil

• Argan oil

• Citrus lemon oil

• Black salt

• Palm oil

• Coffee powder

• Corn starch

It’s healthy, non-toxic, antibacterial, and eco-friendly!

It’s made as a soap bar to keep the environment clean from unnecessary plastic containers.

Paper packaging is completely safe for the environment and makes the whole product biodegradable, which is a big plus, at least for me.

This soap will wash all your dishes and keep your hands moisturized at the same time with the power of argan and coconut oil.

This brand is full of innovations, it seems, as they also recommend this soap for washing fruits and vegetables.

10. Med​​​​ela Quick Clean Soap

Medela is one of the most popular brands in the baby equipment universe – wherever you go and whatever you’re looking for, Medela has got you covered.

This is one of those brands that follows your baby from their day of birth through the next few years of childhood and most importantly, keeps her safe throughout this journey.

From breast pumps to dish soaps, Medela has been a leading brand in baby equipment for years.

Most of their products are budget-friendly which puts them at the top.

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Medela’s Breast Milk Removal soap is meant for cleaning breast milk residue, but it’s also gentle enough to protect your skin from irritation and your baby from any chemical hazards, as it has no harmful side effects.

This soap doesn’t require any scrubbing as it uses Quick Clean technology by Medela.

Leave bottles and other washable baby equipment to soak in the water for five minutes and then just rinse it off. As easy as that!

This is a great advantage for all busy moms who have to work full time and don’t have time to scrub each item for several minutes.

Here’s another awesome trick – you can use it as a stain remover on your clothes!

If you don’t like wearing a bra when you’re at home and breast milk leaves stains on your shirts all the time, this product will successfully wash out all stubborn stains from your clothes.

11. Molly’s Suds Natural Dish Soap

This product is about more than just soap, as this brand does more than produce and sell baby products.

I found Molly’s dish soap and laundry detergent some time ago and wanted to give it a try, but I first did some research on the brand.

I was surprised to find that this company is run by a mother of three who lost her fourth baby, Molly, at birth.

She couldn’t just accept this loss, so she started researching what could have caused it to happen.

Later on, she discovered that mothers can transmit harmful chemicals to their babies while pregnant which can have serious consequences in the future, leading to miscarriage or health problems.

Monica continued her research and then realized the best thing for her would be to produce her own cleansers, without harmful surfactants and chemicals.

Molly’s dish soap has a mild pH, it’s antibacterial, and is made of powerful plant surfactants which cut through grease and stubborn stains, while its gentle formula suits those who struggle with fragrance and chemical sensitivities.

It does come in three scents: lavender, lemon peel, and unscented.

Even though the fragrance is produced by plant ingredients, it can be fully avoided if you’re not a fan of scented soaps.

12. Mongdies Baby Bottle Dish Soap

This brand is all about keeping bottles and other baby items clean in a natural way.

It uses coconut surfactants which are completely safe to use and a great eco-friendly alternative to regular soaps.

You can even wash veggies and fruits with it, as it doesn’t leave a toxic residue.

The ingredients list includes camellia japonica seed oil, flower extracts from rapeseed, thymus, and honeysuckle, which moisturize skin during hand washing.

Mongdies, as a brand, satisfies almost all EWG standards which makes it one of the purest natural dish detergents on the market.

13. Seventh Generation

This is probably one of the most popular non-baby dish soaps used for baby items.

It’s gentle enough for your baby but has enough power to clean tough residue on dishes and pots.

Seventh Generation claims they only use plant-derived agents for surfactants like coconut or palm kernel oil.

However, most baby-safe cleaning products do not contain any sulfates, which is one of the main ingredients in this product in the form of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

SLS in its raw form can cause skin or eye irritation, but when this sulfate mixes with other ingredients, the risk of irritation is minimal, especially if it’s properly rinsed off.

This brand regularly tests the safety of its products, especially those which contain SLS to make sure you only get high-quality products without any health risks.

This liquid soap is USDA and EPA certified, as well, which guarantees bio-production.

14. SimpliGrown Natural Dish Soap

If you’re not so sure about using any sulfates, plant-derived or not, you can always choose sulfate-free liquid soaps such as SimpliGrown’s.

This product is recommended by pediatricians as well as it is made of food-grade ingredients derived from plants.

A non-toxic soap without dyes, parabens, and other harsh chemicals is always a good choice, especially if it’s hypoallergenic like this one.

Mommies who prefer cruelty-free products will be satisfied with this soap, as it has never been tested on animals.

It’s vegan and eco-friendly and it removes grease efficiently. What more can mamma ask for?

15. Sky Organics Dish Soap

Unscented soap without phosphates, chlorine, phthalates, or dyes is everything we ask for our children.

While our mothers probably never even thought about checking ingredients on products they used at home, today we have access to a range of sources and much research that help us understand what is good and bad for our little ones.

Sky Organics has found a way to protect your family and environment by using plant-based ingredients.

Even though it’s tough on grease and grime, it’s gentle on your skin.

As the name says, all ingredients are organic and responsibly combined into a solid cleaning product.

The thing that I love the most is that it can go a long way, as you don’t need a lot of product to clean all your dishes and washable baby items.

16. Elysium Premium Baby Bottle Liquid Soap

This premium baby liquid soap is eco-friendly and a recyclable product that makes bottles spotless and odorless.

And I love that it comes with a pump bottle.

Even though this seems like a tiny detail, it makes a huge difference as it reduces washing time and the bottle doesn’t drop from your hand like a hundred times.

Just put your hand on the pump and press a few times to squeeze the soap onto the bottle brush or sponge and that’s all!

This is a great solution for vegan moms and those who advocate for cruelty-free products.

It’s antibacterial and can be used as a sterilizer, so you don’t have to burn your hands with hot water or boil baby bottles to sterilize them.

This washing detergent is 100% natural, which means it doesn’t have any negative consequences on your baby’s health or environment.

17. Puracy Natural Dish Soap

Light and gentle on skin, but tough on grime and grease (even in hard water), this product has everything you need in one bottle if you ask this inspector mamma!

Don’t get confused while reading the ingredient list like I was the first time I saw it – lauryl glucoside is not the same as SLS.

Even though they have a similar name, the main difference is the keyword “sulfate”.

Lauryl glucoside is not a sulfate, it’s a type of sugar and fatty alcohol derived from vegetable oils and a natural alternative to sulfate cleansers.

Of course, it can’t have the same cleaning power as liquid detergents with strong chemicals, but if you soak the baby bottles for 15 minutes or so, there will be no need for scrubbing.

It comes with a green tea & lime scent which is discreet but present, so those who prefer unscented soaps should be careful about purchasing it.

18. Frosch Baby Cleaning Liquid

This dish soap is made out of plant-derived materials that scrubs off all residue from your little one’s bottles, pacifiers, and toys.

It contains vitamin B5 and it’s hypoallergenic. This liquid dish soap is free from:

• Borate


• Halogen organic compounds

• Formaldehyde

• Phosphates

​• Fragrance

The brand states they are certified with the EU Ecolabel certification, don’t test their products on animals and are vegan.

They also have a Book & Claim RSPO sustainability certification.

Without harsh chemicals or toxic residue, this baby dishwasher soap is a great product for the whole family.

19. Rebel Green Super Deluxe Dish Soap

This is another hypoallergenic product that’s based on natural ingredients and is safe for your child and the planet.

This soap is not intended as a baby bottle soap like most of the products on the list.

Rebel dish soap is used in households generally, but as it’s made of natural ingredients, without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or formaldehyde, it works perfectly fine as a baby soap, too.

Non-toxic ingredients keep the skin safe and soft but effectively remove germs and bacteria.

When it comes to cutting grease, it’s not the best as it’s pretty mild, but will work fine for most dishes, especially baby stuff.

If you don’t mind fragrance in soaps such as lilac, this will be a perfect budget product for the whole family, including your little one.

Best Dishwasher Detergents

Many mammas prefer the dishwasher over hand washing (this one here, too!) when it comes to dishes in general, but what about baby’s dishes?

The choice of healthy liquid soaps is really great, but what can you use for your dishwasher?

Some brands have thought about it and have made dishwasher tablets as an equivalent to their liquid soaps.

So, if you do have a preference, you might be able to get hold of the same formula for your dishwasher, as well:

1. ATTITUDE Dishwasher Tablets

Most baby accessories can be washed in the dishwasher as well, but the best way to know is to read the instructions before you start washing them.

Plastic is not recommended as it can melt at high temperatures, except for bottles that can be sterilized.

Attitude brand offers not only liquid soaps for hand washing but dishwasher soaps as well, so you can use the same formula in both forms.

These tablets are biodegradable, plant-based, and work perfectly fine for lightly stained dishes and baby bottles, but they probably won’t have enough power to get rid of build-ups on the dish.

2. ​Grab Green Natural Dishwasher Detergent Pods

Several dish soap brands have decided to make dishwasher versions as more and more people use them for baby items, too.

Grab Green prides itself on using only completely natural ingredients and it’s no different with these dishwasher pods.

Using a dishwasher saves precious time that you could spend with your little one or take some rest from a hard day.

Just remember, you need to check which items are dishwasher-safe and can resist high temperatures.

3. ​Puracy Platinum Dishwasher Detergent Pods

Puracy brand has already gained a lot of popularity with their liquid soap.

For those who prefer dishwashers, they created plant-powered pods with a formula that’s powerful against grime and grease but doesn’t leave any harmful residue.

It suits all dishwasher-safe items and materials, including ceramic, plastic, silicone, glass, crystal, porcelain, etc.

There’s no need to pre-rinse dishes or use any rinse aid at all. Just remove food leftovers and put the item into the dishwasher.

4. ​Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent

One of the most popular liquid soaps has produced a dishwasher equivalent for all parents who trust their formula.

It seems to me that the dishwasher packs clean better than the liquid soap and they do note that their product is USDA Certified Bio-based product 78 percent.

What I find most important is that this product doesn’t contain chlorine bleach, phosphates, or dyes – I can live with the rest of the ingredients.

It’s also scent-free, which makes it an excellent choice for baby bottles.


Dishwashing vs. handwashing baby bottles?

young mother cleaning pink baby bottle with brush at home

There are a lot of people who are still skeptical about dishwashers thinking it uses more water and energy than handwashing.

From an economic point of view, dishwashers win in almost every category, except for waiting time.

If you live in a smaller household, handwashing might be a better option, as it’s time-consuming to wait until it’s full.

Handwashing is perfectly fine for baby bottles, as they are being used and washed several times a day.

Hot water with a bit of suds can do a great job when it comes to cleaning!

The dishwasher is one of the best modern inventions, but it does have some negative sides, as well.

If you use a dishwasher more often, it may shorten the lifespan of the bottle.

However, hand washing may leave a residue, or damage the bottle, especially if you use a bottle brush that leaves scratches inside and makes a perfect hideout for bacteria and build-ups.

Is Dawn safe for baby bottles?

colorful bottles of Dawn liquid detergents on the shell in store

Dawn is one of the most popular liquid soaps for households and a lot of people use it to clean baby bottles, as well.

I’m not totally against this practice, but I do think there are healthier alternatives, as you can see on this list.

Dawn does have a strong power over any stains and grease on pots, dishes, cutlery, and similar, but it may be too strong for baby items.

This soap also leaves residue and a soapy smell which you can’t rinse, no matter how much you try.

Since it contains SLS, SLES, and fragrance, it’s not the best option but if you do not believe in the power of plant-based soaps, you can continue using Dawn as well.

If the smell and residue don’t come off after a thorough rinse, you can sterilize bottles as well with bottle sterilizers.

Do I need a bottle sterilizer?

white sterilizer and dryer for baby milk bottles on the table

A bottle sterilizing product is a great addition to baby essentials, but it’s not a necessity.

Baby bottles can be sterilized with hot water if they are left for five minutes in boiling water.

It’s perfectly fine to wash bottles manually, especially for toddlers and babies over 6 months old, but sterilizing bottles can prevent moisture and mold over time.

Sterilizing bottles is an additional action parents take in order to protect their babies. It’s a good way of keeping your baby’s bottles extra clean and germ-free.

Even though this step is not essential, I would say it’s desirable, especially with bottles that are being used for the first time.

Baby sterilizers can be microwave or electric. Both ways are equally good and use steam to remove bacteria and germs in a couple of minutes.

It’s basically just your personal preference which one you would like to use more.

What is the best baby dish soap?

detergent for baby bottles with baby dishes and a sponge on the table

The best dish soap is the one that’s suitable for you, your little one, your family, and the whole planet.

These are usually soaps that are as natural as possible, without any harsh chemicals.

The most common “bad” chemicals we want to avoid in soaps are:

• Phthalates

• Parabens

• Petroleum

• Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

• Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

• Chlorine

• Artificial dyes

These are some of the most common ingredients that appear in the cosmetic industry.

Most of them are used as surfactants and cleaning agents – that’s why you get a lot of foam and easily wash even hard-stained dishes.

Of course, the risk of contraindications is lower when you rinse off products that contain these chemicals, but these products can still irritate the skin of the person who washes dishes and these chemicals can leach on the things you wash.

Natural soaps produce a lot less foam than those with artificial surfactants, which confuses people at the beginning as many think it won’t wash dishes properly without huge amounts of suds.

Less foam doesn’t mean less power, even though it might take some time to get used to it.

As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of natural and safe products on the market which will do no harm to your little one and will save the environment.

What’s better than that?

Do I need to use baby soap on all of my dishes?

woman with red nail polish washing plate in the sink

Honestly, the choice is all yours. The answer to this question depends on which points you find important.

Baby bottle soaps are usually milder than regular dish soaps, so they are gentle on your skin, maybe too gentle for your dishes.

Of course, this is not the same for all-natural soaps, as there are stronger ones as well, but they use some chemicals that are on the verge of being accepted as non-toxic.

Most of these detergents require soaking dishes for a certain time in order to remove heavy-duty stains, so if you’re not patient enough or you don’t own a dishwasher, you may prefer looking for a stronger detergent.

Are sulfates really that bad?

mother washing plastic baby nipple for pacifier with washing brush and soap

Sulfates have had a very bad reputation for years, even though they are still commonly used in the cosmetic industry.

What is the myth?

There are different stories about sulfates and the most common one is that sulfates are carcinogens.

Despite the absence of scientific evidence, many people have accepted this as fact.

It has never been proven that SLS or SLES cause such disease or infertility.

What is the truth?

SLS and SLES are commonly used in the cosmetic industry in controlled concentrations of course, so they can’t do a lot of harm.

However, sulfates might cause skin, eye, or lung irritation, depending on how concentrated it is.

If you use products with sulfates (check the ingredient list of cleansers you use), make sure to open a window or find other sources of fresh air, so you don’t breathe in the sulfates.

The conclusion is that sulfates are not that bad, but there’s nothing good about these chemicals either, so you just have to weigh up what you prefer more: stronger detergent with a higher risk of irritation or milder soap with safe ingredients for you and your family?

When should I replace my baby’s bottles?

baby bottle with milk and baby items on the table

Baby bottles cannot last forever, no matter how well you clean them.

There’s no detergent in this world that can prevent bottles from wearing out, no matter how hard you try.

If you see any scratches inside or outside, shards, or yellow film-like color, it’s time to say goodbye to that bottle and get a new one.

Even if you don’t notice these things, it would be good to replace them at least every 6 months.

There’s no difference between plastic and glass infant bottles when it comes to how long the bottles last.

If you try to keep them any longer, you may do more damage than good.

The Bottom Line

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful and most difficult periods in your life as an adult.

You have to be responsible for your little one, yourself, your family, and the whole planet.

Okay, the last one is optional, but for me, it’s a necessity.

If we don’t take care of the environment, we fail at the most important task of keeping our children and families safe.

A hunt for baby liquid soap might seem like a simple task at first, but as you can see, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration.

Baby dishes, including baby bottles and breast pumps, should be treated differently from the regular dishes we use in our everyday life.

Getting dishes clean is usually a priority, but not at all costs.

The list above has shown there are a lot of healthy alternatives to heavy-duty detergents.

Natural replacements may not have the exact power as the ones filled with sulfates and other harsh chemicals, but most of them will satisfy your cleaning standards and keep your munchkin safe.

If you want baby dishes extra clean without having to burn your hands with hot water, you can buy a bottle sterilizer.

That way, you can be 100% sure those bottles are clean.

Last, but not least, do take time to learn as much as you can about the ingredients of products you use for your baby.

I made a mistake during my first experience as a mom and didn’t start learning from the beginning.

Now that I realize just how easy it is once you get into it, I really regret not having started sooner!

Being conscious of what you use in the home will surely be beneficial for you and your family.

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