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130 Best Biblical Boy Names With Meanings For Your Little Angel

130 Best Biblical Boy Names With Meanings For Your Little Angel

The Bible is a common, and often very important, inspiration for parents when naming their babies. Biblical boy names (and baby girl names) are the perfect way to express your faith and keep close to your religious roots.

For the past two decades, names such as Jacob and Noah have taken the spotlight, but lately, Elijah, Abram, David, Abraham, Aaron, Israel, Gideon, and many more have started to join the mix.

Most of these names have been plucked from the Old Testament (especially from Genesis), and are of Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek origin, although many of them come from the New Testament as well.

There are many common names in The Bible with interesting and meaningful backgrounds that you’re probably not aware of.

There are particularly intriguing Christian baby boy names such as Ezra, Levi, Saul, Asher, Esau, Silas, and Jesus that carry deeper meanings you’ll find fascinating.

Bible names in general have been an incredible source of inspiration for many, which is why I’ve decided to shed some light on them.

Below, you will find a collection of unusual and strong Biblical boy names with tons of special choices to help you pick one that will be meaningful to you.

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Biblical Baby Names For Your Sweet Baby Boy

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What follows are the most unique Biblical boy names for babies, some of which you may already be familiar with, and some will likely surprise you.

1. Aaron

Aaron derives from the Hebrew name Aharon, and its meaning is along the lines of “high mountain” or “exalted”. In the Old Testament, he was Moses’ older brother.

2. Abel

You’re probably already familiar with this, Abel was Adam and Eve’s second son, who sacrificed a lamb for God. The meaning of the name is “breath” or “son”. Unfortunately, he was ultimately murdered by his jealous older brother, Cain.

4. Abner

Abner is a Hebrew name, and its meaning is roughly translated to “my father is a light”. This is considered to be a strong name, as Abner was a commander of his own army in the Old Testament.

5. Adam

In Hebrew, Adam means “man”. As suggested in Genesis, God made him from the earth, and along with Eve, he was one of the two very first humans in existence.

6. Alpheus

A name of Greek origin which means “changing”. Alpheus fathered two Apostles in the New Testament. A few other possible meanings are “chief”, “a thousand”, and “learned”.

7. Amos

This name of Hebrew origin, meaning “borne by God”, can be found in the Old Testament. Amos was a minor prophet who fought hard against the oppression of the poor and any type of injustice.

8. Andrew

You can find this name in the New Testament. Andrew was the first disciple to join Jesus. The name is of Greek origin, meaning “manly, masculine”, and it is actually considered to be a nickname, as the full moniker is unknown.

9. Asa

Asa is one of my favorite Biblical boy names as it means “healer” in Hebrew. This is an increasingly popular baby name in America as it is considered to be strong and meaningful.

10. Asher

If you’re considering naming your baby Asher, you’re going to be really pleased! Why? Well, it means “blessed” and “happy” in Hebrew.

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11. Barak

This is another really great choice as it means “blessing” and is of Hebrew origin. If you are looking for a non-gendered Biblical boy name, Barak is the one for you, as it is commonly used for any gender.

12. Barnabas

A New Testament name that was given to a man named Joseph, who accompanied Paul on a number of missionary journeys. This is an Aramaic name, and it translates to “son of the prophet”.

13. Bartholomew

A name from the New Testament, this apostle is believed to be the same person as Nathanael. He was believed to be a missionary and his name was extremely popular in England in the Middle Ages. The name is of Aramaic origin, meaning “son of Talmai”.

14. Benjamin

Benjamin is a Hebrew name which means “son of the right hand”, and in the Old Testament, he was Jacob’s youngest son. He founded a southern tribe of the Hebrews.

15. Bethuel

Although it is not definite, Bethuel is believed to mean something along the lines of “God destroys” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, the person by this name was known as the father of Rebecca.

16. Beriah

Another popular Hebrew name that means “to make noise”, but might also have Hebrew roots that suggest the meaning, “in evil”. Many people in the Bible were named Beriah.

17. Boaz

The meaning of Boaz is “swiftness” in Hebrew. This man married a woman named Ruth in the Old Testament, but it was also the name of a pillar that was next to Solomon’s Temple.

18. Cain

This is one of the most well-known Biblical boy names. As you probably already know, Cain was Adam and Eve’s first son who was infamous for killing his brother Abel, and later banished for this. Cain means “acquired” and is of Hebrew origin.

19. Caleb

Caleb is believed to be of Hebrew origin, meaning “dog”. There are also other possible meanings such as “all of”, “whole”, and “heart”.

20. Cleopas

A shortened version of the Greek name “Kleopatros”, meaning “glory of the Father”, this is a name from the New Testament. Cleopas was a disciple who was by Jesus’ side right after his resurrection.

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21. Cornelius

A Roman centurion, who was also the first gentile to be converted to Christianity, Cornelius is a Latin name, and it means “horn”. It derives from the New Testament.

22. Cyrus

A Greek name that was believed to mean “far-sighted” or “young”. There was the famous Cyrus the Great, who was known for conquering Babylon, making him a prominent figure in the Old Testament.

23. Daniel

A Hebrew name that translates to “God is my judge”. Daniel was a prophet from the Old Testament and his story can be read in the Book of Daniel.

24. Darius

A name of Roman origin, meaning “possessing goodness”. There were three Persian kings with this name, the most famous of them being Darius the Great.

25. David

A very popular Hebrew name, which translates to “uncle” and “beloved”. He is best known for defeating Goliath, which is why this is one of the most common Biblical boy names to date.

26. Dionysius

Dionysius the Areopagite is mentioned in the New Testament. He was a judge who was converted to Christianity by none other than Saint Paul. A lot of saints were named Dionysius, a 3rd-century pope being just one of many. It is of Latin origin, meaning “divinely touched”.

27. Ebenezer

It roughly translates to “stone of help” in Hebrew. Ebenezer was actually a monument that Samuel built in the Old Testament. As a side note, Charles Dickens used this moniker for the greedy character Ebenezer Scrooge in his novel “A Christmas Carol”.

28. Eli

A Hebrew name, meaning “ascension” and also an abbreviation of Elijah. Eli is mentioned in the Old Testament, as a high priest of the Israelites. He took the young Samuel in and acted as his mentor when God would speak to Samuel. Due to his sons’ bad behavior, Eli and his descendants were cursed to live a short and miserable life.

29. Esau

Esau is a Hebrew name and, believe it or not, it means “hairy”. This name comes from the Old Testament, Esau was the older twin son of Rebecca and Isaac.

30. Esther

A rare name for a boy, but one that is used nonetheless, Esther is believed to mean “star” in Persian. This moniker has been used widely ever since the Protestant Reformation, becoming a popular choice in America near the end of the 20th century.

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31. Ethan

A few people in the Old Testament were given this name. In Hebrew, the meaning of it is “solid, firm, and enduring” which is why this is another great choice for your baby boy.

32. Ezekiel

Another name with Hebrew roots, it means “God will strengthen”. As you may already know, Ezekiel is an important figure in the Old Testament, as he was a very prominent prophet.

33. Ezra

Ezra was an Old Testament prophet, and his name translates to “help” in Hebrew. He wrote the famous “Book of Ezra”, and the name itself has been used since the Protestant Reformation.

34. Felix

Felix means “successful” and “lucky” in Latin. This is another favorite name frequently used by Christians, as there were many saints and popes who bore it.

35. Gabriel

Of Hebrew origin, it can be translated to “God is my strong man”. Gabriel was an archangel who was also God’s faithful messenger in the Old Testament.

36. Gideon

In Hebrew, Gideon means “feller, hewer” and he was known as a hero in the Old Testament. He was a soldier who fought hard for his people, never shying away from a challenge.

37. Haran

While it cannot be confirmed, there is a belief that Haran translates to “hill, mountain” in Hebrew. He was Abraham’s brother and Lot’s father in the Old Testament.

38. Herod

A name of Greek origins, meaning “song of the hero”. Several dictators of Judea were named Herod, some of which are talked about in the New Testament.

39. Isaac

It means “to laugh” according to its Hebrew origins. When Isaac was little, God put Abraham’s faith to the biggest test when He demanded that he sacrifice his son. Luckily, at the last minute, an angel stopped this from happening and Isaac eventually fathered Esau and Jacob with his wife Rebecca.

40. Isaiah

Isaiah derives from Hebrew origins, and it means “to save”. He was a big prophet in the Old Testament who was believed to live in the 8th century BC.

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41. Jacob

A name of Greek origin meaning “holder of the heel”. The reason for this name is actually fairly obvious. Jacob was born holding his twin’s heel, ergo the name. Jacob has been an extremely popular baby boy name all across the US for the past two decades.

42. Jehovah

Jehovah is another name for God, believed to be one of the holiest names in Hebrew, meaning “to be” or “to become”. Actually, this moniker was so sacred that it was seldom uttered, and it is unknown what the true pronunciation is.

43. Jesse

Jesse is a name from the Old Testament, and he was King David’s father. As an English name, Jesse started to be widely used right after the Protestant Reformation. There was a very popular American outlaw named Jesse James who was infamous for his many criminal acts. The name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift”.

44. John

John is one of the most popular and well-known Biblical boy names out there. It is of Hebrew origin, with a meaning that is along the lines of “to be gracious”. Two new testament figures have made this moniker popular: John the Baptist and the apostle John.

46. Jordan

Another common name of Hebrew origins, meaning “descend” or “flow down”. The name itself is associated with the river and the country Jordan.

47. Joshua

Joshua is a Hebrew name that you’ll read all about in the Old Testament, mentioned alongside Moses. They were companions through many journeys and successful conquests. The name itself means “Yahweh is salvation”.

48. Kemuel

Another name of Hebrew origin that means “raised by God” and “helper of God”. This is the name of one of Abraham’s nephews in the Old Testament, and there are three Kemuels mentioned in The Bible.

49. Lazarus

The name Lazarus is mentioned in the New Testament. He was the brother of Mary and Martha and at one point, he was restored to life by Jesus. It is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “my God has helped”.

50. Levi

Levi was the third son of Jacob and Leah in the Old Testament. The meaning of this name is “joined” or “attached” in Hebrew. Moses and Aaron were his brothers.

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51. Matthew

A Hebrew name, meaning “gift”, that is mentioned in the New Testament. He was a tax collector and he supposedly wrote the very first gospel.

52. Micah

Micah was a prophet in the Old Testament. You might be familiar with his book, The Book of Micah, which alternates between prophecies of doom and ones of restoration. Micah is of Hebrew descent and means “Who is like Yahweh?”

53. Moses

The name Moses is believed to be derived from the Egyptian Mes, which means “son”, but could also mean “deliver”. In the Bible, Moses was saved from the river and adopted by a rich family who took him in.

54. Nathan

A similar ancient Hebrew name is Nathanael, meaning “he gave”. Nathan was one of many prophets who lived during King David’s reign.

55. Nicodemus

From Greek origins, meaning “victory of the people”, Nicodemus was a figure in the New Testament and he infamously helped entomb Jesus.

56. Obadiah

In Hebrew, this name means “to serve” and is associated with God. He was a minor prophet and wrote a book in the Bible named after himself.

57. Omar

Omar translates to “speaker” in Hebrew. He was mentioned in the Old Testament and was Eliphaz’s son and Esau’s grandson.

58. Omri

Omri is believed to mean “life” or “servant” in Hebrew. There was one prominent figure by this name in the Bible – a military commander from 9th century BC, who was crowned king of Israel.

59. Ophir

The meaning of this Hebrew name is unknown as he isn’t a widely discussed figure from the Bible. He was briefly mentioned in the Old Testament as Joktan’s son.

60. Oshea

The alternate version of this name is Hoshea. It is an ancient Hebrew name, meaning “salvation”, mentioned only in a few versions of the Bible.

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61. Othniel

The meaning isn’t a hundred percent clear, but it is of Hebrew origin, and means something along the lines of “lion of God”.

62. Pallu

Another Hebrew name translating to “distinguished”. Pallu was known as Rueben’s son in the Old Testament.

63. Paul 

This is a Roman name, derived from Paulus, which translates to “humble” or “small”. Paul was a prominent figure in the Bible who made important changes for the Protestant Church.

64. Perez

Perez roughly translates to “breach, burst forth” and is of Hebrew origin. In the Old Testament, he was known as Zerah’s twin brother.

65. Peter

Peter is one of the most favored Biblical boy names by parents all around the US. The meaning is “stone” in Aramaic, and he was a major apostle who stayed by Jesus’ side.

66. Phineas

A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “serpent’s mouth”, and its common alternative is Phinehas. It can be found in a few new versions of the Old Testament.

67. Philip

Philips translates to “friend of horses” and is a Greek name. Five kings of Macedon were named Philip, the most famous one of them being Alexander the Great’s father.

68. Reuben

Reuben is a Hebrew name, meaning “behold, a son”. It was mentioned in the Old Testament, and he was Jacob and Leah’s brother.

69. Rufus

Rufus is a famous Roman name, translating to “red-haired” in Latin. This was the name of many saints, including one from the New Testament.

70. Samson

Samson was a well-known hero from the Old Testament, and as you probably know, he was given extraordinary strength by God. The name translates to “son” in Hebrew.

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71. Samuel

A Hebrew name, with meanings that alternate from “name of God” to “God has heard”. Samuel was mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the very last ruling judges. A common Samuel nickname is Sam.

72. Seth

It means “placed” or “appointed” in Hebrew. Seth was Adam and Eve’s third son, and he was known as Noah’s predecessor.

73. Silas

Silas is thought to be short for Silvanus, and he was Saint Paul’s faithful companion all through the New Testament. As a popular English name, it rose to fame after the Protestant Reformation. This is the Greek form of a Hebrew name meaning “asked for, prayed for”.

74. Simon 

Simon has Greek origins, and it means “flat-nosed”. Aside from being a name in the Bible, in Greek mythology, Simon was one of the Telchines, who were known as demigods and the first to inhabit Rhodes.

75. Solomon

Solomon was the king of Israel and David and Bathsheba’s son. He was a greatly admired figure, considered to be wise, fair, and very wealthy. Solomon is a Hebrew name meaning “peace”.

76. Stephen

A name of Greek origin, translating to “crown” or “wreath”. There was a well-known deacon by this name, he was unfortunately stoned to death, as mentioned in the New Testament.

77. Talmai

Another name of Hebrew origin meaning “furrowed”. You can find this name in the Old Testament, given to two figures – a giant and the father of King David’s wife, Maacah.

78. Tammuz

Tammuz is the Semitic form of Dumuzi given to a god that appears in the Old Testament, more precisely – the Book of Ezekiel. It translates to “son, child”.

79. Thaddeus

Greek and Aramaic in origin, it means “heart”, although this is not confirmed. Thaddeus is mentioned in the book of Matthew as one of the twelve apostles.

80. Thomas

A name of Greek origins, translating to “twin”. Thomas was a New Testament apostle, who was initially suspicious about Jesus’ resurrection until he went and saw it for himself. It is a very commonly used Christian name.

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81. Timon

Timon is only briefly mentioned in the Bible and in Hebrew, it means “to honor” and “to esteem”. Fun fact: Timon is the lead protagonist in a popular play by Shakespeare, Timon of Athens.

82. Timothy

The name Timothy has Greek origins and it means “honoring God”. Saint Timothy was known as Saint Paul’s companion on a lot of his missionary journeys.

83. Titus

Titus is a Roman name whose meaning is still unknown. It is believed to be associated with the Latin form, titulus, meaning “title of honor”.

84. Tobiah

A name from the Old Testament which translates to “good” and is associated with the Hebrew God. Tobiah was mentioned in the Book of Nehemiah.

85. Urban

Urban is derived from the Latin form, Urbanus, which translates to “city dweller”. This name, mentioned by Paul as one of his epistles, can be found in the New Testament. An interesting fact is that eight popes bore this name.

86. Uri

This is truly one of the most beautiful Biblical boy names as it means “my light” in Hebrew. Uri is a unique choice that isn’t frequently heard today, but one that carries a special meaning for a precious baby boy.

87. Uriah

Similar to Uri, Uriah means “light” or “flame” in Hebrew. This is also a name borne by King David’s warrior, Bathsheba’s first husband, in the Old Testament.

88. Uriel

Uriel was an archangel in Hebrew tradition, but he wasn’t a prominent Biblical figure. You can only read about him in the Apocrypha, more precisely, in the Book of Enoch where he came to Noah to warn him of the flood. The meaning of the name is “God is my light”.

89. Uzzi

Uzzi was a minor figure mentioned in the Bible. The name translates to “my power” and is of Hebrew descent. There were actually a few figures with that name but no one of importance.

90. Zaccai

Zaccai is another name briefly mentioned in the Old Testament. It is of Hebrew origin, translating to “pure”. While it may not have been very popular back then, it is definitely a great choice for a baby today as there certainly aren’t many Zaccais.

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91. Zachariah

Zachariah, or alternatively Zechariah, was an Old Testament figure. He was one of the kings of Israel, and today this name is considered to be a classic, strong baby boy name of Hebrew origins, meaning “Yahweh remembers”.

92. Zachary

Zachary is mentioned in some of the English New Testament versions, though the name itself garnered recognition only after the Protestant Reformation. The meaning is the same as its variant Zachariah, “Yahweh remembers”.

93. Zeb

Zeb is believed to be derived from the Hebrew word ze’ev, which means “wolf”. An alternate spelling is Zebb, and there are a few known figures with that name today.

94. Zebedee

An ancient Greek name, derived from Zebedaios. It appears in the New Testament, and it was the name of the apostles’, James and John’s, father. The name means “Yahweh has bestowed” in Hebrew.

95. Zebediah

This unique and special baby boy name translates to “God has bestowed”. It is of Hebrew origins and it is an alternative to the name mentioned above, Zebedee.

96. Zeke

Zeke is a name of Hebrew origins, meaning “God will strengthen” and is considered to be short for Ezekiel. Both Zeke and Ezekiel are great names, especially as Zeke can be both a name and a nickname.

97. Zephaniah 

Zephaniah is one of the most unique baby boy names from the Bible, but it carries the most special meanings. Some of which are: “the Lord is my secret”, “treasured by God”, “protected by God”, and “God has hidden in Hebrew.

98. Zimri

Zimri is a Hebrew name that translates to “my praise” or “my music” and is mentioned in the Old Testament. Zimri was a king of Israel, whose reign was extremely short-lived (seven days) after which Omri succeeded him.

99. Zion

Zion was actually a citadel placed right in the middle of Jerusalem, but the name is also associated with heaven and the Jewish homeland. This Hebrew name means “highest point”.

100. Zuriel

In Hebrew, Zuriel translates to “my rock is God”. It is commonly mentioned in the Old Testament, where Zuriel was a Levite. This is another splendid choice for parents who are going for non-gendered names.

30 Additional Biblical Names You Might Want To Consider

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Above, I’ve covered some of the more prominent names from the Bible that I believe are tremendous choices for your angel. Here is another batch of Biblical boy names that I believe deserve special consideration too.

1. Abba

Abba is a Hebrew name and it translates to “father”. While it might appear to be a female name at first glance, it is actually commonly used by parents to name a baby boy.

2. Abiah

An ancient Hebrew name, which is also a variant of Abijah, meaning “God is my father”. This name can also be used as a gender-neutral baby name.

3. Balthasar

Balthasar was one of the few wise men (aka three kings) who went to visit Jesus upon His birth. It is believed that Balthasar was of Arabic origin and means “God protects the king”.

4. Benaiah

In Hebrew, this name translates to “Yahweh has built”. Benaiah was a very common name choice in the Old Testament, as many figures bore this name.

5. Cephas

Cephas is of Aramaic origin, meaning “rock”. Jesus decided to name apostle Simon “Cephas” as he was considered the rock of the Christian church.

6. Dathan

Dathan was known as a huge conspirator against Moses. He was mentioned in the Old Testament, and it’s believed that his name means “fountain” in Hebrew.

7. Elam

Elam is a Hebrew name with the meaning of “hidden” or “eternity”. A few Old Testament figures were called this, most well-known of them being Shem’s son.

8. Elon

Elon is another common Hebrew name, that translates to “an oak tree”. According to the Old Testament, Elon was a ruling judge of the Israelite people.

9. Enoch

In Hebrew, Enoch means “dedicated” and in the Old Testament, he was Cain’s son, but there is also another known figure by this name, the father of Methuselah.

10. Festus

Festus is a name of Latin origin, that is believed to mean “festival” or “holiday”. It is  Roman in origin and this name is what the first Roman official in the New Testament was called.

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11. Gad

Gad was Jacob’s first son in the Old Testament, whose mother was Zilpah. In Hebrew, Gad means “fortune” and “luck”.

12. Gaius

Gaius is a Roman name, whose meaning isn’t fully known. One possibility is that it derives from Latin, and means “to rejoice”, though it could also be of Etruscan origin as well.

13. Goliath

Derives from Hebrew (Golyat) translating to “uncover” or “reveal”. As is well-known, Goliath was a Philistine giant who got killed by David in the Old Testament.

14. Hillel

Hillel is a Hebrew name, and it means “praise”. Though not a popular figure, Hillel was mentioned a few times in the Old Testament but only as the father of judge Abdon.

15. Hosea

There are so many biblical prophets that have inspired distinctive and prominent names today (Samuel, David, Nathan, etc.) so, if you’re looking to go in that direction, here’s a not-so-overused alternative. Hosea was believed to be one of the most important prophets of his time. The name is of Hebrew origin and it means “salvation”.

16. Ishmael

Ishmael derives from the Hebrew name Yishma’el and carries a very special meaning: “God will hear”. In the Old Testament, he was Abraham’s son.

17. Jabez

Although Jabez has a not-so-happy meaning in Hebrew (“sorrow”), it is still one of the most special Biblical boy names if you ask me, as Jabez was blessed by God in the Old Testament.

18. Jotham

In Hebrew, Jotham translates to “Yahweh is perfect”. This is a widely known name in the Old Testament, as two prominent characters bore it: a king of Judah and Gideon’s son.

19. Kenan

In the Old Testament, Kenan was Adam’s great-grandson, and in Hebrew, the name translates to “possession”.

20. Lael

Lael was Eliasaph’s father in the Old Testament and it means “of God” in Hebrew. It’s another great choice for any parent looking for a non-gendered name for their baby boy.

21. Mahlon

Mahlon was an Old Testament character, more precisely, Naomi and Ruth’s son. It means “uncertain” in Hebrew and it can be misinterpreted as an alternative for Mahlah (which it isn’t).

22. Menahem

In Hebrew, Menahem translates to “comforter” which is very ironic considering the fact that in the Old Testament, Menahem, the king of Israel, was most known for his viciousness.

23. Morris

An alternate for the Hebrew version, Moshe. According to the Bible, it means “I drew him out of the water”.

24. Narcissus

Narcissus is the Latin version of the Greek name Narkissos, and it means “sleep” or “numbness”. Narcissus could very well be the first narcissist ever, as according to Greek mythology, he died from staring at his own reflection for too long.

25. Pontius

In Roman times, this was a very prominent family name and it means “fifth”. You’ve probably heard of a very well-known character by this name – Pontius Pilate, who was a Roman Governor.

26. Ram

In the Old Testament, Ram was Hezron’s son and king David’s ancestor. The name is of Hebrew origin, translating to “exalted”.

27. Raphael

The Hebrew meaning of Raphael is “God heals”. He appears in the book of Tobias as an archangel who was also Tobias’ companion while traveling to Media.

28. Sargon

Sargon was the first king of the Akkadian Empire, which is a very appropriate title as Sargon literally translates to “king” in Hebrew. Another Old Testament king with this name worth mentioning was Assyrian king Sargon II.

29. Shem

As is well-known, Noah fathered three sons; Ham, Japeth, and Shem, who was the predecessor of the Semitic cultures. In Hebrew, Shem means “name”, which, might I add, would be a very unique name choice for your little boy.

30. Silvanus

Dating back to Roman mythology, Silvanus was best known as the god of the forests. His main role was safeguarding the farmers and fields and he was the one who wisely thought to create a structure for distinguishing field boundaries. So it’s no surprise that the name itself means “wood, forest”.

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Wrapping Up

I’m certain that in this array of memorable and strong Biblical boy names, some have managed to catch your eye.

You can find really common names here, such as Jacob, Matthew, or Elijah, that have been widely used for decades. But if you’re going for something different, I’ve got you covered there too.

Phineas, Saul, Bartholomew, or Rufus are just some of the many unique ideas that might inspire you to name your little munchkin.

Enjoy browsing and hopefully, your search for a perfect baby boy name ends here.

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130 Unique Biblical Boy Names With Meanings For Your Little Angel

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