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81 Amazing And Hilarious Nicknames For Sam That You’ll Love

81 Amazing And Hilarious Nicknames For Sam That You’ll Love

Sam is a pretty cute name, an abbreviation of both Samuel and Samantha and one of the more common unisex names which can make it a challenge to find actual nicknames for Sam but make no mistake, there are options.

When looking at nicknames for Sam, it’s worth noting that the core meaning of the name comes from the two names Samantha and Samuel, and it will carry slight variations based on gender, but should mostly remain the same.

It’s one of the more popular baby names in modern times.

This became especially so around the start of the 21st century because it can be used as both a male and a female name thanks to its unisex nature.

Given that Sam is a perfectly awesome nickname on its own, why bother looking for other ones?

My answer to that would be: why not?

Despite it already being a nickname, there’s plenty of room to work with and it’s a fantastic base from which to create many amazing and cute names.

Sam – Name Meaning And Origin

brother and little sister playing with dandelions in the garden

So Sam ended up being your name of choice for your little one.

Congratulations, it’s a great name and one of the most popular names for well over a century.

It’s been around since the 1800s and has remained in the top 200-300 to the present day.

The name reached its peak in the early 20th century when it got all the way up to a top 40 spot and has slowly started dropping down the popularity charts ever since.

But don’t fret, despite the slightly dwindling popularity and the name being very common, it’s still a fantastic choice for a baby boy and a baby girl alike.

The name Sam itself means ‘to hear’ and is said to have originated from Hebrew.

But this meaning is usually ignored in favor of the meanings of the full names, Samuel and Samantha.

These two names mean:

As Samuel

For the male variant, the name Samuel has Hebrew origins and it translates to ‘His name is God’ giving it a more biblical meaning.

As Samantha

Meanwhile, the female variant, Samantha, is thought to be a fusion of two names, Samuel and Anthea.

The name Anthea is of Greek origin and denotes something ‘flowery’.

Together with the Hebrew, Samuel, they’d mean ‘Goddess of Flowers’ which would appropriately match the Greek name of the goddess Antheia, who was the Goddess of Flowers.

When considering the name Sam in this light, it’s definitely more of a girl’s name.

With those two out of the way, it’s time to look at some of the top nicknames for Sam. Don’t go anywhere!

81 Nicknames For Sam

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As mentioned before, the name Sam has tons of options because of its flexible base and the fact that it can be found in history, mythology, fantasy and sci-fi fiction, TV series, and many other places.

This offers such a wide breadth of possibilities that it’s hard to write all of them down in just one article.

You can find anything from cute nicknames or pet names to some outright awesome and funny nicknames for Sam.

I’m sure that in the future, your child and their best friends will have a lot of fun coming up with girls’ and boys’ nicknames for one another.

My names of choice are Sam Winchester from the hit TV show ‘Supernatural’, one of the fictional characters and main protagonists of the show.

Then there is Sam-I-Am as another good example from the Dr. Seuss book ‘Green Eggs and Ham’.

Another good name is Sam Mantha as a cheeky little pseudonym for a potential future writer.

With that said, here are the 81 best examples that I could find:

1. Porty Pottie Sam

2. Sammi Sweetheart

3. Samneedia

4. GoddamSam

5. Awe Sam

6. Sis Sam

7. Samer

8. Sammy Whammy

9. Sambam

10. SamShard

11. Samness

12. Sammy Jammy

13. Sammiepoo

14. Sammae

15. PopSam

16. Sammy Nation

17. Sambo

18. Samari

19. Samburger

20. Sampoo

little boy looking at distance with his tongue out

21. SamSalon

22. Nicersam

23. SamSpyder

24. SamSiam

25. Sam-I-Am

26. Sambucal

27. Sam Winchester

28. Sambankey

29. Sam the hammer

30. Samich

31. SamSam

32. Shammy

33. Samshag

34. Samsung

35. Samshine

36. Samchatty

37. Sam the ram

38. Samba

39. Samool

40. IceSam

cute little boy blowing the dandelion in the field

41. Samara

42. PriamSam

43. Sammi Q

44. GramSam

45. Uncle Sam

46. Samster

47. Sam-a-lamb

48. McSammer

49. SammyDaBoss

50. Sammoose

51. Samathy

52. SamanTEA

53. Sam the Sham

54. Samrfeeds

55. Samu

56. Samwise

57. Samarty

58. Sammy McSlammy

59. Samanagram

60. Sammy Sprinkler

little adorable baby boy wearing hat sits in a field near haystacks at sunset

61. SamThin

62. Samstring

63. Sammi-O

64. Samos

65. Sham

66. Salam

67. Sammie the Hammy

68. Sammy Gaga

69. Samwell

70. Samazing

71. Slam

72. Samsquatch

73. Psalms

74. Sassee

75. Samwich

76. Salsam

77. Samson

78. SamTram

79. McDreamySam

80. Samiami

81. Sam Mantha

Middle Names For Sam

While nicknames for Sam are all good and well, they aren’t the only option for wordplay when it comes to that name in particular.

Girls’ and boys’ middle names are the other alternative and they’re always fun because they’re not as restrictive as some nickname options can be.

That said, nothing is stopping you from thinking up some of your own ideas for the slot as the name is very complementary and can fit with almost anything you decide to put it with.

Here are some good examples that you might like of both the female and male variants:

50 best middle names for Samantha

adorable little girl raising hands outdoor in the park

1. Belle

2. Blue

3. Jan

4. Drew

5. Fern

6. Dove

7. Jane

8. Dawn

9. Bay

10. Jade

11. Emma

12. Bryne

13. Faith

14. Blythe

15. Charlotte

16. Lynn

17. Frost

18. Cass

little girl with curly hair and in a beret with bouquet of peonies

19. Greer

20. Grace

21. Britt

22. Beth

23. Jazz

24. Leanne

25. Bee

26. Dell

27. Faye

28. Gail

29. Eve

30. Bliss

31. Bree

32. Anne

33. Blake

34. Jay

35. Claire

36. Brae

little girl hugging her toy on the floor

37. Fawn

38. Hope

39. Gem

40. Day

41. Jo

42. Cate

43. Flor

44. Bea

45. Carter

46. Brooke

47. Elle

48. Brynn

49. Mae

50. Blaire

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50 best middle names for Samuel

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1. Elliot

2. Gordon

3. Alexander

4. August

5. Colby

6. Edmund

7. Abram

8. Duncan

9. Caleb

10. Gideon

11. Grayson

12. Graham

13. Archer

14. Bennett

15. Flint

16. Donovan

17. Darby

18. Clark

cute little boy wearing a hat

19. Everett

20. Beckett

21. Dante

22. Dare

23. Gerhard

24. Brennan

25. Arthur

26. Boden

27. Clement

28. Gray

29. Callahan

30. Alden

31. Finnegan

32. Foster

33. Apollo

34. Hudson

35. Bentley

36. Corbin

adorable little boy playing with wooden blocks on the floor

37. Bodhi

38. Dominic

39. Chance

40. Alaric

41. Aurelius

42. Clancy

43. Hadrian

44. Darwin

45. Grey

46. Edward

47. Finn

48. Heath

49. Huxley

50. Duke

Famous People Named Sam

famous singer performing on the stage

To nobody’s surprise, because Sam is such a common name, there are a number of famous people who share the name and can serve as great sources of inspiration for pet names or nicknames.

Here are some of the most famous people carrying the name Sam:

• Sam Worthington – An Australian actor and heartthrob, this man’s known for his acting talent, something that was apparent when he starred in the movie Avatar.

A widely successful Sam in his own right and winner of many awards, he’s an inspiration for all other bearers of his name around the world.

• Sam Smith – Britain’s silky smooth vocal artist and award winner for many of his songs, including “Writing’s on the Wall” which he wrote for the James Bond movie, Spectre.

If your child ever considers a career in the musical arts, he’s the right person to look up.

• Sam Snead – A golfing legend in his prime and considered one of the best golfers in history, Samuel Jackson Snead was a force to be reckoned with.

With 82 PGA tour wins, the man became a hall of famer.

He’s a great example of how your favorite hobby can be turned into something that makes you money and he is a fantastic role model.

• Samantha Morton – A famous English actress with an assortment of awards for best performance under her belt.

She often stars in movies with darker themes, but a recognizable role of hers in a more child-friendly flick is that of Mary Lou Barebone in ​Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

• Samuel L. Jackson – One of the greatest actors of his generation and one of the most famous ones today thanks to his role in many movies of varying genres.

His most iconic roles are Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Mace Windu in the Star Wars franchise, but he’s also known for a variety of his other works.

After all, he has acted in over 150 different movies and has received a wide array of awards for his performances.

He is one of the most iconic Sams on this list and is the best role model one could think of.

• Sam Cooke – A legendary Mississippi-born tenor of the 20th century, Sam Cooke was one of America’s greatest soul singers who was sadly taken from us too soon.

He’s an inspiration to people everywhere, especially people who share his name.

• Sam Allardyce – Also known as Big Sam to some, he’s a more prominent figure in Europe.

Once a professional soccer player, Allardyce rose through the ranks and became one of England’s best until pulling out from active play and taking on the role of manager.

He’s a good example of how to have a successful career and a decent role model for a son who’s into sports.

• Sam Querrey – A professional tennis player from the US who managed to beat tennis giants like Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic on occasion, rivaling the very best and carrying over 10 titles.

Maybe your little one will grow up to be just as successful if not more.

In Conclusion

Mother holding funny adorable baby boy and play with him

Sam is a terrific name that’s popular for a reason.

It’s simple, has only three letters, rolls off the tongue easily, and works for both men and women alike.

The origins of the name are tied to religion as much as they’re tied to nature so there’s a little bit of beauty in there for everyone, but the absolute best part is all the good nicknames for Sam that exist.

This is beneficial because you can add almost anything to it and it’ll end up becoming a fantastic nickname for your little one.

It’s a great name because it’s so versatile in almost every aspect and the diverse group of celebrities that bear the name Sam, prove this.

I just hope that this has helped assure you that naming your kid Sam was definitely the right choice and that you’ll celebrate your child’s name whenever you can.

Until next time, mamma.

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