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540 Best Contact Names For Brother That Describe Him Perfectly

540 Best Contact Names For Brother That Describe Him Perfectly

While we may argue with our siblings more often than not, it’s no secret they often end up pulling through for us when we need them most! Brothers are no exception, so why not honor that by thinking of some cool contact names for brothers?

Luckily, good contact names for brothers aren’t that hard to come by as it’s very easy to tap into the wealth of memories you have shared together, good or bad.

Alternatively, you can simply think of a favorite activity of yours or a pet nickname. The choices are essentially limitless.

The choice depends on the type of relationship you share.

If your bond is like two best friends, you’re likely to choose some endearing names like “amigo” or just “bestie”.

If your relationship consists of you teasing one another and making silly and innocent jokes, you might call him “the troublemaker”.

While it’s not something as important as maintaining the actual bond, seeing that you’ve thought about a special nickname just for him will make your brother feel special.

He may seem like the tough big bro or the devilish little brother most of the time, but believe me when I say there’s always a heart of gold hidden inside there.

If you’re having a hard time deciding, or having trouble finding inspiration, I’ve made this list of great contact names for brothers. One of them might just resonate with you.

540 Cute And Funny Contact Names For Your Brother

Silly contact names for brothers

two smiling brothers hugging in the meadow

Nothing beats a good pun, or exaggerating one of your brother’s characteristics, to use as a cute nickname to either tease or appease him with.

Here are some good examples:

1. Adorable

2. Amigo

3. Amore

4. Angel

5. Angel face

6. Animal fam

7. Arms

8. Babby

9. Babushka

10. Baby brother

11. Baby deer

12. Baby face

13. Babykins

14. Bam bam

15. Bambi

16. Bambino

17. Bart

18. Batska

19. Big bear

20. Big bro

older brother holding in hug his little brother by the window

21. Big guy

22. Big man

23. Biggie

24. Biscuit

25. Bitsy

26. Black sheep

27. Bobby

28. Bobby brown

29. Bobby sky

30. Bobo

31. Boo

32. Boobie

33. Booger

34. Boychik

35. Brah

36. Bratushka

37. Bredrin

38. Brethren

39. Brosef

40. Broski

cute sister and brothet playing with toys on the floor

41. Bruddah

42. Bruh

43. Bruv

44. Bub

45. Bubba

46. Buck

47. Bud

48. Buddy

49. Bumble bee

50. Buster

51. Buttercake

52. Buttercup

53. Button

54. Captain

55. Chaos

56. Charming

57. Chatterbox

58. Chief

59. Chipmunk

60. Chocolate

Cute little boy share ice cream with his sister

61. Chocolate monster

62. Chucky

63. Combo

64. Copycat

65. Cosmo

66. Cousin it

67. Cupid man

68. Crying freeman

69. Cuddle bunny

70. Cutie pie

71. Cupcake

72. Cupid

73. Cowboy

74. Cutie kins

75. Cutie pants

76. Cuddles

77. Cutie wutie

78. Dimples

79. Dobby

80. Donut

children having fun with donuts for breakfast at home

81. Doodle bug

82. Dough man

83. Doughboy

84. Duckling

85. Dumpling

86. Dwarf

87. Dynamo

88. Elf

89. Fam

90. Family man

91. Floky

92. Fluffy

93. Foo foo

94. Fox

95. G

96. General

97. Giggles

98. Ginger bread

99. Half man

100. Half-pint

big brother carrying his little brother on his back outdoor

101. Halfling

102. Hambone

103. Handsome

104. Homie

105. Honey

106. Honey bunny

107. Hugger brother

108. Huggie

109. Jellybean

110. Junior

111. Kid rock

112. Kiddo

113. Knuckles

114. Laddie

115. Lil’ boss

116. Lil’ bro

117. Lil’ heart breaker

118. Little bro

119. Little lady killer

120. Little lamb

cute little boy kissing his baby brother in nose

121. Little man

122. Little soldier

123. Malon

124. Mario

125. Marshmallow

126. Marshmallow muncher

127. Milky

128. Mini me

129. Mowgli

130. Mr. Man

131. Muffin

132. Munchkin

133. Muscles

134. Nacho

135. Natural roomie

136. Nemesis

137. Neo

138. Nibbles

139. Old man

140. One of us

two brothers with hats sitting on the wood in front of the sea

141. Ozzy

142. Pal

143. Pancake

144. Peaches

145. Peek-a-boo

146. Peanut

147. Pebbles

148. Pet

149. Pickle

150. Pimp

151. Plum

152. Pooh bear

153. Pooki

154. Poppet

155. Pretty face

156. Prince

157. Prince charming

158. Protector

159. Pumpkin

160. Pun addict

adorable little girl hugging with her brother on the couch

161. Pun star

162. Pup

163. Rebel

164. Robin

165. Rollie pollie

166. Romeo

167. Rudeboy

168. Scooter

169. Scout

170. Scrappy-doo

171. Senior

172. Shnookums

173. Short funk

174. Short stuff

175. Shortie

176. Shrimp

177. Silly-pickle

178. Simba

179. Single prince

180. Small fries

sweet little boy cuddling with his baby brother on the bed

181. Smiley

182. Smoochie

183. Smurf

184. Snickerdoodle

185. Snoopy

186. Snuggles

187. Snuggy

188. Space man

189. Sport

190. Squirrel

191. Squirt

192. Stewie

193. Sugar

194. Sugar puff

195. Sunshine

196. Super mario

197. Sweet potato

198. Teddy

199. The brainiac

200. The commodo

 brother and sister walking in the park on the autumn day

201. The comrade

202. The king maker

203. The little man

204. The man

205. Tiger

206. Tiny

207. Together together

208. Toodles

209. Turtle

210. Twin

211. Twinkie

212. Twinkle

213. Tyke

214. Waldo

215. Wee lad

216. Wiggles

217. Wormy

218. Yoda

219. Youngin

220. Yummy

221. Zippy

Funny contact names for brothers

happy brother and sister jumping on the bed

It doesn’t always have to be some ingenious and funny nickname, as long as it comes from the heart.

It can be as misspelled and as awkward as you want it to be, as long as it’s your own creation.

Here are some “good” examples:

1. Angelina brolie

2. Ape

3. Bambi boy

4. Banshee

5. Barack brobama

6. Barbarian

7. Beloved brethren

8. Big butt

9. Bill ding

10. Boo boo

11. Brat

12. Broad head

13. Brobq

14. Broda the clown

15. Broduction

16. Brolicious

17. Bromageddon

18. Bromotion

19. Bromunk

20. Bronought

three happy kids sitting in a wheelbarrow on the grass outdoor

21. Brossiah

22. Brotein

23. Brozart

24. Butterfingers

25. Butters

26. Caveman

27. Cheese

28. Chicken

29. Chico

30. Chubster

31. Claws

32. Copyrat

33. Crybaby

34. Cyclops

35. Daredevil

36. Derp

37. Devil’s cherub

38. Diablo

39. Dingo

40. Dirty harry

Funny cute little boy and girl laughing lying upside down on bed with toy

41. Donkey kong

42. Doofus

43. Dork

44. Dracula

45. Dummy

46. Dunce

47. Edgar allen bro

48. Egghead

49. Einstein

50. Evil twin

51. Fart-a-potamus

52. Fat tony

53. Fredo

54. Geek

55. Giganotosaurus

56. Goon

57. Green gumbling

58. Grumby one

59. Hairball

60. Harder man

Two little sibling boys walking on the street in winter

61. Heart breaker

62. Hermano

63. Hermit

64. Homer

65. Hugh mungus

66. Hyman idiot

67. Jabba the hutt

68. Joe kerr

69. Jon bon brovi

70. Lab rat

71. Little rat

72. Lucifer

73. Macho man

74. Malcolm in the middle

75. Man-bear-pig

76. Menace

77. Merman

78. Morty fide

79. Muggle

80. Mustard

two cute brothers smiling on the bed

81. Mutant

82. Narc

83. Ninja

84. Oddball

85. Old soul

86. Olivia twist

87. Omen

88. One horseman

89. Ophelia payne

90. Piggy

91. Pizza face

92. Poopy head

93. Professor x

94. Psycho

95. Pumpkin head

96. Reek

97. Roadkill

98. Runt

99. Saboteur

100. Sasquatch

cute brothers playing in autumn leaves in the park

101. Savage

102. Scab

103. Scoreggia

104. Scrooge

105. Senor

106. Servant

107. Shark

108. Sir fartsalot

109. Sissy

110. Skunk

111. Slow poison

112. Snitch

113. Snoop dogg

114. Sponge bob

115. Spongebob

116. Squints

117. Statsi

118. Stinker

119. Sumo

120. Teddy broosevelt

happy brother and sister swinging together in swingset

121. Terry bull

122. The brofessor

123. The grim reaper

124. The missing link

125. The stinker

126. The swagger man

127. The unholy

128. Tiny man

129. Toy soldier

130. Trashman

131. Troublemaker

132. Undercover dog

133. Vulture

134. Wefty hefty

135. Weirdo

136. Woman wrapper

137. Wombat

138. Zombie

Comparison contact names for brothers

older brother playing with his sister in a car toy outdoor

As I mentioned earlier, it’s great when you can find a reference from a show or some family event to serve as a contact name, because then it can be your little inside joke with meanings only the two of you will understand.

Here are a few examples:

1. Adrenaline

2. AK-47

3. Alpha

4. Alpha male

5. Alpha marine

6. Always with us

7. Ambrus

8. Angel boy

9. Arm bro

10. Arnie

11. Arrow rank

12. Avenger

13. Badman

14. Bandit

15. Baron

16. Beef

17. Big fry

18. Big mouth

19. Black vulture

20. Blackhawk

adorable baby boy laughing with sister on a playing mat

21. Blood

22. Boss

23. Boulder

24. Boxer

25. Brainiac

26. Brave one

27. Brocus

28. Broda maccus

29. Brojack

30. Brometheus

31. Brotato chip

32. Buck man

33. Buster rhyme

34. Capone

35. Captain sparrow

36. Casanova

37. Cereal killer

38. Champ

39. Che

40. Chieftain

cute little girl feeding her brother with strawberry in the kitchen

41. Colossus

42. Colt

43. Commander

44. Congressman

45. Cause bro

46. Crash

47. Crown prince

48. Dagger

49. Darth vader

50. Dawg

51. Dicaprio

52. Dodge

53. Don Vito Corleone

54. Double chief

55. Double king

56. Double trouble

57. Dragon boy

58. Drenko

59. Duke

60. Eazy e

little boy cuddling his baby brother on the bed

61. Enigma

62. Ethan hunt

63. Evil man

64. Face poker

65. Flash

66. Funky bro

67. Gangsta

68. Gasoline

69. Generalissimo

70. Genghis Khan

71. Granite

72. Greaser

73. Harsh king

74. Hawkeye

75. High roller

76. Hightower

77. Hitman

78. Hollywood

79. Hooligan

80. Iron man

big sister hugging her brother in the lavender field

81. Kamikaze

82. Karmaza

83. Khal Drogo

84. Kill Bill

85. King of rebellion

86. King ragna

87. Kingpin

88. Kung-fu panda

89. Lame back

90. Lieutenant

91. Little pigeon

92. Lord

93. Lucky Luciano

94. Mad dog

95. Mad man

96. Maestro

97. Marine spirit

98. Mark angel

99. Matrix

100. Merlin

cute siblings playing with rabbit outdoor

101. Miemie

102. Minion

103. Morpheus

104. Mufasa

105. Muscle man

106. Mustapha

107. My nemesis

108. Nibblets

109. Noble man

110. Obi-wan

111. Orman

112. Pink lips

113. Pistol

114. Player

115. Poker face

116. Popeye

117. Prez

118. Prom king

119. Radical

120. Rambo

older brother holding for hand his little brother in the garden

121. Ringo

122. Rockstar

123. Rocky

124. Salvador

125. Scarface

126. Scooby doo

127. Senior bro

128. Sherlock holmes

129. Shortcake

130. Side-kick

131. Sky man

132. Skyscraper

133. Slash

134. Slick

135. Slim jim

136. Small fry

137. Smooth criminal

138. Snack attack

139. Soldier boy

140. Sound prince

happy siblings hugging on the bed in bedroom

141. Soup a star

142. Sport lover

143. Square pant

144. Stealth

145. Steel

146. Stratosphere

147. Stubborn boy

148. Superfly

149. Swagger

150. Tank

151. Terminator

152. The believer

153. The don

154. The gladiator

155. The great one

156. The Hulk

157. The king

158. The loner

159. The main guy

160. The main man

sweet brothers cuddling on the white bed

161. The smuggler

162. The weirdo

163. Thor

164. Tito

165. Torero

166. Traditional ruler

167. Trigger

168. Turbo

169. Twin warrior

170. Twinkie

171. Uncle alice

172. Vegas

173. Vlad the impaler

174. Wide mouth

175. Wolverine

176. Wookie

177. Young bra

178. Young pal

179. Youngpin

180. Zeus

181. Zorro

How To Come Up With Fun Contact Names For Your Brother?

brother and little sister playing with dandelions in the garden

Have none of these really been to your liking?

It could be there’s something on the tip of your tongue you just can’t think of right now, and you need a way to figure out how.

Well, here’s a little bit of a guide to help get you on the right track.

The first thing you want to pay close attention to is the way your brother usually acts.

Something that’s unique to his personality or something he often does. A quirk of some sort you can turn into an attribute to describe him.

A sort of caricature that would end up being a cute, but silly, nickname for him. Something like “Grumpy” or “Sleepy Dan”.

Another good thing to keep note of is his appearance, whether his actual physical characteristics or his clothing.

Maybe he has an exaggerated feature you can use to form a slightly teasing, but good-natured, nickname like “Long nose” or “The linen lad”.

Try not to think too hard about it and treat it like a Rorschach test, say the first thing that comes to mind as it’ll usually be the option you end up going with.

Something I mentioned at the start which opens up a broad variety of great potential contact names for your brother are movies, games, and other media, especially ones you and your brothers share a love for.

Think of something you both enjoy and try picking a character or important item from there that best fits your bro, and I can guarantee you it’ll stick to him like glue, but in a good way.

Bonus points if you find something rooted deep in your childhood you can pull from too, as he’s sure to appreciate that even more!

Another cool way of going about it is if you both agree on names that fit well together so that his nickname for you goes with the one you make up for him.

For this one, you’d still likely be tying yourself to mutual media, but you’d be doing it with a bit of extra flavor.

Good examples of these would be Billy & Mandy, Cow & Chicken, Tom & Jerry, Penn & Teller, and the like, so try thinking of others that might fit you and your brother a bit better if you wanna try going for a more unique one.

two boys playing in the sand on the beach

Of course, not all names have to be nice, some tend to get a bit mean and catty because there’s no stronger bond than sibling rivalry.

Some sisters might have held their brothers close to their hearts ever since they were baby girls, but they’ll still have them in their contact lists as “Snot face” or something like that which would seem mean at first glance, but is just a remnant from childhood that stuck around.

Think of it like two bitter rivals that’ll still help each other out when they need it most, like Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak from Pokémon!

The same rules apply when coming up with contact nicknames for your sister!

However, I’d be a bit more sensible when thinking of contact nicknames for your dad or mom since you don’t want to hurt their feelings.

You can also go down the route of some personal moments you only share with your brother.

Some random shenanigans you might have done when you were kids that only you two would really understand.

Something like a silly pun one of you made when watching a movie or playing outside, or maybe an event that would’ve gotten you in trouble at the time like accidentally kicking a ball into the neighbor’s window.

These moments can create some of the best contact names for your siblings.

Speaking of which, if you’re really struggling to make one, why not do a switcheroo with your brother?

You can let him name himself in your phone and you do the same in his.

That way, it’ll end up being a surprise for both of you when you see the phone ring and you find this odd name in your contact list ringing you up, and he finds a fun name for his sister!

I did this with my brother when I was stumped at the time, and thought this method would prove to be funny.

We ended up going with Egghead and Incessant Ivy as we both like to be a bit self-deprecating (growing up with a jokester of a brother does that to you!).

There are plenty of other good examples of how to come up with a good nickname, but these are usually the ones that work the best.

If you figure out a different way that worked better for you, please let me know!

The Takeaway

cute little boy playing with brother in a truck toy outdoor

Figuring out cool contact names for brothers tends to be a lot easier than it might sound at first.

People often head toward the more unique solution and end up racking their brain over it for hours and hours when going down a simpler route is a lot easier.

It’s the same with thinking up contact nicknames for mothers and fathers too!

It doesn’t matter if a nickname you come up with might sound too corny, or might be something someone else is already using, what’s important is it’s a name you think would fit well with your sibling and what describes him best.

It’s important that it comes from the heart, this way I guarantee your big or little bro will appreciate it, no matter how cheesy it might sound.

If you really want to give it your best try regardless, try thinking of some of the best times and memories you’ve had with your brother, and use those as inspiration!

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Best Contact Names For Brother

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