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415 Funny & Cute Nicknames And Contact Names For Mom

415 Funny & Cute Nicknames And Contact Names For Mom

If you’re looking for the best contact names for mom that will perfectly describe your mother’s versatile role in your life, then you just landed in the right place!

Moms are the best!

They’re our best friends, they know all of our favorite meals, they always give the best advice, and you can’t hide anything from them because they always know when you’re feeling down.

Because of this (and many other reasons), they deserve to be given a special nickname and contact name that will perfectly match their motherly supernatural abilities.

Sometimes, I truly think that my mother has some kind of psychic power because she always knows what’s going on inside my head and in my life without even asking me.

Before, I used to simply call her “Mom” but I’ve realized that she’s so much more than that!

Now I call her “Superwoman”, “Momzilla”, and sometimes “Fashionista” because she always finds the missing piece to my outfit.

Apart from these, I also have an extensive list of sweet names for her such as “Savior” or “Cuddle Muffin”.

Pet names have become our thing (she also has many nicknames for me as well).

Best of all is the fact that you can never run out of nicknames that are perfect for every occasion and you can update contact names for mom to your heart’s content (and according to your current mood).

Best Contact Names For Mom

cute little girl hugging her smiling mother

1. World’s Dopest Mom

2. Admiral

3. Fairy

4. Anchor

5. Big Mama

6. Firefly

7. Big Bad Boss

8. Boss Lady

9. Dr. Fix-It

10. Chief

11. Adorb Cushion

12. Glitter of Life

13. Coach

14. Executive Chief

15. Commander

16. Heartbeat

17. Easy Breezy

18. Home Officer

19. Heaven

20. Household CEO

21. Life Sustainer

22. Life Force

23. Instructor

24. Moonlight

25. Life Joy

26. Juggler

27. Bestie

28. Moo Moo

29. Wonder Woman

30. The Mothership

31. Mother of Me

32. Mumpy

33. Paradise

34. Secret Library

35. Spirited

36. President

37. The Boss

38. Best Mom Ever

39. Gorgeous

40. Uddermudder

happy mother holding a card and a flower from her daughter

41. Wise Mum

42. Protector of the Progeny

43. Non-TV Coordinator

44. Queen

45. Darth Vader

46. Finger and Thumb

47. Old but Gold

48. Candy Floss

49. Apple of My Eye

50. Mamadukes

51. Life

52. The Chef

53. Melody of Heart

54. Action Mom

55. Food Maker

56. Mom-O

57. Momney

58. Hockey Mom

59. Master of All

60. Ruler of All

61. NotherMother

62. Dude

63. Ompa

64. THE Mom

65. Fresh Air

66. Chauffeur

67. Momette

68. D in lectures

69. Patrino

70. Maadar

71. Mrs. Adorable

72. Soccer Mom

73. Mother Hen

74. The Parentals

75. Divergent

76. Important Person

77. All Day Everyday

78. Teacher

79. Honey Pop

80. Adorbs

young mother hugging with her cute daughter on the couch with closed eyes

81. Snuggly Bear

82. Comfort Giver

83. Professor McGonagall

84. T – Lady

85. Domestic Engineer

86. Doll

87. Top Head

88. Magic Woman

89. Awesomeness

90. The Rents

91. Top Mom

92. Shifu

93. Cutie Patootie

94. Wholeness

95. Care Bear

96. Rainbow

97. Greatest Woman

98. Light in the Dark

99. Numero Uno

98. The World’s Coolest Mom

101. Maestro

102. Let There Be Life

103. Mama Bird

104. Matriarch

105. Answer to Prayers

106. Strong Mama

107. The MotherLand

108. Khaleesi

Funny Contact Names For Mom

smiling blond mother carrying her daughter on back outdoor in the park


2. Chaos Coordinator

3. Teen Angst Psychoanalyst

4. Tantrum & Meltdown Negotiator

5. Law Maker

6. Marge Simpson

7. Super Detective

8. Gin o’clock

9. Combat Rescue Officer (CRO)

10. Stress Reliever

11. Fashion Stylist & Consultant

12. Molly Weasley

13. President of Waste Management

14. Troubleshooter

15. Domestic Manager

16. Super Glue

17. Problem Solver

18. The Bank

19. The Folks

20. She Who Birthed Me

21. Dental Hygienist

22. Tigress

23. ICE (In Case of an Emergency)

24. Fast Food Chef

25. Masters in Patience

26. Manners Expert

27. Tough-Mutha

28. Queen Victoria

29. It’s Her

30. Lady Greatness

31. Playground Medic

32. Professor of Imagination Studies

33. Search & Rescue

34. Tooth Brushing Instructor

35. The Owl

36. Peacekeeper

37. Mother of Drama

38. The Force

39. Karma

40. Birthday Party Planner

mother and daughter doing their hair in bedroom and sending kisses

41. Captain Cautious

42. Warden

43. Mom, Don’t Do That!!!

44. Personal Shopper

45. Mominator

46. Fun Sponge

47. Pain Killer

48. Good Genes

49. No Fun Buss

50. Ark of the Covenant

51. Sleep Scientist

52. Keeper of Top Secret Secrets (pinkie swear!)

53. Creepy Stalker

54. Fun Police

55. Humble Mumble

56. Abode of Happiness

57. Overlord

58. Gate of Heaven

59. Teacup

60. First Lady

61. Boo Boo Healer

62. Order, Order

63. Personal Chauffeur & Expert Driver

64. Quasher of All Your Dreams

65. Mrs. Independent

66. Nutrition Professor

67. The Dishwasher

68. Comforter of the Afflicted

69. Family Law Enforcer

70. English Language Educator

71. Hair Stylist

72. Madame Executioner

73. Cause of Our Joy

74. Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds

75. Co-Redemptrix

76. Destroyer of Heresy

Funny Nicknames For Moms

young mother playing with her daughters on the couch with crowns on their heads

1. Zumba Enthusiast

2. Germaphobe

3. Hawk-eyed

4. Angry Bird

5. Mother Figure

6. ATM

7. Alarm Clock

8. Mamasaurus

9. The Embarrasser

10. Momager

11. Yo Mama

12. Rule Enforcer

13. Captain

14. Crane

15. Google

16. Momster

17. Answer Key

18. Panda

19. Grocery Reminder

20. Loudspeaker

21. Mrs. Dynamite

22. Distributor of Chores (DOC)

23. Fun Vacuum

24. Her Majesty

25. Life-Giver

26. Early Bird

27. Momicorn

28. Mrs. Manners

29. Miss (name of your country)

30. Your Highness

31. Drill Sergeant

32. Home Secretary

33. Cookie Factory

34. Event Manager

35. Ninja

36. Mrs. Don’t-Do-This-Don’t-Do-That

37. Batmom

38. Ultimate Creator

young mother cooking together with her kids in the kitchen

39. Snack Dealer

40. Number One

41. Ministry of Personnel Affairs

42. Laughter Machine

43. Fashionista

44. Cool Chick

45. No Fun Mom

46. Crazy Mom

47. Sleeping Pill

48. Drama Queen

49. Tring – Tring

50. Finder of Lost Objects

51. Madam Punctuality

52. Helicopter Mom

53. Kiss Stealer

54. Queen of Concern

55. Food Scientist

56. Mama Cash

57. Jedi Mom

58. Supreme Court

59. The Enemy of Fun

60. Sleep Expert

61. Lady Grandeur

62. Snoopy Mommy

63. Healer

64. Mama Llama

65. Rockstar

66. Remote In-charge

67. Paracetamol

68. Mombo

69. Soprano

70. Queen of Home

71. Shortee

72. Supermarket Queen

Cute Nicknames For Moms

mother puts her daughter to bed and kisses her in the evening

1. Marmee

2. Jolly

3. Cutie

4. Busy Bee

5. Tinks

6. Joy Giver

7. Sweetums

8. Mamoo

9. Mommylicious

10. Mam

11. Life Coach

12. Sweet Pea

13. Mammy

14. Listener

15. Sunny

16. Supermom

17. Mammie

18. MayMay

19. Sweetheart

20. MeMom

21. Giggles

22. Mamacita

23. MomMom

24. Amor mio

25. Superwoman

26. Sugar

27. Angel28. Secret-keeper

29. Snuggles

30. Momzie

31. Angel Heart

32. Mama Bear

33. Mooma

34. Queen Bee

35. Moon Pie

36. Snug-a-mom

37. Mumpy

38. Moonlight

39. Beloved

40. MumMum

41. Darling

42. Soother

43. Luminous

mother drawing together with her son by the table at home

44. Opie

45. My Queen

46. M’dear

47. Dearest

48. Philosopher

49. Nommie

50. Brains

51. Provider

52. Nightingale

53. Moogie

54. Little Mama

55. Savior

56. Brummy Mummy

57. Dotty

58. Lulumom

59. Mommykins

60. Mrs. Lullaby

61. Bubbles

62. Cocoon

63. Muffy

64. Minny MumMum

65. Lolly

66. Mumoo

67. Dear

68. Nomi

69. Buttercup

70. Sparkly

71. Sweet Mom

72. Meema

73. Lovey

74. Cuddle Muffin

75. Mommy-moo

76. Sunshine

77. My Mom

78. Mother Dearest

79. Mermie

80. Mumsy

81. Honey

82. Protector

83. Mookie

Names For Mom In Other Languages

cute little hugging with her mother at home

1. Ibu – Malay

2. Umi – Arabic

3. Aiti – Finnish

4. Mare – Catalan

5. Tina – Samoan

6. Mai – Aragones

7. Màna – Greek

8. Mat’ – Russian

9. Ma – Asturian

10. Maminka – Czech

11. Mati – Slovenian

12. Mater – Latin

13. Taica – Aymara

14. Mamma – Latvian

15. Mor – Swedish

16. Ammi or Maan – Pakistani

17. Fu or Anya – Hungarian

18. Mathair – Irish

19. Ama – Basque

20. Mamma – Icelandic

21. Meme or Nene – Albanian

22. Ema – Estonian

23. Tīaka – Maori

24. Matka – Belarusan

25. Manman – Haitian Creole

26. Mama or Mami – Tok Pisin

27. Panjo, Patrino – Esperanto

28. Mare – Venetian

29. Mamma or Madre – Italian

30. Mzaa, Mama or Mzazi – Swahili

31. Majka – Serbian

32. Eadni – Saami

33. Valide, Ana, or Anne – Turkish

34. Mama or Matka – Polish

35. Mari – Furlan

36. Mom, Mama, Mother – English

37. Mama or Matka – Slovak

38. Madre, Mami or Mamá – Spanish

39. Motina – Lithuanian

40. Moeder, Ma – Afrikaans

smiling mother playing with her son with red car toy at home

41. Majka or Mati – Croatian

42. Majka – Bulgarian

43. Maica or Mama – Romanian

44. Matri – Sicilian

45. Maadar – Farsi

46. Mam – Welsh

47. Maan – Hindi

48. Ana – Azeri

49. Makuahine – Hawaiian

50. Nay, Iloy, or Nanay – Ilongo

51. Maman or Mère – French

52. Meder – Bolognese

53. Mor – Danish

54. Induk, Biang, Ibu, or Nyokap – Indonesian

55. Maman or Madr – Persian

56. Pabbo, Mai, or Mataji – Punjabi

57. Majka – Bosnian

58. Mutter – German

59. Mati – Ukrainian

60. Moer or Moeder – Dutch

61. Nai – Galician

62. Mam or Mathair – Gaelic

63. Me – Vietnamese

64. Mader – Bergamasco

65. Mihkain – Burmese

66. Mãe – Portuguese

67. Mare – Valencian

68. Muter – Yiddish

69. Nanay or Inahan – Cebuano

70. Ima – Hebrew

71. Mytyr – Old Greek

72. Ina – Filipino

73. Haha or Okaasan – Japanese

74. Ammee – Urdu

75. Mamm’ – Viestano

76. Moae – Zeneize

5 Tips For Giving The Best Nickname And Contact Name To Your Mom

1. Pay attention to your mother’s personality and lifestyle

Mother with her little daughter having breakfast in the bed

Does she always have advice for all your problems and know what to say at the right time?

Then “Answer Key” is a good name to give her.

I call my mother that sometimes and she really likes it.

She finds it both cute and funny.

Or, if your mother constantly wins arguments or debates with your father, you can call her “Bossy Lady” because she’s the boss of the house, right?

Is your mother constantly worried about things that might happen?

Mine is forever in overthinking mode so I call her “Queen of Concern”.

When she’s overly worried about something, she gets mad at me for calling her this but most of the time she finds it cool.

So, pay attention to your mother’s personality and lifestyle and you will easily find the perfect nicknames and contact names for mom.

You certainly don’t want to call her “The Enemy of Fun” if she’s the funniest mom out there, right? The same rules apply when picking a girls’ nickname for any other special lady in your life!

2. If you can’t choose just one, then give her a few nicknames for every occasion

 daughter congratulates mother and gives a bouquet of flowers on the floor

Switching between nicknames is my favorite hobby, especially on a holiday like Mother’s Day.

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I know exactly when to use certain nicknames (I call them situational nicknames) and provide some comic relief for all of us.

It’s the best thing in the world!

I also like to change her contact name quite regularly because her personality keeps evolving so I have to stay updated.

Don’t worry about finding the right nickname when you can have a few up your sleeve for every occasion.

Trust me, she’ll love it too because people get bored of their nicknames and they like to experience diversity.

3. BE CREATIVE: Play with words

Mother and daughter relaxing in the bathroom and caring for skin

When it comes to contact names for mom, you can’t go wrong as long as you’re being creative and as long as it matches her personality.

You don’t have to strictly choose nicknames and contact names from the above list – they can also serve as inspiration to come up with your own.

You can combine two or a few nicknames into one.

There are no boundaries here.

The more you play with words, the better you’ll get at this nickname game.

Impress your strong mom with your ultimate creativity because she deserves it.

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The best nicknames are the ones that make her laugh and make her feel special!

5. If her nickname is too funny aka embarrassing, don’t use it in public

young mother helping her son riding a bike outdoor

Sometimes we get too attached to certain nicknames, contact names, and other name variations and we forget that some of them shouldn’t be used in public.

Your mother certainly wouldn’t be pleased if you called her “Fun Police” while she’s at a grocery store.

I bet you don’t want her to turn into a “Supermarket Queen”, ha!

Using certain nicknames in public may appear offensive but if your mother is okay with it, then go for it!

Wrapping It Up

I hope you enjoyed the above list of contact nicknames for mom and that you laughed out loud as hard as I did when writing them.

Some of them are truly hilarious while others are more sentimental and that’s the beauty of nicknames and contact names.

With them, you can accentuate the positive traits, quirks, and weird habits of another person. Just remember, don’t push it, she’s still your mom!

If you notice that your mother doesn’t feel comfortable with her new nickname or contact name, then consider changing it (unless you want her to turn into “The Enemy of Fun” – just kidding).


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Nicknames And Contact Names For Mom

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