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321 Best Contact Names For Sister To Make Her Feel Appreciated

321 Best Contact Names For Sister To Make Her Feel Appreciated

Having a sister can sometimes feel like both a blessing and a curse, but it’s no secret that even when we get jealous of our sibling or share a laugh together that they’ll always be there for us and vice versa.

So, why not symbolize that with some unique contact names for sisters?

Thinking up unique contact names for sisters can be so much fun!

What’s important is that you two find it memorable, no matter how cheesy it may be.

While I don’t have a sister to share this tradition with, I do have a brother and the process of coming up with a contact nickname for your brother is pretty much the same.

If you’re struggling to find an appropriate and meaningful name, all you have to do is look back on your past with her, at the fond memories that you two share, or even a favorite hobby, movie, or TV series.

If you’re looking for a funny nickname, you can always name her after a quirk that she might have in her personality or physical appearance, as long as the intention isn’t to mock her.

Alternatively, you can always go for girlish nicknames that go well when paired together or even let her give herself a nickname and vice versa.

If you’re having some trouble with the process, I’ve created a list of some of the most popular and commonly used contact names for sisters to give you a general idea of how silly some can get and maybe help you find the perfect one for your sister!

Best Contact Names For Sister

adorable little boy hugging his sister on the wall outdoor

Here are a few good examples of cute nicknames that both you and your loving sister will delight in when you see it pop up on the caller ID.

1. Adorable

2. Angel eyes

3. Angel face

4. Angel heart

5. Apple eye

6. Bab

7. Babby

8. Babes

9. Babs

10. Baby bear

11. Baby boo

12. Baby cakes

13. Baby doll

14. Baby face

15. Baby sister

16. Babykins

17. Bag of tricks

18. Bambi

19. Barbie

20. Beagle

two sisters sitting on the couch looking at mobile phone

21. Beanie

22. Big sister

23. Biscuit

24. Bitsy

25. Black sheep

26. Blush

27. Boo boo

28. Bookworm

29. Boss

30. Brainiac

31. Brosky

32. Bubba

33. Bubbles

34. Button

35. Cakes

36. Cheeseball

37. Cherry balls

38. Chicken little

39. Chili milli

40. Choco pop

cute sister in pink dresses sitting in hug

41. Chunkmeister

42. Confessor

43. Crazy pants

44. Cutie trick

45. Dear

46. Dearest

47. Disney baby

48. Dobby

49. Donuts

50. Dramaqueen

51. Duckling

52. Eenie meenie

53. Fashionista

54. Firecracker

55. Fluffy

56. Forgy

57. Freckles

58. Funny hunny

59. Giggles

60. Goldfish

two cute sisters swinging together on the swingset in the park

61. Gorgeous

62. Grasshopper

63. Guardian angel

64. Gummy bear

65. Hairball

66. Happy eyes

67. Heartie

68. Hermanita

69. Honey

70. Honey bun

71. Hon’

72. Jellybean

73. Kitten

74. Kitty

75. Lil’ one

76. Lil’ champ

77. Lil’ heart breaker

78. Little bean

79. Little lady

80. Little sister

smiling brother with sister in hug wearing pajama on the bed

81. Loosie goofy

82. Lucky charm

83. Marshmallow

84. Matchstick

85. Mini me

86. Minion

87. Monkey

88. Moody

89. Muffin

90. Muggle

91. Munchkin

92. Newbie

93. One of us

94. Peaches

95. Penny pizza

96. Pint size

97. Poker face

98. Princess

99. Pumpkin

100. Red cheeks

two little girls in dresses spreading arms in nature

101. Rolly polly

102. Scarlett (and rhett)

103. Schwester

104. Scrappy-doo

105. Short stuff

106. Sis

107. Sissie

108. Sissy

109. Sista’

110. Smallie

111. Smart cookie

112. Smarty

113. Snuggles

114. Sorella

115. Space queen

116. Sticky-icky

117. Sugar puff

118. Sweetheart

119. Sweetie

120. Sweet pea

121. Teddy bear

122. Turtle

123. Twin

124. Twinkie

125. Twinkle

126. Younger sister

127. Youngest

Adorable Contact Names For Sister

cute little girl with brother jumping in the field

If you want to go more down the lovey-dovey route rather than just opting for something more common, cute names are always a pretty good option to give to your favorite family member.

Here are a number of good examples:

1. Ace

2. Amazon

3. Baby buffalo

4. Baby dear

5. Bambi sis

6. Banana baby

7. Blueberry

8. Booger

9. Born queen

10. Britannic

11. Bubbies

12. Butterball

13. Butters

14. Butterscotch

15. Cartoon

16. Chatterbox

17. Cheeky monkey

18. Chica

19. Choco sis

20. Chocolate

two little sisters with color on face laughing on the bed

21. Chunkarella

22. Chunkaroo

23. Chunky monkey

24. Cinderella

25. Copycat

26. Couch potato

27. Cupcake

28. Cute bug

29. Cute bunny

30. Cute lil’

31. Cute one

32. Cutest cherub

33. Cutie

34. Cutie head

35. Cutie pants

36. Cutie patootie

37. Cutie pie

38. Daisy

39. Dimples

40. Doll

two sisters reading a book in a playing tent with flashlight

41. Doll face

42. Donut

43. Dove

44. Dragonfly

45. Drama queen

46. Dwarf

47. Dynamite

48. Enigma

49. Flash

50. Foo foo

51. Foxy lady

52. Fun size

53. Gem

54. Gem hearts

55. Goldie

56. Goof

57. Grumpy

58. Half-sized

59. Hissy sissy

60. Hoe hoe hoe

two sisters playing on the floor with toys

61. Honey bunny

62. Huggie

63. Jewel

64. Kiddo

65. Kit kat

66. Lil’ bits

67. Lil’ dear

68. Lioness

69. Little bug

70. Little lamb

71. Little rabbit

72. Missy sissy

73. Nugget

74. Odd duck

75. Pancake

76. Panda

77. Piggy

78. Pimples

79. Pinocchio

80. Plum

smiling sisters having fun on the swingset in nature

81. Pooh bear

82. Power ranger

83. Psycho

84. Puzzle box

85. Queenie

86. Radical

87. Rockstar

88. Rollie pollie

89. Rug-rat

90. Sassy lassie

91. Savage

92. Scooby-doo

93. Scrappy

94. See see

95. Short-stuff

96. Sistie

97. Sleepy

98. Slick chick

99. Smalls

100. Smiley face

silly sisters playing with food in the kitchen

101. Snitty kiddie

102. Sorority sister

103. Squirrel

104. Squirrely girlie

105. Sugar

106. Sugar (and spice)

107. Sun

108. Sunny

109. Sunshine

110. Sweet potato

111. Tiny

112. Vulture

113. Wee-one

114. Weirdo

115. Wonder Woman

116. Youngin

Funny Contact Names For Sister

cute sisters fighting for toys on the floor

Life with a sister isn’t always ideal and sometimes you’ll end up calling each other mean names by calling out a specific characteristic of each other and caricaturing it.

It’s what happens when people fight, even best friends can’t escape it.

But, as all good besties, you and your sister can look past the initial context of the mean nicknames and use them as names for one another that’ll get you to laugh when you remember the silly reasons the name was used to begin with.

You might have an exceptionally short sister and jokingly call her “short-stuff” without really meaning anything bad by it.

Here are a few other good name ideas that fit this theme:

1. Ankle biter

2. Banshee

3. Booger

4. Brat

5. Butters

6. Champ

7. Chicken

8. Chubster

9. Claws

10. Clone

11. Copyrat

12. Cosmo

13. Couch potato

14. Crockadillapig

15. Crybaby

16. Cyclops

17. Derp

18. Diva

19. Doofus

20. Dork

brother and sister sitting on the kitchen desk drinking hot tea

21. Dory

22. Dunce

23. Ear hustler

24. Egghead

25. Elf

26. Evil twin

27. FLK (funny-looking kid)

28. Gangsta baby

29. Geek

30. Giganotosaurus

31. Goober

32. Half pint

33. Hermit

34. Hollywood

35. Hulk

36. Lab rat

37. Loony

38. Menace

39. Milky

40. Missy

sisters having fight on the couch at home

41. Mustard

42. Mutant

43. Nemo

44. Ninja

45. Nut

46. Nutter

47. Oddball

48. Old woman

49. Oliva

50. One of us

51. Pizza face

52. Poopy head

53. Porcelain doll

54. Pumpkin head

55. Punk

56. Queen

57. Rebel

58. Roadkill

59. Runt

60. Saboteur

cute smiling siblings hugging at home

61. Scooter

62. Scrooge

63. Servant

64. Shadow

65. Shawty

66. Shorty

67. Skindiana bones

68. Skunk

69. Snitch

70. Snowflake

71. Spongesis squarepants

72. Stinker

73. Sumo

74. Tarzan

75. Troublemaker

76. Varmint

77. Wombat

78. Zombie

How To Come Up With Contact Names For Sister

cute sisters having breakfast together in the kitchen

While all of these nicknames might be interesting, maybe they didn’t quite strike the right note with you.

Maybe you have some ideas of your own that you know are there but you just can’t find the right words.

Maybe you want something that rings a bit closer to home, something that resonates a bit better, or a pet name that you yourself created for your sister.

If that’s the case, don’t worry, there are ways around that too with a number of rather simple guidelines on how to go about coming up with your own contact names.

The easiest thing to relate to would be some pet nicknames you two had between one another when you were kids.

Something that might have been said during a disagreement or codenames you two gave one another when you were playing secret agents?

Any of those tend to work wonders.

Another good go-to would be using something from your sister’s overall appearance.

Does she have a certain physical feature that you can focus on like the color of her hair or eyes or the shape of her body?

You can either use it as a compliment or as a jokey insult, but make sure to keep it in good spirits.

Good examples for this are names like “blondie”, “blue eyes”, “thunder thighs” and similar.

Whatever comes to mind first is likely to work, overthinking it will only make you regret not going with the initial idea and will just have you racking your brain over a simple problem that really doesn’t require that much attention.

Another good thing you could caricaturize are your sister’s general mannerisms.

Something that defines who she is, a tick, or a specific response to a topic – anything that you would automatically associate with her.

People’s favorites for these are, once again, the more jokey nicknames though they can be endearing too.

Good examples here are “Lazy Susan”, “Chatty Cathy” or “Athletic Annie”.

little brother playing a doctor with his sister

Once again, you don’t have to think too hard, just go for the one you like best at the start.

The only important thing is that you thought it would fit your sister.

She will appreciate it just the same regardless of how ingenious or corny it may be.

A really neat way of going about finding good contact names for your sister is if you both decide on paired ones.

That way, you’ll get to be the gruesome twosome, a deadly mix nobody can beat, plus, you’ll get to complement each other a lot more and it’ll eliminate a whole lot of time that coming up with a nickname could take.

Good examples, in this case, are “Shaggy & Scooby”, “Tom & Jerry”, “Thelma & Louise” or even “Sansa & Arya Stark”.

It honestly doesn’t take that long to find a name that’ll fit you well and show the world how unstoppable you two really are.

On that note, movies and TV shows are also a great well of ideas to pull from.

You can find a ton of names of characters there who might share some traits with your sister or ones they resonate really well with.

All you have to do is find out what your sister likes to watch and which characters she prefers and you already have your best nickname candidate sorted.

If anything, they’ll definitely commend you on being a thoughtful sister who pays attention to her likes and dislikes and you’ll get her to smile brightly.

Another fun idea that I came across online is to give your phones to one another and name yourselves in the contact list.

This was great fun when I did this with my brother.

You can do the same with contact names for your mother or father too, but you definitely can’t be nearly as mean or sassy as you could with your sibling.

This way, you both get to put something down that you’d like to be called and you both get to have a good laugh when one calls the other or vice versa, but you have to keep away from the temptation of looking in your contacts list beforehand!

sisters in yellow raincoats holding hands and walking in the wood

Another good source of contact names can be some of your personal moments, ones that only you two have experienced or remember fondly for whatever reason, or even an inside joke that only you two get.

Maybe one of you was a wing woman to another during their first date, maybe you both snuck out one night when you weren’t supposed to, or maybe it’s something as simple as working together to sneak some cookies from the pantry when no one was looking.

All of these could be some truly memorable moments for you two and could be good inspiration for a neat name that will stick with you two for ages.

Finally, for those of you feeling a little bit devious, there’s always the mean option.

While things might be all fine and dandy now, there was undoubtedly that little spark of sibling rivalry back when you were kids, one that may or may not be here now too.

I’m not one to judge, I still hold a healthy one with my brother, after all.

A good way of getting them back for things like that without having to be overly mean in public is to put a silly, childish nickname for them as your contact.

It’s more for the joke itself, of course as the point here isn’t to hold a grudge for decades on end.

If anything, what used to sound insulting might end up being one of the best contact names if she can take a joke and understand that it wasn’t meant to be anything too serious.

Those are certainly not all sources you can draw from that could make good nicknames and I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but these are the most popular ones among the general public and seem to be the easiest methods.

That said, I’d love to hear about any other ones that I might have missed if you’d care to share!

The Bottom Line

adorable little girl kissing her sister outdoor

Thinking up fancy contact names for your dad, mom, brother or sister isn’t as hard as it looks as you can see from the hundreds of examples above.

It might initially sound like it, but all it takes is a nudge in the right direction and you’ll have ideas firing on all cylinders!

My one piece of advice here is to not get stuck on one theme if you can’t figure a good one out right now and to just write down whatever comes to mind first.

Sure, it might sound a bit too cheesy or bland, but it’s the thought that counts.

Believe me when I say that your favorite sibling is going to appreciate it regardless of how good/bad it may sound.

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Besides, it’s in your own contact list of all places and it’s something that the two of you share with one another.

What’s important here is that you deemed your sister worthy enough to get her own special contact name, that, on its own, will give it more significance than any other meaning might.

If you want it to be perfect on all fronts then be my guest and try delving deep into some of the things you know your sister obsesses over and pick something that resonates well with that.

Alternatively, something that describes a fond memory you two have with one another is also bound to be a surefire hit!

If all else fails, you can always go for a simple option and call her your favorite person in the world, I’m sure she won’t object!

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Best Contact Names For Sister

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