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Country Girl Names: Over 200 Ideas For Your Southern Belle

Country Girl Names: Over 200 Ideas For Your Southern Belle

Howdy, cowgirl mama! How ya doin’?

Is it that time already? Do you have the list of perfect country girl names ready for your little Southern belle?

Oh, my, you don’t? What on Earth shall we do?

Well, it’s a good thing you’re a part of our Mom Tribe, because you’ll have easy access to all these beautiful names for girls.

We did the research for you and compiled this list of the sweetest country girl names.

We guarantee you’ll have problems with choosing the right one because all of them are so wonderful.

With the rise of country music, adorable country girl names are having their 15 minutes of fame, we just wish those 15 minutes would last a lifetime.

Country girl names are simply beautiful; they have deep meanings and are lovely sounding, so every country mama will be sure to love them.

Let’s check them out!

What Are Some Southern Names? Where To Find Inspiration?

little girl in a cowboy hat holding a horse toy

When searching for the perfect country girl name, we must start with the obvious sources; country music, and country singers to be precise, are an excellent source of inspiration for a good country girl name.

As well as country music, old western legends are inspirational too, especially if you like their stories.

When we think of country style, we think of a warm home, cozy feelings, and beautiful, unspoilt nature.

You will notice that lots of these names are related to nature.

That’s because country style appreciates everything nature has to offer.

In addition to nature, many of the names listed below have a religious connotation.

The great South is known for their strong belief in the Lord, so it’s no wonder popular names like Jezebel and Mary have Biblical origins.

Female Names Inspired by Country Music

1. Carter (June Carter)

2. Dolly (Dolly Parton)

3. Faith (Faith Hill)

4. Jolene (a song by Dolly Parton)

5. June (June Carter)

6. LeAnn (LeAnn Rimes)

7. Loretta (Loretta Lynn)

8. Martina (Martin McBride)

9. Patsy (Patsy Cline)

10. Reba (Reba McEntire)

11. Shania (Shania Twain)

12. Tammy (Tammy Wynette)

13. Trisha (Trisha Yearwood)

Now, let’s pick a name for your beautiful little baby girl!

Names That Start With The Letter “A”

1. Abigail (Abby)

The name Abigail is a Hebrew girl name meaning my father’s joy.

2. Abilene

This girl name is also from Hebrew and stands for the land of meadows.

3. Ada

The name Ada is a baby girl name from the German language which stands for noble.

4. Adabelle

Similarly to Ada, the name Adabelle has French and German origins. It means noble and beautiful.

5. Addie or Adeline

Addie, or Adeline, sounds so rustic. This country girl name has both old English and old German roots, and means noble son of Adam.

6. Agnes

A Greek name which means pure or holy.

7. Alison

Alison is the son of the noble one.

8. Aliza

Another lovely Hebrew girl name is Aliza, or the joyful.

9. Amaryllis

This interesting girl name comes from Greek and means fresh and sparkling. Amaryllis is so uncommon and yet so lovely.

10. Amber

Although the French and Arabic languages aren’t alike at all, they do have one word in common: the name Amber. It means jewel!

11. Amy

Here’s one of the more common country girl names, but that doesn’t mean it’s not special. Now that you know Amy means beloved, you’ll think it’s the most special of them all!

12. Andie

The Greeks say Andie is brave. We couldn’t agree more.

13. Angie

Angie is a name with a deep meaning: the messenger of God. It comes from the Greek language.

14. Annie

The name Annie has English origins. This pretty girl name means gracious and merciful. Well, I can’t help but think of Annie Oakley. So much for the gracefulness, eh?

15. April

April is a popular name with Latin origin. The name means to open something.

16. Arizona

The city of Arizona is not really country-themed, but you can’t deny that the name Arizona sounds pretty countryish! The name means good oak, and despite its meaning, is really a good name choice for your little girl.

17. Ashleigh (Ashley)

Old English names sound really cool, don’t they? Take Ashley, or Ashleigh, for example! This is an evergreen name and it stands for ash meadow.​​​​

18. Aspen

Yes, Aspen is a cute country girl name! Its origins are American (of course) and this unique name means quaking tree. It’s not a bad idea to name your precious baby girl Aspen after the mountain, either!

19. Austin

Yes, we know Austin is a boy’s name, but we like to think of Austin as more unisex. The state capital of Texas has an awesome meaning behind its name – great and magnificent.

20. Autumn

Name a more country-style girl name. We’ll wait! Autumn is the time when we harvest the fruits of our labour. This pretty season name comes from Latin and Old French and means ‘harvest time of plenty’.

21. Avery

You may be surprised to learn what the name Avery means! It is English and means ruler of elves! Pretty awesome, right?

Names That Start With The Letter “B”

girl with a hat in a field

22. Babs (Babette)

Please hear us out: Babs or Babette is not an old woman’s name. It’s an adorable country girl name and stands for a foreign girl. How chic!

23. Bailey

Bailey is a unisex baby name that is rather common these days, but does that make it any less worthy? Absolutely not! It only proves that Bailey (meaning berry cleaning or bailiff) is a girl name everyone loves!

24. Barbara

Did you know that Barbara is a foreign girl name that actually means foreign? Wild!

25. Beatrice

Your little bundle of joy will bring you lots of happiness, which is exactly what Beatrice means in the Italian/Latin languages: she who brings happiness.


We’re all servants of God, but Becca is a Hebrew girl name that literally means servant of God.

27. Becky

Becky is such a pretty name for a little girl. It even means beautiful and desirable! However, this gorgeous country girl name means to bind or tie in Hebrew. Which meaning do you prefer?

28. Belle

As in “The Southern Belle”. This is one of the prettiest country girl names! It has French origins and means beautiful.

29. Bernadette

What a pretty name Bernadette is! I’m sure your little girl will be thrilled to discover her name is French for brave bear.

30. Bessy

Hey, mama, are you a religious person? If so, you’ll be happy to hear the name Bessy means my God is bountiful.

31. Bethany

The name Bethany is actually a biblical girl name, and it means house of figs or house of welcome. What an interesting meaning for a name we all thought of as more modern.

32. Betty

When you want your little girl to have God as her oath, you name her Betty.

33. Betsy

Another lovely Hebrew name that would suit the southern charm is Betsy. This country girl name means pledged to God, which makes it perfect for all you religious moms out there.

34. Blake

Some moms don’t want to pick a name before their baby is born, which is absolutely fine. Once you see your precious little baby you can name her after something striking about her appearance. For example, Blake means dark-haired or pale in Old English and would suit a little girl with dark hair really well.

35. Blythe

For fans of Old English baby girl names, here’s one you’ll be sure to love: Blythe! Blythe means cheerful or carefree. What a lovely girl’s name!

36. Blossom

The name Blossom has a clear meaning: to bloom or flower.

37. Billie

Not Billy the Kid, but Billie – a pretty country girl name meaning to resolute protection.

38. Birdie

Birdie is a short and cute girl name of English origin. It means ‘little bird’

39. Bobbi

Just like the name Barbara, the name Bobbi also means foreign woman, but it comes from Latin instead of the Greek language.

40. Bonnie

An old-fashioned name with a modern sound. Bonnie stands for a pretty girl. This name is of Scottish origin and we think it’s an absolutely adorable country girl name.

41. Brandy

Brandy may stand for burnt wine, but this Dutch girl name sounds like it came straight outta Texas!

Names That Start With The Letter “C”

42. Cadence

The name Cadence stands for rhythm or beat. Happy baby girls who coo and smile from day 1 would be a great fit for the name Cadence.

43. Callie

Callie is another Greek name, this time meaning beautiful and lovely. All baby girls are beautiful creatures who charm us from the very beginning.

44. Candy

Bright and sweet. Candy’s are sweet girls with an all-American name sure to fit your country-style standards.

45. Carlin

The Irish name Carlin has a really mighty meaning behind it: a little champion. We stand with all the moms who have to see their little ones in the NICU. A little fighter that went through NICU or some other major battle would fit the name Carlin perfectly.

46. Carly

The name Carly does not have modern roots. In fact, it dates back to the ancient Romans and means free man in Latin.

47. Cassidy

Here’s a treat of a name! The name Cassidy is a really good country girl name because of its origins. And if you’re not a fan of Butch Cassidy, you can always use the second meaning from the Irish language: curly-haired.

48. Cassie

Do you sense a Little House On The Prairie vibe with this one? The name Cassie definitely has that feel, but the name actually has Greek origins and means prophetess.

49. Chantilly

White lace dress, cowboy boots, and your favorite Stetson hat. Sounds like a real country girl, doesn’t it? The only thing missing is a sweet name like Chantilly, which means fine white lace in French.

50. Charlene

Charlene means free spirit, and we wish both you and your beautiful daughter a free spirit that will guide you through adventures together.

51. Charlie (Charlotte)

If Charlotte isn’t your cup of tea, then Charlie will have to do instead. They both mean free man in French.

52. Cheyenne

Although it may sound French, the name Cheyenne is actually 100% American. This is one of the cooler country girl names, and it stands for unintelligible speaker.

53. Claire

Claires are pretty, bright, and clear. This name with French roots is an all-time favorite.

54. Clara

Little House On The Prairie vibes Part 2! Clara is clear and bright, like a ray of sunshine. Your little sweetheart will be a bright ray of light on your darkest days.

55. Clementine

The name Clementine is French, adorable, and conjures up the old southern charm. The name has a wonderful meaning: merciful.

56. Clover

As simple as can be. Clover is actually a meadow flower.

57. Codie

Codie is very helpful. Your little girl has already helped you grow as a person, just imagine what she will do once she grows up a bit!

58. Colleen

We don’t see many Gaelic girl names, which is why we love them so much! The name Colleen means girl or wench. That’s right, Colleen literally means girl!

59. Cora

Cora is another one of the cute country girl names that simply means girl. However, this time its roots are Greek.

Names That Start With The Letter “D”

60. Daisy

Daisy, or day’s eyes, is a girl name of English origin.

61. Dakota

Hey there, cowgirl! Do you like the name, Dakota? Well, this Native American girl name means the friendly one, so you must have great taste! What a lovely meaning!

62. Dallas

If you’ve been looking for country-style names, then you’ve come to the right place! The name Dallas is one spectacular country girl name! Did you know that Dallas is actually a Scottish word for valley meadows?

63. Darla

Southern belles love saying “darling”! It’s their trademark. Darla means darling, so we see no reason you shouldn’t pick this southern name for your beautiful daughter.

64. Darlene

If you want a fancier version of the name Darla, you can go with Darlene.

65. Dixie

The Heart of Dixie, or the southern heart, is a terrific choice for a little girl’s name, especially if she’s from the south. That’s exactly what this name means: from the South.

66. Dolly

How can we not use a legend like Dolly Parton for country girl names inspiration? The iconic country singer has a name that means gift of God. Your daughter could share the same name because that’s what she is: a gift from God.

67. Dorothy

We’re most definitely not in Kansas anymore, but Dorothy is here with us. This sweet and traditional girl name has a lovely meaning: God’s gift.

6. Dottie

The last gift of God on our list is Dottie, a cute English girl name.

Names That Start With The Letter “E”

69. Ella

The name Ella means girl or feminine. It’s pretty clear why we like this short girl name.

70. Eliza

We’re all pledged to God, but Elizas more so than anyone else. This English girl name has its origin in Hebrew.

71. Ember

Not Amber, but Ember. It’s a unique, special, and rather uncommon name from the German and French languages. It stands for ashes, to burn, or to glow.

72. Emmy

In German, Emmy is whole or universal, while in Latin, Emmy is industrious or hardworking. In our hearts, Emmy is a dear country girl name.

73. Esther

A few decades ago the name Esther wasn’t very popular. It was a name for older ladies. We’re so happy people are starting to recognize how special this name is. Esther comes from Old Persian and means star.

74. Etta

Here’s a really old western girl name. Etta stands for the estate ruler. It doesn’t have a lovely meaning, but it does have a meaningful origin.

75. Evie

Your daughter will mean more than life itself to you. Even though you gave birth to her, you were also born that day, but as a mother. With your little life, Evie, you’ll walk hand in hand through life together.

Names That Start With The Letter “F”

76. Faith

Faith will always guide you through the bad times. What was once a desperate woman praying for a child, today is a beloved mom happy to have her little bundle of joy. Mama dearest, if you’ve been through a lot, maybe naming your daughter Faith – to believe – will help you remember it was all worth it.

77. Fancy

Fancy is quite a fancy name. It’s Old English for decoration.

78. Fanny

The name Fanny can have several different meanings, but we’ve decided to find inspiration from the French language. The name actually means free man.

79. Fawn

A Fawn is a young deer. They’re almost as cute as a newborn baby girl!

80. Fay

Baby girls are little fairies who have sprinkled their fairy dust to enchant us all. The name Fay means fairy, and it will definitely suit your little princess.

81. Flora

Flora is a Scottish word for flower. It’s a great name for a cute little baby girl.

82. Frankie

Check out this country girl name of American origin, Frankie. It means free or truthful and can be used for both genders.

83. Franny

Franny is a name that means free man from France. This name of Latin origin would be a great name for your little southern star.

Names That Start With The Letter “G”

little girl with long hair in a field

84. Genevieve

Now, here’s a great baby name for all the future Mom Tribe members. The name Genevieve is from the French language and means tribe woman. How cool is that?

85. Georgia

Georgias are farmers or tillers of soil, but modern Georgias are adorable little princesses you simply must love.

86. Gladys

Speaking of princesses… Did you know that the name Gladys is the Welsh baby name for a princess?

87. Glenda

Lots of country girl names are oriented towards religious things. Take the name Glenda, for example. It means pure, clean, and holy, and it really touches you spiritually.

88. Goldie

Goldies are little girls made of gold.

89. Gracie

Sweet, gracious, and affectionate. Girls with the name Gracie can proudly say their name means the grace of God.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “H”

90. Hadley

Hadley is a name with a unique spelling. You don’t see many Hadleys around, do you? This one-of-a-kind girl name has Old English origins and means heather meadow.

91. Hailey

Hailey is hay’s meadow.

92. Hallie

The Old English folks sure did like their meadows! Here we have another girl name which means hall meadow, Hallie.

93. Hannah

Hannah is classically pretty. This evergreen name has Hebrew roots and describes grace.

94. Harlow

Although Harlow has a tough meaning of rock hill and army hill, the name is still pretty enough for your precious baby.

95. Harper

Could a unisex name BE any cuter? Harper is a harp player, how convenient!

96. Harriett

Country girl names are often traditional. Take Harriet, for example; this is a gorgeous traditional name with a powerful meaning: home ruler.

97. Hattie

Hattie or Harriett. Which do you prefer?

98. Haven

A mom’s hug will always be a safe place for her little ones. Speaking of safe places… How do you like the name Haven?

99. Hazel

The name Hazel has a double meaning: hazelnut tree and God sees.

100. Heather

Flowering evergreen plant is the wonderful name meaning behind the name Heather.

101. Heidi

Have you read the children’s story Heidi? This German name means nobility, and you can be sure your baby will be the only one in the neighbourhood carrying this name.

102. Hillary

For cheerful babies, Hillary is surely the sweetest pick!

103. Hope

Never lose hope. The sun will come out and you’ll manage to forget all the bad things, all with a little help from your Hope! This graceful girl name stands for positive expectation and desire of fulfillment.

104. Houston

Houston, we have a name! This is a unique choice for both boys and girls. You wanted country girl names, so here you go! The name actually means Hugh’s town or settlement on the hill. It has Old English and Irish roots, but still has a modern sound.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “I”

girl with boston terrier dog

105. Ida

Babies can show off their temper from the very beginning. Some of them can be quite active and energetic, and we think the name Ida, of Old Norse origin, will suit babies like these the best.

106. Indiana

Indiana is a state name and it’s also a land of Indians. However, the name Indiana is also one hell of a great country girl name!

107. Ivy

Names inspired by nature are always quite popular, and if you’re a mama who appreciates her greens, you’ll certainly appreciate the name Ivy. It’s Old English for the evergreen climbing plant.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “J”

108. Jacey

Jacey is happy. That’s something we all want for our babies, right?

109. Jackie

Ever since Jackie Kennedy, the name Jackie hasn’t lost its popularity. We see no reason why it should; the name is amazing! And it even has a great meaning: supplanter or God is gracious.


Jacqueline is a longer version of the name Jackie, so pick the one you like the most.

111. Jade

Jade is a pretty girl name of Spanish origin, it means stone on the side. Jade is also a semi-precious gemstone.

112. Jane

Relax, mama. We didn’t use Calamity Jane as an inspiration for this one! It’s one of our top country girl names because it’s always modern and means God is gracious.

113. Jessie

Jessie is a dainty girl name that all cowgirl mamas seem to like. The name has a double meaning; in Hebrew, Jessie means he sees, while in Scottish it stands for wealthy.

114. Jezebel

We love remembering old-fashioned girl names and the name Jezebel has a divine meaning: pure and virginal. It’s as pure as your love for your little baby girl.

115. Jill

We’re all children of God, just like Jill.

116. Jo

Lots of names on our list, including Jo, have the same meaning: God is gracious. He truly was gracious when he gave you the gift of motherhood.

117. Joanie

Joanie or Jo? What will it be?

118. Jody

Jody is Hebrew for Jehovah increases, but Jody would also make a lovely short name for your sweet little princess.

119. Johanna

Johanna is a traditional name that has made quite a comeback recently, and it’s no wonder with a meaning like God is gracious.

120. Josephine (Joey)

Josephine is a classic girl name that comes from the French language and means Jehovah increases. A lot of wonderful baby girl names come from the French language, and we’re absolutely glad for every single one of them!

121. Josette

The name Josette has the same meaning as the name Josephine. Now it’s up to you to pick the name that sounds best to you.

122. Josie

God will increase, and Josie will always remain a beloved American girl name.

123. June

An old country western girl name like June deserves more hype. This is a traditional idea and a sweet and unique name. It’s Latin for young and youthful.

124. Juniper

Whether named after juniper berries or the Latin word for young, Juniper is one cool country girl name.

125. Justine

Justines are fair and upright.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “K”

girl on a bridge

126. Kansas

Kansas means people of the south wind, but Kansas is also a US state and a great choice for a country girl name.

127. Kasey

Kasey girls are vigorous and alert. We wish your little girl grows up to be worthy of her name!

128. Katie

Short and sweet. Katie is of Greek origin and means pure.

129. Kathy (Katherine)

The same goes for Kathy or Katherine. In fact, you can name your baby girl Katherine, but use monikers like Katie or Kathy depending on what you like.

130. Kaylee

All-American names always dominate among country girl names, and we hear Kaylee quite often. Did you know that this adorable name means crown or laurel. Isn’t that cool?

131. Kendall

No, Kendall Jenner wasn’t our inspiration for this name. We decided to use a more traditional source, the Old English language. Kendall means valley of the River Kent.

132. Kenzie

Kenzie can be short for McKenzie, but it can also be a name of its own. It has Scottish roots and means descendant of the handsome man. We think Kenzie is absolutely adorable!

133. Kimmy

From the meadow of the royal fortress comes the name Kimmy.

134. Kinsey

Kinsey means king’s victory, and will remind you of your own personal victory after going through 9 months of pregnancy.

135. Kitt

Although it may not sound like it, the name Kitt is great for all the religious mamas out there. It’s Greek for bearing Christ.

136. Kitty

No, Kitty is not a longer version of the name Kitt. In fact, it’s a lovely English name with Greek roots and means pure.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “L”

137. Lacey

Sweet, gentle, and fragile. Those are the first three words we think of when someone mentions the name Lacey. It’s an Old French baby girl name meaning from Lacy.

138. Lainey

Lainey will bring bright and shining light into your life, and you’ll never see darkness again!

139. Lark

This little songbird comes from Middle English, and will sing you the cutest song with her first cry at the hospital.

140. Laura

Laura is a bay laurel plant and a lovely country girl name that will always be a popular choice among moms.

141. Layla

A dark beauty, dark as night. The name Layla is beautiful and inspiring, and has Egyptian and Arabic roots that make it even more desirable.

142. Leona

Leona is a lion and the perfect choice for a summer baby born in the house of Leo.

143. Lexi

A shorter version of the Greek name Alexander, which means defender of men.

144. Libby

Libby is God’s promise you’ll never have to be alone again.

145. Liza

Liza has the same meaning as Libby. This English baby girl name has a certain rustic charm, which makes it the perfect choice for a country girl name.

146. Lorraine

Lorraine is a lovely Old French name meaning from Lorraine or famous army.

147. Loretta

Does Loretta sound familiar? That’s because it sounds just like Laura, and the two names share a meaning: bay laurel.

148. Lottie

Lottie is little and womanly. We’ve finally come across a name that sounds exactly like the meaning says it is!

149. Louisa

Louisa is a famous warrior, but your Louisa doesn’t have to fight for your heart; it already surrendered when you saw your little girl for the first time!

150. Lucille or Lucy

Lucille, or Lucy, is a French word that means light.

151. Lucinda

Lucinda shares a name meaning with Lucille and Lucy. She’s a ray of bright light that chases away all your troubles

152. Lydia

Lydia is noble, just like a real little princess.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “M”

little girl with a scarf in nature

153. Mabel

Mabel means lovable. Who wouldn’t love those gorgeous little eyes?

154. Mackenna

Like Kenzie and Mackenzie, the name Mackenna is Scottish for child of the handsome one, or child of the wise leader. These girls are destined to do great things.

155. Maddie

Maddie has a double meaning from both Hebrew and English roots. It stands for maiden or woman from Magdala. It’s a cute little girl’s name many moms choose for their daughters.

156. Mae

Mae is a pearl. Rare, beautiful, and unique – exactly like your newborn baby girl.

157. Maggie

Maggie is also a pearl.

158. Magnolia

Of course we had to put the name Magnolia on our list. Thanks to the Southern Magnolia flower, you now have the perfect country girl name.

159. Mallory

Many people believe you should say the opposite of what you mean to save a baby from bad luck and spells and make it grow up strong. Mallory is a clear example of such a tradition as the name means unlucky and unhappy in Old French.

160. Mamie

The Greeks say Mamie is a pear or a star of the sea. The Hebrew version claims Mamie means wished for a child. Either way, Mamie is living proof you’ve got your own little pearl, as rare and as unique as the real thing.

161. Margaret

Another beautiful pearl is Margaret.

162. Maisie

Maisie is also unique and gorgeous, just like a real pearl.

163. Maribel

All babies named Maribel are beautiful.

164. Mary

Now, here’s a traditional girl name. We’re sure you already have a Mary in your family because it’s such a lovely name and it means beloved.

165. Meredith

Country girls are sweet on the outside and tough on the inside. The name Meredith is exactly like that. It’s Welsh for a great ruler.

166. Mindy

Mindy is sweet, gentle, and sometimes bitter, but with lots of love in her tiny body.

167. Miley

Miley can be dear and gracious, but she can also be a soldier. If you opt for an All-American version of this name, you should choose Miley because it sounds so much like smiley. May your little girl always be smiling.

168. Millie

Millie is such an adorable little girl name. It stands for mild of strength.

169. Minnie

Not Minnie as in Minnie Mouse, but that could also work out. We chose Minnie because this vintage girl name means intellect.

170. Missy

Missy is as cute as a little bee.

171. Misty

Now, Misty has a clear meaning, doesn’t it? It’s clearly a name inspired by mist.


Molly is the start of the sea, and your heart too.

172. Montana

Montana, like the state and the Latin word for mountains. This is a great name idea for country-style mamas.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “N”

little girl with a backpack on a hill

173. Nancy

Nancy is pure grace.

174. Naomi

Around Naomi, you’ll feel only pleasantness.

175. Nellie

Nellie is a ray of sunshine that got you through your darkest hours and made your life a whole lot better.

176. Nevada

Nevada, what a cool name! We took inspiration from the Latin word for snow, but we love the State of Nevada too.

177. Norah

Norah is a woman or honor. This has recently become a popular girl name and we love how adorable it sounds.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “O”

178. Oakley

Annie may not be your favorite name, but Oakley might. The name Oakley has roots from a wild west legend, but it can also mean meadow of oak trees in Old English.

179. Olive

Olive is the olive tree. This English girl name means ‘olive tree’.

180. Opal

We don’t see many names from Sanskrit, but Opal is really something special. The name mea

ns jewel, a little treasure just like the one you have snuggled up in your arms.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “P”

girl in a field

181. Paige

The name Paige seems quite modern, but it actually dates back to Medieval times when Paige was a helper or assistant, and sometimes a knight in training. Simply put, Paige stands for bravery!

182. Patsy

Patsy is a little princess and her name stands for nobility.

183. Patty

Patty is noble too! Which one do you like more: Patsy or Patty? Which of these country girl names would be a better fit for your little girl?

184. Pauline (Polly)

Pauline, or Polly, is small. So small that she could crawl up inside your heart and stay there forever!

185. Pearl

With so many great names that mean pearl, we had to include a real Pearl as a suggestion! How precious is this name? Extremely.

186. Penny

Penny is a weaver, but Penny usually stands for Penelope, which is also a lovely country girl name idea.

187. Phoebe

Phoebe, as in bright (Greek), but Phoebe Buffay is also cute!

188. Pixie

You probably already know that Pixie stands for fairy. How appropriate for a little fairy princess!

189. Poppy

Poppy is such a great country girl name inspired by the red flowers we see in fields. May your little bundle of joy be as dainty as a little poppy.

190. Prairie

Prairie, a meadow or grassland, is a rustic choice and one of the classic country girl names you should consider.

191. Presley

Presley is an Old English name meaning priest. Besides its lovely, religious meaning, the name is also unique and quite a conversation starter. Everyone will be like: is it because of Elvis Presley?

192. Prudence

The name Prudence has latin roots and means good judgement. We wish for your little daughter to always make the right decisions.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “R”

193. Raelynn

Rae stands for ewe or female sheep, while Lynn means lake or waterfall. This is a modern country girl name for all those mamas tired of classic ideas. If you want a baby girl name like no other before it, then Raelynn is perfect for you!

194. Reba

Whether you fancy the country singer, or the meaning fourth born, the name Reba is the perfect choice for your little girl.

195. Rebecca

Once you give birth to your baby girl, you will both form an eternal bond no one can ever break. The name Rebecca would be appropriate because it’s Hebrew for to tie or bind, but it also means captivating beauty.

196. Reese

I’m sure you’re incredibly enthusiastic about your little girl being born, and so you should be! Speaking of exciting things, what do you think of the name Reese?

197. Riley

Riley is another unisex name that can easily pass as one of these awesome country girl names. It means valiant and courageous, just the way a young cowgirl should be!

198. River

Clearly we don’t need an explanation for the name River. What we do need to do is say how unique this modern name is!

199. Rory

It’s short and sweet and means red king; perfect for the little redhead reigning over our heart.

200. Roseanne

An old fashioned name is always a safe choice if you can’t decide which of these country girl names to pick. Roseanne means gracious rose. Isn’t it beautiful?

201. Ruby

Your little Ruby is as precious as the red jewel she was named after.

202. Ruthie

You’ll have a compassionate friend in your Ruthie anytime you need one.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “S”

long-haired girl

203. Sabrina

Sabrina is a girl from the river Severn and the little baby that stole your heart.

204. Sadie

Sadie is Hebrew for a princess. We love how cute it sounds and it will be the perfect name for your adorable little cowgirl.

205. Saffron

Saffron is a dainty yellow flower. We can totally see a lovely blonde girl rocking the name Saffron.

206. Sage

She’s the wise one.

207. Sarah

Sarah is another princess on our list, but a country princess to be precise!

208. Sally

Sally has the same meaning as Sarah as it is often used as Sarah’s nickname.

209. Sammy (Samantha)

Sammy, Samantha, or Sam. The name is Hebrew for told by God. Your Sammy is a sign from the Lord you’re not forgotten.

210. Sandy

The name Sandy is vintage and rustic. Lots of girls were called Sandy in the past and now the name is getting popular once again, and we love how it sounds. Also, it has a mighty meaning: defender of man.

211. Savannah

Are there any mamas from Georgia scrolling down our list? The name Savannah would be perfect for you! It has Spanish roots and stands for treeless plain.

212. Scarlett

The meaning of the name Scarlett is pretty obvious: red. This is a girl name with a nice country-western vibe.

213. Shania

Shania means I’m on my way. Shania Twain is also a popular country music star. Is that enough reason for you to pick this lovely name?

214. Shelby

Shelby means willow. This is an adorable country baby girl name.

​​​​215. Shiloh

Shiloh is Hebrew for his gift or peaceful and tranquil. If you ask us, it’s a great name for a calm baby.

216. Sienna

Sienna is Italian for the color orange-red. Not many cowgirls carry the name Sienna, so your little girl will be one of a kind.

217. Sierra

Sierra stands for the jagged peaks of a mountain. The name has Spanish origins and a lovely southern girl charm.

218. Summer

Summer, like the season. Simple, effective, and sweet. We love the name Summer, do you?

219. Sunny

Sunny is happy, cheerful, and reminds us of sunshine.

220. Susanna or Suzannah

Oh, Susanna! Whichever way you decide to call her, your little girl’s name will mean lily.

Good Southern Names That Start With The Letter “T”

little girl in a pumpkin field

221. Tabitha (Tabby)

Tabitha or Tabby is a graceful gazelle.

222. Talia

All these country girl names have a wonderful meaning, but the meaning behind the name Talia is something truly out of this world. It means gentle dew from heaven.

223. Tara

Tamara is of Hebrew origin and has a really cool meaning: date palm tree. How yummy!

224. Tanya

We have a nice Russian name here that could serve as one of the best country girl names. Tanya is a fairy queen. What a lovely name!

225. Taylor

The Old English meaning behind the name Taylor is cutter of the cloth. We decided to use a popular country star, Taylor Swift, as an inspiration, though. Raise your hand if you’re a Swiftie!

226. Tegan

Now there’s a name you don’t see every day. Tegan is a lovely idea for a girl name. It comes from Irish and Welsh roots and means little poet or fair.

227. Tess

We country girls love the harvest season! The name Tess was actually inspired by harvest and means to reap.

228. Thelma

The name Thelma is for girls that have will or volition. If your little baby starts showing off her temper from the beginning, she will need a name like Thelma.

229. Tillie

May her battles be easy and her opponents weak. The name Tillie means mighty in battle. We hope your daughter will live up to her name!

230. Trixie

Trixie is a bringer of joy. Your daughter will bring you lots of joy. So much that you’ll never be able to find a word to describe it.

231. Trudy

Trudy carries universal strength.

232. Tully (Tallulah)

Tallulah, or Tully, is peaceful if you ask the Irish, and resembles leaping water if you ask Native Americans. Either way, it’s an adorable little girl name.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “V”

233. Victoria (Vickey)

Victoria, VIckey, or even Vic is a mighty Latin girl name with a terrific meaning: victorious.

234. Virginia

Virginia is pure, just like the love a mother has for her child.

Country Girl Names That Start With The Letter “W”

235. West

West is a unisex name with power. It means from the west, and we couldn’t ask for a more country-style girl name!

236. Willa

Willa is an elegant girl name from the Old German language. It stands for protection. Your baby Willa will always protect you in her heart.

237. Willow

The lovely Willow means willow tree, and it’s one of the prettiest girl names with such a slender and graceful meaning.

238. Winnie

Winnie is a holy peacemaking, gentle friend. When you give birth to a daughter, you’re giving birth to your best friend who will stick with you through the good times and the bad times.

239. Wynona

Expecting your firstborn? How about this lovely Native American girl name, Wynona?

Pro Tips For Picking The Ideal Country Girl Name

girl with a hat in a field

Even if you’re not a first-time mom, picking a name for your little darling is a tricky task. Only then do you realize how many people you actually hate!

All jokes aside, we understand it can be quite a dilemma when picking a name. After all, you want to name your baby girl something she’ll love even when she grows up.

Parents often make the mistake of giving their daughters super trendy names that go out of style after a year or two.

To avoid making this mistake, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks. They will make the name-giving process much easier and steer you away from common mistakes.

What will the baby’s initials be?

Always try out a baby name with your last name.

Sometimes your baby’s initials may be something you wouldn’t like to see.

This unfortunate mistake can be avoided, so you should plan in time.

For example, a little girl named Donna can have a middle name like Jo or Jennifer.

Sooner or later friends and family will start calling her DJ.

If that’s something you wouldn’t like, go with a different girl name.

What does the name mean?

We really don’t have anything against you combining your and your partner’s names to come up with a unique baby girl name.

It will have a meaning only you guys will know, and that’s exactly what we suggest: let the name have a meaning!

Sometimes you’ll find a cool name, but the name’s meaning won’t be that beautiful.

That’s why we always look into name origin, meaning, and if it has double meanings in other languages.

Paying a tribute

Whether you want to honor a living family member or pay a tribute to your late aunt Olivia, giving your little girl a name after one of your family members is such a lovely gesture.

In fact, repeating a name in one family is a tradition many southern families respect.

Nothing beats the good old country girl name charm.

Final Words

We hope we made the tough task of picking a name for your daughter a whole lot easier!

There are tons of great country girl names, and picking the best of the best country baby names is something you and your partner should do together.

So, before putting your finger on a specific cowgirl name, think everything through and read our pro tips once again.

I’m sure your child’s birth will be the happiest day of your life, and we wish you happy parenting!

Until next time, mamas!

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