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90 Cool And Cute Nicknames For Sarah You Will Love

90 Cool And Cute Nicknames For Sarah You Will Love

Now that you’ve decided on the name Sarah for your baby girl, it’s time to think of nicknames for Sarah!

Since this name is rather short, there aren’t that many nickname options but the ones that do exist are really fun, like Sally and Sasha.

As well as being a super popular name in the English-speaking world, you’ll find Sarahs in many different countries.

That’s because it’s connected to religions other than Christianity.

Originally of Hebrew origin, the name Sarah means “a woman of high rank” although most people just say it means “princess”.

This name has never really gone out of style even though it’s been around for a long time, so it’s an excellent choice for your baby.

Keep reading to find out what my top nicknames for Sarah are, matching middle name suggestions, as well as who are some of the most famous women with this name!

Sarah – Name Meaning And Originnickname for your little girl

So you’ve decided on Sarah as the name for your baby girl. Congratulations! That’s an amazing pick.

While some people consider this name to be plain, I beg to differ.

Yes, it’s traditional and not as out there as some of the more modern names but there’s a certain elegance to these old-school names.

Besides, your daughter will probably never get teased over her name at school and no potential employer will raise their eyebrows when they see her name on her resume.

As for its popularity, it was huge in the 80s and 90s of the last century when it was in the top five of most popular names for girls.

Today, it’s nowhere near as popular as it was back then but it still holds a spot in the top 100 names for girls in the US.

The name Sarah has origins in the Hebrew language. It denotes a “woman of high rank” but people usually say that this girl’s name means “princess” which isn’t too far off the mark.

This is a Biblical name for girls with connections to the Old Testament.

As you may know already, Sarah was the wife of Abraham with whom she had a son, Isaac.

Apart from Christianity, this name is also related to Islam and Judaism so you can find women of all backgrounds and religions with this name, which makes it even more beautiful.

Today, this name is carried by all sorts of famous women, from politicians to entertainers.

With such a long history, this name is perfect if you prefer traditional baby names that can stand the test of time.

Keep reading to discover the best nicknames for Sarah!

Cute And Cool Nicknames For Sarah

Cute little girl lying in bed at home

Sarah is one of those names that is perfect for every baby girl. It’s a classic name that remains popular regardless of trends and is very international as well.

Your daughter will be able to travel pretty much anywhere in the world and people won’t have a lot of trouble pronouncing her name, so that’s a big plus in today’s super-connected world.

When it comes to nicknames for Sarah, they’re difficult to find because this name is on the shorter side and doesn’t lend itself well to nicknames, as opposed to names like Charlotte or Elizabeth.

Still, there’s a range of silly and cool nicknames for you to choose from for this name but I guarantee you’ll be able to come up with an original nickname for your little girl as soon as she starts showing her personality.

Here are 80 cute, cool, and funny nicknames for you to choose from:

1. Sara Ray

2. Soso

3. Syrup

4. Que Sarah Sarah

5. Sierra

6. Sarebear

7. Sasha

8. Ara

9. Sadye

10. Rah rah

11. Noble

12. Sar Sar

13. Sarah Boo

14. Sari

15. Zara

16. Zaria

17. Sallie

18. Saracha

19. Sydel

20. Sal

little girl with curly hair and in a beret with bouquet of peonies

21. Sarry

22. Sadie

23. Zarah

24. Kala

25. Zahra

26. Sarahah

27. Salley

28. Sarajean

29. Sookie

30. Sarahtron

31. SusieQ

32. Sarrie

33. Airy

34. Saralee

35. Saidee

36. Say

37. Essie

38. Sar-E

39. Sattie

40. Rah

sweet little girl with blue eyes looking up

41. Sally Sunshine

42. Sarabel

43. Sarra

44. Sasa

45. Princess

46. Sara

47. Shay

48. Sarah Muffins

49. Sahara

50. Sarah Sue

51. Saira

52. Sara Lee

53. Sae

54. Sarla

55. Sar

56. Saroo

57. Capa

58. Ari

59. Sarrie

60. Sarah Bug

adorable little girl raising hands outdoor in the park

61. Sarena

62. Sydelle

63. Sarajane

64. Sarah Beara Boo

65. Sairah

66. Sally-Bear

67. Sallee

68. Sarita

69. Sarrah

70. Sadee

71. Sarai

72. Sally

73. Zarita

74. Larah

75. Sarahnator

76. Shara

77. Sassy

78. Sarah Munchkin

79. Sarah Bella

80. Sarina

The Name Sarah In Other Languages

adorable little girl sitting in a meadow and smiling a lot

As mentioned above, this given name has a very rich history.

While the list of nicknames is pretty long, I mustn’t forget to mention all the different variations that appear in other languages and cultures.

You might find a great Sarah nickname in one of these names, so do take a look:

1. Saar – This version of the name comes from the Dutch language. Here’s another fun fact – in Hebrew, this is a name for boys that means ‘storm’.

2. Zara – Apart from being connected to the name Sarah, Zara also has origins in the Arabic name Zahra. It means “dawn” and “blooming flower”.

3. Sassa – This is a Swedish name. It’s also tied to the names Alexandra and Astrid, two beautiful options that you might want to consider for the middle name.

4. Saara – Another Nordic variation, this time from Finland.

5. Sorcha – An old Irish name.

6. Suri – This version of the name comes from Yiddish. It became rather popular in the mid-2000s when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes named their daughter Suri.

7. Kala – Kala comes from the Hawaiian language and it also means “princess”.

8. Sarai – According to the Old Testament, it was God who gave Sarai a new name, Sara, so this would be another Hebrew version of the name.

9. Sára – The name Sára has a slightly different pronunciation in the Eastern European family of languages, hence the accent mark.

10. Sarrha – This is a Greek variation.

Middle Names For Sarah

cute little girl eating a breakfast

While good nicknames are important, so are middle names.

Combinations like Sarah Jane are very common but you might want to go with a combination that’s a little more unique.

By the way, make sure that the initials of your daughter’s full name don’t spell out anything strange!

If you need some inspiration for a good middle name, here are some suggestions:

• Jane

• Camilla

• Heidi

• Constance

• Maeve

• Yolanda

• Rosa

• Dawn

• Paula

• Liliana

• Aria

• Miranda

• Gwen

• Margaret

• Barbara

• Vera

• Arianna

• Brea

• Viviana

• Selena

• Aurora

• Chiara

• Ivy

• Sofia

• Faith

• Araminta

• Aurelia

• Andrea

• Gemma

Famous People Named Sarah

famous actress sarah jessica parker posing

Your little princess is in very good company!

Throughout the years, Sarahs have accomplished some pretty amazing things and there have been many famous people and characters with this name.

In my opinion, it’s always good to check whether there are any famous people with the exact name combination you’re planning on giving your child.

You wouldn’t want to accidentally cause embarrassment to your kiddo because there’s a celebrity out there with the same name.

Here are some of the most famous women with this name:

• Sarah Jessica Parker – She’s an American actress who played Carrie Bradshaw in that one show you might have heard of.

• Sarah Silverman – She’s a stand-up comedian and considered pretty controversial in some circles.

• Sarah Connor – If you’re a fan of The Terminator, then you already know who this is. She’s a character that appears several times in the various installments of this franchise, and she was portrayed by different actresses through the years.

• Sarah Michelle Gellar – She’s most famous for starring in the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer but also movies like Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

• Sarah Palin – She’s an American politician and former Governor of Alaska who rose to prominence when she ran for the vice-presidential position in the 2008 US presidential election.

• Sarah Paulson – You’ll probably remember her from the hit TV show American Horror Story. Recently, she appeared in the movie Ocean’s 8.

• Sarah Lois Vaughan – A jazz legend, Sarah Lois Vaughan was a singer nicknamed “The Divine One”. Her voice was lauded for its wide range and richness.

• Sara Bareilles – An American singer-songwriter, one of Sara’s most famous hits was “Love Song”.

The Bottom Line

little girl hugging her toy on the floor

Pet names and nicknames are a lovely way to express love and affection.

While some names lend themselves better to nicknames than others, nothing is stopping you from coming up with sickeningly sweet nicknames for Sarah or any other name!

With a name this beautiful, your baby girl will definitely grow up to be a confident princess, as her name says.

And don’t forget to pick an equally elegant middle name that will go well with Sarah!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of nicknames for Sarah and found the perfect one for your daughter.

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