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26 Best Gifts For An Easter Basket For 3 Year Old Boys And Girls

26 Best Gifts For An Easter Basket For 3 Year Old Boys And Girls

Filling an Easter basket for 3 year old boys and girls isn’t too tricky as long as you know what their interests are and what to aim for.

While only recently becoming a tradition, an Easter basket for 3 year olds and kids of all ages can be a fun little tradition to use during your own Easter celebration.

​​​​It acts as a buffer for the long waiting periods between Christmas and birthday gifts, depending on the date, and can help tide your little ones over until then.

Now, a kids Easter basket doesn’t have to be something massive like it would be on the big celebrations.

Usually, the best Easter Basket ideas come with a lot of DIY stuff or are created as something thematic. The perfect gift is often something that you create yourself out of love for your kiddos.

Other great gift ideas for creating the best Easter gift basket are things that your kids will get some use out of immediately. Things that are affordable and fun.

They also aren’t typically done by one person, but rather as sort of a collaborative effort between family members, usually just the parents, but the rest of the family can get in on it too, to help celebrate the next generation.

In case you’re wondering what one should contain, it usually consists of a few different items of interest for the kids.

First, you have the main attraction, the shiny gifts every child is pulled towards. These are the big gifts like stuffed animals, sets of LEGOs, crayons of different colors, and maybe even some thematic Easter books.

Then you have your decorations, also known as an Easter basket filler.

These usually consist of some DIY paper Easter crafts and similar bits to add some color to the basket and make it more thematic.

On top of that, there are some other Easter basket stuffers like small figurines of the Easter bunny or religious figures, Easter eggs either real or chocolate with decorative stickers on them, and some other goodies like jelly beans, chocolate, or similar candy.

And, after all of that stuff has been taken out of the basket itself, it can now be used for the Easter egg hunt, so make sure that you at least make it look nice for your little girl or boy to be proud of when they’re out there looking for Easter eggs in the grass.

But, what makes for the best Easter basket gifts? Well, I’ve looked into that a bit and have made a list below so you can have a happy Easter without having to worry too much about it yourself.

26 Items For The Best Easter Basket For 3 Year Old Boys And Girls

1. Gloveleya Toddler Backpack

A nice thematic piece of gear and a great topper for an Easter basket. After all, it’s tradition to make at least some of the items tie into the theme of Easter!

Made out of 100% polyester, this cutesy little backpack is the perfect addition to your little girl’s collection. Something for her to carry all her toys in when she goes outside with her mamma.

Plus, it also comes with a cute little bunny doll that has a special slot on the backpack just for her so she can travel alongside your little one when she’s on the go.

There are a number of other styles if you feel your little one would prefer something different, though some of them don’t really fit the Easter theme so you’ll need to make a few of the other items fill that slot instead.

2. Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk

Something that’s affordable and always easy to slot in as a great piece of Easter basket decoration is some sidewalk chalk.

Not only do they come in a variety of colors that will enhance the appeal of the basket, but they’re undoubtedly going to be used later for your child’s one of a kind masterpiece as soon as he finds a nice concrete canvas.

Luckily, Chalk city’s sidewalk chalk was designed in such a way that it releases minimal amounts of chalk dust, maximizing your child’s health safety and overall enjoyment.

3. Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

Here’s something a bit more educational, but still equally as colorful and fun, a neat little matching toy.

While better suited as a toy for practicing fine motor skills in 1 and 2 year olds, it’s still more than adequate for 3 year old boys and girls to help perfect their own skills too.

Plus, if you choose to pull it out of the box, you can also use it as a neat decorative centerpiece of the basket and use the holes or the poles to place the other items in your Easter gift basket.

4. Tencoz Palm Grip Easter Crayons

Imagine the surprise on your child’s face when he finds out that his newly discovered egg can actually be used for his coloring books.

That’s exactly what these egg-shaped crayons are! And the best part is, they’re safe, lead-free, and non-toxic, making sure that your curious child doesn’t get sick from trying to chew on one.

It’s a great novelty tool for toddlers and preschoolers alike. The crayons themselves don’t stain and should they become covered in any dirt or gunk, they are easily washable.

5. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Tote Set

This one is sure to delight your little ones if they love spending time on the beach building sandcastles or digging up dirt in your backyard.

It’s a simple, but very entertaining, set of child-safe gardening tools complete with a vibrant, spring-color tote bag.

Who knows, they might even end up using the tools to help uncover some of those well-hidden Easter eggs along the way.

6. Calico Critters, Hopscotch Rabbit Family Figurines

Can you think of a better decoration for an Easter basket for 3 year old kids than a bunch of bunnies?

These bunny figurines have movable heads, arms with joints, and very detailed clothing that can be removed if you want a more natural look or to put something else on them instead.

They’re quite small and can either be placed in the basket in their box or used to enhance the Easter feel of the basket decor itself.

7. Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny

What’s better than a bunch of small bunny figurines? A large stuffed bunny!

This soft and cuddly polyester cutie makes the perfect centerpiece for any Easter basket and can later be used as a fluffy animal friend for your child. Maybe it’ll even become one of their best childhood friends.

Believe me when I say that they won’t want to separate themselves from him thanks to his adorable, realistic, but still stylized features.

8. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets

Of course, not everything needs to be Easter themed as far as basket contents are concerned.

You’re free to go outside of the theme and pick out something that your child might enjoy, like these neat Crayola bath time pets that they can scribble colorful fur on and wash off afterward.

The pack contains 4 small animal toys with a furry texture, 6 non-toxic markers for your kids to color in the fur, a tub to give the pets a wash in, and a toothbrush-sized scrub brush to help scrub the marker paint off so the figurines can be used again.

Nothing prevents you from using these cute little pets as Easter decorations for your basket, especially given that they’re a blank canvas you can use any color on. Practically universal.

9. The Great Big Easter Egg Coloring Book For Kids

Another solid gift to put in an Easter basket for 3 year olds is just a nice, Easter-themed coloring book.

​If your kids love painting eggs, this gift will help them learn to color in the lines, as well as let them explore their creativity and express their imagination by making a few eggs of their own!

A simple gift and excellent basket filler, but still something your kids are sure to enjoy for quite a while.

10. PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Marshall’s Mini Fire Cart With Collectible Figure

This is another product that is slightly off theme, but as I said, not everything in the basket has to be Easter themed, it just has to be something that your child takes an interest in.

This is why I’m recommending a toy that’s part of the kid’s beloved TV show, Paw Patrol.

Chances are that your little tyke is a fan of this one as well and that they’d jump at the chance to have their very own pet from the cartoon, paired together with the fire cart.

There are other characters too, this is just one of the set, but you can keep those for another special occasion.

11. Disney And Pixar Cars Mini Racers Derby Racers Series 10-Pack

Without a doubt, any toy linked to a Disney movie, especially a car one, is likely to be high on the want list for any 3 year old boy!

Coming in packs of 10, your child will enjoy driving around with some of the most iconic characters from the series and have a blast imagining himself in scenarios featuring them.

You can even go with a slightly unorthodox Easter basket idea and use them as your decorations, though you might want to use a bit of play-doh to model some roads alongside your patches of paper grass to help the cars fit in better.

12. Leveret Bunny Rabbit Kids Pajamas

Though I’m normally not the biggest fan of gifting clothing to kids as they’re unlikely to appreciate it, this set of bunny pajamas is too cute to not include!

Sure, there’s no special gimmick, like a fluffy tail on the backside, but the rich green color and print perfectly mimics a lush field filled bunnies

They’ll be a simple, but cute way of commemorating the Easter holiday.

Not to mention that, because of the color and print on these 100% cotton jammies, you can even use them as the “ground” for your child’s Easter basket.

Just don’t put anything on it that might make too much of a mess. You don’t have to add an extra round of laundry to the wash right away.

13. Peaceable Kingdom Snug as a Bug in a Rug Builder Game for Kids

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try suggesting some sort of board game for your kids to enjoy, and this time it’s a simple one.

The aim of the game is to help the little bugs get nice and snug before the smelly bugs arrive.

This game is meant to teach kids about turn-taking, as well as help them match shapes and colors together.

I kind of wish I had known about it when my kids were younger, but I’ll keep it in mind in case I decide to go for baby #3.

14. Bath Bombs For Kids With Toys Inside

Looking for something to entertain the kids during bath time and have an added surprise, then look no further than one of the best forms of water play for toddlers, bath bombs!

These bath bombs are sure to be a real hit and they have a nice toy animal at the end. Plus, the vibrant colors make for lovely Easter basket stuffers.

15. Aywewii Toss and Catch Ball Set Paddle Ball Game Set

A classic game of catch that your kids can play with one another, with their friends or even with you.

It’s loads of fun and can be played anywhere, even in the water because it’s completely waterproof!

Ideal for those upcoming Summer months and a great addition to any of your child’s beach plans and activities

16. Educational Insights Playfoam

This addition is a fun way to exercise your child’s more artistic and creative nature through the use of a very engaging and fun tool, playfoam.

The foam is non-toxic and free from nuts and gluten so you don’t have to worry about any potential hazards that other similar products might pose.

You can even use it yourself to help shape the area inside the Easter basket for a more creative display.

17. JOYIN’s Cartoon RC Race Car

This neat little egg-shaped pair of remote-controlled cars will help train your child’s pincer grasp , as well as develop his sound recognition and discernment ability.

This is all thanks to the ergonomic shape that makes grasping the toy easier, as well as the three different buttons found on the back of the car, the front and the steering wheel that produce three different sounds for your child to recognize.

It also has flashing headlights, but your child is likely to be so mesmerized by the idea of an RC car that they won’t manage to explore everything all at once.

The shape makes it an excellent Easter gift and allows them to fit neatly in the basket.

18. JUNBESTN’s Wooden Puzzles For 1 2 3 Years Old Girls and Boys

Kids always like exploring new things or challenging their growing little minds so why not get them a simple puzzle as a basket stuffer?

These simple wooden puzzles that feature bright colors on distinct animal shapes will help your child improve his hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and help him get more acquainted with some common animal friends.

These aren’t too big and you can even pull them out of the packaging and use them as decorations for your basket scene.

19. Purple Ladybug Rainbow Scratch Off Mini Art Notes

A great little Easter basket stuffer, one serves as the perfect sort of decoration to bring more color to the whole ensemble.

Give them to your kids and watch them go wild in creating their own patterns and notes on this rather satisfying scratch-off paper novelty item.

20. 3 Bees & Me Bath Toys For Boys And Girls

Of course, not all Easter gifts that go into the basket have to be Easter-themed. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to get ones that might come in handy during the Summer holidays or ones that meet your child’s interests.

In this case, this gift is perfect for either bath time at home or fun times at the pool or beach.

It’s a set of 4 magnetic boats that your child will have endless amounts of fun with, as well as learn a bit about colors and numbers in a rather entertaining way.

The products themselves are BPA, phthalate and lead free and made out of high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety any more than you already do.

21. ESSENSON Easter Eggs Soft Slime

You might want to add one of these slime eggs to this year’s Easter egg hunt batch and give your kids a slimy surprise, one that contains a brand new toy animal friend inside. This sensory satisfying wad of slime is definitely going to be a hit with your toddler!

Both the colors and the patterns are mesmerizing.

22. HeyKiddo Paint Your Own Wooden Magnet

This is a great gift that will allow your little one to explore their creativity and it doubles as a magnet, opening up a lot more options for placement. There are several canvases and tons of magnets that come in the set.

In addition to the paints, it also features glitter and googly eyes.

23. Coogam Rainbow Puzzle Ball Pack With Pouch Color-Matching Game

A child friendly and visually appealing puzzle game that’s bound to be a fantastic centerpiece for an Easter basket, maybe by sitting in the lap of a stuffed bunny toy for instance?

Mix the colors up and watch your kids push the balls back into their correct slots, training their interactive and fine motor skills in the process of having fun.

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24. Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter: A Touch & Feel Book

Invigorate your child’s joy for Easter through this cute little storybook with differently textured parts, perfect for added sensory play as a novelty feature.

This Easter book for kids is an ideal partner for bedtime stories.

25. Easter Eggs With Wind-Up Chicken Toy

Nothing’s more fun than finding some eggs in an Easter egg hunt that are a little different and these are no exception.

These small plastic eggs hide a differently colored wind-up Easter bunny or chick inside, much to your little one’s delight. An ideal thing to put in the Easter basket for 3 year old kids.

26. Touber Maracas Egg Shakers For Kids

And finally, we have yet another unusual egg to add to the mix. What makes these ones so special is the fact that they can serve as a pair of musical maracas!

They’re bound to shake up your child’s musical world and provide endless amounts of entertainment.

And, they also come in 6 different designs painted on their wooden surface with all of the materials being non-toxic and completely baby safe.

In Summary

An Easter basket for 3 year old kids should consist of an assortment of items that don’t really have to compliment each other.

They can be anything from sizable big-ticket items to simple dollar store ones, as long as it’s something that you know your child is going to enjoy.

That said, if you’re looking for something more personalized or for a better selection for combos, I’d suggest going to either Etsy, or better yet, Amazon for all your needs.

There you won’t have to rely on the arguably limited assortment of goods that you’d find in your local stores and can instead browse an internet’s worth of creative apparel and items that make for fun activities.

When planning for your basket bouquet, make sure to have a nice selection of things and to not do it alone – making it a group project is part of the fun!

The best ways of doing it are the simplest and classic ones. No need to get overly complicated.

Cut up some green paper or get a green cloth to serve as a patch of grass for the base of the basket. Hay also works if you want to build a makeshift nest.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can get some play-doh and use it as a dirt substitute for the surrounding layer to make it a bit more authentic, but it’s not a necessity.

After that, fill the space in the middle with your bigger items first. This is where you can get creative, just remember to spread them out nicely.

Once that’s done, line the leftover space with some chocolate eggs or other basket stuffers, maybe a colorful printable message or puzzle to add a bit more color and theme to the mix and you’re good to go.

While the contents won’t remain in the basket for very long, they’re still undoubtedly going to turn a few heads and your child will be so excited!

And, after the basket is emptied, they can use it as their accessory of choice when the real Easter egg hunt begins!

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